Will you be remembered after Death?

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses Akina Hema's success in bringing people back and how they are remembered for good things. They also mention the importance of not referring to the Prophet of Islam without giving alays' " ultrasound". The conversation is not related to any specific topic or event.

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When we die, people miss us. It's a good sign. They remember us for good things. You know, when people remember you for a good thing, Allah says, What are Akina la fille? acceding Salam Allah Allah Ibrahim, whatever you feel as in Salah Muna Allah in the scene, what are Akina Allah Hema fill? In Salah moon Allah musawah how Allah speaks about the peace upon the messengers of Allah. And Allah says, We left after them a very, very good reputation and remembering on the tongues of those who were to come, including us. Today when we say Ibrahim, what do we say? Do you just say Ibrahim? If I say Ibrahim came or Ibrahim did this, I would not be referring to the Prophet of Allah but

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rather one Ibrahim from amongst us. If I'm referring to the Prophet, it is an insult to say his name without saying alayhis salam, may peace be on him.