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swallowed him de la Sol, Sol Sol Sol Lafave. So that might have come out lava kettle once back again, talking about

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that would at least say that I was just saying that

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the Prophet Mohammed was awesome. He used to talk a lot about the good and the bad of that would actually set up

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the worship of that would how devout he was it his salatu salam, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah says, In regard to his, to his test beer, even the birds and the mountains would glorify Allah subhana wa tada widowed

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that was brothers and sisters was also meant to be in order to be more be he did he he disciplined he you know, he used to care about and take care of his family. He was not only to wake them up at night, but he used to discipline his family. And one of his Of course one of his children is his son a man and he said um, it was mentioned that they would have so many children in fact, it was mentioned that they would and this is according to the you know, according to the New Testament and the Old Testament as well that there would be Salamis to have 300 concubines and 700 wives. Some said that he used to have eight wives but according to the you know, other narrations he used to

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have some halala you know, 700 wives and 300 concubines so from those he would have plenty of children. But of course his most predominant child is still a man and he said um, who is also a prophet you know, as a man we'll talk about today man, and a Sam and the kingdom of Satan, a man who ruled the entire world. It his Salatu was set up.

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And, and so and, and dellwood le Ceylon was not only a devout worshipper and mala be also as I mentioned yesterday, he was an inventor, what did he invent? Some handler, this teacher these, these prophets, they are not only just the Annie, there is a lot of soldiers. They were also inventors, what did that would invent, there would be certain brothers and sisters he invented. He was the first to invent what we call the shield, the shield like the armors for war.

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You know that how many lives he saved because of that invention. The first one who invented the shields, you know, the armors that people would put when they go in the battlefield. The first one we invented that was Sony that was dealt with at the center. And as I mentioned, Allah subhana wa tada made metal in iron, so soft food that would he would play with it just his pain with playdough that's how the, the the the iron where it was was soft for him. It wasn't made that for him. So it is Salatu was set up. So he made armors he made shields, he made those things that people would put, you know, those the soldiers would put when they when they go to war. And he salatu salam

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Allah subhana wa tada said in salt and via verse number 105 with regard to though that is Salah, Allah subhana wa tada says,

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a bad deal?

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a bad deal?

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Indeed we have written in desirable and desirable, you know, the book the songs that Allah subhana wa Taala has revealed on there with Elisa, the plan was revealed to Prophet Mohammed who set up the Bible you know, to aisyah the Torah on on profit, Moosa rd, Sam and then we have the, the the the the zabol. On, on on on the ooda histogram, and brothers and sisters.

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All these divine books imagine, all these divine books were revealed on the month of Ramadan, Allahu Akbar. The The, the scrolls of Ibrahim,

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the scrolls of Ibrahim, the Zaboo, the Sabbath, the Psalms of their their wood or David, the the Torah was more of Moses, the Bible of Jesus, the end of Mohammed Mohammed sallallaahu. Selim, all these divine books were revealed on the month of Ramadan.

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Have you known that have you I mean, did you know that this is the month of Ramadan is the month where all the divine books were revealed on Subhan Allah, including all these other books, knock on the door and yes as Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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einzelner who feel a little more Baraka in the know in a blessing night, you know that night the night of the power the night which is in the night in the month of Ramadan lay that will cut up right this is with regard to the end. But then all the other books were also revealed in the in the month of Ramadan, brothers and sisters that would God was known to rebuild beta Magnus Jerusalem. He was also known that he was the man who rebuilt beta Magnus we will talk about this inshallah hotelera because better luck this was been destroyed. And we'll talk about you know, this

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this ruler, this dictator, worse than then fell down, but an awesome book tennis star or nay boo, boo jenzabar in English, Dr. Nasir, who, you know, in, in Concord, philosophy Spain, and, and, and, and he destroyed the all the houses of warships and whatnot, and then they would send him he rebuilt beta like this. But before, you know, he rebuilt it, there was the hoody who used to live there and then he asked that yahoodi to sell him that, that that house and then the hoody said the Jewish men you know, the Jew mentioned the Jewish person says, you know, to sell the house of Allah subhana wa tada to fill it with them to fill it with, with with with capital, you know, fill it with sheeps,

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and then that wood says I'll buy I would buy and then he says not to fill it with with Ebony to fill it with camels that would say I buy and then the man said to fill it with with with horses, yeah and he whatever you know, this house here this cooks, whatever it can hold from horses from, from evil from from any

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camels and from and from sheep's you know that I would sell and then they would keep saying kept saying I shall buy I shall buy shall buy whatever the cost is of Ilia as they used to call it iya beta MK This used to be called area right? And he bought it and then he rebuilt it somebody his Salatu was Salam there was an Islam used to have a beautiful

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Allahu me in the Aloma in the SLO Boko Haram and you should go this is a beautiful please try to memorize it a beautiful day the Prophet used to make these two as well. He used to say I love them in the

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back of them and you should book MLA the Arabic Oh Allah I asked you Your love

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worship worship are many you hit book and the love of those who love you. Yes Allah. Oh Allah, I ask for your love I asked you your love and I asked you to bless me to love those who love you. Worship Berman, you hit book for somebody emulate your career. And make me love every action that make that that is beloved by you know, I only I asked for your love. I asked for your love. And I ask to love those who love you Love aka to love those who love you. And to love any action that is beloved by you. Or Allah make my love. Look, look my love towards you, more beloved to me than water than cold water. Why cold water have made me nervous. I mean, barely. But make your love more beloved to me

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than my own soul, my own self, then my own family, then the cold water. This is a beautiful guy that the Prophet used to make as well. He learned from Prophet there was a nice setup, they would use to say Allah Khomeini, Luca hubback worship them and your handbook will have been amillennial, curry boonie Allahu

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la me nuptse woman, le woman and the man in the bed or Allah, I ask you for your love, Grant me your love, and grant me to love those who love you. And grant me to love any action that has been loved by you. And grant me make my love My love towards you make it more beloved to me than my own self, that my own family and then the cold water. Why the cold water? Oh, David, that would why the Cold War brothers and sisters when you are so thirsty, and you want to quench that thirst. So Pamela, when you drink that cold water, as if that cold water brings you back to life, you're about to die and Subhanallah that cold water gives back life to you. So that would use to say, Make my love

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towards you more beloved to me than the cold water that is buried. So remember this, that that would allow us to make so he used to have a beautiful voice that would ah he has to have

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A beautiful voice. You know it's been narrated that that would say them had like 70 different voices 70 different beautiful voices so much so brothers and sisters in Jannah in Jannah when Allah subhanho wa Taala gathers all the believers with the prophets, you know, all gathered before Allah subhana wa tada in that day where we will go to see the face of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says, and we'll call that to come and to recite and to praise him with his voice, that would will come to praise Allah subhana wa tada with his beautiful voice, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, there was any set up used to when Novus road used to decide, and the Prophet heard him, the prophet

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stopped and started listening to a venomous road, the second the end, and then when he finished, he met him the second day and he says, You, you've been blessed with one of the voices of the Buddha Allah has said, You've been blessed with one of the tunes you know of their own, either his setup that would had a beautiful voice sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the Santa Haji ban, you said he would walk by and I'm sure that I'm aware that she begged us to praise Allah with him. The the the trees, the mountains, the the the pie of the birds, whenever they used to praise Allah subhana wa Tada. They used to sway and praise Allah with him because of the beauty of his voice. Allah He said

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our brothers and sisters.

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Let's talk about the story of Deadwood. Now, I just gave you a preview I gave you like, a like a full, sort of like, not only preview, but like a summary of Deadwood as a person that would as an individual, that would as a worshipper as a devout worshipper. Now, let us talk about the actual story of the Buddha and how he was sent to by saw eight sisters and brothers, those on Facebook and those on Instagram. Are you guys ready?

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Are you guys ready? Now. Now we're going to officially start talking about the story. Because the theme is the stories of the prophets. Now I only talked about the men, the person. Now I need to talk about the story of the man. The story of God said you guys are ready. Your sisters and brothers ready? Ah, those of you on Facebook, this man let's start talking about that with any set up

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by Yama Bismillah. Remember we talked about in opener swai, Allah subhanaw taala could send in one prophet after another after the death of Musa alayhis salaam, Allah subhana wa Taala said, you know you shall be known Joshua right you shall be the new Joshua. And then after Joshua, then you have then came haskayne. And after has killed then came in Yes. And after he has the one prophets after another, they will live with them. But then they keep again they start deviating. They started deviating you know, on and off and on and off. And then I like it on sending prophet after Prophet came this man by the name of book tennis up came this man by the name of Boston has served on a blue

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shirt shirt in his art who came from Babylon in Iraq, who came from Babylon in Iraq. And he was very known to be a dictator, an oppressor, you know, an oppressor a big oppressor, he entered the conquered, conquered, see the Sham and then and then beta map this he entered bait and map this. He was the one actually who stole who took the taboo and was the taboo taboo my brothers and sisters is that box that used to belong to Moosa, whereby where they were the the Torah, and the staff of Moosa were kept in they were kept in this called the taboos. So Dr. Nasir took that tablet from Bengal he saw it, he took it right. So Allah subhana wa tada and then these deviated again when deviated so

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Allah subhana wa tada sent upon them another prophet by the name of Sham well, or Samwell, Sham well or somewhere.

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And then now someone has to take again Venezuela in go back to follow Spain, go back and and because for us, it has been again conquered by those I mentioned yesterday and America, the giants, the Palestinian giants, so he was forming an army as he went forming an army. They said and then this isn't sort of bacala brothers and sisters or tobacco lovers number 246 or and I say to katiba a commentator to party do they keep saying to the Prophet somewhere we need to fight we need to go and struggle we need to get back and so the analyzer just says color and I say to me rather complicated lotto Patino How about if Patel How about if you know, struggling and fighting was prescribed upon

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you? Will you slack again when you step back?

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hello, hello in the middle again this is the better slide as they are. When the when the struggling when the struggle when the fight was prescribed upon them again one more time. They slacked again. They were put off.

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What did they say? Oh man, I learned fi sebelah so why should we go and call and fight for the sake of Allah azza wa jal? No, we don't want to go until we have Anthony bring a leader from us who can lead us.

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We need a kink. We need a ruler. Okay, you need a ruler, Allah subhana wa Taala sent a rural ruler, a kingdom by the name of Duluth, Duluth or called Sol Sol followed

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by star note he did not he wasn't wealthy. He was a good man. He was a righteous man, but he wasn't really wealthy, but allies are chosen as a kink to the rule. This isn't Swati. Baqarah verse number 247.

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And they said Why should we accept this man as as a kink? barut so why should we accept him? And what does it mean and mad and he's not wealthy? But it's like the look on the map. materialistic people remember what I said? They had a sickness in their heart. They were sick in their heart. They were sick and

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they keep on asking for things and then when Allah gives them you know, whatever they ask for they stand again asking for other things. We want to kink our lives which is okay, here's a king ballute

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Oh, we don't want our loot is not wealthy. How can we you know have a ruler How can we have a leader How can we have a king who's not from us who's not as wealthy? No, no, we don't want him in no law has stuff. Anakin was there the who boss Tottenville enemy well, Jason, the kink somewhere that maybe there's maybe their profit somewhere or some well said ally surgeon has chosen him as chosen him Allah social increasing in knowledge and strength. Maybe he doesn't have wealth, but Allah increased him in knowledge and strength. So he is your king. Following is your leader. And then we want to see a sign up bonus law. They want to see signs it is the same hardship they call to Moosa.

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Remember when we talked about moosend butterfly, despite all the signs, all the clear evidence, they kept on slagging, they kept on doubting they kept on denying. So now they want to see a sign. They said we want to see sign if he's a king, and he has knowledge and he has a strength, we need to see a sign. Then they said, Allah Subhana Allah said, in a monkey, to come with boo to fee Sakina tomura become the sign is that the taboos the box where that book has stolen, the the the box will be will be carried by the angels, and it will come down to earth. You know, it will come down to earth carried by the angels, they will see before their eyes, the box that has in it the Torah, and in it

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was the staff of Mussa carried by the angels coming down from the heavens into into the earth. This is the sign

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and you What else do you need just to believe

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you have in

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your children of Israel. What else do you need to believe? You see angels coming down from the sky holding the tablet holding carrying this tablet bringing it down to earth Alright, then follow the king follow follows follows all

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so they have no other choice.

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Paolo took the tablet as he is the king

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and now they're forming that army to go back to follow Spain.

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And then the king told them in Allaha mucho de colombina how

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many women who find a samini woman lamea

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Neelam and

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Eddie all right as he formed the army now they go into as follows pain to face you know that other army will we'll talk about it shortly and shout out to Anna and then on the way that kink told them listen, listen, their allies ocean will try you with a river you're going to be thirsty. So whosoever drinks from it is not from me. You will not follow me.

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And whoever does not drink from it will follow me. Except you have you know only one day where you can drink from that river from that lake from that spring.

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Do not drink from it other than that time that has been appointed to you. Only there was a time that's been appointed to you to drink. only drink within that appointed time. Other than that, don't drink. This is my condition if you want to follow me, but again that's better slightly

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Despite all the clear evidence, are they going to follow their kink? Are they going to follow their profit? Or how long would you know the answer? I don't have to tell you the answer, you know who they are now. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For surely boom in the home, fashionable, Minho, Illa Paulina min whom

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the majority of them drank from it, except few.

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And then Paolo chose those few to join him for the battle. He did not want to have the others. He says, Only those few who did not drink from that, from that river will only follow me, the others would not. And they went on proceeding to meet and to face one of the greatest armies of all time, led by one of the greatest toughest tyrants of all time, by the name of Jerry lute, Jerry Lewis, who shall route

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Gerald, he was in first pain, and they were to go and face Jerry route to again conquer philosophy and back.

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Within the army, or inside the army of thought was a young man was a young boy, he was not known. He was not known.

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So the two armies met,

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they confronted one another, the army of Talos. And the army of

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journalists is the enemy. generals was huge. Remember, those Palestinians the America there was big, there was huge.

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And the others were, you know, they the army of jello of generals outnumbered the army of battles. Not only they were stronger, but also the outnumber them before the or the fight, or they before the battle started. jaoude asked for a duel. jalota asked for the duel who wants to face me these to do that at the time, even at the time of the Prophet Muhammad in the Battle of whether they did that, you know, who wants to, they called for the duel for mobilizer. So Jared, he was strong.

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And then he came up who wants to face me?

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I wrote called out from his army, who wants to go and face this man. They looked at him. He's huge. Nobody wanted to face him. Who wants to face this man, I shall make him marry my daughter. Hey,

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Man, amen. As soon as they're, you know, initially when he said Who wants to go and face this man who wants to go and fire him. Nobody wants to divide him that

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said, Who? Who? Whoever goes out to face him and to fight him. He shall marry my daughter and then they start thinking about it.

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He had to mention his daughter he has to he has to throw in. He has to throw in a flute in there. He has to throw in stuff.

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He has he had to throw in a price and the price is to marry my daughter. You know that? How would they live? Let me

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so who came out brothers and sisters

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who came out

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this young boy this young boy that nobody knew who he was

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this young boy that nobody knew who he was. His name was David. That would La Silla from Ben Ben Bethlehem from Bethlehem initially he was from you know his ancestors. So he used to have a slingshot you know, sneak shot in that slingshot he had three rocks three stones. So he came up to face j loot Gerald was huge.

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You know, it's been reported that says this guy is so huge. People are scared. People are terrified. They said I love Banana Banana

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with a bit of them and

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gave me a beautiful dog they said

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I've been out for the holidays. Allah bless us with patients. We are few in numbers are going to face this army which is you know like huge giant army with you know that outnumber us or Allah we need lots of patience business with patience with a bit of demand and make our feet stand firm in the battle. In the back make our feet stand firm one sauna and atomic caffeine and give us victory over the over the caffeine. Give us the victory over the caffeine. And then the kettle started before the kettle started by the dozen sisters before

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You know, the p tag before the battle started came that would come from tin, you know, this huge man by the name of jello. And then there would be a salon looked at him, how can I miss him? He's huge. How can I miss him? He pulled his slingshot, you know. And then with these three rocks, Paul Paul, Paul Paul to the rocks and killed and killed god goliat Guardian, he killed JLo JLo was killed that by a young boy by the name of David Davis, though the alley his setup started the battle. And when the battle started, the believers, of course defeated the the other army with the help of Allah Subhana Allah data. And as they defeated them, they, they were so happy they praise God, Sam, and

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they made him a kink. The very first nebby kink, my brothers and sisters, the very first prophet who was a ruler, and the kink and a prophet is that Oh Daddy, he said, David Allah, his son,

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David, from the progeny of Yehuda, Yehuda, the son of Yaqoob, Allah him a Salah, he became a great king. That's why even in the Bible, they call him King David, even in the Bible, they call him you know, or they call him King David, Allah subhana wa tada blessed him with, with, with a huge kingdom. Not only that, but remember what I said he used to be very devout, very, very, you know, a great good devout worshipper, he saw to see them and not only that, he used to have those beautiful voices, the voices where he would, you know, you know, not saying but he would, you know, recite the Torah and praise Allah subhanho wa Taala he used to still stand alone or sit alone in solitude, you

00:26:58--> 00:27:16

know, for so long crying, he was known that he used to cry a lot in the you know, as he used to remember, you know, and make a mention of the names of Allah and used to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala he would you know, he would drift tears, he would cry sallallahu alayhi wa

00:27:17--> 00:27:19

Salatu was sent out, brothers and sisters

00:27:22--> 00:27:28

that would Allah His Salaam was also known that he would eat from his own

00:27:29--> 00:27:52

hands, meaning whatever he used to make, he would, you know, feed himself he would not go and buy food and whatnot, he will make things and buy and, and and whatever he was to make, that's what he would, you know, not provide for himself and his family from his own hands on he a salatu wa sallam. Yeah, the Buddha chakra was a big shocker, right?

00:27:53--> 00:28:30

chakra right and worship Allah and plays Allah and be thankful to Allah wa curry don't mean a big shocker. Very few of those who take Allah Xhosa very few are those who take a Labradors and sisters there was this Sahaba used to make their own or Allah make me from the few who Allah make me from the few they asked him why you are making this the our make you from the few he says in the Quran Allah talks a lot about the few what a big shocker and very few of those who who who believe and many of you those who who are thankful very few of those who are patient so he's asking Allah to make him amongst the few but couldn't ever do soco

00:28:32--> 00:28:35

what could I've done other than a inaho

00:28:37--> 00:29:32

inessa Harlan LG Bella who uses Wi Fi well is Allah and the birds assembled all with him repeating praises to Allah subhana wa tada one day that would as he used to have, you know, time for, for resolving disputes and issues between his people at a time where that you know, where he was supposed to. He was supposed to be, you know, alone with his family at a time where you know, it was was off from from from, you know, sitting in his, in his, you know, like, Dominion got stuck in the disputes. Somebody came to him with a with a matter, somebody came to him and he said, I have 99 eels or I have 99 naza, you know, like these goats and, and

00:29:34--> 00:29:37

my brother has 99 but I have only one.

00:29:38--> 00:29:42

But I have only one. So my brother took that one from me.

00:29:44--> 00:29:59

He overpowered me and he took that one from me. He took that away from me he has 99 but I only have one. So that would because it was a time where you know it was not that time that man was not supposed to be coming because that was his off time. But then he rushed his

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

He's broken his routine he rushes routine. And, and he said, Well,

00:30:07--> 00:30:44

certainly Your brother has wronged you. Certainly Your brother has wronged you, but Allah subhanho wa, tada, you know, wanted to sort of, you know, was not pleased with him because he rushed the the, you know, the hokum and in fact, it was a tribe from Allah subhanho wa Taala. That was an angel who came to him to teach him a lesson. You know, there was an angel in the form of a man who came to him to teach him a lesson, you know, instead of, of rushing into a ruling, you have to hear from the brother, you only heard from one who said, me, no, I only have one and my brother has 99 but he did not hear from the other brother, maybe he has a different story, you know, why did you rush the

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ruling? So Allah subhanho wa Taala was was, you know, was kind of angry at him. So that he realized and he made sure to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He made sure to Allah subhanho wa Taala asking for forgiveness. Brothers and sisters, though that is step one, they he came in home, he was known to have this layer. He was known to have this very, you know, protective jealousy, predictive jealousy, like he would not want his wife to talk to or look at men or whatnot. So one day

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his wife was home, and then some men came in.

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And she says, Who are you? You know, my wife, my husband was to see you, he will kill you. And then and then David Arsalan came in, they would came in and he said, and then he saw the man, who are you and David became so angry, the men said, I am the one who fears no rulers. I am the one who fears no kings, I am the one who fears nobody, everybody fears to me, but I fear no one except Allah subhanho wa Taala. He knew that he was medically in you, that he was the angel of death. So he said, must have been must have been Welcome, welcome to the angel of death, welcome or angel of death, welcome or Angel of medical mode, Angel of Death. And the angel of that took the soul of the old IRA he set

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up when he died, brothers and sisters, it's been reported. So Pamela, that 40,000 worshippers 40,000 people came to his you know, funeral, so much. So imagine 42 because he had that he was a king, he was a ruler, right 40,000 people came to his, to his funeral, so much. So they were standing outside and it was on a hot day, people were almost suffocating, you know, with the heat and and the under and the masses. So, so a man was there.

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What did Sulaiman do?

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So they man did something amazing.

00:32:51--> 00:33:06

So the men will have a greater Kingdom than his father's surname and Elisa Lam will have a greater Kingdom than his father. During the death of Deadwood Sulaiman did something extraordinary.

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What did he do?

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What was so special about today, man, we heard that today man used to understand the language of the the animals, the language of the birds, the language of the ants. How

00:33:27--> 00:33:32

was he a true good king, a righteous King, as his father.

00:33:33--> 00:33:35

What was he? And how was he?

00:33:37--> 00:34:01

It was told that a man was a great leader. He used to have these meetings with all his you know, he that he used to talk to them every day. And then came the story of that bird. who wasn't there. How did Sunday men know that the bird was not there? There's so many birds. How come Sulaiman and I sent him notice that one bird was not present in his meeting.

00:34:02--> 00:34:15

So they met you remember, he used to rule the whole universe. in that meeting, he noticed that only one bird was missing was not present. How did he know? How did he know? He said

00:34:16--> 00:34:23

what was given to a man that was not given to any profit? Because he made the DA What was that?

00:34:24--> 00:34:36

What was that? Doha? Yes, sr, the ash mean? You smelled it right? You smelled it right. And if you did not smell it, you guys it's definitely definitely a

00:34:38--> 00:34:39


00:34:41--> 00:34:57

a cliffhanger for next week in Sharla, who Tara was talking about. So the man will talk about the death of of of that who that is Sam and that's a man and the story of a man and the shayateen

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

the story of a man and the shopping

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

shayateen Yes, the champagne, the gin. Yes, the gin. There's something amazing about the man and him sleeping, you know, and they said, Oh, they found they found something, you know, they found a baby or something, you know, is it a true or is it a myth? Is it a true story? Or is it a myth? So the man had so many children so many hours in the cinema and had so many wives more than his father. David, how true that is. We'll talk about that in sha Allah hota IRA next week, but as in sisters, is that Kamala hair? Thank you for attending brothers and sisters. Thank you, those of you on Facebook, those of Instagram. Thank you for joining us I Camilla head. We'll see you next Friday.

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Remember this noted down next Friday inshallah tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, as a commercial once again, set out Mahara como la, la la la la la Cata.

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So that might come with lava cat. See you next week next Friday. Put it down in your calendars you guys put it down in your calendars and Sharla Friday six o'clock pm eastern time. Don't forget Do not forget inshallah because from now on are just another some amazing amazing profits slowly man and then we'll talk about you know, some other profits who will come after Sorry, man, I see them so thank you so much by the coffee calm. One more time. Somebody come up over the cat sakamaki somebody Congrats.