Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 4

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Episode Notes

Make A Plan

Daily Reminder Day 4 – Make a plan, Pick one name a day in Ramadan and focus on how to live by that name. Learning the names of Allah swt and using it in your dua.
The key to having a successful Ramadan is to organize, plan and then execute. It may sound simple but it’s a goldmine to help you have a satisfying Ramadan.


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Graduates as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day four, we're still talking about the name of Allah subhanho

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Taala we'll be learning in a shade Vanya watching

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enough in

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soccer, soccer.

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A Laszlo she's describing himself to have the names the names of Allahu Allahu Abadi on Amazon Web

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who said, to whom and he said man when it wasn't what

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they're asking Prophet Mohammed about Allah horse Allah. So Allah describes his name so Anahata Allah with his names with his beautiful name so Lola wouldn't medical produce and medically have the potency of Hannah who had the suffering of produce the holdings of Hannah with the Hydra, and Japan and these are all beautiful names to describe the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala within the name of Allah as well we say I need

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an either these are all you know the names of Allah, Allah and either you can call somebody carry, like Allah carry is a lot but you can call somebody carrying or have the carry, carry or Hamid or added Hemi but you cannot call anybody Allah. You can call Abdullah. But you cannot call them Allah is this thing. Like I said in the beginning, all the names of Allah subhana wa Taala are embedded in the name of Allah, Allah wa. So how can I live with this beautiful name of Allah, throughout my day, every day throughout the week, in fact, you know, you can make a plan, you know, Monday, for instance, I'm going to look into all my, my activities, things that I do, and I see words a lot in

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these, these these activities and actions that I could maybe choose day, I will concentrate on making, you know, lots of discussion with the names of, you know, Monday, Tuesday, you can make your own program your own plan on Wednesday, maybe that Wednesday, it's the day of that what

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I want to live with that name. I want to break this down into into my daily lives, you know, so our daily life so it says like I said Wednesday and

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Thursday, I'm gonna check my heart to have to Omar and talk to Allah subhana wa Tada. Using, you know, the name of Allah

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does not know who we are. So Allah belong these names and attributes. So invoke Allah using these names and attributes, you know, and then in on, let's say, Friday, I'm going to make you notice default using the name of Allah, Allah, Allah, and then I would concentrate I would focus on these disappear in this default focus, you know, why bringing a lot of closure, you know, into again into my life. So inshallah huhtala that Saturday, Sunday, then you can just work out a plan on how to live and implement the name of Allah in your daily lives in sha Allah tada and to another episode of rockin Ramadan. 2017 I shall say I sit down with Tara wabarakatuh