A Ramadan of change #19 – Don’t mock them!

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Oh Rama

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merci merci. Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters as we know edge closer to the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. This is usually the time when mosques begin to fill up again. And those who are missing in the beginning of Ramadan suddenly start showing up. And you may hear therefore, some Muslims protesting saying, Oh look, it's those Ramadan Muslims again. They come now to the masjid. I mean, the first couple of weeks they were they were there and then they disappeared for the most of it. And now that Ramadan is on his way out, now they show up. Careful. Those words are chilling signs of an inner illness that may reside within the heart of such a person who said those words and illness that can single

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handedly ruin a lifetime's worth of good deeds, that sin that illness is called what self admiration and you know what, don't put it past yourself? What is fasting? What is charity? What is the real citation of Quran? What is praying in congregation? What is a flawless hijab My dear sister when it is tarnished with self admiration, because even a trace of its poison is enough to tear down years worth of good deeds. And that's why our predecessors were so afraid of it. Let me share with you the statements. As for Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, the number one companion, the closest to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a man who would be promised paradise during his lifetime over and

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over again. Listen to what he would say. He said lowered it to a nickel to shahada 10 fee Jim be a habit in movement. I wish that I was just a strand of hair found somewhere on the body of a righteous believers.

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As for Abdullah, he was the Messiah, the scholar of the Quran, companion of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wants to notice how people would gather around him to enjoy his scholarly presence. So he said to them, no talamona Be who you will be Mirtha behind him in Canberra Julia and he said if if you if you guys truly knew of my faults, not even two of you would walk next to me. And he would say you know what did to Allah He need to I need to Abdullahi Rosa what and Allah has offered only someone who will be he said, I wish that my nickname in life could even be Abdullah son of filth, if it meant that Allah subhanho wa Taala would erase just one of my many sins, whereas

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self admiration in that.

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As for Imam Ahmed, who needs no introduction as well. It was said to him, there are so many people who are making dua for you. They're praying for you Masha Allah.

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Upon hearing this, his eyes flooded with tears. And he said, a half one year guna Harada is to download Yeah, I feel that this may be a sign that I am being baited into distraction.

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And he also Imam Muhammad once heard someone say to him, may Allah reward you for everything you have done for Islam. How did he respond? Subhanallah he said, Bell jazz Allah who is Nana nanana wanna he said no, may Allah reward Islam for what it has done to me? You saying, May Allah reward me for what I had done for Islam? He said, may Allah reward SNAM for what it has done for me, who am I and what am i He said,

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and as for a Surya SOHCAHTOA, he would say, I want to be buried in a location that people don't know if I don't want to be buried in my hometown here in Baghdad, Iraq. Somewhere people don't know. They said why? He said a half an hour Jakob Alania carbery. He said, Because I am scared that my grave will refuse to accept a corpse like mine, and thus I will be humiliated.

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Now, in the lioness for malakian, the dinar, he said that if a caller was to call out from the door of the masjid, the mosque saying, Let the very worst of you leave the mosque. None of you would be quicker to leave the mosque he said than me. With the exception perhaps to a person who was stronger or faster than I am. So Han Allah, these are not the words of average people like me. These are scholars, reformers and worshipers.

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What about shake orders now, even though Tamia his student Ivanka Yun would say I would frequently hear my teacher she called us Nam say, Murli you she, when I'm in Nishi Walla fie you she, I have nothing. And I have done nothing. And I am nothing.

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And when people would praise even no Tamia, what would you say? He would say one lie he in Neogen d do Islami Koolau act warmer Islam to bow to Islam and je that he said

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ally, will you who was praising me by Allah I'm still to this day renewing my Islam. I haven't truly submitted to Allah as he deserves to be submitted.

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As you see on as you heard these Imams cornered their self admiration to they had no choice but to walk out from their lives because they realize that he who is self impressed risks

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not being welcomed by paradise. So, the next time my dear rabbit My dear sister, you hear your soul saying to you, those are Ramadan Muslims now they show up to the mosques now they're putting in an effort. Remember, that Allah subhanho wa Taala may end up pardoning their shortcomings but he he may not pardon your arrogance. Oh Rama

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Merci, merci. Welcome Rama

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