Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Overcoming Envy in an Age of Social Media

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of overcoming feelings of envy and insecure on social media, and suggests ways to learn about shiny and jealousy, including recognizing and embracing feelings of envy. They stress the importance of identifying one's feelings and using them to motivate behavior. The speaker also emphasizes the need to pursue one's mental health and not let things in one's path, and to avoid comparing things and finding one's best friend. They stress the importance of learning to pursue one's dream and not letting things in one's path, and suggest practicing the opposite of envy by praying for blessing others and avoiding negative emotions.
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hamdulillah no matter who want to stay in or want to stop fit, who want to go lay when I was a biller him in Shruti and fusina Amin say at Dr. Molina Maja Hilda who fella mobila Wanna you deal fella howdy Allah, wa shadow Illa Illa in Allahu wa the hula surely gonna watch shadow and Mohamed and Abdullah hora. So what are super moves are Allahu alayhi wa sallam are present for praises for law, we praise Him, we thank him, we ask Him for His help, and we asked him for his forgiveness. We seek refuge to Allahu Taala from the eve of ourselves and the eve of our actions. Whoever is guided by law, the no one can misguide them and whoever is misguided there, no one can guide them except

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for level Tyler, I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger and by first of all my dear sisters sit down write a poem or a little line, water kettle, may Allah bless all of you in this gathering, I asked a little taller to increase our man and, you know, male, record us from amongst those who gathered to you know, mention him and, you know,

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remember Allah and remember the LCR inshallah

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so the topic that I chose to speak about for this seminar was the topic on overcoming envy in an age of social media.

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Because the panel, I think, many of you here would agree that one of the greatest reasons

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that so many of us feel far more insecure about ourselves, and our lives than we ever did in the past, is due to us, you know, living in this age of social media, where, you know, we're constantly, you know, comparing ourselves to others that we see on, for example, Instagram, or Facebook, or, you know, just online in general, like, it is really a battle, like, it's 50 Definitely more difficult than it was in the past, right. So that's why what I wanted to do today is basically just, you know, share some strategies that we can use to help ourselves overcome those feelings of, excuse me, envy, or, you know, unwillingness that we often feel, so that we can, you know, be the low dollar, you

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know, rise above that in sha Allah.

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So, first of all I did Sisters, we need to understand that, you know, it's normal to want to have the good for yourself, right. And sonically, there's nothing wrong with you know, wishing to have, like, what someone else has been given. And there's actually terminology for that, which is, it's called a lip balm, right? In Islam, and it's like a humble type of wishing that would for oneself. Right. And, but, but some, but the problem begins, you know, if not only do you wish to have what that certain person has, but you then also feel pain in your heart, you know, just see them with what they have. And, you know, it gets the point where you may even want it to be, you know, removed

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from them. So, this is the disease of hassad that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam basically described it as a shaver of one's Deen you know, a shaver of once, amen. And um

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And subhanAllah and in other narration, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, er calm well hazard, you know, be aware of an hazard beware of making hazards, or having jealousy for inner hazard a yet pool has an ATS can attack guru now we'll help that, you know,

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that verily jealousy, it eats the or, you know, developers, the good deeds that has an ad, just like the fire,

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you'd see the fire, you know, devouring wood

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panels, this is the effect that you know how sad or you know, envy or jealousy, this is what it has on your heart is what it does to your heart, right? So, if you allow this disease of Hassan, you know, to basically take hold of your heart, where you have such you know, bad feelings towards others, due to what they've been given in this dunya you find that over time, those bad feelings that you have, can cause you to actually fall into all kinds of you know, sins and even one you know, oppression of those whom you feel jealous of.

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And you know, if you look sisters at the reason why most people get into backbiting or you know, spreading fitna or you know going out of their way to tear others down.

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Why often, the reason behind that is you know, due to the hustle they have in their hearts, too.

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was that person, they'll protect us.

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So we have to realize that, you know, Shakedown will always

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come to you through the doors of your weaknesses. So if you're, if your weakness is, you know, being envious of a particular person, or even some people, right, you need to realize that shaitan will use that weakness against you, in order to get you to fall into since.

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So beware of those weaknesses, right? Alright, so what I'm talking about today, as I said, is how to rise above feelings of envy. I mean, this is something we have to all be working on right now. One, as I'm going to speak about now is the first point, I think that's important for us to get out there is that we need to recognize that feeling envious is a normal human emotion, and very few people actually free of this. The difference, however, is how you respond to this emotion. Okay? And will you have whatever level to honor in dealing with it, you know, feeling a lot in dealing with this emotion that you're having? Or will you allow it to overcome you? And so you get into it, so that

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you ended up falling into sins?

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You know, due to it. Alright.

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And, and Hasan Basri, from ebeam, he was asked about, you know, whether a believer can envy, you know, is it possible for a believer to envy to have envious feelings. And so he he said, Panelo, what made you forget yourself and his brothers, I mean, us as brothers were were believers, yet they still, you know, became, they still experienced envy, right.

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And we see that they, you know, had envy towards use of the head envy towards his brother, you know, Benjamin Benjamin.

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Alright. But the, the advice that Hasan Basri gave is that, if you have these feelings of envy, then what the way you deal with it is that, you know, you need to keep it locked away in your heart, right, you don't act upon it, okay, as long as you don't act upon it, you won't be harmed by it. But if you you know, you know, as long as you don't

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act upon it by saying a word, you know, that acts upon that envy, or, you know, taking an action, then inshallah you won't be harmed by that feeling of envy that you have. Alright, so basically, you can say that, you know, you wouldn't be accountable for the envy you feel, as long as you are trying to, you know, basically, you know, do would get a mojo headed to nafs, you know, like, strive against yourself, um, and also not act upon it. Okay. So, I just want to also mention two, there's three main causes that Euler met mentioned, for why someone will feel envious. And I think that's important to understand, because part of the dealing with envy is to, you know, understand why we

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are going to experiencing it in the first place, right? So, one of them is that if you've had a fight with someone

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that can end up turning into envy after that, right, so that each time you see good, good things happening to that particular person that you've had a fight with, you will find yourself, you can find yourself feeling upset,

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when you see those good things happening to them, and you can wish that they,

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you know, what they've been given is, is removed from them. Okay, so this is this is one cause for people to fall into envy. Another cause for falling into envy can be also due to one's selfishness and ego, right, that you don't want anyone to be better than you. And you don't want you know, good things to come to anyone except yourself, men protect us. And this is what can be also referred to in, you know, our modern tech, you know, terminology, you could refer to it as the scarcity mindset. And I'm going to come back and talk about that in a while.

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All right, and the other thing that they mentioned, for the reason why someone can feel envious of someone else, is due to that person doing a similar thing to what you're passionate about, or that what you're doing. So, if you've got, for example, two sisters in business, or two brothers in business, you know, you will find that they're more likely to have envy of each other because they both are efficient, a similar business, right?

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If you're if you're both, you know, if you if there's two sisters who are interested in writing a book,

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I'm telling you, even students of knowledge and scholars will will often very often will have envy of each other. It's just wherever, you know, when you find two people or a group of people, you know, with the same interests, the same passions, you're more likely to have

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envy for someone who's doing very something very similar to yourself.

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Okay, so this is something to be aware of.

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Okay, the second point that I want to mention for, you know, how we can overcome envy is to realize that, um, feeling envious of others doesn't have to be used in a negative way. Right. Um, the interesting thing is that you can actually use envy, or, you know, use these strong feelings that you have to Subhanallah help motivate yourself to move forward and further develop yourself.

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Because, like I was saying before, like, feeling envious, it actually shows you what's important to you. So you can actually work out what why am I feeling envious of that person, that thing that I'm envious, you know, that I'm feeling this envy for, it must be something important to me, it must be something that I'm passionate about, right?

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So if you're able to identify,

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you know, what it is, it's important to you, then you can ask yourself, what can you do with your own skills to work to work towards doing that, you know, something similar to what that person is doing? Right, because if that person, you know, has achieved that, then it also means that the intellect Tyler, I can also strive to achieve something similar for myself, right? So what we can say here is that, you know, instead of wasting your time, you know, hating on people, which will only, you know, prevent you from moving forward, ultimately, right. And use the envy that you feel to, you know, motivate and inspire you to achieve your own goals, but in the law,

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because, interestingly that, you know, when you wish strongly for a certain thing, then it's a panel that can actually become a strong motivator, that can help you also reach what you want to achieve to inshallah. Okay, so, basically, what I'm saying here is, you know, just focus on whatever action

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you know, whatever is in your capacity, like looking look within and see what skills, what talents, everyone's got skills, everyone's got talents, you know, look at what you've got, and, and whatever you have, whatever resources you have around you, and use those, you know, whatever's in your capacity to help to improve your own situation. Inshallah, interestingly, if we look at the example of Zecharia, right, in the Quran, it's really interesting how, when he saw the blessings that are coming to Madame alayhis, salaam, okay. I mean, when he kept entering upon her in her Mithra, right, and he saw these best things that constantly coming to her. And, you know, he's asking her, you

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know, um,

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and now like, you have a, you know, where are these blessings from? Where's it coming from? You know, and she tells him, who I mean, nine dilla you know, it's from Allah in Allah, hey, also, for me, your shirt will be a lady. He said, Right. Allah blesses, or, you know, he provides to whom he wills without measure. Right? And that inspires Zakariya to go and

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go and, you know, take action for himself, right? And then he goes, and he makes to actual loss of pantalla and asks a level to Allah to provide him with offspring, because until now, he hasn't had any offspring power loss. So what I'm showing you here is the fact that he used what was in his capacity to try to improve the situation when he saw what what mme Elisa Nam was being given.

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look, obviously, as well, we have to acknowledge that, you know, life is full of various obstacles and challenges, and not everything goes the way you plan, right, there's,

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like, even in my own life, you know, there's been plenty of times where I haven't been able to do what I wanted, what I wanted to do, at that very moment, you know, that certain, you know, things I wanted to do early on in my life, I wasn't able to do it, Allahu taala, you know, put other things in my path. I wasn't able to do it. But, you know, one of the greatest lessons that, you know, Islam teaches us is basically, I mean, that's what I love to share with others as well, you know, just don't look down on whatever role Allahu Taala has chosen for you, you know, try to focus on doing whatever he has, you know, basically opened up for you, with SN, you know, with with, you know,

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just, you know, perfect, whatever role a lot of us chosen for you, right, we've all got different roles. Not to say you can't work into moving into another area, but what I'm trying to say sometimes, you know, you have your mind to do something and then I'll put other things in your path. And you just have to learn to just, you know, whatever Allahu Taala has chosen for you. You just have to try to

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You know, apply yourself to that as you know, with with the best intention for the sake of Allah. Right.

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And the other thing, okay, the next point I want to share as well was, you know, realize that with every blessing that's that's been given to someone, there's also a test that's attached to that. So, you know, it's, we really shouldn't we wish to have exactly what someone else has because you know, what might be good for someone is not necessarily good for you. And I think that comes back to the A are in the Quran. You know what Allah says was that and that crochet and when we're highroller calm was and to Hibou Cheyenne. Well, who was shoved Walla Walla who Yan Mo, were engine that Dalaman, right? A lot of it tells us that, you know, perhaps you may, you know, hate something, yet, it's

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good for you, and you perhaps you may love something, but it's not good for you. And Allah knows and you don't know, right? Um, how many people wish to be given something like, you know, like someone else had, and then if, and then I'll hold on, I may or may open it for them and they fill into all kinds of fitna due to it.

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You know, sometimes you'll see certain people who were you know, maybe getting their Deen at one stage. And then Allah opened up certain things from dunya to them and mail protect us to cause them to go straight and even become weakened the Imam so in fact, you know, if we see someone with something that we wish for ourselves, the best one of the best things you can actually say is like Aloma, I will come in phobic, you know, Oh Allah, I asked you from your bounties, you know, or to say something like, Oh Allah, if it's good for me then bless me like with what they have. Okay, but it's not a good idea to say, you know, I wish I have what so and so has been given, you know what I

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mean? Because, like I said, you don't know that if you know, you were to be given exactly what they have, that you could be put to trial by that thing.

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And you don't know also know what else is part of the package that comes along with that thing they've been given, you know, or even you know, whether you would be able to handle the trial that comes with it because there's always a trial and everything we're given every blessing we've been given there's also a trial attached to it, you know,

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actually is an iron suit Baha

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where a lot Allah tells us where Temboo done i Naika lmm a diner B as where gem min whom the hotel higher dunya the Neff Tina home fee, right. So in this eye, a lot of it tells us you know, don't extend your eyes and let your eyes stretch you know, don't let your eyes stretch towards you know, that which we have you know bestowed upon some people from the you know, adornments of this will be life Venus Tina home fee that in order to trial those people, right and Allah tells us what is for rock beaker Hiroo wherever found that the provision of your Lord is that which is best and everlasting. Okay, so,

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you know, the one of the reasons why a lot of time is telling us not to, or to avoid, you know, letting our eyes stretch towards what others have, is because when you allow your eyes to stretch to what other people have, it actually causes your heart to become attached to that, right. And then what what can happen is that, you know, you start comparing, you know, what they have to what you have, and your mind becomes busy with it, you know, and Allah is reminding us this idea that the nest, you know, home fi that, you know, first of all, only a worldly matter. And secondly, that, you know, this is only a trial, this is also a trial for them as well.

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So, you have to realize that, you know, whatever blessing a person has been given, it's also a test for them to and there's a burden that is also that comes with that, that blessing or that worldly, you know,

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you know, that will be, you know, thing that they've been given

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another lesson, we can also learn to this aid before I move on, is you one thing we can learn from this air is that, you know, if you actually been put to trial by, by what someone posts about their life online, and it's a good idea to stop allowing your eyes to stretch to what they have, you know, cut down on how much you spend time online, because, you know, it can really start making you feel very insecure sometimes, you know, with the amount of stuff that's online and looks like everybody's successful out there except yourself, you know, I mean, this, this is the, this is the reality.

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Don't you know, avoid following those people.

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We're like, putting you to trial in such a way. Right? And that anyway, going on to some of the other points. So another thing you can do, too, is, you know, work on strengthening your Eman because obviously, if you think about it, you know, whatever the cause

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whatever the cause is that we mentioned before, behind why you're feeling envious, but if you really think about it, it all comes down to your heart being attached too much to dunya. Right? Your heart is too attached to worldly, the worldly affairs and the worldly, you know, possessions or, you know,

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you know, the fears of dunya, basically, right? Um,

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and if you think about what you're actually envious of, right, you think about the various things that you're looking at someone and you know, you're feeling envious about them. It's how often is it really for athletes? I mean, who actually gets jealous of anybody, for athletes, you know, most people, the vast majority of people that the

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what they're feeling jealous of the other person, you know, for is basically maybe their achievements, their popularity, their money, their house, their looks, you know? And what are all those things? They're all they're often the affairs of the dunya. Right? So that's why you know, the number one solution to this problem is basically, you know, try as much as you can't empty your heart from feeling so attached to these things of the world. And instead focus on attaching your heart to the source of where all these blessings come from, who is Allah azza wa jal, right, and be eternally to Allah in that you find a great cure for your problem in sha Allah.

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Another thing that is also related to that as well as increasing your Eman in Al Qaeda by other by increasing your Eman in the belief of you know, how a lot of guys decreed everything, because having envy means that you're basically saying that that person does not deserve what they've been given by Allah. Right. So if you think about it, it's it's, it's like you're actually questioning the wisdom of Allah in His giving. As if, you know, a lot of Allah has made some mistake

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you know, in what he's given that person, and that you know, that they shouldn't have been given that, that thing that they've been given. And if you look into any SAT verse 54, right.

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Along, says, em, yes. So Luna, NASA Allah, Tao, hula hooping for the right, and the AI actually says, you know, do they feel envious of people due to what Allah Tala has given them from his from His bounty?

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So like, in other words, you know, do you actually question that which Allah has chosen to give someone out of his hikma out of his wisdom, and which, you know, he wrote for them to have 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth. So, you know, this is why I'm saying we need to increase our belief and submission to whatever Allah Allah you know, has decreed and written to happen.

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And and all thing you fall into when you have, you know, envy for someone as well. And I was speaking about that before, which is called UNO's scarcity mindset. Where it says if because Allah has given someone something that now somehow, you know, does this for you, or you can't have it, you know, this is what you you think to yourself, right? Of course, that's all shaped on how he makes you believe that.

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Um, so you can see that this thinking actually goes completely against the positive mindset that Islam gives us, due to us knowing the absolute, an endless, you know, bounty and and work of Allahu taala. Right? If you look at this hadith that's in Hadith, it's a hadith Cuzzi, in which the prophets of Allah Allah was sent and tells us that, you know, Allah has said that, you know, yeah, you better de, you know, my servants, if the the first view and the last view and the, you know, the,

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the human view and the general view, were to stand in one plane, right and to ask for me, so all those right, it's the first of mankind and the last of them from the gene and the and then all of mankind, right? If they were all to say in one plane and ask Allahu Allah and Allah

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was to give every single one of them whatever they asked. He says man neck up men are also very can mean man or indie Illa, Kana young, coastal new Yato, either, would you feel buff? Right? He said that it wouldn't reduce that is with me. Except like, when a needle is entered into the sea, you know what I mean? Some kind of law. So in other words, you know, what does that mean for you? If Allah Tala has given someone from His bounty? Like, how can we be thinking that there's not something there's not something you know,

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but now that we can't have that, too, you know, I mean, if allows Allah's Bounty, and His fadul and His blessing, and his MOOC, you know, is endless, and to that level, where, even if he was to give everybody in this dunya, everything, it wouldn't even reduce,

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it wouldn't reduce from his MacBook, even like, when a you know, needle is dipped into the seat, right? So, can you can you see how, you know, subpanel that scarcity mindset is just completely against

00:26:12 --> 00:26:18

what our Creator actually teaches us, okay, so what I'm saying, you know, basically here is, you know,

00:26:19 --> 00:26:40

I'm just trying to show you how, you know, increase the area, manual law, and, you know, in his other in his, you know, pre decree, and, you know, reminding ourselves of the endless bounty that's with Altana. This is from the ways to help yourself overcome this feeling of envy of others in the Lightoller.

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Another thing we can do as well is, you know, focused on what we've been given, instead of what we haven't been given. And this is a very important lesson that the prophets that Allah was taught us to do that, you know, he says, On guru ILA men as phantom income, while I found guru Illa men who are folk upon, right, he tells us in one Hadith that to, you know, to look to who is below you, and don't look to those who are above you, right? This is in dunya matters, that we hitched details not to look,

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when it comes to the dunya affairs, or the worldly possessions, that we should always look to those who have less than us, not those who have more than us. Because if you keep focusing on those who have more than you, it makes you look down on the blessings Allah has given you, and you actually become ungrateful due to it. Okay.

00:27:37 --> 00:28:21

So you will find yourself, first of all, not feeling grateful for what you have. And you'll be overlooking what you have, and not really appreciating what Allah Tala has actually given you, because you're so focused on what everybody else has, right. And the amazing thing is that, you know, while you're so obsessed with what someone else has, there are other people in this world wishing to have, you know, just wishing to have the light of what you've been given. That's the irony, Subhan Allah. So this is why we need to realize that, in fact, true richness is not found in what the gains. Rather, it's the richness of the soul, which you can only get through having

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contentment and having, you know, sincere gratitude to Allahu taala. Right. And there's one narration in which the Messenger of Allah tells us that he says Lisa Lena, and cast throttle out, while alakina, Lena, Lena and knifes. So he tells us to go long while he was selling, that, you know,

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richness is not in how many or how much positions someone has, but rather, you know, richness, true richness is the richness of the soul. You know, and as I said, that comes from what it comes from, you know, really just being content and having read of a law. And you know, and having shocked a lot of pantalla, for what you had been given.

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The next point that I had down, is

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to hate the disease of envy in your heart, more than your wish for what others have, you know, and just to realize that the first person who actually suffers from this disease is yourself, you know, because

00:29:28 --> 00:29:34

when envy comes in the heart men protect us and help us to purify, purify our hearts, and

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it's like a fire that burns in a person's heart and it basically corrupts it

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and, and ultimately, our thing is that

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the, the resentment and envy you feel in your heart does does nothing to actually harm the success

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of the person you feel envious of.

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Because obviously, you know, you you know, your envy cannot change the order of Allah. He cannot change what was written.

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For a person so, all it does it just leaves you having no feeling of peace in your heart or wrist. So, some people can become so obsessed with with others

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that they can actually end up suffering from all kinds of Westwater you know all types of anxiety maybe they can't even sleep at night. This is where it can lead to Right. Um

00:30:27 --> 00:30:33

so, we just need to realize just how damaging and pointless allowing such feelings of envy

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you know, how pointless is that to let allow that to come to overcome us? And this is exactly why we need to be constantly asking Allah azza wa jal to you know, help us to remove this disease from our hearts

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and also you know, if you are feeling some envy for someone you know, coming into your heart,

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how to treat it at that moment, you know, obviously seek refuge do lottle Tyler You know, make it still far you know, say stuff philosopher law you know, so that so that old data helps you to you know, purify your heart and keep it clean inshallah from from that from that disease of envy.

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But the very most the most important thing here too, I just want to also mention it's just really important that you don't go and act upon the envy you know, as I was mentioning before

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by saying or doing something to hurt that person

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that you have envy for because if you do go and you know speak about them or you know, try to hurt them in some way try and tear them down in some way you'll find that that disease of envy is going to grow even stronger in your heart Okay, so acting upon it is going to make it worse.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:17

And one of the greatest random remedies for test kids and naps you know for purifying the soul is to actually act in opposition to what your naps is pulling you towards right um a lot on the Quran. He tells us in enough Salah American the su 11. Elana Kawashima Robbie, that the nature of the NAPS is it always inclines you towards what's evil and what's debase.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:21

So the way to deal with the nuts

00:32:22 --> 00:32:38

and especially in the case of envy is to practice doing the opposite of envy, which is, you know, to practice wanting the good for others. And, you know, practicing to you know, love for your sister, what you love for yourself, basically, or your brother,

00:32:39 --> 00:33:23

you know, until it becomes a habit and a normal part of your luck, like so practicing, practicing it until it becomes part of your nature in sha Allah. And this is exactly why you look at how the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that, you know, whenever any of us admires something a brother or sister has, that we should make, we should actually pray for blessing for that person. Right so that an initial interest in history, pray for blessing for the right. Because that way you what you're doing is you're acting in opposition to the envy and envy is about removing the blessing. So you're it's like you're doing the antidote of of what envy is about right? And

00:33:23 --> 00:33:41

that's why we you know, we should say like, you know, Baraka low, you know, fie her or you know, barrack Baraka La La her, you know, or la lucha? You know, I'm trying to say so I'm making that up for her insha Allah or him. This is this helps us to,

00:33:44 --> 00:33:48

you know, to remove, you know, to ward off the envious feelings inshallah

00:33:49 --> 00:33:50

I'm finishing up.

00:33:52 --> 00:34:16

The last point that I've mentioned here is, you know, to remind yourself of reward for the person who's able to empty their heart from bad feelings towards others. Now, there is a story that they mentioned about up delay Bynum, alas, although I must mention that the actual story is, has some questions about its authenticity, and

00:34:18 --> 00:34:45

you know, but we can take the lesson from the story. So basically, the story goes that a man entered into the masjid while some of the companions were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the companions that you know, just now and then we'll enter you upon you who's from an agenda right and who's from the inside and so I'm

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

I'm doing like an ombre loss. You know, he noticed that man he was thinking gene, you know, power this is man's been, you know, mentioned that he's from the agenda is for the people of Ghana, and he was trying to work out what is special about this man. So basically

00:35:01 --> 00:35:26

Just a couple of story, you know, a bit shorter. He basically asks that men can you stay with him? He wants to observe his actions to work out what is special about this man, you know, what is made the messenger Allah say that this man is going to go to Geneva, and you know, he watches him at night, he doesn't notice him doing anything, like really different in actions, nothing major that he's doing that could, you know, that he could see

00:35:28 --> 00:35:51

was, could be a reason for why this this man's been mentioned as being from the people of Ghana. And then Subhanallah what happens basically, is that he ends up asking the man, you know, what is it you know, the Messenger of Allah mentioned that, you know, um, he mentioned that, you know, about you, you know, being from the people have done that, and, you know, what is it that's have, you've done to to, you know,

00:35:53 --> 00:36:11

to be, you know, mentioned as someone of the states that you know, status. So he basically said, that, there's one thing that I do, and that is, before I go to bed, I take anything out of my heart, you know, from from bad feelings towards others from jealousy.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:15

And so I tried to remove that you know, from my heart before going to sleep.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:50

And then I've delayed and I'm going to ask you because this is what it was that this person you know, he's tried to do Majed Mojo head to nuts, you know, where he's, he's striving against his naps. I mean, we all have bad feelings. It's normal to you know, sometimes have bad things come into our hearts. But really, ultimately, you know, we want to meet Allah Tala with a heart that is, you know, free of these bad feelings. You know, the old Alban Saleem, you know, like the heart that is free from you know, having both things for others from you know,

00:36:51 --> 00:37:29

having diseases you know, hearts, you know, and the panels, the one who's able to do that the one who's able to, you know, free their heart from that, I mean, can you see how much lighter a person will be, how much more they'll be able to focus on their a burdah focus on the Salah, focus on the connection with Allah, you know, feel the sweetness of reading Quran feel the sweetness of praying to Allah, Allahu Taala you know, whereas the one who is you know, burdened by all these you know, bad feelings in their hearts you know, it's polite it takes them away from being able to focus on what is you know, so much more important you know, as far as you know, trying to get close to Allah

00:37:29 --> 00:37:40

and strive for Alfredo right so um, I leave it there my sister's you know, I asked Allahu Taala you know, to help us to you know, overcome

00:37:41 --> 00:37:57

this disease of envy and any other diseases diseases of the heart I ask Allah Tala to make us give us to feel clear, give us success, Inshallah, in being able to you know, overcome these vices and I asked a lot Allah to help us to, you know,

00:37:59 --> 00:38:06

meet him in the next life be the late Allah with you know, with pure hearts, which are free from you know, any

00:38:07 --> 00:38:40

any of these you know, bad feelings towards others and envy and even from since May he may, you know, make it easy for all of us Inshallah, it's a life journey. It's a life journey. It's not simple, but at least we have the tools to know what to do, how to deal with it inshallah. And the delay with the help of Allah will be successful in sha Allah Subhana Allah Morbi handig national Allah ilaha illa and nostoc silica wanted to boil Lake Salam Alaikum welcome to Why would I count

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