Better Me Ramadan 2019 #17 – Beware of where your gaze rests

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa sallam. Today's episode may make some people uncomfortable, because this is one of the things that chat that is challenging a lot of people. And that is about about lowering the gaze. See, I know that now people are looking at the screen and say, Oh, here we go again.

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A brother is telling us don't look anywhere. See, the more you stare, the more you store. This is what the called state, your gaze could influence your brains and ideas. So be aware of what you gaze at. Be aware of what you look at. Be aware that wherever you look, the images that you store in your brain would have an influence will impact your behavior. This is a reality. That's why I lost it in the poor and poor little mini neighborhood Doom in a bizarre dream. Well, I follow furuya home tilt to the believing men to lower your gaze as a result of that as a result of lowering your gaze and not staring at the haraam. What would happen, your chastity your private parts will be protected.

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The same command is given to the woman in the same surah in the same chapter or column A minute y'all didn't I mean, I was sorry him or a foreigner Fujian and tell to the believing woman to lower their gaze and as a result, their chastity their private parts shall be protected. So the gaze is very, very, is linked directly to the private part because once you stare at something wrong, then you start reacting, your brain starts reacting produce these hormones, and your private part will confirm or deny these, these thoughts. So be careful. Your gaze, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it is an arrow from the arrows of shaitan Can you imagine an arrow is so swift and once it hits the

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target, it breaks it, it gets to its end so be be very, very vigilant at what you gaze and Ramadan is a good opportunity for you in sha Allah to practice and develop this habit. And as a result in sha Allah, Allah you will be protected from pornography from Xena from all the filthy practices that many people are falling into Ramadan is the start mail law protect your me