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The speakers discuss the meaning of prison in Islam, including negative emotions, negative behavior, and harsh words. They stress the importance of individuals being able to perform actions without harming others and stress the need for individuals to have a certain level of respect and honor. The speakers also emphasize the importance of reminding oneself of actions and words to avoid becoming a victim of mistake or failure and stress the need for individuals to show their self-reflection and humility to others.

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when our old will be dead when photoreal fusino insane Dr. Medina may

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or may you?

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fire on the Buddha Buddha Muhammad in Chicago when he when he was selling them for Chicago more enough data to put that in bid couldn't get without him rather let him go to Nevada that you've been

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appraising and also kind of either continuing our journey or trying to abstain to stay away from this dunya whereby amongst the most famous had either a D which will be repeated or many times we want to work in great detail

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of the explanation understanding the study inside the Muslim dunya says main agenda character is well is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbeliever we know that there has to be an element of sacrifice element of staying away from things of this dunya striving against the knifes the soul to come to a higher level, a higher reward that we find a Bosu Panda and a surrounded paradise with obstacles

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or fatigue genda to build Macquarie in the period of being surrounded by certain obstacles. For property now we'll be showing the world and the fire being surrounded with temptations and desires. That's the real Emma dimensioned every top of falling shanwa. Falling one desire is the path of being one unfortunately, too close and closer towards the hellfire. One sin open to another ceiling. One desire to another desire and desires begin to overcome the individual and feel the heart and eventually the heart begins to live and die for one's desires and not for the sake of a Muslim Canada Allah. And in this headache in such a Muslim that we find whereby paradise have been

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surrounded with obstacles in an unknowing. In his famous explanation of a Muslim, begin to mention some three or four obstacles a person needs to overcome to enter into paradise. And this is way too many centuries ago. But how relevant it is to as many of us today are all Muslims today. He said amongst the obstacles, which a person has to overcome to enter into paradise, or will not be wise, at least he had fillory better party striving and struggling in their daily rituals of obedience towards the loss of the other. Whether it be a silver comes whether it be the five daily prayers a person has to offer in punctuality on time with the conditions in congregation, we focus with

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devotion, as Dr. unmated on 8182 times our female Salah to establish the prayer doesn't mean just to say the prayer but to establish it. And imagine all of his rights and regulations and devotion towards the loss of Canada Adam does we can begin to see the summer days, the difficulty of printing project early instead of an original name. But this is the daily ritual of devotion towards the loss of Canada Anna, the person makes each the hand or saves a bit of sacred time forsakes their work or say to their family to make sure that they did in a proper success. And that was the rest of the ritual that we find causing a month of Ramadan, or the performance of cancer in blessing individuals

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needing to go outside the house of laws and and and remember lots of Canada Anna, that is one amongst the ultimate forms of jihad or Jihad Wi Fi and Wi Fi for a woman who performs Jihad and Hajj jihad is struggling in the performance of Hajj is classified as her Jihad struggling the wave of loss of kind of Allah. So this is the first obstacle that must be many of us haven't overcome this obstacle that someone must begin to focus on greater goals are lofty goals, but the daily rituals, the daily practices, we begin to question ourselves that what are we really trying to gain inside our lives? The second thing that we find that you mentioned is cognitive bias is to be able to

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swallow one's angle. It's actually based upon an iron condor for an Intel they meet those who literally they swallow their anger. Maybe some of us we offer our daily prayers. We conduct ourselves as good Muslims, but we're not able to see

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Hello and I'm not able to tolerate the comments of people or the situation around us. This is an obstacle, which prevents a person from entering into paradise feeling. person needs to overcome that obstacle needs to be able to control and swallow the anger. Then he mentioned, the person is one an individual who is pardoning other individuals our phone does even if it continues, those individuals will Athena and the nurse will know your hypocrisy need people, the real believers are those individuals who overlook mistakes that people overlook humanity or that they forgive them. So, you know, we mentioned the centuries ago, that a person is one who forgives of their praise swallows the

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anger or doesn't forgive the people around them. And fourthly, to be patient, about the calamities around us a cofee mentioned is to stay sober. Anisha is to stay away from desires, control oneself enough to fall into desires we were while we are surrounded today as well just like many centuries ago, control yourself you don't fall into these desires. This is an interpretation he mentioned about paradise in surrounded with obstacles and the Hellfire being surrounded by desires as soon as hobbies I'm going to touch upon today.

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is well is a prison for a believer and applied as a disbeliever may come into all of our minds at the moment. Are we really prisoners today? We as a Muslim identity we as a Muslim nation and Muslim Ummah, we have many blessings, many the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah, when current donate matanga of suha we can never ever count enumerate the blessings of Allah under Allah. So how is it possible that accumulation of some describe that the believer in one visit is dunya as a prisoner, and a disbeliever is the one who lives as it is a paradise upon this dunya we're going to touch upon what this really entails what it means

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for being a prisoner inside this dunya. But first, we need to understand the concept of what is a sigil? What is a prison? What is the meaning for prison, we help us to understand what is this relationship of being in a prison and his prophetic traditions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if you look at amongst the morality of a prison that we find a correctional institution where persons are confined, a person is derived from the range of liberty, the normal Liberty they have, upon this dunya are taken away from the individual. A prison is a secure place, or a restricted area that we find a person is placed inside a prison like situation whereby a person is seeming to be

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inside some form of confinement. If you take all these meanings, and you summarize them in one sentence, that you find that prison is a restrictive environment, whereby not free to do as you please. That's what I see in a prison is you are in a restricted environment. You're not free to do the daily things that you want to carry out on your daily life. That's fine. Islam is a restricted way of life. No one should begin to interpret Islam and Islam. Korea, Islam is a free way of life. That is not totally true. It's only partially true. There is a real freedom of Islam within Islam. There is no concept as a Muslim

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is a freelance understanding of Islam. But as we find that the Sharia or the laws of thought from the interpretation of the law of the Quran, and the Sunnah, it will feed to interpretation or a freedom of understanding this is incorrect. The Sharia is codify the Sharia is restrictive. And likewise, you find the Muslim is qualified and restricted. Whether you're rich or poor, whether you're white, or you're black, you're all of us have only the Sharia. All of us have the shackles the chains that we can visualize on our wrists and ankles, and they are there for every single individual. So no matter what your situation Your life is, you have to bow down when it's time to

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pray. You have to perform hajj, if you reach that limit, when you lay at a nursery is your baby what is the father he said either whoever has the Easter borrow the means and the way to respond to that phone does you find such harsh words in your mind, a person wears the way people whom house because it doesn't afford a house. I don't care if that person dies, as a Jewish or Christian individual. These are harsh words, severe words on the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that a person has the way the means and ability to perform the Hajj, I could care less I don't care less if that person died as a Judeo Christian. That's how the popularity of despite such an individual is a severe ruling class

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Muslim today that people begin to procrastinate we tend to delay the performance of Hajj or answering a call of a loss of Canada Allah. So we find that the individual is an individual is which activities are you the Sharia, that everytime you become responsible, you have to return that responsibility in front of a lot subprime Dinah all of us are bound by the teaching of Islam. That's one of the cookoff

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this famous Hadith of the Prophet

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thing with entourage. This *ing Gemma atonia. This is one of the fuqaha who gather the deed in the dunya as well ask the question, Can an earlier scholar be average individual, but sometimes you have this connotation that religious people are not allowed to be rich. They don't allow to contain when you're not allowed to contract and sources or business relationship or this dunya no matter what attribute you deem, as long as the dunya remains inside your hand is an entity to your heart. And as you find the upper hand is better than the lower hand, a Muslim scholar was in a position to give up the world to take care of mankind to take care of people in a far higher level understanding

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of Deen and dunya. In comparison, the person who pulls out their hand or stretches out their hand to ask for mankind from here and then that's when you read the syrup of those nuvola. Those that you find the pious individuals read through their lives, they had no need to take words of mankind, while they were people used to give to the wealth, their wealth to mankind, and he really connected the wealth they returned it back to the people there was so sufficient in the things that they've done. So that you find that a level of respect and honor and dignity with Excel is okay. When you enter into the into the past that time we find it didn't have the showering that we had today. They

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had to go into an external area to bathe themselves. While he was traveling with his entourage, we will still love all the students with him and all the service and the people around him. He went by a Jewish tramp laying on the floor, his Jewish individual said to him, I thought your Prophet said attune yourself to calculate your profit for you. This world is a prison for the believer, and apparent as a disbeliever on Don't look at me, look at me look at me lying on the floor begging asking people. This doesn't seem to fit into place. But it shows a distinction of person to understand that the loss of a person who contains all elements of nitnem Amina is appointed to

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Allah, He said to this individual either under certainty that

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if you tomorrow, end up earning the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah can have had the agenda to this is going to be your paradise, you have a lesson if tomorrow you go into gentlemen, you haven't seen the lesson around you think this is your paradise. You could do what you want inside this dunya you can drink you can find it. You can carry on adultery is no laws and regulations upon you. So we in essence, this is your paradise. You enjoy this dunya easily for Estonia, and you die in Estonia. Why does it offer them in an hour in the day? What if What if I tomorrow, enter into the blessings and the bliss of applause to Canada Allah inside that era can teach me that this is my prison,

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because I have to sacrifice certain things within myself and in my life, to gain that paradise inside the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah, I wanted to be a famous and elusive scholar because he also talks about being inside a prison, or this has been what it means to be inside a prison situation. The world is a prison for the believer, because the believer is bound by the responsibility, no responsibility, no movement or silence, except from the standard law, a law kind of releasing, he's on a chain that change leads individuals to carry out the actions of obedience towards a loss of control. And in his prison is a certain element of fear that a person grieves that

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person doesn't know whether the actions are going to be accepted by lots of Canada, that's meant to

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be one of our for indigenes.

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Wherever faith is Lord, and then is an individual who does what, when

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and restricts the morality of slavery,

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to refrain to confine yourself to controlling yourself, to restrict yourself, whoever controls the soul, from entering into the desires into this temptation for in agenda to hear that we're there for that individual, that not we're that person's abode, place of living, of grace will be nothing that's entirely up to the individual. And so the individual doesn't have lots of time to Allah. So in the journey, many have met, whatever you find for that individual will be the opposite punishment for that individual. So as the disbelievers and as far as the punishment are waiting that this is kind of nice paradise. This is his paradise, in relation to the punishment, our existing individual

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in Santa Clara. I called mm. Now we mentioned as well, who do we message to? Every single believer is in prison. Every single believer we believer is restricted by his prison of Estonia. Because you are Mukunda you are responsible.

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You are responsible with every single action of obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, try them into over the matter, this interview die or this individual times. This is the time the person rests inside your life. You know, so this connotation of Muslims as a moment of grace that we need to do this. We're not saying don't rest inside your life, but the concept of risk has gone beyond limitations. Life has just become rest for ourselves. We can see as we begin to risk, how the world begins to evolve, and the world begins to take over itself.

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The things around us not to sound too political, then an appeal of steel is nothing hidden about us. As we wasted our lives, they kind of plotting and planning and we see the situation today. That's how simple the answer is, there is no other real answer. The answer, a lack of our part is about many other things that we want in our life. But this amongst amongst a major reason why this Musoma begins to fall into is laziness. If all it is laziness, 50 years go by 60 years go by 100 years go by 150 years go by willing to whine and cry in those 5060 years, 150 years old 33. And look historically what begins to take place as we begin to waver who begins to move into allies into our

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environment into our situation? Who moves into that environment? It's quite simple. The answer is help.

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Those individuals who don't believe in Allah Subhana Allah, those who take away the rights of the people, those who take away our land, take away our property to begin to abuse us upon our own land and when our own environment, then we say that How is it possible? How does it take place? It doesn't take place in a day at night. Yes, Rome was destroyed in one day one night, but it took many centuries to build it. So to build this Mr. Kumar won't be paid in one night day, one night, will take a long time to build this Muslim Omar once again. But the beginning is when you begin to understand the building inside your heart, that I'm a prisoner already inside this building. Yet,

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when you believe that inside, we are all prisoners. You're not so worried about the world, the prison that begin to exist around the prisoners liberates their own self. And thus we finally mentioned a person will become liberated when you enter into the great

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adventure. Why don't you rest inside your life isn't I will rest when I enter into my grave. That's the time I will rest inside my life. I've been told to the rest of my life when I entered the last 100 years autofeed inability to extend our grades for grades to become

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a place of risk that you find a woman the man has in the first station in anticipation of the Earth around the Sun was don't get over worried about him, his breasts inside the grave, it is new inside the grave. And be rest assured whatever comes out there will be success for the individual. But it is restriction inside the grave is the restriction inside the brain and whatever comes out it will be difficult but individually inside and you will essence How will it come for these individuals, they actually live inside a prison themselves whether the prison inside is good, or a prison inside. The Quran mentions talking about the alpha killer in Nikita, but pujari the PCG.

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At night Indeed, the record of the book of these criminals, these individuals and disbelieving individuals is going to be inside CG. Inside this book Ranima made two interpretations of what is a cDNA. What is a CG amongst the pros? well meaning is one meaning is is actually a book and record, which is a record that enters into the prison that everybody's name is placed inside this record of this book, which is outside the prison. The other meaning, which is given that CGN is actually the prison, the prison of jahannam that these individuals will enter into this final destination upon these individuals. So we find that the first time that even Muslim sources or non Muslim sources

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talk about a person being placed inside every prison a physical prison is inside and out of Egypt is talking about the time or use of a certain color of decision you have made by the room that only he said, oh my lord, in the prison is more beloved to me that what these people are calling me to and I will contact them because are familiar with the context of the wise there was he making this temporary nature towards him, and he's been placed in prison. He doesn't want to defend himself. He I like that prison is more beloved to me, as the animal major amongst DC and historically as well. The first time the prisoner situation was made was inside the land of Egypt a time of use of La

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seldom does it becomes incumbent upon us to understand the state of affairs, when it's perfect of Allah and Allah entered into prison, whether for a matter of seeking a better year when he entered into prison. This is a person who has been blamed for certain things and been placed into prison inside incarceration. You know, he studied psychologically, don't express it. But many of our Muslims go into prison when they come out of prison. They become radical individuals they have no life to live for. They have no understanding they do become individuals who do want to make that meal. If you want to destroy people, they can maybe Institute like situation has placed him to think

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that everybody around them is an enemy around them. But look, I read that he is and we teach is and here's another side point. For some of the Shabaab they believe the person who's gone into prison is a real is a real scholar that is false. That is totally false. There is no credentials. There is no evidence that a scholar goes to prison is to be classified as a real scholar as a mathematic go to prison in America go to prison in Malibu and he was incarcerated. That's true. But that's not evidence to say that a symbol, a symbol for being stolen, one goes to prison. If he's never going to prison. Nice

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It can't be a rich color. So take the shallow understanding out of your brains. There is no evidence for that. Yes, there's been times that I've been incarcerated, it's either dies, but not when they are incarcerated, or look at the way when they are placed inside this environment. What does he get frustrated use it early. Seldom does he begin to raise question about why he sizes situation, did you begin to complain about the situation? He becomes an individual that a people say about him? Or to the President, the majority won't say about him in Iraq? I mean, I'm not saying we see you use a valid center in Iraq. I mean,

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we see humans are Jews, of course.

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You want to know that you can read people and preach the deen of Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Who do you see upon their faces?

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You see from the action in America,

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we see you at amongst the doers of God, you use if you're a Muslim, you know, a criminal. There's nothing upon you your speech, your your behavior, your education.

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Even a disbelieving individual. When you conduct yourself to these prisoners inside your situation, you are pious individual, you're a good individual. This is how Muslims should be never get frustrated inside your life. A Muslim is placed any any location that you like, yeah, that is a body so Canada

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is continuously according to a lawsuit and Allah does he said to these individuals? Yeah. So he was taken on YouTube or made or the prison or bourbon, whatever. I mean,

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he featured What did the preacher people? Did he say I've been oppressed, look at the government, look at the society. Look at these individuals. That that was the Ambien that that was the Sania in his octopi. It allow you to kind of gather, he says remind these individuals, he says to them, the various doors that you try to enter and try to recall the last time the other goods, or the one two of all, you're calling upon a boss of Canada, Anna, down to toe in the pool of a Muslim wherever Muslim is, this is the essence of success wherever you go remind people about the loss of Hannah Montana. And as you find this individual decision, even our city remains a prison for some 70 odd

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years and about places other environmental events he he comes out this information or comes out the situation amongst the owner, that many of them are there, right? We're very similar to use of Edison, I'm in that situation of being placed in a confined environment for some seven or eight years. None other shapes Have you told me that we find and he's placed inside a similar environment, that use of La Silla and you find inside his life that you find the way that he begins to conduct himself and he throws out any letters that he writes out as well. Once again, you mentioned many times, even his own students, some of these students were those criminals would you remove? Who

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decided not to leave him in the analog domain and mazzini? We see you monks with us, of course. And as he mentioned, the famous lines of code today, why not even pay him and he's worth a while he will say the secret that we find inside he mentioned the lines of poetry, worship something Tamia mentioned about when he entered into such an environment, now the

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end, and again, nothing

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enemies ever do to me inside my life. My garden my paradise is like here, it's like the heart, in the heart.

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Wherever I go, it remains with me inside my heart. That's what we believe is wherever a believer goes, your Eman remains inside guide wherever you travel in the sci fi world. Welcome to the Shahada, they confine me it becomes so crucial for me to devote myself to Allah and Allah when the Shahada is claiming to execute me they bring me to the gallows, I become a martyr in a way but not so kinda, can I even mean better this year, and they explained me from the land and I become a tourist to see the land of Allah subhana wa Jannah. And as we find that these individuals find his alma moose man to be circled to end up the real prisoner is the one that your heart is restricted

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from remembering Allah Subhana Allah, you're not free, you don't understand the concept of remembering a thought. So that's the restricted individual. And a prisoner is the one who does not understand does not remember 100 appropriately that we find and as we entered into the canal, which existed in Egypt today, the fortress that he was placed inside of it entered into his environment. he recited says in verse four Do you have no issue will be resolved to be recovered by every other when you walk into his prison situation in which it is a de externally it looks like other but internally, it is Rama in his mercy from Allah. He walks into prison Don't think about prisoners

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they think about prisons centuries ago, there's no facilities and externally looks like punishment torture. But inside you understand that when I enter into this is going to be mercy from apostle Canada Anna does require that you mentioned that this is the real life here. This is the real life. If this is what I've been searching for inside my life, this is your life. The believers I found it you mentioned on stage whether indeed my heart begins to transfer begins to tell us that this is real even this is me email I found it inside my life of total seclusion and

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commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah who

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met he

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said this is a real virtue, every blessing of Allah and Allah and the virtue of Islam are the virtues of an placed inside the heart of a division. This is the blessing that was given to an individual and struggling struggling away but lots of kind of awkward oh yeah that was tough.

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Forgive me

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come to the mean or something or send them

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a separate piece of metal

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like was born upon the release of the shape that we find, we find the similarities between for us we find out he when he came out and the people began to complain to him or the leader so far had changed and people came to me so Can Can we say that those individuals those who

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spoke against you, who said bad things about you, what can we do with them? And many of us possibly make that decision and we should execute them they put out they spoke about me so they need to be punishing you to be tortured what they placed me inside. Look again once he is understanding he says to the supine, he says the people around him that caliber such such Kolkata, you will never find them in the land ever again. They've made the mistake of speaking against me or attribute uncertainties about me. Now three very common Yo, yo, yo lo Docomo acaba, Rocky mean, exactly the same words of us and Elisa, maybe the thought came to his mind, what should we do with your brothers

00:26:42--> 00:27:18

today? What are you going to do with us today? We spoke against you replace us either when we try to kill you, we extend you, you left the land you left your father, what are you going to do to us today? There are three valuable job no blame upon you today. Indeed, Allah will forgive you. I don't want to have somebody tell me I said to the people around him as well. And even before that, it goes back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he came into America, he conquered and he ruled and he doesn't. So it's very important to read the Sierra to become individuals which is full of devotion and commitment, understand the context of the sea. I just want to mention that when you read, and

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many things

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that you find, you have to be this year to understand the correct context of being able to instill the life of the Sharia in our own lives. What was the practice the Prophet adoration of somebody entered into Makkah, when he liberated Mecca, when you feel emotionally cold on those individuals, the first lesson that we begin to do is a small glimmer of our understanding of how we understand kings, and how it's been displayed by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, he entered on his writing this week, he's blessing Nick, touching the neck of the beast. This is the first lesson, there is a time to show arrogance to show be proud of yourself, you make the power of this accumulation around

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the cat by time to show our strength at time assume that exists today. But there's other times where a person shows humility shows humbleness, because every time a person is humble, although raises that individual, he entered his state of humility, but he's bless his neck touching the neck of the riding this. When people came around him, they were scared. They were worried he may execute this individual. He may punish this individual, he may torture this individual. They placed his own wife in a confinement in a barren land in a barren valley that his wife died after the suffering that took place there. This light sent up to these companions. They incarcerated him. They made a boycott

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against him. They slashed trustees. They broke his his tune, they expanded on the land. They called him a sir, they called him But no, they call him evil names that are all nice to him. What did he do? Did he retaliate? And when he was going to retaliate today, what did he say to these individuals? Look at his benchmark. Many of us have fallen short throughout our lives, and we possibly fall short for the rest of our lives. Because we don't understand that benchmark. There is

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no blame upon you today. No blame be upon you to everybody who's safe underneath the shield, the fan of Islam, and as well as Muslim need to liberate once again, the concept of freedom underneath the banner of Islam. And likewise, in conclusion that we find that the prisons that exist around us, wherever the Belmarsh overlay that we find

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to be shut down for many years now. They're going to shut down. These people have been suffering for many, many years, not hidden. We also simple question, whoever is guilty, bring them to try and bring him to trial and put them in prison. He is a combined no one has been brought forth and being put to trial. And we place inside prison years have gone by maybe one or two individuals that you find maybe the out of the hundreds who have been incarcerated. Our lesson is this lesson. You can incorporate as many Muslims as you want. You can tell you incarcerating us or

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Remember this, the more you can construct the Muslim, you'll never incarcerate your heart. You bring us down to our knees for study. The heart will never bow. The heart never bow will only bow until you say I need you execute us. You trust us, you decapitate us, the heart will always try the

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pump with remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah does incorporate your heart today, that when you have places like a prison is no harm upon you. you encounter a believer in their life today, you're placed in a prison in real life. It will never ever travel you incorporate goodness, Incorporated incorporating incorporate your soul with desires, you will live a life of freedom, never make your heart to become a slave of your desires. A slave of those individuals make your heart to become the slave and slave of who of a bad man or a bad recommend and the DNA of beholder. what

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those are in paragraph a man who woke up in a state of tranquility in a state of peace, you find that even the disbelieving individuals they know these individual, you read the history of the history when atrocities were committed. They always came back to who always came back to the Muslims always came back to the Muslim you are just individuals, whether it be the life of seraphina, you'll find many of the non Muslims that came to him. They came to him and said to him liberate us. You're just man. You're just Lula. This what Muslims are. Just to conclude on this point to highlight some of our young individuals to understand sulaco Deena, you beat up you find this individual when he

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fought against these enemies. If I'm King Richard a third, the statue outside Parliament Square the moment they individually riding the horse. This is the king that fought against him. Historically, they've never ever met inside their lives. Salahuddin Liu B. He said fruits on ice, they never had fridges on ice. He said to go drink and eat and come and fight me like a man. When he got hurt. He said his own doctor to go and cure him. These are real men have never met one another but he treated him like he's dead. And you can order this individually or within a up just strange individual. He's a strange individual. That's the Muslims are strange in a village if one was trying to cotton we

00:32:18--> 00:32:35

didn't find we do have to say we do this are you these limitations in etiquette, his behavior, His love, His devotion, his food, his dream is taking care of people. This was a Muslim person begins to fit inside their lives. These individual strange individuals.

00:32:37--> 00:33:14

Every time we slay them, every time we destroy them, they stand up everyone welcome to the show of Goodness, goodness this dude is putting forth for for the sake of room for a sake of course, the other day on that day, our next alleviated, annex are free. We never harmed any individual. We never committed any atrocity. We never removed anything from here today. We fulfilled our rights upon this dunya for the sake of across Canada, Ireland, last 100 years old inability to live in his dunya as a prisoner imagine that we understand our rights and regulations are serving a loss and enter and those who are Muslim comrades above the sisters are in state and incarceration laws, liberate them

00:33:14--> 00:33:20

bringing out of them the situation living in the heart You will be inside Atlanta Philistines Iraq and

00:33:21--> 00:33:45

Afghanistan we know is nothing here is not political. Many these individuals are free individuals they are innocent individual replaced inside that environment. We also those liberate them to freedom and in a dynamic situation to raise them a family position in South Africa give them a reward that you can never imagine. It's not an error in the law one narrative maybe you're living somewhere it was something we'll just leave him alone wasn't the audio from the

00:33:46--> 00:33:47

camera so the camera

00:33:49--> 00:33:50

can be too much

00:33:51--> 00:33:53

farther from the camera

00:33:55--> 00:34:12

cap and utility company near Santa Fe data center walking are referred to Santa wild amped up in the north and from an akuna minako City component boldenone falling under the MR buffoonery event whatever you want to call it will be nothing nothing nothing

00:34:13--> 00:34:30

in Napa over him dropping off regarding your summer off was a bit of a downer. One should not have fallen McCaffrey from Canada to a palooka in about a day. Tanya will have learned I mean doesn't document in NACA and have been I have learned I mean, as well as Tina, Tina kurata.

00:34:31--> 00:34:37

Enough of Ghana to compel me Nana can testimonial daddy watauga Elena

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is that he

00:34:41--> 00:34:45

was studying I will come to defend Europe, we either need

00:34:47--> 00:34:47

to move on