Riad Ouarzazi – Fajr reminder – Valentines originates from Pakistan !!!

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The use of the last few days of the last week as a reminder to visit the end of the last week is important. The importance of Islam is highlighted, including the use of coffee and bringing trust on Islam. The origin of Valentine's Day is also discussed, including the use of words like "vanse" and "vanse is a drink" to describe the date. forgiveness is emphasized, and apologizing for mistakes in relationships is emphasized.
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So that might have lied that oh what a cat

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llama can happen again it is indeed a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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To grant us the ability to come to his house, the hospital last panel with the added image

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as we use this Saturday morning, Sunday as reminders are so fragile,

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it is no better reminder than using the end of the last panel to alysus for that get a bit of an email halfway.

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You know, when you want to give a reminder and you think what shall I say you know, suddenly a story or it is no better reminder than using the book of Allah.

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I think it will call me halfway.

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So apart from the last penalty, Allah says

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and admonish them by means of using the end. So the best of reminders is the book of Allah Subhana Allah.

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You come to the hospital last time you pray behind the Imam, you listen to the call and

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you connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala because this is the type of environment where you really feel that uplifting in the measured message of the last half an hour that you come and you pray.

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But I don't know if you have ever thought I was reading the Hadith yesterday and I said Cipolla, as if you read it for the very first time when you recite the Fatiha it's a connection between you and Allah Xhosa. It's a communication between you and Allah Xhosa. In Hadith which is reported by Muslim and narrated by Abu hurayrah. When you recite the Fatiha is like a dialogue between you and Allah.

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When you say Alhamdulillah I have a bit Alameda para

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kavala who hamadani

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when you say hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah replies hamadani Abdi my app has praised me.

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And then when you say oh Chemin de Jorge, applause panel with the other

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measure that you have.

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When you say, a man of war, hey, Allah subhana wa tada says, My servant has told me

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many kiyomi de las panatela says, My servant has glorified me. He cannot go to a canister and Allah says, Oh, this is between me and my servants. And for my servant, whatever he asks for, he can get away he can stay in a salon. salata, Latina Anjali mahabhava de matar de las panatela says this is for my servants and he shall get what he has asked for

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see this is what it what makes the whole sure in the solder when you understand that you are in dialogue between you on the last panel

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a lot more

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and you'll find his role in in his house panel with a loved one although similar to

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methadone or the commish cat and fee Misbah was imposed on talking about his north.

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Yeah, the leveling or the he may or she

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will not be Galicia in any talks about those who come to his massage in Cebu tiene la vivo gene addin Allahu taala coffee has more. You said before the movie have been Oh Do we want our song deja deja vu journal Natalie hint Tisha

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de la Hawaii Kami Sala. What is your Hakuna Matata Pallavi poo and others? y Li Mo Mo Anima amigo y z.

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fugly La Jolla.

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It's in the book of Allah.

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In the book of Allah

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freebooting adding on level amplifier in these houses of Allah, in these houses people you add in Allah, Allah has ordered for them to be exalted.

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Coffee has moved in it, his name would be mentioned, this is what we came here for, to talk about Allah to listen to the call and to listen and to pray

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to get this uplifting

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Then he talks about these people who come to this message. People usually

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with coffee have. You said before the houfy have been oh we will assign the jack. In it people who are making or exalting Allah subhana wa Taala day and night, that was his men, Jen led to lead him to charlatan whenever an antique dealer

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their businesses and affairs would not divert them from the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. And in return what would give them

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the edges to whom Allah who I send them I mean, Boise the home in public, for a lot to reward them. I said a minute.

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Whereas he doesn't even mean for the analyzation we'll listen from his grace somehow now with that, you know, brothers, those of you who know the names of Allah, Allah has so many names. There is one name which sometimes stands out the name of Allah Shaco

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a struggle Have you heard of this thing?

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will never be a shocker. And lady z bill and Megan Polly, and Kathy,

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a Shaco the most appreciative subhanho wa Taala who the awards for a little work, but he gives abundance of rewards of Hana with that as Rocco, the one who appreciates you for the actions that you do the fact that you came to this machine, Allah appreciates that subhana wa Tada. The fact that you came in the principle of Allah Subhana Allah shako will appreciate your say subhanho wa Taala. Allah praises those people who come for the massaging, he says subhanho wa Taala in salt and fat. He calls them mean, he says, in Malmo means

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in Malmo, Moon Allah Dena buki Lama who would you like to follow

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to Leah tala him is that

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what Allah Allah

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Allah Deena yo Primo na sana Allah Deena up Manasa sala de

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Arte de una

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una hapa the Honda Raja

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macular tomadas Gary

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in them and what we know the believers are those whenever they hear the name of Allah whenever they need to ban the heart shake hearts trembles

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wish that either today today via email and when they hear that as of Allah there amen when it more empowered will increase that even

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those who put their trust on Allah Subhana

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Allah goes on and he says older aka human we know the haka. Truly those are the true believers. The true believers you come to me with messages have

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you come to the message Allah praises us

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and say you

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UK masala had established the prayers

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I will add inshallah tada with another maybe two or three if and I would finish Alma.

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This is

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will show you how merciful Allah is.

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How about him, Allah is how compassionate Allah is.

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one who tells his people

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first up, Phil husum matobo la inala be poly Mooji.

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First downfield, moto

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la lay in the body even Mooji seek forgiveness when you come to the massage it is what we're doing stuff.

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For stuck fellow say he says seek forgiveness from your Lord went to LA and repent to him. And then he says in the lobby of hurry Banerjee. My lord is curried and my lord is machine My Lord is near and my lord is the one who answers the call of the need is a panel with data if you read the code and you will find that these two names always go along one another.

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Allah hazard addresses Prophet Mohammed when he tells him

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he does a bad knee in the body. Oh gee, would that was that? Either that when my service asked you about me I am near which was sometimes to be fine. But Allah is a

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national novastar an akuna.

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Working Allah Karim, Karim Allah Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah calls himself a curry because you

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He loves to be near us. We sometimes choose to be far from him in our data and show he also tells his people

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were stuck. Philip Bakun

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matobo la Inaba, B Rahim

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same thing he says it's the follow up bekam so matobo la seek forgiveness from your Lord and make repentance to him. And then he says and he goes here in Nara be my Lord is our honeymoon. Do Murat is for him merciful and my lord is where do you know what what means? The most affectionate

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and the most affectionate some Hannah Who died?

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I want to get the word that he shows his affection in a beautiful way. What a beautiful way Allah subhana wa tada says Illa

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our me lasagna fell owner, aka una

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wala la moonachie

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look at what of Allah just because you came to the masjid just because you're afraid is because you saw his default Allah Subhana which Allah says Illa among those who repent to Allah azza wa jal, they believe in him and then they work righteousness, what would happen to them the float is Allah Subhana Allah will admit them into Jana

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and will do will admit you know, just because you came in your brain just because you thought this default just because you repented to him supply now with the island, the float is algen

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and this is my

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one last area Sharma.

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Allah subhana wa tada says, this fills your heart with hope.

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It fills your heart with hope Please forgive me. Maybe some of you wanted me to talk about Valentine's Day. And I said Valentine will call and I chose an although I have something about Valentine, but let me finish the pot. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says this ayah fills your heart with hope. He says what may he medicine for an hour young Lim Neff sense. Thumb is doc feeding

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well hold on wakim.

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Woman Yeah, man so and whoever commits a sin like myself,

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Well, Lim nafsa and he wrongs himself like myself. So Maya stopped feeding.

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Then he seeks forgiveness from his Lord. He he didn't have a whole lot he met he would find a lot the most for forgive the Most Merciful and the most forgiving. So

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that's all you have to do. We all are that person. We all commit since day in and day out. We can hear a lot knows whether we're going to come back tomorrow to profession

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or Yes, you will come tomorrow because tomorrow's breakfast

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but whoever wrongs himself and commit sins and then he seeks forgiveness from his Lord, Eg dilla have a photo of him. He will find a last panel with Allah, Allah for an hour Haim Subhana, WA Tada. All together a stuffed,

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stuffed full of

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stuff for the love will add to

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what Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask you about every name, which we know and we've asked about every name which we do not know. We asked you about your greatest name that by which if you were to be called who shall give? We asked you to forgive all of us tonight to forgive all of us today. Do not let anyone come up from here from that door. Yeah. Unless and until you have forgiven nurses. Yeah, not be are forgiven. And who are the seniors, you're full of the seniors you are at the web and you are the seniors you are far when you are the seniors. You will love to forgive and we'd love to see

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Mr. Hammond forgive our sins, forgive them and face them yet but Atomy make a stand before they own that they make a stand before they own that day. silicea amin metacarpal me and my brothers and sisters for one more minute the brother has asked me to talk to you about Valentine's Day maybe you do not know that Valentine's originated from Pakistan

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I'll give you the proof right now.

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A lot of you don't know this Valentine's originates from Pakistan A long time ago when husbands used to upset their wives their wives used to hit them with villain we know you know that they mean coaching exactly you know the role that they may grow up with it's called the villain in order right villain villain? My uncle Chacha he says villain in

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villain villain villain with all the villains. So the wives would say Valentine, Valentine, and they would beat them Valentine, Valentine. And then for the husbands to, you know, avoid the beating, they used to bring the the wife's candies and chocolates and give them gifts. So that's how it became Valentine, Valentine Valentine. And then after the years it became Valentine, Valentine

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but for sure sisters and brothers, Valentine is a billion dollar business, Americans, they make more than $30 billion a year in this month, you know, in the February 1415. So just so you know, this is something that a lot of social has, has no,

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there is something that is not in our culture and not in the stem and whatnot. It is all about business. Unless parents that save us and saves your children and saves your loved ones a shout out to Allah is this woman who sent the you know, text to her husband? What are you gonna buy me for Valentine? He says I'm gonna buy your ticket to China.

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