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AI: Summary © A speaker delivers a message to people in Melbourne about a Tada video on Hellfire and how to save from it. They mention that the video will be on Christmas Eve and that people will be able to see it on the first day of Christmas in London. The speaker also mentions that people in Australia will be seeing the video on Christmas Eve.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum, wa Taala what a cattle, my brothers and sisters and my pals over in Melbourne, Australia. This message is for you guys out there forever is coming to town forever the description of hell and heaven. It's all about, you know, Halloween it's all about heaven when in fact we want to concentrate more on heaven. But the first day was going to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 4, fifth and sixth. So December 16 and December the Saturday it was going to be all about about about Hellfire and what are the the sins that lead to Hellfire and how can you save yourself from Hellfire and then Sunday who would spend it all in heaven inshallah tada

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talking about you know, outside of heaven, description of outside of heaven, the gates of heaven and then once you the gates of heaven open up, you enter heaven and what will be the first thing you will do once you get to heaven? What will be the first thing get the Wi Fi password you don't need the wifi password. You don't need no internet there you don't need a third book they don't need know what's up there you are in Jannah enjoy your time enjoy your life because it's forever insha Allah Tada. So again, mark the date December 46. I'm talking not to kangaroos and thank you to my brothers and sisters then in Australia. I'm telling you London dates December 456.

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Do not miss it. Now. This is all about having a shallow Tada.