Are you proud that you are Muslim

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A woman named Joem is proud of her name as a Muslim and struggles to articulate her mission and vision. She talks about working to profit from drugs and being a member of the AIDS and gene alliance. She also talks about her past and future, including her past as a member of the criminal gang and her future as a woman with children.

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Are you proud that you are a Muslim? Are you proud that your name is Muhammad? Are you proud that your name is hot it? Are you proud that your name is Ayesha Khadija Are you proud of your identity? My dear youngsters? Are you proud of who you are? Or are you trying to be somebody who not? If the entire mankind Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, if the entitlement guy from incent gene, they come together to harm you and harm you, you shall not be harmed. If the entire mankind from AIDS and Gene they came together to benefit you, but Allah does not want to benefit you, you should not be benefited.

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What can only happen is what Allah has wished to happen. Put your trust on Allah, dedicate your affairs to Allah.

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But what is your purpose? What is your vision? What is your mission? What is your message in life? You've got a message in life. You've got a vision, you have a mission. What is it? Just to work make money go back home? What is your message in life?

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You got one, what is it?

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Go to school after school, get a degree have to get a degree get married or married having children. What's next? I think gonna die. That's it.

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What's your legacy?

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What's your legacy? How do you want to be remembered after you die?

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How do you want to be remembered after you die?