Adam AS #02, How did Adam AS build his progeny?

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah everyone. We're back for part two of the study of Prophet Adam alayhis salam. So Adam and Harris started to

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in a minute hold it true and we have a week up. Yeah. Okay, let's run it back a bit then.

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the moment what began emerging fetta army in the web.

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Then Adam la Salaam received some words from his Lord. So he turned him mercifully, surely his after returning the Most Merciful and Adam alayhis salaam made to Allah subhanho wa Taala asking for forgiveness as Allah subhana wa tada says, and so are off. Verse number 23 on

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four center we're in them top three learner watauga homina Lerner coonan Amina aloha CD in both Adam and Howard they made the auto laws which will say no Allah, we have wronged ourselves, if you were not to forgive us and have mercy upon us, indeed, we will be from the losers and haseltine so Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful, he forgave them. So every time you do something bad, never give up on asking Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive you. So make sure you memorize this.

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But the question is now do Adam and how I find each other? So I was saying Adam and Harris started to grow their family and became parents to 40 children. Every time he gave birth, she had twins. That means Harrogate 20 times 20 Twins each time have a burn ago, the very first time on Earth. The two older sons were happy than kabhi. Hubbard was the winner was younger than

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Adam and he Sadam has split the jobs between them. Abby, you take care of the farms, and you have to take care of the cattle. Habit was more active and stronger, but it was lazy and passive.

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Oh, sounds familiar and families we see today. Every sibling is different, and some may appear more focused than others. Exactly. Share. How did they get married? If they were all brothers and sisters and no one else existed? Good question. So Bernard married his sister, who was not from his twin. This was loud at that time. Not anymore.

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So have you could marry Abby's twin sister and qabil could marry Hubble's twin sister.

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Well, guess what? Well hablas twin sister is not as beautiful as Abby's twin sister, which means by being who is not as active and productive as haben would have to marry the sister who is not that beautiful, but have been blessed to marry kaabil sister who is very beautiful. Oh no, I said she thought is going to start some whispering. So now what happens? So Adam, Adam, his son comes up with an idea of a sacrifice. Both of you will go and offer a sacrifice to Allah subhana wa Tada. Then this fire will come. Whichever sacrifice the fire takes it means that person is more Beloved. I will lay him in a shape on it. What do you mean? Let's do it. Never ever may not be happy if of webapp

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howdy Hema

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Hema, new Taco Bell meaning

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and recite to them the story of Adams two sons in truth when they both offered a sacrifice to God, and it was accepted from one of them, but was not accepted from the other. The sacrifice was accepted by Hubby, as he bought the best of what he had. But kabhi was lazy and bad, the worst of his far means and therefore the his was not accepted. He is better than you. He is better than you in everything. He gets to me the beautiful sister.

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And now he sacrifices better. So cabbie says I shall kill you. Happy replies

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are in America

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where you mess up the Canada

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Potomac in

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a horrible anime.

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Indeed, God only accepts from the righteous. If you should raise your hand against me to kill me. I shall not raise my hand against you to kill you indeed.

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They got Lord of the worlds. So a lesson for us here if we want to start anything like a business, school project, exam, etc. We should offer a sacrifice to Allah. For example giving sadaqa with the intention that Allah makes this successful and easy for you. So going back to Kabir declaring he wants to kill his brother, he ends up doing so. Proper watts level enough so he felt Portela for our Swaminathan Hall series.

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He allowed himself to murder his brother, so he killed him and became among the losers. Imagine it's a wedding day, the first wedding on earth and the bride finds out the groom has been killed her love and soulmate. But share how did qabil Kelly Javi and what happened after Well, you will have to see for our next video. So for now, I hope you all enjoyed this video. And make sure you like subscribe for more