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attending a conference

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at the conference,

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association of Muslims, the first national conference on Islamic studies

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to achieve

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the exchanging notes, Islamic Studies in high

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school and Muslim school is made up of too much of the Muslim

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ban, but is actually selling

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the fact that it is a Muslim school. So

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how to improve the Islamic section of it and how to integrate it

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broken away for this particular program, inshallah.

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in the context of the conference,

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different parties that we speak to, that I've spoken about,

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starting from the administration, the management,

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the founders of the school, and so on,

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and laid the foundations and the need to have had rules and regulations that

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we're trying to achieve, can be the parents who are setting their children to these particular schools, we

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need to answer the question why

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children to a Muslim school

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choice, you know, why would they do that, and

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they are on the same boat.

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teachers who need to

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teaching and

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to know, schools.

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People send their children to these schools, and if people wanted only the secular

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schools to send the children to, but if people realize that

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Muslim teachers because of the shortage of teachers realize that

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reason why the schools in effect, this is for the Muslim, when they should be governed by certain rules and regulations, they should attend to challenges in this specific manner. And then you have the

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parents and other teachers,

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as well, they also need to be on the same boat. And if you have

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a lot of success and difficulties and the challenges are such that we're not some people another direction. Sometimes the founders of the school, or should I say the management seems to

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establishment of the school have actually fought, and therefore we compromise a little bit of what we're not supposed to be compromising. Because of that, you know, sometimes we have parents who send their children to Muslim schools initially. But once you send your child to a Muslim school, you don't have to worry about the Islam, that your child will come up to person and so on.

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We need to know that as a Muslim, you also need to be exemplary, you also need to be on time, you also need to move your life in order to show the child that you have had. This is our primary life when people send their children to Muslim schools that are not a Muslim.

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So what happened was

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the chance to come out and witness and

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to be on board and everybody needs to

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know discussing the challenges facing the teachers and principals to be the principal patient as well and facing the school itself. Personally and

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I've already pre prescribed and I think they have agreed

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soon, but to be able

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to possibly even have

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the parents who are sending their children to the school as to what is expected of them. But typically, if you're going to a private school as a non Muslim school, and your child has been banned or suspended, we will go

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to administration.

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At some point

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when it comes to a Muslim school and your child has been round,

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up and burned,

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on the ground, to hide away from it, and to shy away from it. For this reason, we find

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the discipline, sometimes it's found one thing on these Muslim schools,

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has a parent who is possibly heard and the teacher

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and everyone has

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come to a Muslim school,

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or private school, you won't even look at

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a piece of rubber to hold the socket.

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And this is the type of attitude, if you look at the private schools,

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a lot of them are giving importance to academics. Today, I think a lot of the private schools, the elite schools have a preference for sports than anything else. So the time the changes, we don't want that to happen to the Muslim schools.

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And no preference to secondary education

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is extremely important. undermining the

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cost of identity,

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not at the cost of your Islamic values and morals, not at the cost of your

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entire religion. And this is the reason why this whole concept came alive these scores came about because it was a concern about our children going out and studying in schools were being compromised.

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Some people believe that a Muslim school is that

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you start off in the middle, and you end up with a bra. And you know, you probably

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have a scarf on your head and maybe even

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you'd like to call it that is not only what makes a Muslim school, the dress code should be correct, agreed, without any doubt that it

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should be an Islamic identity

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child to misconstrue and picking them up with music playing

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around in the vehicle and so on,

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and so forth something from the school.

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And the parents are so responsible that they don't understand.

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Central African time, of course, we're talking about the Muslim schools,

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you as a parent

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in the context

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of the continent,

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Africa and in other countries,

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those who have achieved those

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systems most

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Muslim schools and so on.

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That is our results and our discipline and so on. A lot of people burn the school to discipline and let's go let's go to the root of it, you know, troubled by some of the things that are happening.

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People were not looking at the root of it and what caused it and can solve it.

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At the root treatment plan, you don't just do the cost because you know, you need to solve the crisis on the bottom so that it doesn't ever again and so on.

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And if we are going to go back to the root of the problem and we're going to solve the root of the problem inshallah, we will be able to develop discipline and have an attitude and

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not be compromised on top of

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We are over and above that the discipline must be compromised.

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Sometimes, in the Muslim school, people are not so serious.

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Sometimes, sometimes the teachers might not be so serious, you know, people come in and go and so on. So we need to

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make it so

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that you can actually be consumed and taken by the child, and the parent wants to be on the board. Definitely, definitely room for improvement. But to be honest, a lot of the schools are doing

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really well. And

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I would prefer to have a child who has

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students, our students will notice they're the subject or two and repeated mochica maybe the second time around.

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To them conduct is

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meant to have a child who's passed with flying colors in their character

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which means it is a bad thing

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flying colors

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having a child with

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17 day pregnant

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and because

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we need to face reality, and we need to find solutions, we need to instill responsibility within the children that will not happen if the parents are not responsible. So this is something that we inshallah

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the conference of

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Mashallah people are taking seriously

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and so on. A lot of people

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in preparation, and the the subject matter is powerful.

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And presentations are second to none.

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Leaders on the globe.

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And we have done a lot

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and that

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goes to show how successful

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association of Muslim schools

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witness success at this conference

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about the Association of missing schools, and we'll conference first one actually what's taking place