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Welcome to a ride along in this special ride along we have something different we have QQ Snoopy driving the vehicle while Omar is going to entertain us with full attentiveness while he's prepping.

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To present for U of H as they've used it up there or being unloop Miranda subject of today's right along is creativity, a lot of creativity is about letting things flow. That's right. And I tell her mom, bro, just let it flow, let it go wing it, you don't want to do every ride along with no prep, zero prep. If we were to do it like that, then we'd be rambling on topics that we know nothing about. We're not things know, you'd be more creative if you just ramble. And no, we're just winging it. I'm saying, make connections with what you already know, in relation to what you want to talk about. So from what I understand, there's two different kinds of people when it comes to creativity.

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We have a march type who do research who do prep, who formulate who deliberate, and then they give you this poetic performance. So we try to do and then you have people like myself, I will listen to maybe one two or three different things, I'll sleep on it, and I'll try to represent it thinking I'm presenting the same thing, but it will be uniquely my own, because I've internalized it and while I slept on it and in my REM sleep my mind digested it and make connections with the stuff I already know. So when I'm presenting it, it's very unique. See I'm shooting nice so nothing happens in my REM sleep

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so I'm the subject of creativity Omar please do and like us

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trying to do 60 in traffic.

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I think this is 40 Corolla driving an SUV Highlander guy so on the subject of creativity a few things that I've I've

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that have really helped me with my creativity number one is having like a muse what I mean muse, something that inspires you is what amuses okay, I thought of uses like upside business or a side gig thought amuse was like somebody who like played that into that one instrument.

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And they looked like they were you know, they were depiction of an angel. It's like a woman who plays the heart.

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No, but that's not abused as

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a go from one topic to the other.

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Sister goddesses, each of whom was regarded as the protector is of a different art or science, Daughters of Zeus and some whoever some chick, the nine or KALLIOPI, Cleo era tow. You Tarpey anyway, okay. So that's who these muses were? Why are you letting him in? There the god, I'm driving in Houston, goddesses of inspiration.

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And so that term, although it came from Greek mythology, it became an indicator, it became a word that described or indicated, somebody who is source of inspiration engages in a particular thing. No, it's a source of inspiration. That's your muse. Okay, so a muse could be a person, a person can be your muse, that they inspire you to be creative. People will talk about a romantic interest is being their muse, or a place can be your muse power of emulation.

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Is that some might call it you're trying to be like somebody.

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Yeah, copying, copying, like, like, to precision. That's like tracing, which is not creative. Okay, but copying by looking and then drawing. That's where emulation comes into play. Okay, so it's like, because at the end the what you draw, yes, it might be similar. But after you've done it a few times, you kind of figure out your own strokes, and zoom, you don't need to look at them. Granted, your style might be emulating that, however, it's still your own thing. You know, I've come to the conclusion recently that there are no original thoughts, one of my favorite lines from a poem, a poem that I remember I wrote. And I remember when I wrote it

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was a poem called Gender

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and have a line in there, which I remember writing where it says, What an excellent master of a miserable slave two weeks ago, I came across a poem by anyone that I shared on on Facebook today.

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Where Yeah, he says in his poem, and he lived a good 1100 years before me.

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Where he said good millennia before, he said,

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Nana qumola Now in 1989, and I said I'd be he said, What an excellent master, You are our Lord. And we are aware that we are miserable slaves. And so I never read that before. And here I was thinking that I had an amazing original thought to find that another person 1100 years ago, had said the exact same thing. I was like

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It saves you folks from a super action.

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Back, nauseous or the

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movement, it's regards to art is that art makes culture felt.

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So there's nothing that there's nothing that propels culture forward than art does. Is it fair to say a lot of Islamic culture? Today is people trying to emulate history? As opposed to coming up with, they're not living in the present? And they're definitely not moving forward. Yeah, it's, I mean, a lot of that historical art, especially when it comes to like, the whole geometric nature of it comes from the fact that in that time, they were coming up with amazing mathematical

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discoveries and equations and what have you, and they're leading the world in those areas. But what's beautiful from that is that there were some art that was prohibited. And so we didn't master like sculpting. We didn't adopt that from the Greeks and start making sculptures and blah, blah, blah, we created our own art, we created kinda like a set.

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That is not art by any definition, according to the check of Rahim and some of the other members in the community. I'm a bonafide artists apparently.

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By looking at the chests, that's what they referred to of like, What are you talking about artists? Like, look, you got your chest, I'm doing this like, I'm like, if you say, so. What are the things that inspire the most creativity and you for me solving a problem? I'm trying to solve a problem. I'm trying to do it from what I know. And so I come up with a solution and people look at that, oh, that was so creative. And for me, it's like, I don't know if creative is the right word or not. I mean, Ferguson, for example, with the whole chess thing. I wanted to figure out how to do the test set. And I found something that somebody made out of acrylic plastic, I'm like, I don't have the

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means to do plastic. So but I still want it. So let me do it with

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let me do it with wood. So you become creative and problem solving, I suppose. But Isn't everyone what's creativity to you? And what are some ways that you feel that you've demonstrated it? Let us know and we'd be blessed with peace, safety, security, prosperity and freedom now in the days to come? Keep in touch QQ Snoopy venture back on more poetry. Let us know. Take care, folks.