The Power Of One Ayah #22

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The transcript describes a video featuring a woman who talks about her success in a TV show. She talks about her money and how she spent it for her children, and how she talks about her success in a TV show. She also talks about her success in a TV show and how she talks about her success in a TV show.

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what I

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call a lady team.

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woman I hadn't

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met in two days

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in a row, you hear up the hill

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wireless. So,

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this is sort of the Late Show number 92. The only I that I wanted to focus on number 19 but I have to give you the context behind these ayat

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mainly the books of tafsir they say this I had revealed about the best man in this room. When number one abubaker the Allah one.

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Allah subhana wa tada says an 18 was a yoga novel at Kala was previously talking about hellfire. So he said, and the one who is the most pious will be saved from it meaning from Hellfire May Allah save us all from hellfire.

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Why? Allah D. ut Mandela who yet does occur what's the sign of taqwa Ramadan is coming and we have to exhibit this taqwa. And one of the main qualities to show taqwa is to spend for the sake of Allah spend generously for the sake of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said was hogen number one

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and let the team Allah who has a

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meaning he used to give his money

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out of what out of purification, purification of his knifes in order not to be miserly, and also the scholar said purification of the money, because there might be some ill gain in the money. So you purify that money by spending.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala promised that if you give a low we'll give you a more. So lots of hands on I said

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one earlier hiding in the home in might in today's

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elaborative our JIRA, Billa Allah This is also another condition when you give you don't give to show off you only give to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. This way he said, What Molly had in the in the human element into the winnable bucket, it allowed us to spend his money to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. He has no one else in his intention because he knew that Allah subhana wa Taala said, an 11 year and he should. I am the only one who does not accept a partner in the intention when you do whatever you do, man, I'm Ella, I'm Ellen washer coffee him is to Hoover Shaka, whoever does any deed and he has somebody else in the intention besides Allah, Allah will tell him on the

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Day of Judgment, go and seek the reward from that partner, because I don't accept a partner. This is why the book is teaching us a lesson also in the sincerity when we give to you know what abubaker the Alon spent all of his money three times in his life. Three times in his life. At the beginning of Islam, he spent all of his money, just sitting free the slaves. And his father used to blame him. He said like Why didn't you get these people to work for you and make money out of them. And he said that I don't do it for money. I do it for Allah. Amaya had in India who we never met in Tunisia elaborate about our children.

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It's only for the sake of Allah.

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And also he spent all of his money at the time, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was immigrating. So he saved all of his money. And he brought it with him to take care of the prophets of Salaam during immigration. Third time when the prophets of Salaam asked people to donate. But baugher came before him, Omar came and Omar said, You know what, this is your golden chance to become my number one at least one time and you beat abubaker. So when the film asked the woman he said, What did you bring? He said, Prophet of Allah, I brought half of my money. Then he said, What did you leave for your family? He said, I left the other half. And he's sitting there saying that

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nobody can beat me up. And then guess what? abubaker walks in and asks him, what did you bring up a pocket? He said, I brought all of my money. I said, What did he leave for your family? abubaker He said, I left a ma who gave me everything. And he promised to give me more. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala concluded this surah by saying what as

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Allah subhanaw taala will keep giving abubaker in general, more and more and more, until he is so satisfied. So brothers and sisters, let's learn to be number one in this room, at least one time in your life. So I'm going to give only for the sake of Allah. I want to give I'm not going to count what I'm giving because Allah subhanaw taala will give me an agenda. Until I'm satisfied May Allah subhanaw taala make

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Those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it and who other than a buck as the best man in December to follow. I mean what's Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh