The Power Of One Ayah #20

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Well as the rucola come

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in who IE movie that is sobu

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in Southall molk is telling us this ayah and it has a story behind it. What's the story?

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You know, a sham, who was

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entitled herbal hakob, the man of wisdom before Islam.

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And that title changed after Islam into a Buddha, the man of ignorance. Why? Because he refused Islam.

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And he used to meet with the people of Mecca during the night in a place called garden network.

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And they used to plot things against the film every night and up lie salon will come down to the professor Solomon Hill, tell him what they're plotting. So every time they do this, they get embarrassed because the processor tells them what they were plotting. So that night, Mr. Abu Jamal, he came and he was giving advice to the people who said, Well, I said rucola tonight, I don't want you to talk loud. I want you to whisper and then Allah subhana wa tada revealed the ayah what I say rucola

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meaning whether you whisper who you talk loudly, in any movie that is sudo Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that the southern means the secret in your heart, something that did not even leave your chest, your heart in that chest. So Allah knows the secret in your heart. Whether you talk about it in a low voice or loud voice,

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Allah Allah moment, Calatrava Luffy from Serbia, wouldn't Allah subhanho wa Taala know about his own creation, and he's the most gentle He is the one who knows the most minute the most meticulous things in his universe. And he knows what's internal.

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Plus, what's external. So the brothers and sisters we learn from this is that the more we know about Allah, the more we can be conscious of him, the more we can have more piety. So we need to know that Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not only he knows what's around us, he knows what's inside us. So be careful and inculcate this meaning with your kids that Allah subhana wa Taala knows what you're saying. So even if you hide in the basement, even if you turn off the light of luck and hear what you're saying, and unless patola even knows it before you share it, so be careful. always speak the truth and say something good that you will be very, very proud of on the day of judgment to see it

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in your record. May Allah subhana wa Tada. Get our tongues to say the truth and get our hearts to follow the truth. And may Allah guide our steps to gentleness I mean serravalle comb

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