The Greatest Generation #13 Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

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The segment describes Omar's actions during a night in jail, including a woman helping him carry some bread and butter to serve his soldiers. He later arrives at the woman and her children, causing crying and wailing. Omar eventually apologizes for his actions and ends the segment.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Again, let's spend one more night with Omar, who is doing the policing system. And all of a sudden he heard a woman and her kids and the kids were crying because they were starving to death.

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And the lady was putting some stones upon Allah.

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And she was boiling them as if she was giving her kids a false hope that there is food coming, and that she's cooking something.

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And when Omar saw this, he ran back home

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and he asked me to help him to carry

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some flour and some butter.

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when he asked me to help him carry that the mates chill, I carry it.

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Yeah, ameerul momineen, leader of the believers, and Amara de Lyonne said theoretical omo mother loose you would you carry my sense on my behalf on the Day of Judgment helped me to create imagine

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the king cutting flour on his back to serve his subjects. And he arrived at the house of the woman. And he started making the Dow and he made some bread and some food for the kids. And he never left them until they were laughing and smiling after they were crying at the beginning. And at the end,

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the lady and her kids looking at armor. They said you know what? You deserve to be the halifa You're better than omoplata

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again, almost smile.

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He walked away.

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May Allah be pleased with Omar