Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 16

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Your brothers and sisters Welcome to Tel Aviv reminder.

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They 60

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it was a short prayer, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. After he finished a prayer, he said, tomorrow inshallah I will give the banner or the flag to someone who loves a loss of Platinum to Allah and His messenger.

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And who is loved by Allah and His messenger.

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What better flight?

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And what, what better fight? And what was that fight about?

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And why did the person say this?

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It was hyper. They tried twice, and it didn't work. So the process and I'm said, tomorrow after fetcher, I'm going to give the flag or the banner of the battle to someone. Let me repeat this again, who loves a lot His Messenger. But what's more important, Allah and His Messenger, love him. So Omar said, I couldn't sleep that night.

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It was a sleepless night for me Why? He said, matter of fact, NFC, you know, he had in the fetal campaign. I've never thought about like, being a leader, like, you know, like, I'm not showing off. But I wanted this because of one's taking the troxel and made all of us claim that we love his messenger, but the process of them confirming that not only that person loves His Messenger, but align His Messenger loved him, but doesn't systems. What's the ultimate goal of a Muslim? Isn't it to get the love of Allah subhanaw taala. And the counselor made a statement, whoever is gonna take the flag tomorrow, Allah loves him, and his messenger loves him.

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So after Federer was done, and the Prophet stood up, and guess what, who was right behind him trying to cover everyone on the line, like as it was, like, I'm here, I'm here, and I'm looking around.

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And then every one of the Sahaba was trying to say, I am here, I'm here, and I'm still looking for someone. And then at then he said, What is Ali of your lavon? And they said, he has an issue with his eyes, he has a problem. He's sick. He said, Well, Sally, bring him to me.

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So the Sahaba brought him and they said, they were almost like guiding him, as if he was almost blind, because of the Rama because of like the severity of what he has in his eyes.

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And then they said, the prophet SAW Selim puffed in his hand.

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And he put it in the eyes of Allah and he made the I listen, I never complained about

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and then he gave him the banner.

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Why am I seeing this? And Allah subhanho wa Taala use daily to open hyper he was successful hamdulillah

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What am I saying this? How many of us claim that we love Allah His Messenger. If I were to ask you right now, raise your hand if you love Allah, His Messenger, everybody's gonna.

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Two hands. It's easy to be said.

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It's not easy to be done.

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And then you do what you do, why? To impress people, or to gain the love of Allah His Messenger. I'll give you examples from the Koran of people that Allah stated in the Quran, that he loves them.

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A lot of praise them.

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If you go to sort of for certain set, and number one to four,

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was talking about someone who's very close to him. Allah said, whatever the law who Ebrahim at family law, and the loss of data brought him as one of the closest people to him.

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Wow, you and I are using our language in this part of the world. In this 20th century gonna say lucky, you know, we don't believe in luck is nothing called luck in Islam, because a lot of the patterns in the Koran in coolessay in kalapana, who we thought of anything that happens in this world is with the permission knowledge of Allah, it's not by accident. It's not by luck. It's planned by Allah. This pandemic is planned by Allah to send us a message and we need to pick up the call and understand that allows him control not you will not mean

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the only superpower in the world with the most advanced technology allies in control. I need to submit an accept that as a fact.

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So, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is shown us this in reality, so we have to accept that. So can we say lucky obrah him know a lot of us

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go and sell the biography of Abraham.

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Well, Abraham, I hope you can imagine my own father in nature, including NASA in Miami, Florida woman, at

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a loss of parents, I put him through many tests, and he passed all of them.

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Imagine just one one of them to know how did they get the love of Allah is because of their patience, and their level of Eman and their acceptance of the color of Allah and the truth of submission to Allah. Not a single second of argument or disagreement with Allah. Imagine, for 80 years, according to other nations in the books have succeeded for almost 100 years, he's willing to have a child. And then he gets the first child is married.

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And then his marriage grows up until he became a woman who's walking next to him. This is the time when you're proud of your son, not just a son who came after three years of marriage

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100 years.

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And then for

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me, oh, man, me.

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when the boys walking next to him, and look at this close relationship, that long waiting for a child. But then he's soon a dream that is loitering him. And a dream seen by a prophet means it's revelation, it has to be executed. Look at the dialogue between the man who's a believer and the child who is trained to be a believer. He said, Oh, my dear little son, I've seen in my dream that I'm slaughtering you found that?

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What do you think we should do? Abraham is not going to say no to a love but because his son, you could have taken him from the back and killed him. No.

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He knew the action of his son because you know who's the son? You know his mother. It's the woman who's lifting the desert with nothing except some data and some water with that baby is made. And then when the Brahim was leaving them, she called him three times. Yeah, Ibrahim tequilana. Ibrahim, how come that you're leaving us in the middle of lower no life?

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Just desert, no trace of human beings of houses of grass of water? Nothing. Three times. And then she realized and that's the appeal. That's the trust and the loss of habitat. He said, America be heaven. Is it allow humanity to put us here and live? He said yes. You should follow me. Said didn't go He will take care of us.

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This is the mother who raised Ibrahim, look at the reaction. So who is this married? How did this marriage respond to the suggestion of his father? We told him what do you think we're going to do?

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about it? signed in man to man he said Oh, my dear father, do what you have been commanded. He didn't say.

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He didn't say Oh Dad, do what you command. Because he knows that this is the commandment of Allah. No father would like to kill his son or his son. He said I know that this is a command of Allah. You're a Muslim and I'm a Muslim to both of us have to submit. That's the way kids are raised.

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Not only that, as you do any

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you know saw beauty and inshallah Look, he didn't say I know myself. No problem. I'm a big boy. No, he said, Allah would give me the patience.

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inshallah, you will find me amongst those who are patient. He did not count himself he counted.

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So in both of them submitted to Allah, what are the letter? Your answer is my.

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You see, I'm just giving you one experience. One test in the life of Abraham, tell me what are this that you have been going through now? sitting at home, having food all around having all children with you healthy being secure.

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So if you ask the Father of Allah, what's happening with you now we'll get the reward of a Shaheed even even if you didn't die through this pandemic, may Allah Allah save you all say I mean, and give me the charity donation for the machine. And the machine is open every day between 630 to 830 and Allah to offer your service to receive your data for $10 per

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with Allah. What salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Give me the smile.