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AI: Summary © The video series covers the history and success of the Sahabi, including his upbringing, death, and success in battle. The Prophet sallahu is mentioned, and the video series describes a fight between the Prophet and the Muslims during the Battle of Yarmouk. The Prophet had a message to veterans of the Battle to focus on fear, and he discusses his desire to serve his family.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Koran weekly. Welcome back to the superstar series. This is your brother almost today Matt and Salma. Tada. Today we're going to start with a very special Sahabi, whose father was a very special man, the father of sorry, Noseda ignore Ahmed and the newfane, a man who understood from the very start that you know what, there's something wrong with this entire picture that we see here with the police in Mecca, with all these idols and things of that sort. And someone who rejected sit at an early age and who argue with argued with his people. He was the nephew of a hot tub, the father of our model, the law of Thailand. And he consistently

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argued against his people until hubbub, persecuted him and beat on him. And Zedong only allowed Thailand who tried to go into other places to try to find the truth. Now, they passed away before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. Salaam received revelation. So say he didn't know his aid. He asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says with my father, you know what happened with him? You know who he was, what is his situation and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have seen on the day of judgment that when every nation stands behind its profit, says aid if Mohammed fail or the love of Thailand will be standing as a nation on his own. Now, sir, either all the Illa Han who was

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a very special individual, he accepted Islam right from the beginning at the age of 19 years old. In fact, the scholars say that he accepted Islam, even His teacher was about the law of Thailand, and he married fall tema dental hottub, the sister of Amato, the law of Thailand, and faulty model de la junta, according to many of the scholars was the second woman to accept Islam, after Khadija radi Allahu taala Anna now what makes this Sahabi so special? What makes it so special? You know, sir, either the Allahu anhu was someone who loved service. He loved to be serving with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he loved the feeling of struggle, he loved the dust on

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his face the sand on his face. In fact, he said while the low tide on who that to witness a battle alongside the Prophet salallahu it he was solemn, and to have dirt covering your face to be in the heat of the battle is more Beloved, than living a lifetime of good deeds, even if you live the life of know how to his setup. So he witnessed every battle alongside the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, except for one and that was the Battle of beddit. Now you might be wondering, why would he miss bedded if he accepted Islam, even before the outcome in Mecca? And the answer to that is that he and Paul ha did not lay the law or the law and who were sent to a sham to scout to scout where Qureshi

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was attacking from, by the time they made it back to the Muslims. The Battle of budget had already been completed and Soto sola sold a lot while he was still him still counted. But her answer is, or the Allahumma as the veterans are from the people above that of the veterans of bed, so he witnessed every battle with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And in fact, he had a reputation even throughout our bucket and almost time, sir, either the Allahu anhu was known as the guy that would always charge first in battle. And in fact, he was quite good for son, he was the head of the knights and most battles, so he was always the guy that would charge that would charge forth. And you can

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imagine some how to love when the Muslims were usually outnumbered three to one, four to one, five to one, when they were usually, you know, in a very, very low situation, how much fearlessness that had to take and Subhanallah how much courage that had to take to be able to be the first one to always charge. So, the alojado in particular, he served in the Battle of Yarmouk under Khalid Abdullah the Allahu anhu, which was one of the fiercest battles that the Muslims ever had. And Carlito, the Allahu anhu he appointed so either the Allahu anhu as the head of the club, the center of the army, in the morgue, and size of the Allahu anhu. On that day, he did something very

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powerful. He called out verbatim ninja law. He said Aveda in the Santa Ana Shahada. I have I have become determined to be a martyr today. And so he said to our VEDA, he said, What would you like me to tell the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I meet him. So our VEDA said to sorry, he said, if you see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, give him my Salaam and give the salon of the Muslims to him. wakulla who yada sola and say to him, O Messenger of Allah, jazak Allahu Allah Hydra May Allah subhanaw taala rewards you on our behalf. What in quadrajet na na na na na buena haka, and we have found what our Lord has promised us to be true Subhana Allah, we have found that

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Lord has promised us to be true. And what he was referring to was the spread of Islam to all over the world. And so he thought the Allahu anhu He says, On that day, fear was removed from my heart, I never had fear in my heart again, and Subhana Allah, although he was determined that day,

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for a Shahada, Allah subhanaw taala allowed him to survive the Battle of your milk, and in fact, are either the law and who was responsible for the army that went to Damascus to a sham. And finally almond milk above the law and who actually appointed sorry, the Museo as the governor of Damascus, as the governor of a shop. Now, I want you to think about this for a moment, a man like Windows eight, who had been serving his entire life a man likes at windows eight, who was used to being who was used to being you know, covered in dirt who was used to being in the battlefield, you know, how must it have felt to be in Damascus, out of all places, the mask is at that time, and we asked the

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last contact to restore it's a lot. I mean, the mask is at that time was the most developed society in the world. It had, you know, large, it had high buildings, it had beautiful gardens, it was known for its for its progress, it was known for it for its affluence, and in fact, sorry, the with the Allahu taala. And who would live in the palace of Caesar. Now sorry, though, the Allahu anhu, who was used to always being the battlefield and used to always having his face covered in dirt, say through the law, and who would walk out every single day, and he would walk on the balcony of that palace, and he would look out for three months. And he would say to himself, I didn't sign up for

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this, you know, I don't want this panel law. This isn't what I love doing. I love to I love service, you know, I love being in the path of Allah subhanho its Allah. And so he sent a letter to Omar mahapatra, the a lot of Thailand. And he said, Oh, ameerul momineen, I am not going to abandon the struggle, or I'm not going to leave the struggle to you and the rest of the companions, while I sit in this palace. So whenever you receive this letter, know that I am on my way to you, and please send to this post someone who is more, someone who is more or someone to whom this post is more befitting, because I can't take this. And so sorry, though the lavon who wanted to remain in

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constant service to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he didn't want that luxury, he did not want, you know, to be sitting in that palace and Subhanallah, we learned something very powerful and profound from that. So either the Allahu anhu teaches us that as Muslims, we should always love to be in the field. And what I mean by that is, I mean, we should always love to be amongst those that are serving the homeless, we should always love to be the guys that are cleaning up the bathroom, the people that are serving the food, the people that are doing the dirty work, right, the stuff that nobody else wants to do. We should love to always be in this in a sense of service. So you think

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about this for yourself. When you're sitting in a gathering, when you're in a Masjid when you're in a convention, what wherever you are when you're with your family in your home, are you in service or are you sitting comfortably as a believer, you recognize that you don't have time to waste so you want to get as many good deeds as possible. And so sorry, though the allow on resume, you know, continued his entire life, although he could have relaxed and talked about how great his life was to the rest of the companions to tap into his children. He decided to continue in service to Allah subhanho wa Taala now there's a twist to all of this data will be allowed to add on who and the year

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673 actually would die without being in service. So sorry, though, the last one who went to select the budget One morning, and he seemed completely fine. He came back home after a lot of budget. He put his hands behind his head and he passed away peacefully as he took a nap sided cost and Abdullah abnormal the Allahu anhu would be the people that would take the body of side and side and they would wash him and they would prey on him. And both of them tell a very beautiful, you know, tell us a very beautiful account, which was that whenever they came to perfume, the body of sorry, the nose as well, with a handle to put perfume on him. They found that his body already had the sweetest of

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smells Subhanallah and it was as if Allah subhanho wa Taala was telling us and saying to say though the Allahu anhu your service has been accepted. Even if you didn't die in the field of view even if you didn't die with dirt covering your face. When your intention is to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala will surely accept your service. So next time make sure that you take full advantage of your situation. Make sure that you are the one that's out there and taking care of the people and striving in the way of a Lost Planet with Allah we ask a lot to grant us the quality of service and to accept our service for his sake, Allah Ameen. See you next week and shallot as we as we continue

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in the superstar series. Does that come Hello? Hi Ron. What's that and what are they going to lie about a cat.

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