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AI: Summary © The host of a Christian-thinking podcast introduces the topic of reading the Quran and how it can be used to inform one's own actions. He gives an example of how a member of a community can use the same title to inform their actions and win a prize pack for a free one-year subscription to a productive Muslim audiobook. The podcast is available on the website for those who want to participate.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast, season three, Episode Seven,

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day seven of the hot detox channel.

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I mentioned that how is the detox going for you guys? I want to know more specifically, if you guys are sticking to the plan, which is reading at least two pages of an if you are, comment below for me and let me know what sort of you have been reading or any particular area that has touched it. So for today, your article is on reading the Quran, and productively a guiding light and cure for all. So have you ever felt that sometimes you read the Quran, and you just think I can't really apply this to myself, or is written in such a way that you, you don't know how to make it relevant to your life, or how to draw advice from it. This article is all about that. And it actually is very

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relevant to our detox challenge, because it says, The human being is body, mind and soul. Now we know how to feed our body with food, and we know how to feed our mind with education. But sometimes we neglect to feed our soul. And the Quran is the nourishment and healing of the soul. And so through this article, you're going to realize how you can read the Quran and in such a way that it is speaking to you that is advising you one particular way that I remember finding the Quran very relevant to me. And I felt like I read it very productively. There's an A A in sort of zomer, it's a 18. And it says those who listened to speech and follow the best of it, those are the ones that

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Allah has guided, and those are people of understanding. Now this particular point, when I read this, I was at a point where I was very sensitive to criticism. If someone said something about me in a way that I found offensive, then I immediately just shut it down, I shut the person that and I refuse to even consider what they would say. But upon reflecting upon this, as I realized that rather than get offended at the person, or rather than focus on how the person has said it, I needed to change my mindset to ask myself, is there anything that this person has said, that is relevant that if I take it upon myself, I can make myself a better person out of it? And it is day, I've

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never forgotten this. Even when I find myself getting annoyed with someone, or I feel like someone's given me advice in quite a negative or judgmental way. I always tell myself, forget the person, just look at the speech, what have they said, What is in this speech that I can follow what is the best of what they've said. And that can help make me a more productive and a much better person. So that's your article for the day. Your two tasks for today. Your first one is to write a letter to a friend and post it writing a WhatsApp message does not count. sending them an email also does not count. It needs to be a handwritten letter, and you're going to go to the effort of finding a

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postbox to send it this letter can be about anything and everything. Your final task is to play a board game or a card game with at least two family members. For some people this might be difficult to do. But otherwise, please try your hardest and encourage them. It can be any board game. It could be monopoly or Scrabble or an Islamic board game. And four cards you could play snap. If you don't have a board game and you don't have cards, you can play charades just play something that does not involve technology. It involves spending time together and bonding and connecting with each other. So this is day seven of your detox inshallah I will be with you guys tomorrow for Day eight. Have a

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wonderful day and a sound like Ocean's 11

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Hey everyone, this is me fra here now just before you hit the pause button, I want to let you know something we are having a giveaway this Ramadan to win the productive Muslim audiobook along with a free one year subscription to the productive Muslim Academy. So this is the same Academy that gives you access to the Ramadan course and all other great courses to help you be super productive. Now the exciting thing about this giveaway is that the more you share with your family and friends, the more entries you'll have to win this prize pack. So check it out by heading over to productive Muslim slash gift that is productive Muslim slash gift. Thank you for

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listening and have a great day.