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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three, Episode Six

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to day six of Ramadan hot detox challenge. So for today, your tasks are going to be in addition to reading your two pages of Quran, which I hope you have been doing, you're going to be reading an article about how being chronically late for Salah affects your productivity and what to do about it. So how many of us often find that it's getting towards the end of the HUD prayer? And we have not paid yet and the hassle is about to come in? Because we told ourselves Do you know what I've got about a three hour window to pray the Lord Hamas, I pray in about an hour, even though we are perfectly capable of praying at that time. One of the quotes that I really loved

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in this article was by and has an anniversary, who said when Salat is the least of your concerns, then what is your most important concern? As much as you fix your Salah Your life will be fixed. Did you not know that Salah was equated with success, come to prayer come to success. How can you ask Allah subhanaw taala for success when you are not responding to his right upon you. So at the end of reading this article, inshallah you will have learned new tips on how to break out of being chronically late for Salah. As for the rest of your day, for your next task, you're going to write down three things to be grateful for, and you're going to share it with productive Muslim. So for me

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personally, three things that I would say I am grateful for. One thing in particular that I'm always very grateful for is having an unblocked nose. I think when I get sick, and I get a cold, it's possibly the worst thing ever. And I don't realize until I start using mouthwash, how much of a blessing and annamma it is to have an unblocked nurse just minor things. Or recently, I got tonsillitis. And what happened was, every time I would swallow, my throat was in so much pain, like just the ability to swallow, again, is a blessing that I am incredibly grateful for the last thing that I would say that I'm grateful for after unblocked nose and the ability to swallow without any

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pain is the blessing of working for productive Muslim, I feel that as a volunteer, what I get back from productive Muslim is worth far more than what I put in, in terms of agenda and support and encouragement from the people who work with Reverend Muslim and who read it. Now for your last task. It's quite simple. If you listen to the podcast and read the article, you would know that you now need to incorporate the productive Muslim sleep routine, which includes half an hour for you. Within that half an hour, you're going to spend five minutes before sleeping, glorifying the last hotel, whether that's through to suite or whether that's through reading the Quran in some way you're going

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to spend your time remembering your Creator. tasks like this can sometimes be quite easy to put off because they seem quite tedious and you wonder what's the point? But one beautiful thing that I always remember is a hadith which says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated that there are two things that the believer can say that are light on the tongue but heavy on the scales and they are Subhana Allah He will be handy Subhana Allah Allah, just reciting those at least 100 times making esta for 100 times the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make his tougher during the day. So if the Prophet is seeking forgiveness, then surely we should too. So that is your

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last task of the day. Again, very easy, good habit to build up and inshallah you guys have a wonderful day. I will be with you guys tomorrow for day seven of the podcast where we will be one week until Ramadan inshallah thank you guys for listening with Santa Monica.

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Hey everyone, this is Mira here now just before you hit the pause button, I want to let you know something we are having a giveaway this Ramadan to win the productive Muslim audiobook along with a free one year subscription to the productive Muslim Academy. So this is the same Academy that gives you access to the Ramadan course and all other great courses to help you be super productive. Now the exciting thing about this giveaway is that the more you share with your family and friends, the more entries you'll have to win this prize pack. So check it out by heading over to productive Muslim slash gift that is productive Muslim slash gift. Thank you for

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listening and have a great day.