Tawaf – Circumbulation around the House Lesson 3

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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we are talking about the Hajj and the different advocate applications and obligations and the pillars and so on of Hajj and today I'm going to talk about the tawaf throw off is one of the pillars of Hajj is one of the pillars of our oma. And it's a really great important part of doing the Hajj and Umrah and Tsukamoto off. In its simplest form. It's about going around the house, the Canada that Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered his prophets to construct constructed by demolish later reconstructed by Ibrahim Li later reconstructed at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam and so on This house is a focus point is a focal point that the last kind of data has made

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and chose and in fact, a las panatela says in our weatherbeaten will there any nurse Lily Rebecca, the first house to be constructed to be placed down for people for a mother is that in Becca, which is another name of Mecca. And so when we're doing tawaf, we are going and focusing and coming in to that central place, that focal point of the Hajj, the focal point of the world in in many ways, because Allah Subhana, Allah has chosen that place to be that center point. So tawaf is something that a person needs to do as part of the hygiene.

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And essentially, the wife is a very important part because the wife is also like sadhana. In fact, the Prophet slicin himself a powerful sila, Illa, and Nana

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inla and nodine, Elena and Nicola offers sila, except that we have been allowed to speak during the life. So to laugh, if you think of it from that perspective, you're going to need to do the same things, and all the other aspects that are similar to sila in terms of the obligations related to the off, so you like you're doing your Salah, you need to obviously have the intention, you need to be

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have covered your nakedness, your our oxytrol our, for the woman is all her body except her face and hands. For the man. It's

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that between the navel and the knees. And we'll talk a little bit more about how the man wears as well. We have also the aspect of

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cleanliness and purity. So the clothes need to be pure in terms of any niche asset, but also your body has to have ritual purity as well from any habit. So if you've broken your law, you need to be making your law. And that's also important and you have to maintain that journal during the dive. So if at any time you're although it breaks, you have to stop and go make one come back, and we'll talk about that in a short while.

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So those are the main aspects in terms of thinking about the the off, but then there are obligations related to the whole practice of thought. So first of all, it must be that the house is on your left side. So the house will be on the left side as you are doing the power off in what would be considered anti clockwise if you are looking at a plan view. And this panel light is also quite an important aspect because a lot of people today when considering a micro level and a macro level, that things do rotate in this way, in orbits in an anti clockwise way. It's almost like a natural phenomenon, if you like and you are joining in this coming in. You come from outside and you join

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the continuous circumambulation around the cabin and you just become part of that. And then after you finished your seven you leave and other people are coming in, it's a beautiful picture of this house, always people are going around it to show that they are in sync. It's a form of synchronizing with the ibadah with the connection with a loss of habitat. We know that a lot of times that doesn't exist in that house, that's not his house where he resides.

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But it is something that Allah, Allah has named his house out of virtue and outside of the greenness and importance of this place and in fact all the masajid belong to Allah they are the houses are long, meaning that they are connected to Allah and they have that virtue that comes with that as well. So the house has to be on the left you have when you start that off again of the obligation must be that the Blackstone you must be in line with the Blackstone. Either all of your body or partial part whether you're going to turn and face the Blackstone

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Indicate with your hands or so to say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and then to start your bath Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And to start with off, obviously, part of the obligations of both is that there must be done seven times, you have to do that off seven times, and it must be inside the masjid, not outside the masjid, the mustard is very big, but it's inside the masjid that you need to be doing the bowl if not some, you know, distance outside. And that's obviously gonna be quite hard as well to do it very far away. But the message now has been made quite bigger and bigger, due to many efforts, and obviously, there is a need of so many people out there one tip, or as some people like

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to call it as a life hack.

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Hedge hack is to try and do it close to the house.

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Very busy, a lot of pushing a lot of people is sometimes can be very frustrating for people who can't deal with this. But when you do in the house, it is obviously more virtuous to be closer to the to the house, because as we will see in some of the recommended acts, you need to be close to the house if you want to get those acts. But it will also save you time, because you know, the power may take anything from half an hour to 4045 minutes within that place of the house. However, if you go upstairs, the distance is going to be considerably more more you're going to be walking more

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might take you sometimes two hours, three hours. Some people enjoy that. And they want that because they it gives them more time to do that to do the kill, to contemplate on where they are and so there is virtually doing that as well. However, if you're somebody who doesn't have much time or somebody who gets tired, he's in he need to consider that

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as well.

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So those are the essential parts in terms of the obligations of tawaf.

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You have to also pay attention that there is a place which inshallah you will not miss, but you have the house, which is the cuboid if you like but then there's a small area which almost looks like

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it's like a small wall, which is a semicircle wall and this is called the hedger of smile, the room of his mind that is considered part of the house. So when you do throw off, don't go inside that usually it's now sanctioned off. People don't are not allowed to go there unless people want to,

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to pray there because when you pray inside there, it's like you're praying inside the house. There's a long story in history about how the building of the house was initially made because essentially the house was not

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a cuboid. It was more of a more of the extending up to the room of his mind is Emma, that's another story for another day.

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Some of the recommended things that you need to do in tow off, off we said is Salah, so you get in the role of salah and when you're inside out, you need to be doing as much remember as one last panel with Allah, you need to be doing as much of the car as possible the best that car or that which were the prophets I said lamb taught and the most prominent advocate if you like in hajj is what that which operand mentioned and that was the prophesied centuries to do which is the last point that says women how many of whom are up banner attina to do near Hashanah of laterality Hashanah walking now robina attina Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Davina and the aim is to

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increase that mostly by what's known as the Yemeni corner and the Blackstone corner those two corners was that which were the prophesizing used to increase this specific to our but generally any do it Lele takbeer tell plma kolomela bake or citation of the Quran, avocado all that is recommended to do and you should be engaged in that. Don't let the shavon catch you out by starting to go on your phone. Some people start calling their people their friends said I want to go Have you ever get where I want and I am often and some of you are taking photo selfie, don't don't waste that opportunity. This is a great time to get reward from Allah fantana in the time off, obviously you're

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going to be walking around for men is recommending the first three rounds to walk a bit faster otherwise known as normal. Again for the action of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in terms of the dress for the men, we know that they're the people, the men in hardware to white pieces of cloth, while doing tawaf, we do something called the back which is to cover the left shoulder with with a wraparound and leaving the right shoulder

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Open. So the left shoulder which is facing the house, the right shoulder is uncovered. And you're going to be doing that as well called the back. And we'll talk about that later on about the significance of this as well. So doing the scar, remembering a loss pantalla doing their own to try and do it in succession meaning to do it in one go, the seven will go, obviously, there'll be times when you'll be cut off, maybe there's a van in the armor, etc. And sometimes you might break a lot as well. So try to maintain the law if you can, I know it's not something that we can, we can ask, but it is true, if you break a lot, you have to stop there, go make one and then go back to the

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beginning of the that round that you've done. If you've finished a three and a half rounds, and during that half round, you break a lot, you're going to go back and start the fourth one against you don't three, you know, go on to the fourth one.

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Obviously, whilst some of the sooner the process and also used to do during the off was to try and touch the emoney corner,

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which is the corner just before the Blackstone and possible to touch and kiss the Blackstone if possible, as well, I know nowadays is so busy, it's really a great privilege if you can touch either of those. But if it's not busy, and you are able to do so then that is also a son of the Prophet Salalah while he was setting up and touching any part of the house is also is also something that is is you know is

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recommended. It's not something that that I'm used to do, but if you do it, it's not something that is wrong, per se. I know some people try to push you away but again, not to be distracted by by that. So seven times will be the obligation for you to do once you've done the seven is recommended to do something called a cat a dog off the tour account off in which you're going to be praying to our cat best place to do that is something called the station of Ibrahim is like a golden pillar which has been signed to get put that station between you and the Kaaba. But if you can't, again, it's gonna be quite busy than anywhere in the house in that place to do the tour of power.

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And that's what you could do at any time basically, but it's true. It's good to do it after you finish the bath if you can if you if you can't and even days later some weeks later or you can still do that recommended recording.

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That's in the summary the main aspects of Dorf and speak to you soon in Charlottetown in other videos