Omer El-Hamdoon – Making a Will #1

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © A woman talks about the devastating impact of the coronavirus on people, particularly those with older health conditions. She emphasizes the importance of preparing for death and having a will to act on it. She also mentions the need for people to know about the coronavirus and its devastating impact on their bodies.
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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato. My dear respected brothers and sisters, I hope you're all well. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to give all those who have been afflicted by this terrible virus, to give them speedy recovery and full recovery. And I ask Allah to protect all those who have not been afflicted from this virus that may he subhanaw taala shield them from its effect.

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I wanted to just record this quick video, many people have been asking me to say a few words, and

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specifically about an important matter, which may seem like it's a gloomy grim matter, but in reality, it's part of what to me what it means to be alive.

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At least for the Muslim anyway, because the Muslim is always aware of death.

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And that is the reality. Many times we talk about death, and we speak about death. And we hear on the sermons and the hubbub. And we go to the grave sometimes to bury our loved ones, or our close ones, or we might attend condolence gatherings for those of our friends, whom we know

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who their family have died, and so on.

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We talked about it, but to be honest with you now,

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you know, things like this make it a more of a reality. Because now all of a sudden, we're seeing that people are dying, who we were told, just, you know, a few days few weeks ago, we were told that they were not susceptible to die. We were told that you know, the people in danger with the old, the elderly, and also those who had previous conditions. But today now in the news, we are hearing that young people are dying, people who had no previous

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immunity issues are also dying from this virus.

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And the other worrying reality is that it spreads so quickly, one day you are fine fit well, nothing wrong. Next day you have the virus.

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So it's very important that whilst we are appreciating this reality,

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the Muslim has to prepare

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for death.

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And one of the most important aspects that a person prepares for death is having a will.

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A will, is basically your instruction

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to the rest of the world after you die, because obviously, when you're dead, you're unable to tell them exactly what you want. So this is your opportunity to say to people while you're alive, this is what I would like to happen in case I die.

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without going into intricate details about how to write well, because this is not the purpose of this video. But it's important that we do take this opportunity and have this well done. That's why the process lm emphasized is so so, you know meticulously and he effectively

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encouraging people to the extent that he was saying, you know, it is not befitting for a believing person to go to bed

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without his will under his head ready.

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And why is that the case because nobody knows when they will die. But secondly, there are so much loose ends that we may have that need to be tied, so that people know sometimes you might have

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some money here some money there, you might have somebody for money or they owe you money or you have some unpaid debts or loans or things people need to know about this. So in case anything happens to you, then in Sharla, you are prepared and people can act on this in the best way.

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So it is a reminder for me as much as it is for anybody else.

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At hamdulillah

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the opportunities for us to write wills is there. The methods we can do is also there.

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It's just a matter of us being concerned with that in Sharla and in another video I'll talk a little bit more about wills and what they should contain to help those who are in need of support.

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In the meantime, if you need to ask me any questions, please do send them through and I'm happy to take them

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