Making a Will #2

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Salam Alaikum Rahmatullahi wa barakato. My dear respected brothers and sisters, I hope you're all well in the best of health.

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In my previous video, I spoke about the importance of putting together a will and making sure the will is there. And in this short video, I'd like to also just talk about why that is important. And what are the main elements that a person can put in there? Well,

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the world is essentially have four parts.

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One part is your message

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to the people that you leave behind. This could be a message in the form of advice, some form of form of instructions, from all walks of life who you'd like them to do those who honor you and maybe hold you in high prestige, you might want to pass on to them a certain message. And that's an opportunity to do so, often people will put things that they may not usually want to say

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face to face, or while they are alive, they will do that.

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The will will contain that. Secondly, the will is your opportunity to make any donations or charity that would benefit you in their current because as the profit slice of them setting them at have no admin Papa Anna Lou lomita. When the human dies, his actions will cease except from three avenues. So the orange area or alimony therapy, or the oil, a doula either a continuous charity, or some knowledge that he has left behind which people will benefit from, or Thirdly, a righteous child who needs to ask for him.

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So if you leave a charity, you have money that you have left behind, you have the right to put in your will, up to a third

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of that inheritance, you can dedicate it to a charity that you feel would be a good cause. You can also donate something that's not a charity as well, just to be clear. But usually people will do that for a charity because at least that it can becomes a continuous side of it. So that's your opportunity as well in the oil.

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The third aspect of the will, would contain

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instructions in terms of how your money is going to be divided. Now, in Islam, we have set rules for inheritance and who takes what. But you can also

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specify certain things that may not be known.

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Or to make it clear in this current scenarios, wills are important because there is what's known as a default position that the government usually will take, it's important that you clarify how the money is spent. Otherwise, all your inheritance would go to your spouse,

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your legal heir, if you were to die.

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And lastly, in the world, it's an opportunity for you to clarify things that may not be known to others.

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In addition to the money that you have left, there may be other aspects that you need to be clarified. And this is the opportunity to do so in a will maybe you want to clarify exactly what is owing the money that is in your bank account, maybe some of it belongs to somebody else. Maybe you have money that you have left with somebody else, if anybody owes you money, or you owe somebody money, so this is an opportunity to write this in the will as well. So that people are clear about this because one of the biggest headaches for any family to deal with after somebody dies a major loss pantalla give you all good life and long life in his obedience.

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But the reality is that one of the most difficult things painful things is to have to go through

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disputes between families because things were not clarified. You know, where well Who is this? Where is that? Who is owing who's not obeying. So it's very important to be clear on that in sharp, so that's your opportunity in the will to do all those things. And when you leave your family in a state where everything is clear, and clarified, then inshallah there'll be less of that issue to look at should you pass away and the last pantalla preserve you