Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer Bites An Ayah that would change your life – Surah Hud and Yusuf

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a speaker and their children about Jesus's death and the importance of avoiding caffeine. They also discuss a woman who lost her family and became the head of Egypt, as well as the use of words in a story to describe sadness and alleviate sadness. The speakers encourage parents to use the Bible to describe sadness and encourage them to use it to avoid sadness.
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Some allow him the last two summers with less Salam Alikum have replied to Hello What a cat

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Yeah, hey

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I missed you more. I love you

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we're almost half of the Quran, we're almost finished with half of the Quran, the shift started in solitude, and then from good. They're going to recite also from Salat Yusuf and then a little bit of sort of add. So this was today insha Allah who died at

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the beginning of as well towards the end, according to the schedule, he said to me, so I'm going to try to summarize three solos in five minutes the Salah with time. So that hood, and sort of use of the boat monkey swallows let's start quickly with thought who is the Mickey saw that means whatever is either revealed in Makkah, except one area 114 which is revealed in Medina, it's a myth any iron, but the entire surah is a monkey Salah

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has 123 is, so the solar is from the mean. It is not from the sun and Madani the long saw us now we're now we're back into the we're into the mean comes from me, which means 100. So it is 100. It is supposed to be from the mean source.

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And the topic is called hood because it talks about the study of hood, but not only about the study of Hood, it talks about the study of the Sabbath. He talks about the space of no hurry, he talks about the study of Hood, he talks about the study of load, it talks about the site of trade, and he talks about the study of Musa and he's set up well I think he was set on putting on what maybe drew my attention in the Surah two things. Number one, the Melanie that I mentioned in surah in verse number 114 114 A man came to the Prophet Muhammad Ali's have set up, youngsters listen up.

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A man came to the Prophet Mohammed for the loss of Allah

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I fell into committing haram

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with a woman

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I could not control it

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they just pray

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with the prophet as a celebrity he came to me Rasul Allah, I failing to commit in something haram with this woman. What is it that I that I should do?

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At the time Prophet Muhammad did not know what to tell him. Then Allah subhana wa Tada revealed this is 114 so Hakeem is sada

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Zulu Zulu effeminate prof Amin and Bailey was feminine.

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Well, I think it can be super powerful.

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But I think it was sort of feminine Maha inner has nothing even to say yet.

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Establish the prayers during the nights and part of a during the day and part of the night in an Hassan atta youth hipness, say at good deeds, good deeds, a face that deeds he told him Did you pray with us? He says yes, he also says inner has nothing hipness, the good deeds a face the bad deeds. This is number one number two, there was this dialogue that happened between Noah and his son. So my message is now to all the fathers who are here and all the youngsters as well. There is this conversation happening between Noah and his non medical mouth

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before you tasted the birthday last remember

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that could be a hazard when you drive away so please just take it off and put it in your car before you drive for Thank you

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Allah we should think these people when you go out you should do not try to shake their hands if you are vaccinated and shake their hands hug them and tell them thank you tell them there's a common law here. These people are not very being paid for what they're doing these are volunteers May Allah isn't any more than for what they're doing. Where it was

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not his shift No no no

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he's the one who knew yeah right here right they're

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not you know you're him

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so here it is. Now please this not because this affected me personally because I can relate to this and I'm sure a lot of parents fathers would relate to this and notice that in his son

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you're gonna yell cut manner with caffeine.

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After no she built that ship, and now they're bought into ship and no has gotten his son or my son born with us. Don't be fooled with the wrong tours with the caffeine with wrong believers. On a cell we Elijah

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He asked him What do you mean? He says I will go and hide on top of of a mountain whereby water cannot reach me. A son a father is telling his son come listen to me. I'm trying to help you. The sun is as if the sun is saying that I know what I'm doing

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I'm all I'm doing. I'm old enough that this is I went through this I know listen to me, but you tell him I know what I'm doing. He's trying to hide the father's telling please come yeah my son I know please you're gonna dry you're gonna drown you're gonna die. But the sun is not reasonably says.

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So are we illegible yet somebody human element Carter that has some of your money

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you cannot escape from the punishment of Allah has come but he did not listen and what happened for Kana me number one our pain he was amongst those who got drawn how many of us parents today we see our children Germany and there's only so much we could do

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this only so much you could do

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worse even

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the hope

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of the heaven poetry hockey the Bible I would sit with you and then we can talk about this inshallah.

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So that use of Allah He said, I saw what you said and his Salaam is the metazoan. In its entirety. So that use is also considered to be from the beginning it has 100 live in areas so that your son is an amazing soul. So that you should it was revealed in the year of sadness when Prophet Muhammad Ali, so Sudan lost his uncle, he lost his wife, you know, he was sad. He said, some of Allah who I knew send them the aroma. They say whoever is going through any sadness, let them read so that Yusuf, Allah will alleviate their sadness and sorrow. Now I'm so lucky, if you go into a problem sadness resort use of. So Joseph is an amazing scholar, why the international talks about use of any

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Sudan, but you're not mostly the Prophet, Yusuf insan use of demand use of the man who went through all odds, who defeated all odds who defeated he went to so many hardships and at the end, he was the winner. You will serve with his father. The story starts with a dream and ends with the translation or in of that dream, this is how it starts and how it ends. I'm going to ask you a question and then you reply to me okay. Use of was beloved by his father, good or bad?

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Good, good. He was thrown into a loop.

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You see is good, but he was thrown into the web. In our in our beat. There's a difference between jump and Bear. Bear is well,

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in English, if you read the translation says he was thrown into the world, but it was not the well. It is called a job. A job is deeper than the web and it's dark and it has no end. They throw him into the job. It's even darker. Right. So now he's the inside that that job. They removed his his, his his clothing. His t shirt is a story about this t shirt. This T shirt, the three T shirts, the same T shirt, three t shirt t shirt with his when he was with his brothers, the t shirt and the t shirt that he throw on the father when he didn't when he lost his sight. It's an amazing story. So now he's excited the well no.

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Is it good or bad? Bad, bad, bad. He's big. He's now from the job he goes into to live in the palace. Is that good or bad? Living in the palace is good. From living in the palace. He was thrown into jail. That was good, bad and that from Jay he becomes the minister of Egypt good and bad. It's roller coaster.

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It's a roller coaster.

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Use of it is such an amazing story. And I that will change your life

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and either will change your life. Are you ready?

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Verse number 90

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insolate Yosef Allah subhanho wa Taala says and this is the summary of solid usage in Houma yet py is for in hola hola. Yo, they are agile and Mazzini. This is it. This is how beautifully summarized Allah says, Whosoever feels Allah and is patient, yet defeat why is that from saba? These two things. What will happen in Allah Allah you over your heart you learn by studying Allah who would not waste the other than the word of those who are good. You have to have Ali Salam. He cried so much that he lost his sight.

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He prayed he prayed and prayed and prayed. Y'all have been another 100 feet. Oh my god, hamstring birdie.

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or Allah wouldn't have mercy upon me he cried and cried and cried so much that one day Allah if you have to you have to have the AR cool where is that you know can I use so for my

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use of by my measures t if yah yah yah yah by my measures t if used is dead, I would have revived him for you.

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He was he he prayed that and he prayed and cried and prayed and cried but at the end Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will know when we say Good Ending the story is ended with a good ending hamdulillah so go back and read solid use of focus and try to there's so many lessons I'm already have like colors. 10 minutes so far. There's so many lessons that we can derive from this amazing thorough

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one last thing, yeah, who taught his children? Yeah, Benny, it has offered the headsets on the use of a word, or nothing or some of them are here. Here's another message for you and I he told his children go and search for your brother. Use a search for his brother Binyamin. Go and search for them. When I think as well he left don't despair from the mercy of Allah. Brothers and sisters, we may be going through difficulties, but you and I should never despair from the mercy of Allah. today. Maybe like I said, you could be st. Tomas Sharma who they have. Today. You may be going through some financial difficulties towards shallow Tada, you will be settled in the land. This is a

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year that would have been an assets roller coaster that they estimate Well hey, do not despair from the vessel homeless Panama data. This is my message for all of you tonight. Now less your new audio is that good? l'affaire Baraka frequent Salam adequate. I don't want to catch this

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