Zahir Mahmood – The Expulsion of the Palestinians

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The history and culture of the United States, including the removal of 3.5 million welcomes from the European and Asian societies and the West Bank's need for restrictions on social media platforms to prevent false advertisements, is highlighted. The importance of being in action and avoiding discomfort is emphasized, along with the use of "monster" to describe leaders and actions. The current state of peace and security, including the rise of Islam, is also discussed, along with the use of police and construction of new cars. A call to action is provided and a statement of Islam's values is made.
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And I'm gonna be very, very frank here for those who say, Oh, nothing works, nothing works. Nothing happened no matter what you do you know you may be a failure. We're not a failure we trust in Allah, the Mercy of Allah said manakala Haluk Allah for who are lockable who ever say that the people have been destroyed. He's the one who destroyed them. Why? Because you create despondency. Anybody does anything you mashallah the monkey, the armchair critic does Jack because you're a bum.

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That's why because you're a bum and you want to make the everybody else in Omaha bum. The OMA is waking up. I'm telling you 100 years ago, this OMA was all in occupation. It was all under occupation. We are moving and we got to move with you or without you.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al Hamdulillah hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala CD mursaleen Mowlana Muhammad wa ala early he was hired by the woman Surya hombre Hassan Illa yo Medina, WA respected brothers elders.

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Sisters named scholars Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah.

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So I'm gonna take Sheikh Mustafa Zox advice, and I'm gonna endeavor to educate myself and educate yourself. The reason

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is that, as he said,

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We are often ignorant regarding the issue of Palestine. We can't argue

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with anybody on this issue, we have a lot of just Bas, we have a lot of Xen, we have a lot of enthusiasm. But when it actually comes to facts,

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we are

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you know, we fall short.

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And I want to explain that this issue did not start on the seventh.

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The wall wants you to believe that this issue always always starts when the Palestinians react. This issue started

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over 100 years ago, if you have a look.

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At the screen here.

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You see,

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in 1970, before the British Mandate 6% of the total population of Palestine

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was Jewish.

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Until 1948 22%, was actually Christian. So, in 1917, what happened was that this part of the world was under the Ottoman Turks, the British took it, and then they decided to give it to another group of people. So you had the Balfour Declaration, which took place in England, in our Parliament House, where a group of people took somebody else's land and gave it to a third group of people. Now, until then, it was still known as Palestine, but over a period of time from 1980 to 1947, from 6% A went to 33% juice, but if you look at it still

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you look at it, still the the blue part is where the Jews live very small part.

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In 1947.

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The British Mac the British decided to move out. So they left it now this is after the Second World War. So after the Second World War, you have a new organization which has started which is known as the UN United Nations. So the United Nations decided to take it upon themselves to distribute this. So a part of it became Palestine and a part of it became Israel, the Jews were 33% and the rest 67% were Arabs. But the UN decided to give 55% of historical Palestine if you look at that

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to the Jews,

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and leave 45% to 67% of the population. So it all starts and this is where Israel is created

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9047 1948 design this get very brief.

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So what they do, am I remember from 6%

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and the UN gave them how much percent? You with me? How much did they give them? 55% they decide to expel many of the panel

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Justinian so three quarters of a million Palestinians are expelled

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only 22% Now of Palestine is now left with the Palestinians 22%.

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So, you see from 1970, how we jumped to 1947 and 1948 design is now decided to remove three quarters of a million of the Palestinians but only leave them with 22%, which is what you see over there,

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which is the Gaza Strip.

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And this is, which is the West Bank. If you look at these pictures, the Palestinians are now the Nakba. They're leaving their homes, you look at no shoes on their feet. They took whatever they could, today, today, they are 5.9 million, according to you and 5.9 million Palestinians in refugee camps. Now I'm not talking about UK, America, Australia, I'm talking about in refugee camps. But it's fine. For some Jew from London from Golders Green are from somewhere in Birmingham to go and live in the home of people who live for the last 75 years or be living in refugee camps.

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It's fine.

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It's alright, no problem.

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And remember,

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the vast majority of those who migrated with European Jews? Maybe it's a racist thing? I don't know. Why does. Why does Europe Why does the West defect and apartheid state? What's the reason? Remember this word apartheid state I'll come back to it by remember each other 1967 Subhan. Allah, you have the war with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, six day war with a Israel defeated all of them.

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And then they took the Golan Heights at the top which belongs to Syria, and the Sinai Peninsula which belong to Egypt. Let's fast forward without much time. Let's fast forward.

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Hey, the West Bank, you see the West Bank here, here, the West Bank,

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Let's go around about 50 years later. Here's the West Bank. You see all the red parts, the Old settlements, even the 22%.

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Which was given to the policy which they took left the policy even that they taken from them. For those who have never been to the West Bank. I've been to the West Bank. I've been to Gaza. I lived in South Africa, under the apartheid apartheid regime for three years. So I'm very familiar, Wallah, he, the apartheid regime in South Africa pays nothing compared to what goes on in Gaza. Nothing goes in into Gaza or out of Gaza without the permission of the Israelis. 16 years. I drove millennials to meet and I said, Papa, hey, we all drove from here after 2009 operation cost LED. We went on the first Viva Palestina. It's happened again and again. It's not the first time that bombing Gaza. We

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went in 2009 it's happened five times.

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Nothing goes in nothing goes out West Bank, you have separate roads for the Palestinians separate roads for the Israelis. Now you've told me that's not apartheid. Why is apartheid?

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Define for me what is apartheid? And Alhamdulillah let me give you some glad tidings you know we think are called fall on deaf ears. Now. The message of ALLAH said bully who and the willow is conveyed from me even if what I just want I it's your responsibility to convey

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convey the message. Even now, Amnesty International Human Rights Watch are referring to Israel never you can never imagine this 15 years ago. I refer to Israel as an apartheid state and apartheid system. In America. See, for many people we only wake up every time Gaza or something happens in Palestine and hunger. I've been following this for a very long time.

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1520 years there was only one narrative and that was the Israeli narrative. Today you see your social media Wallah you are winning.

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This is why they are so desperate. This is why mainstream media so desperate politician are so desperate This is why the Israelis are going

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to social platforms, social media platforms are saying to please restrict the reach of post regarding Gaza. Because you and I are doing something.

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And I say this categorically because I don't have much time. And I'm gonna be very, very frank here. For those who say, Oh, nothing works, nothing works. Nothing happened no matter what you do. You know you may be a failure. We're not a failure we trust in Allah, the Mercy of Allah said manakala Haluk Allah for who are the couple who ever say that the people have been destroyed? He's the one who destroyed them. Why? Because you create despondency. Anybody does anything you mashallah the monkey, the armchair critic does Jack because you're a bum.

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That's why because you're a bum and you want to make the everybody else in the Ummah bump. The OMA is waking up, I'm telling you 100 years ago, this OMA was all in occupation. It was all under occupation. We are moving and we got to move with you or without you.

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We are gonna stay to the underside of our Palestinian brothers. You like it or you don't like it? Because all to be Lee. At the end of the day, Allah is not going to ask me did you liberate but she did Aqsa. Did you help the you liberate Palestine? But he will ask me Zahira Holly, what did you do?

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What did you contribute?

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You spent hours watching videos, you spent hours and I believe every believer here

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is concerned the hurts I believe that you spent hours with a concern and you stayed awake. But what did you do? Because believe was a pretty people actions. Let me tell you, let me guide you on one thing, remember this in your life.

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Your actions must surpass your concern. You cannot be inactive. If you are concerned and you do nothing that's against the signal the prophets Allah Salam that's against the teaching of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, me and you are taught to be people of action. Results are in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala by I'm telling you, I'm telling you, you are winning. First time ever look in America. 49% of voters for the Democrats are pro Palestinian.

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But we've just started

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and listen, listen, listen.

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The bar for the Muslim community is higher than everybody else. We're not meant to speak about these things. were meant to be budget, we're meant to be quiet. We will speak about the truth because we have to stand in front of Allah. We don't care.

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You know, Nelson Mandela in the 80s was a Terrorist.

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Terrorist. How in the * did it happen? By by 2020 years, the man becomes the greatest statesman of the century, from being a terrorist for a man who should be harmed, according to our conservative government. He becomes the greatest statesman of the century. So let me tell you, brothers and sisters, you are on the right side of history. Don't let anybody tell you

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don't let anybody tell you. When all of the the good amatola laid, a place was besieged.

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In the Egypt, the Crusaders are besieged it. And then he came with his army, and then he precedes them. An oral Dean was the most powerful man on the face of the earth. On the other day after the Muslims, they saved there is no nurudeen. There wouldn't be no Saudi. He was the man who created Salahuddin.

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He had this concern Wallahi, the man had this concern, so he lay siege to them. And because he was a scholar, the people the scholars bring Hadith and they begin to generate Hadith. And they ask, and there is a special Hadith called mistletoe with the bassoon, which means when the Prophet Allah some narrated it, he smiled.

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And when the sahabi rated it, he smiled, and when he stood and rated he smiled, and this is how richness so the narration of the Hadith scholar narrates his narration, and he smiled and he says a * now you smile. It's a sunnah nobody can said how can I smile

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when the Muslims are under siege.

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Tonight, 2 million are under siege. 2 million are under siege not just under siege.

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bombs raining on their heads. 8000 people 1000 Muslims have been martyred. Half of them children and the West still don't want a ceasefire.

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Who you kissing morals, who you're teaching humanity to who you're going to tomorrow, tell the world that you are upright, Ukraine, it took you six days, Gaza has been under siege for 16 years, and you have not lifted a finger. And then tomorrow, you're going to tell the world and you're going to lecture the world by human rights. If I told you that there is a man,

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he has an animal, he has a dog. And he puts his dog in a cage. And he restricts the movement of that dog. And when he feels like he keeps that dog hungry, when he feels like it, he turns electricity off. What would you say to me? You will say that a man is a barbarian.

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And for 16 years,

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you restricted the movement of the people of Gaza. 2 million people, not animals, not dogs, people. But this is why the defense secretary of Israel said what are we dealing with? We're dealing with human animals. Because if you regard them as human animals, you will do whatever you want.

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And this is why I'm not here to hype you up brothers. I just get hyped up.

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We know what Allah He we need long term. We need intelligent people. We will need long term because this can't happen cycle. Every few years. They bombed Gaza, they kill the Palestinians. And then we come out we have a conference and then we go away. This is not the son of the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah was a visionary.

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The massages were visions. These are our beer are beacons. So let me go back to the topic. The West Bank, the West Bank, the 22% You got settlements today. Now I've been to the West Bank. The locals will tell you that those settlements were a few houses. Wallah you know they are like cities. They like cities.

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You can tell me that's not occupation. You leave the people would trust 22% And that 22% You have your settlements.

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Now his look the checkpoints 700 checkpoints Westbank 140 checkpoints you are humiliated morning and evening. You go to work you're humiliated. Look at this. This is you go into work. Your children see you like this. Your wife sees you like this morning and evening. Morning and evening. You go go through the checkpoints

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every day you are humiliated.

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Issue Salam,

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West Jerusalem West Jerusalem, is where the vast majority Israelis 3409 49 and 4500 Palestinians

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issue Salam which was meant to be the capital of Palestine

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345,000 Palestinians 220,000 Israelis see when you see these videos of people's houses, and they evicting people in the house, that's where it's happening. You know what is happening? Look at this black swan, because that's where it is. You got the number one is Masjid Al Aqsa number two Muslim quarter. So you got Muslim Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter Jewish Quarter. So when you see

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the Palestinians being evicted, that way they've been evicted from one of the places the main places why? Because they want to empty out Masjid Luxa

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that is their purpose. Everything around it you empty out.

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Masha Allah then there is our brain Brooks Trump

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you know he's kind of deed of the century. He left the palace ease with 15%

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you've heard this statement and you heard

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Bravo, man, masha Allah,

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our beloved witchy

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Home Secretary, masha Allah, you know, I used to dream about a day where there would be brown people

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in the government. Now we got Priti Patel, we got Sunak and we got her. Please bring back the white man.

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Allah, let's make a dua collective. Bring by the white man

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Okay, she said she wants to make illegal the chart the slogan from the river to the sea Palestine will be free. Yes. And will finish here.

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Last month, Netanyahu at the UN

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presents a map

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of the new Middle East with no Palestine

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with no West Bank, with no Gaza. What indistinct the Palestinians feel when they see this? That's what you call from the river to the sea. It will all be Israel.

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It will all be Israel. They want to ban our chart. We don't say remove the Jews from there. We will say it coexist. But why Netanyahu is saying

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less than Yahweh saying from the river to the sea. Oh will be Israel. Imagine you're a Palestinian. Imagine a million Palestinians in Lebanon, who live in a refugee camps a budget about lib. Imagine those are Lebanon and Jordan 70% of Jordan is Palestinian. Imagine when they see this, it hurts you and I imagine what happened to them.

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So brothers,

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educate yourself about the issue. Don't be afraid. Wallahi Don't be afraid. People like Nelson Mandela weren't afraid.

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And Allah will reward you because this place is not just Muslim land. It's your third holiest place document Latina Baraka lowfield vehicle may Allah Sponza liberate our brothers sisters, may Allah Subhan Allah grant us the Tawfeeq to be that means of liberation. Islam Allah, Allah

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