The Sin of Using People

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The importance of gratitude and the use of Sub ultrasound is discussed, as it is the foundation of one's life. The use of animals as symbols of pride and the danger of human behavior are also discussed. The community dynamic of the Islamist movement is also discussed, including the use of animals as symbols of pride and the importance of protecting privacy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of community involvement and giving to people without expecting reward, as it is not possible to find people in a second.

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I will begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala by bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. We bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his busted path until the day of judgment, and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah mean, the brothers and sisters last week, as we spoke about this idea of being self centered, rather than having Allah subhanaw taala at the center of your life. And as I said, I want you to be

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introspective, and not to think about other people, but to think about some of these traits as they may exist within ourselves. There was one point that we came to towards the end of the hotbar, which I think is very important inshallah Tada for us to pick up on, which is this idea of a person who becomes engulfed with themselves, sees everything, and everyone around them as either a threat or a tool. And I mentioned that when we talk about for their own, for example, you know, for their own murdering children, it might not have really been about the children, but it was more about at the end of the day, they're a threat to his power, they're no longer of use to him. And many people may

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not be able to relate to such an extreme example. And so I wanted to pick up but with a very specific angle that we can take from this bidden nahi to Allah. And it starts with the foundation of Schuco gratitude. And it's important for us to recognize that whether we're talking about the negative or the positive, we start with the foundation that's laid out for us in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as inherent good qualities that keep continue to bear fruit or negative qualities that are unchecked that continue to cause a person trouble. And when it comes to sugarcoat it when it comes to gratitude, of course, we know that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala always starts off with gratitude to him, because no one has ever done more for you than him no one has ever given more to you than him. No one deserves more praise and more thinks than him and then immediately goes to the parents. That is the methodology of the Quran over and over and over again, that you'll never be able to repay Allah subhanaw taala no matter what you do, and you will never be able to repay your parents. And even if you can't remember the moments that your parents held you hemella to Omaha, Dakota, what are our two quota, Allah is reminding you to play back the tape, that your mother held you in pain, she bore you in pain, and then she gave birth to you. And

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then she went through all of that trouble. And the father went through all of that trouble. And even if you can't see it, now, your existence, they were the sub before your existence, the means by which you exist and so much in your life. And so much of their life went into solely investing in you, you can't repay them. And then everything else follows that's how this always goes within the Quran. Now when it comes to sugar, Allah subhanaw taala also distinguishes between the beginning of sugar and the long term manifestation of sugar. The beginning of gratitude is that you try to pay someone back and you thank them, you say Alhamdulillah, the long term of sugar is alpha is loyalty,

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is to remember without having to constantly be reminded what someone has done for you. And again, that starts off with Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah subhanaw taala has taught us through His Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, that whoever does not think the people does not think Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Therefore the opposite of that, whoever forgets the favors of Allah upon them, will always forget the favors of the people upon them. If you forget Allah as blessings upon you, you're going to naturally forget what people have done for you. And the most insulting thing in the world is to use the favours and the blessings that someone has given to you against them. Allah

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subhanaw taala creates you and you worship other than Him with what he created you with Allah subhanaw taala descends His blessings upon you. And you ascend your disobedience back to him, Allah gives you faculties was a means by which you can know Him. And you use those faculties to disobey Him to know other than him and then to spread that which is displeasing to Him. subhanho wa Taala

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then it goes to your parents, your parents provide for you, they give you a means by which you can rise up and become what you become and then to use that to disobey them to use that to hurt them. You know, somehow it's something very simple. But you know, it was a father was just complaining to me about a text messaging conversation he was having with his daughter. And, you know, there are limits of course and bounds and you always have to speak to the general not to the specific circumstances or to the exceptions and he's just showing

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he's paralyzed like this text messaging conversation with his daughter. And his daughter says all these horrific things to him and it's very unprovoked and it's just the times that we live in. And he responds and says, By the way, I'm going to cut the surface to your cell phone because the phone that you just texted me that insult with I just paid the bill this morning for it so it's like what's going on here? Right? So the it's it's insulting it's extra insulting, compounded insult when you use the means by which someone bestows a favor upon you to actually hurt them. And of course with Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala has given us everything so how do we disobey Allah

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subhanho wa Taala with things that he has given to us, and when it comes to the relationships in life, and the people that we have in our lives, when we abandon people when we no longer feel like we have anything to gain from them. And this is what I want to talk about to do to profound Hadith from the Prophets lie some that speaks to an attitude, an attitude remember the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam speaks to symptoms and outcomes so that we can be more introspective about qualities and attitudes and traits that we might have. And love no matter the Allah Tala and Houma. He reports that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said an authentic hadith

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mean olam is the newbie and Allah from the worst of sins to Allah subhanaw taala. So the prophets lie some would not share with us these traits, if they weren't significant when he says men out of them is a group from the worst of sins, the most heinous of sins in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala Rajaram today which I'm Ratan Philomena kala hija, who minha por la kahawa, Bhima, Haryana profound, the prophet slice, and I'm said, A man who marries a woman. And then once he gets what he wants out of her,

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once he gets what he wants out of her, and he already realizes he got what he wanted out of her. Then he immediately leaves her and then he doesn't even fulfill her mother.

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Because he no longer has anything to gain from her. How does fun that was it it was over. And this is an attitude now obviously a very specific situation here the hack of the Mohawk right, which is a Dane and to debt and those types of things, but it's an attitude the province lies on the speaking to as well. How many times have we seen in our community, someone who takes advantage especially of a convert sister, a new sister, because he wants papers, doesn't tell her the entire time gets a citizenship, and that's it. That's low, that's low, you enter and you ruin someone's life, and you don't even think about what you're doing to that person's that person's psychology. A person who

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gets into a relationship and then speeds up everything and becomes intimate and then once he's done having fun, sends a text message, I'm done, what you just entered into someone's life, and went that far. And then a text message I'm done, I'm seeing it more and more and more, you know, that's it, no longer of any use no longer of any benefit. A person has, you know, this, this whole glamorous outpouring with the wedding. And then once you're no longer looking good on my Instagram, you're out. I need to upgrade my Instagram partner. You're done. Right? When you go into someone's life like that, and especially taking advantage using the most precious of what Allah subhanaw taala has

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made precious between two people and the prophets like Selim says, To Zawada kala Jetta.

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He got what he wanted. And then by and forget about your Mahesh, it's an attitude. And of course, this even becomes worse when it becomes the long term. When people who have shared a significant amount of life together husband and a wife for that Tunsil and fun, lubaina Calm don't forget the good times between you. And suddenly you're trying to destroy that person because they no longer are an asset to you in every single way. Because you're no longer benefiting from that person. They're no longer of use to you. What are we insurance companies? What's happening here? It's low. It's not manly, it's not womanly, it's not Muslim. It's not human even. It's just not honorable and the

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prophets lice and I'm saying this attitude is a problematic attitude. And it's always important when the prophets lie some gives multiple examples, because you can find the, the common denominator, he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Rajani NuSTAR metal Rajan and further hobby jurati He, a person who employs someone you know, gets everything out of that person works them hard, takes their best years takes their best talent makes them all sorts of promises. And then once the job is done, they're not answering the phone anymore. Slow, very low. Right? You got what you wanted out of the person. You got they got the job done for you, Masha Allah, they could find you in a second then you

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could find them in a second when you needed them.

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Now that they've done what you wanted them to do for you, suddenly they can't get an answer out of you suddenly you start to dodge them suddenly, suddenly you start to delay the payment fear Allah subhanaw taala with your money their brothers and sisters, it's the tongue in the money that's gonna mess a lot of people up on the Day of Judgment fear Allah subhanaw taala with the way that you deal with people, you know, the opposite of that the prophets I'm saying pay a man before a sweat even dries.

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But we see it all the time in smaller capacities, right? You just disappear from someone when you no longer have a financial benefit from them. They can't find you anymore. It's low. It's not from the character of a Muslim. It's not from the character of an honorable person. It's not from it's not befitting to a believer. It's a great sin in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet slice I'm even connected it to how we will deal with the environment around us with animals. What do you have to Rudaba Tabitha?

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Prophets lie, some said someone who kills animals for fun? Yeah, we have that in our deen to Allah did not leave anything around us, except that he assigned rights to it. Because if you disregard human beings, then you're going to disregard animals, you're going to disregard your environment as well. Isn't that what we're witnessing right now, in this radical individualism, that we're we have no problem harming everyone and everything around us because at least in my circle, I'm not seeing the immediate harm. So I'm going to use as much of it as I can, I Subhanallah Imagine if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that a person who harms an animal for fun, what kind of a person

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who harms a human being for fun, what kind of a person who actually starts to hurt people's, you know, in their livelihoods, and their reputation in their in their abled and even in their, in their, their very being for fun to get a kick out of it?

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If this is the crime in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala for an animal if an animal shows up on the Day of Judgment, complaining to Allah subhana wa Tada about their rights. You know, subhanAllah there was one brother, who hamdulillah had embraced Islam after this past Ramadan. And he said it was the Judgment Day series, where we're talking about Yama, Yama, and I'm sitting here thinking he's going to talk about, you know, this time of standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala and how that meant something to him. And you know, how he thought about his salon, his prayer, I'm thinking something grant? And he said, No, it was actually this part where he talked about a bird showing up

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on the day of judgment and saying, Yeah, Allah Catellani Abbath and he killed me for no reason.

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He had no right to kill me. He killed me for absolutely no reason. And he said, while I was watching that this bird landed right on my windowsill and stared at me and I said, Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala is sending me a message. But if the deen even assigned rights to that, what about your human being? What about your brother or sister in Islam? You don't just use people and then dispose of them. And in a world of consumerism, people become just as disposable as products, parents, spouses, children, community, siblings, people become disposable. And you're always looking for your upgrades and your new features and all these different types of things. That's not how we're meant to function as human beings not with products and especially not with human beings, with other people. And with family, and with community and friends, and brothers and sisters, and

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neighbors and people that have rights upon us that Allah Subhana Allah has given to them. And when you look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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whether you're talking about family or community, stranger or tribesmen, one thing about the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam is he made it a point to let you know that he will never forget what you did for him ever, even after you die. One of the greatest proofs of the prophets why some his character right? And you think about his marriage to Khadija Well, the Allahu Tada, Anna, when did the prophets lie? Some stop mentioning the favors of Khadija upon him? What did the Prophet sighs I'm used to get upset after she passed away and miss her just because you know, it was great days of marriage and he misses her sense and he misses her smell. All of that is true, he missed her

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company. But what is the profit slice and make it a point to say that woman believed in me when no one else would? That woman spent on me when no one else would? Without Rebecca the study called the Allahu taala. And later on, I'll go back to the Allah Tada and who was not the physically he wasn't the strongest person physically. He wasn't the greatest warrior in the battlefield. He wasn't the most useful person in Medina in terms of status in society and things of that sort. But you knew from the moment the province lights on received the white to the moment that he died, do not mess with aboubaker

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While the Allahu Taala and even if you're amaro the Allahu Anhu don't mess with Abubaker because no everyone gave me a hard time except for that man a Sadiq while the Allahu Taala and

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Every single person except for that man, he responded, and he gave me his all I'll never forget him. The gates of Apple bucket will never be close to the masjid because I'm working on the Allah and who deserves that status not because there's a use that I get out of talking him up right now. No it means something. And on the other side that the prophets I seldom forget the Buddha's and the kebabs of the world but will the Allahu Tada and Homer when he got back to Mecca when he was a powerful man now, did he forget the lower class people that supported him when no one else would? Or did he put below the Allah and on top of the character to give the other he's not going to turn his back on

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beloved and kebab like thank you for your service. It was great when no one else would listen to me. No.

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There is a constant honoring of Satan and Bilawal the Allahu Tada and when Satan the hubbub of the Allahu taala, and who and when the prophets like Sam got back to Mecca,

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and the Ansara thought, naturally the man is home. Some Allahu alayhi wa salam, I mean, we served him we gave him what he needed, right? Maybe he missed his home, maybe he's gonna come back to Mecca. Now the place of the Kaaba and the prophets lie Selim gathers the unsavoury

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and says to them, that not only am I coming back with you, but if the unsought took a valley and everybody else took a valley of direction I would go where the unsalted would go, if I could be on Saudi, I would be on Saudi I am with you for the rest of my existence. Beautiful, didn't forget them. He could have sent them back home and said does akmola Hydra, and they weren't may have understood. He's back home now. And he's in Mecca, where it all started. But now, I'm going to be with the unsought forever now. That's our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's his individual Shakur and how he didn't use you when he needed you and then disappear when he no longer

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needed you.

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Always his heart was with you his thoughts his matter, even if you didn't mention your favorites to them. The prophets lie some will mention your favors, and remind you of what you did for him. When no one else was there for him SallAllahu it he was salam now there's a community dynamic to this to

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this isn't just an individual level and improver, a HELOC and make sure we're not using people are only there, you know, for people when we have something to benefit from them. There's a community dynamic to this too. It's kind of I was thinking about this moment with Oliver in Qatar, but all the Allahu Taala and

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where he walks by an old Jewish man who was begging in his Khilafah

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an old Jewish man who he saw begging in his Khilafah

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and Omar the Allahu taala. And home says about this old Jewish man in his Khilafah who he sees begging. He says Allah He we didn't do right by you. And he said, a husband I mean, Keisha Baba MOBA, Yanaka, shaken.

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We took from you when you were young. And then we forgot about you and you got old. Talk about an ethics. Pamela Amara, the Allah Allah makes you proud when he talks about this stuff and ethic. You mean we took from you when you were young, you paid your taxes, you paid your hotrod you paid your taxes, and then now that you're old, you have to beg in my under my rule.

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And suddenly, we forgot about you. And almost all the Allahu Anhu takes this man himself to Bateson, man apologizes to him, to the Treasury gives him everything that he needs to live in comfort. Because it's not right. You paid us when you were young. And now when you're old, you have to beg in the same city where you paid the government. It's panela. That's the mindset of Amarante Allahu Anhu. Now, your brothers and sisters, the community element of this.

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And I'm going to, I'm gonna go there were the pioneers of the Dawa. The people that built massage are the people that volunteered and gave themselves to this community in North America to the Muslim community in North America, and can't pay their health bills now, and die homeless now. And I can name names, but I'm not going to do that out of their dignity. Where where are we asking about those old Imams and those old Darat and those old community volunteers and those people that volunteered and gave so much before YouTube was a thing before the Dallas Fed online.

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I have not Minka Shavon. Although Yanaka Shaffer,

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we take from you when you're young, and then you're gone. When you're old, we forget these people. That's a stain on us, as a community, the elders and the people that volunteer and the people that invest themselves in this community,

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whether it is young or old people that have been giving and giving and giving of their lives, and Subhanallah we forget about them when they get older, because they're no longer of use to us. That's a stain on us. You ask about your volunteers. You asked about the elders in the community. You asked about those Imams that educated your children and now can't pay for the education of their own children. You ask about those Imams that counseled you in

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Those leaders in those community volunteers that counseled you, when you needed help that visited your parents in the hospital, and now they can't pay their hospital bills. You ask about those people that built massage that fundraise for massages for years and years of their lives, and now can't pay their house bill. That's a stain on the community. And that's a responsibility on all of us. And you know what it means for each and every single one of us, the volunteers and the people that given this message. And in this community, you don't run them through the ground and burn them out and take every bit of their energy and then don't even ask about them when they're no longer

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coming to the message it.

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Those brothers and sisters and Ramadan, those brothers and sisters in Juma are those brothers and sisters working around the clock in the misogyny. And they're not thanked properly, and then they get burnt out and they don't want to come anymore. No, no. We don't take from you when you're young and then lose you when you're old. We don't take from your energy and then forget to when you become deflated. You're still useful to us, you still mean something to us. I'm charging myself first we need to do a better job asking about people and checking in on people. Even when we no longer have use whatever that means of those people there Darat Allah He is enough for us if they continue the

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solution Dear brothers and sisters as you frequently on an individual level frequently remember the people who are there for you, and reach out to them and thank you. Number two, visit people and check in on them with no agenda whatsoever. The Prophet slice and I mentioned a man who went out to visit another man for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah sent him an angel. And the angel came to him and said, Sam, where are you going? He said, I'm going to visit this brother of mine. The angel responds with what? headlock Allah human Nana, sorrow, boo, ha. What's the ulterior motive? Do you owe him something? Does he owe you something? Are you going there like Salam just

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wanna say salam? No, you don't just want to say salam? Is there something underneath that visit? He said la vida and the doctor who the law said no, no, I just love him for Allah. Then he said no, that Allah sent me to tell you that he loves you as he loved your brother. Number three, don't throw away long term relationships because of short term ruptures. accustom yourself

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to not letting the ruptures throw away everything before when it's on sale in front lobby, Niko, don't forget those long term relationships over short term ruptures. Number four, accustom yourself to charity with no benefits, learn resume income, desire and what I should call to giving to people without wanting anything in return from them. Number five, as a community, we take care of our elders who gave us so much. And we do better to make sure our volunteers don't burn out, not just with a, you know, an A thought at the end of it all or a celebration or a bowling alley. No, it's more than that. People that give to the community should have a community that cares about them as

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well, even if they're doing it for Allah and we hope that they're always doing it for Allah and that starts with my own responsibility to those people desire comme la Hira, those people that volunteer even on the day of Jomar so that you can sit here and you can benefit and you can park your car and you can come in and you can enjoy the hutzpah and learn from it may Allah reward you all and may Allah subhanaw taala reward all of those who give and give and give for the sake of Allah keep them sincere and steadfast and rewarded Allahumma Amin Akula was talking about the lack of money seven Muslim infested throw in the hole of Orion.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ali he was a happy woman who either have been allowed to acid in Siena our partner, Robin our Tamela Elena is one camera emulator who I learned enough and Commelina Robina winner to HeMen Allah Takata Lana be worked for Anna was on our Hannah Antimo Lana from sunnah lil Coleman Catherine wa Salam wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine, working with Salah