Omar Suleiman – The Firsts – Umm Habiba (RA) #23 – Royalty Redefined

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming return of femaleials from series and a new series. Habiba's faith and commitment to her faith were instrumental in her success and marriage to the Prophet sallahu. The narratives of Habiba's experiences in a church and her relationship with her sister, including her sister's appearance in a picture and her sister's lack of siblings. The importance of forgiveness and the Prophet sallua's actions during the Islam wedding is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the use of narratives in WhatsApp and Facebook, as well as the importance of knowing the history of Habiba's death and legacy.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome back to the first specimen now what ham did Lao salatu salam Ala Wai and he will be here woman Voila. So inshallah tada I have some good news and some bad news before I continue. The bad news I'll start off with first is that inshallah Tada. I'm going to be taking a break in Chatelet sada for the next month from the series and we will resume in the 90 Tyler in the first week of February inshallah, the good news is that inshallah tada from February until Ramadan we should complete 40 episodes total with the first bit in that it tada and inshallah tada will pick up afterwards and the good news as well. It's more good news than bad

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news is that inshallah tada throughout the month of January we'll be working on our Ramadan series as well as another series that is very relevant to things that are happening right now in sha Allah tada so we preparing other content of benefit within it tada which will fill you all in on inshallah and give you a chance to catch up on what you've missed from the first and then pick up in a few weeks but the night tada so we can move forward. So Zack malachite on for tuning in for all of these weeks, and I hope this gives you a chance to review the notes inshallah, and to catch up for those of you that have not been able to watch all of the previous episodes, and hamdulillah so here we are

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now and inshallah what we're going to do is complete the story of um, Habiba or the Allah tala Anna and just like we did with Anselmo, the Allahu taala. And where we stopped at that juncture, right, that critical point where she has now, you know, really gone through this major transition, where she's going to be in the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And there's a unique element to her being a wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the case of Habib el de la putana. Before I even get into the next part of her story, I want to actually just take a moment to think about how incredible this woman's is the comma, her, her commitment to faith actually is

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right. First of all, she became Muslim, and she faced what she faced from other Sophia and her family and Mecca, for becoming Muslim. And then she stays firm upon Islam. When she's called to migrate, she could have held back in Mecca, and told her obey the law and Jax you go, I'll stay here in Mecca, because I would likely not be persecuted because of my position with double soufiane. But she stayed firm with her faith through the migration to Abyssinia. She stays firm upon her Islam, despite her husband, you know, passing away and reportedly even leaving Islam going through the apostasy and the death of her husband obey the law. Even Josh, she stays firm upon Islam, despite

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her father, you know, assuming the role of being the chief antagonist against the Prophet sallallahu. It was set him and his community and she stays firm through all of these years, you know, just her and her daughter in Abyssinia going through the hardships of being in a community and exile. So So Pamela, I mean, when you think about is the camo, and you think about the strength of faith that was necessary, uniquely to himself, model the law on how with the types of trials that she faced and uniquely to M Habiba or the alongside Anna, where there were multiple opportunities for her to walk away from her faith, but she did not in fact, she only became stronger in her faith.

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And there's a reason why Allah chose to honor her with what he honored her with, and being a wife of the Prophet salario son, this is not a blessing that Allah confers upon anyone. This is a very special blessing that was conferred upon her and it is very clear that this is a special woman in regards to her faith and her commitment to that faith. So we said now that she has completed the wedding to the profit slice alum, but she talked about a long, you know, ketchup Kitab phase right, the contract has been written, everything has been done, but for six years, she's not going to be with her husband. And in the process, her daughter Habiba is growing up before her eyes and is just

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her and her daughter, and the special relationship that she has developed with abre hub, may Allah be pleased with them all. Finally, the time comes where the delegation of the people of the two hingeless is now making its way to make that hedra to Medina, that migration to Medina, and Jennifer will they allow Tyler and he leads a delegation of 16 families from avicennia to Medina, directly to Medina. And this is seven years after his law with the Prophet sallallahu. I knew he was setting them after the Treaty of her baby. And so there's safety for them to be able to make way without being persecuted without being caught along the way and treated in any different way. So there's the

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joy that all of them have of being able to join the Prophet sallallahu

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It was sullom but there's the unique joy that on heavy metal the low tide on her would have. She has been away from her land and been away from her family and been away from her community in her home for 13 years in the process, she sacrificed her livelihood, lost her husband had a baby. And now Allah subhanaw taala has honored her with marriage to the Prophet sallallahu it was settlement so they arrived in Medina, at the end of the month have suffered or right in the beginning of robell Oh well, seven years after his law, and she meets the Prophet sallallahu it was said on once again, but this time not only as a Muslim, but also as his wife. And as she made her way to Medina to be the

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wife of the Prophet slicin She was also reunited with him Salah model the hotel and her who she had a special relationship with on Selma and on Habiba lived in Abyssinia together they both left Makkah with their husbands to Abyssinia in similar circumstances. And both of them ended up marrying the Prophet slicin them through very different circumstances but there's their journeys are have a unique similarity, right? They both left with their husbands to Abyssinia had children, Abyssinia and were widowed in unique ways and then both found their way to the Prophet sola lahardee who was setting them now married to the Prophet sly Simon she had a special friendship with own selama Well,

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the Allahu taala Anna, in fact, you find numerous narrations of them reminiscing on Abyssinia together and describing it to the Prophet sallallahu. I do sell them so listen to this heavy for example, Isha all the long time and her narrating that I'm Habiba. And I'm selama we're describing a church that they saw an ad the senior to the profit slice lm that's that's a pretty cool narration in and of itself, right I shuttle the Aloha on Hmm. This is the narrator and she's talking about this incident where have you been on Selma are telling the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what they witnessed and Abyssinia of a church and these three women in the in this order I Isha then I'm Selma

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and I'm Habiba are the most of those who narrated on behalf of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Okay, so you have this narration that encompasses all three of them. And they described to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a particular church in Abyssinia. And they said that it had in it to sell weed it had, you know, all sorts of pictures and tombs and so they were shocked by the the tombs and the pictures and the portrayals that they were seeing in that church and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, that, you know, when a pious person amongst them passes away that they build a place of worship on his grave and then they decorate it with these types of

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pictures and that these would be the worst of the people on Yom Okayama in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is a hadith in Sahih Muslim that actually brings all three of them together. However, her response to marrying the Prophet slice alum is different than on sentimental the level on her in one very market way.

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I'm sentimental the low tide and have you remember asked the Prophet sly summer sheet she told the prophets lie some that she was a jealous woman and that she was not used to the idea of you know, being in a in a polygamous marriage, even if it was common at the time and common in their environment, certainly, and common amongst the companions of the Prophet slicin um, that she's she's she had not encountered or experienced what that was like, Habiba all the time and how on the other hand, this is authentic narration. She says to the Prophet slicin, um, Jada sort of law, would you also marry my sister Isaiah. Now, I mentioned last week, and I was actually wrong, that um, Habiba

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did not have any full siblings. She did have a few sisters that were full siblings, but her famous brothers is either been me Sophia and Maria. I've been Abby, Sophia. Were half brothers. So they had a different mother. So she says to the prophets lie, some would you marry my sister as now the Prophet slice alone was obviously very surprised by that request. Right. So he says to her to Sabina valic. You know, is this a trick question? Would you really would you like me to marry your sister, as well? So she of the prophets, like some did not say this is trick question. That's the sentiment that I may or may not be correct in conveying All right. But the point is, is that do you want me to

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marry your sister? And she says to the prophets, I assume she said the opposite a lot. I'm not your only wife. And I would hope that the person who would join me in this in this fortune would also be my sister.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that this is not lawful for me, this is not allowed for me. And the reason why that's significant, by the way, is that Allah subhanaw taala allowed the prophets license to marry more than what he allowed the most.

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slums. And there was a wisdom behind every one of those marriages, right? None of them are all of them were widows and divorcees other than

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a shuttle, the low tide and huh. And each one of them there is a very detectable wisdom in the profit slice and marrying them. So we said in the case of Selma, also in the case of Habiba, in whose hearts were softened, and what tribes were brought together, that is something that you find in each one of the marriages of the prophet SAW some some sort of hikma that you see there. So the assumption that's being made here is that you know, perhaps some of the other rules of marriage do not apply to the prophets lie Selim, right? So for example, being married to sisters is how long in Islam? It's, you know, narrated in some of the biblical books about other prophets that married

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sisters. But that's not something that is confirmed or outright rejected. But it certainly is not allowed in Islam. So the Prophet slice and M says, that's not allowed for me. And she said, I then said said also la slice Anna, but we had discussed that maybe you would marry Laura Vint, or be Salma Dora the daughter of Solomon Abou selama. So the prophets lie Selim said, can mean the daughter of a sedima. So she said, Yes. And also last, like Sam said, first of all, she's my stepdaughter. So even if she were not a step Daughter of mine,

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she would not be hard for me, because remember, I was Sonoma is my brother through feeding, right, that they were both nursed by the labor. So just like, you know, she wouldn't be allowed for me for that reason, she would not be held out for me, for this reason, as well. So the prophets lie Selim said, so don't offer me your daughters and your sisters, right. This is a you know, in my opinion, Subhanallah you know, if you take a step back, and obviously, there are all sorts of societal circumstances and things to consider, and, you know, family dynamics and culture. But one thing is for sure, that if the, you know, the prophets lie, Selim was an opportunist, right, the prophets

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lie, some would discard all of these types of things, the fact that the prophets lie, some married who he married, right, and not a single woman who was not previously married, other than it shall be allowed tadhana and waited this long, right to get married into his 50s when polygamy was the norm at the time, really is actually a proof of his prophethood. Right? It's a proof that he only acted upon divine instruction. And that's actually something to admire because of the prophets license and was changing rules at sway than he would have done so here. So this is one of those narrations where you find very different interaction between on Habiba and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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then you find from him selama or the alongside Anna, and the prophets lie Selim, Allah be pleased with all of our mothers Allahumma Amin. Now when she came into Medina, as we said, this is after her they be

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and there's a time of peace. As we know, the Meccans broke the Treaty of her they BIA. Now when they broke the Treaty of her they be at that point, the Muslims were a lot stronger than when her baby was actually drawn up. Right, because Islam thrives in peace. Islam thrives when the Dawa is able to move forward unhindered, the prophets liasons community had grown exponentially, and this time of peace, and the Meccans were the ones who violated the treaty. And they knew that that was not a good move for them that they were going to be in deep trouble, because the profit slice of them had more members to his community now, right? They were not.

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They were not in a vulnerable situation. They work the way that they were before. So once the mccanns broke her, they be almost soufiane panic. Remember, elbow soufiane is the chief antagonist of the profit slice and I'm at this point.

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And he panics because of the broken treaty. So he comes to Medina to reaffirm the treaty, and to say to the prophets lie some Do you know, we still have terms and let's not let this one incident, do away with the treaty or they be

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so it goes to the Prophet sly summon Medina, what does the prophets lie some do the prophets lie some gets up and he leaves. He goes to abubaker Abubakar all the time and who gets up and he walks away from him. Although soufiane goes to Alma will be allowed so that I know and he's lucky that Omar did not punch him right or hurt him, you know, almost all the time, I know, ignores him, walks away from him, even tries with Fatima while the alongside Anna Fatima who had witnessed the cruelty that was used against her father also Lhasa Lola Hardy, who was alum while I was soufiane was on the sidelines laughing and knew everything that had taken place in Mecca and went through that pain. But

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abou Sofia knew that fall tema had a way to the prophets license heart so he tried with faulty metal the A lot of times, that also did not work. So after trying, speaking to the prophets lie some and then we'll back it and then Omar

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Trying faulty mind. There are some other narrations I mentioned some other companions right after going around trying to find a way to affirm the treaty so that the Mexicans do not find themselves in a bad space. He then goes to them Habiba, although the Lakota and her his own daughter and he has not seen her for years. He enters into the house of Habiba and realize that the House of him Habiba is the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as he enters into her home,

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she was sitting on her bed and remember that the bed of the Prophet slicin was a simple Paul mattress. It was nothing fancy, it would leave marks on the back of the prophets license, and he had a singular blanket. So she's sitting on the bed, they would use it as a couch during the day, and they would use it as a bed at night. That's how simple life The her daughter the chambers of the prophets lie somewhere. So Sofia enters in, on Habiba is there, she quickly folds up the mattress, and she sits on the floor. And that was a very curious action from Habiba in front of her father, because what was expected is that her father would walk in and her father would sit next to her on

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the bed. So almost soufiane looks at that. And he says to her, yeah, bonia tea, out of liberty behind them philosophy, I need ob and who is, am I too good for the better? Is the bed too good for me? Is the mattress too good for me? Or am I too good for the mattress? You know, what is this? This action that you just took? And so she actually affirms that No, actually, this is the bed of the Prophet sly sentiment and the bed is too good for you. You're not worthy of sitting on the same space that the prophets lie some sits right. So you know, she actually does not allow for oblivion to sit on the bed of the profit slice on next year. And this is where I was soufiane really finds

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that the doors are closing in his face, and he's not able to make way with the Prophet sallallahu it was seldom and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makes his way towards Mecca towards the conquest of Mecca. But what does the prophets lie some do when he gets to Mecca? The prophets lie some shows them an unparalleled level of mercy and generosity, one that they had never given to the prophets lie. Some they had never given the prophets lie some portion of that when he was at their mercy. When the prophets lie, some was making his way towards Mecca. That is when I was soufiane, embrace the stuff. And that is one of course a lot of people embraced Islam. And the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave amnesty to all of his enemies, all of those except for a few that the prophets lie Selim had, had named that posed an active danger to the community. The prophets lie some gave a general amnesty to the population of Mecca despite all that they had done to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the prophets lie some makes his way towards Mecca. When Abu sufian accepted Islam and more, we accepted Islam and yazeed bin Abby, Sophia accepted Islam.

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You know, it's narrated that Habib has longest to such Those were the day that I was soufiane accepted Islam and then while we accepted Islam, and that she, of course, loved her family, and that this was something that was natural for these people, even if they had the, you know, the disputes and they had the persecution that they suffered. They wanted their family members to change. They wanted them to embrace Islam, they wanted them to repent from all of the horrible things that they had done. And um, Habiba is no different with her father and with her brother. And so there's actually a narration where she's making out the prophets lie Selim, enters upon her making your app

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and she's saying a llama and tyranny be zoji Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be a be a be sofian would be a he Wow, yeah. So all law allow me to accompany my, you know, give me she's basically asking for a long life alongside the Prophet, slice alum. And Abu Sufyan and her brother, wow, yeah, to derive the pleasure of the companionship of the prophets lie summon Abu sufian and her brother, Maria, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her, you have asked Allah subhanaw taala, about a period of life that is already set, and the length of days that are already allotted, and the sustenances, which have already been fixed. And Allah subhanaw taala would not do

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anything earlier than its due to time, nor would he delay anything beyond its due time. And had you asked a loss penalty to protect you from other problems other than not, then that would have been better for you as well. And it would have been better it would have been good for you and better for you. Also. So the prophets lysozyme was encouraging her instead to make her out for the article. In regards to the messenger it is Salatu was Salam and more Oh, yeah. And about Sophia. Now, this is another layer into the first right Oh, Sophia is one of the last

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To embrace Islam, and there are certainly many people that embraced Islam at the very last moment, in fact, to Mecca and the conquest of Mecca. And there is a narration that

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from a bustle the Allahu taala in Houma that the Muslims did not like about soufiane. They didn't respect him, they didn't want to sit with him. They had a lot of pent up anger, and you know, pent up anger. And you might remember, for example, that when we talked about Bilal and kebab and so Haven, they passed by Abu sufian, on the day of fetta, Mecca, and they said that the swords of Allah did not reach the throats of the enemies of Allah. They were not happy, right? This was a man that they fought for two decades. And it was hard for them to accept suddenly that he would be amongst them. And this is natural. And so this gives us a way to actually deal with some of the wisdom and

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the compassion of the prophets lie Selim in a different way, right in a way that's instructive. But in a way that also shows that the companions had a hard time dealing with this. Remember, when Rebecca will be alongside and who censored Bilal and hubbub and so hey, on the day of fetac, Mecca Well, the Allahu anhu majima in the prophets, I seldom sided with who he said that you may have made them angry Oh, bucket, and if you did, then you would have made a lot angry. Okay. Not that I will bucket it was wrong in saying that that's not something that should be said. But that, look, their experience was very different. And the experience of bubble bucket, these people were tortured by

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these elites of Quraysh. And they, you know, they met them in battle. And they were, you know, they had their family members killed by them. They had a very different experience. So there's a layer of that unnatural layer of resentment. It was hard, it's not going to be easy. There has to be a period where the tensions are going to ease a bit.

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So Evan, I bustled Lila on Houma. He says that the Muslims didn't look double soufiane with any respect, nor did they sit in his company. A number soufiane asked the Prophet slicin three things he said the other sort of law

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conferred upon me three things, and the prophets lie Selim. He, he responded to all three. He said that I have the best and most beautiful daughter and Habiba. So you know, marry her the prophets I some said, okay, he has now of course, the prophets like some is already married to her. So one way to look at this as this is simply affirming, once again, that Look, you've already given me this favor and marrying my daughter and remember, I was a fan was happy, even as a non Muslim, that the prophets lie some married on Habiba. Then he said, secondly, he asked me Wow, yeah, he said, except Maria to serve to Dinah who Khatib and bainitic that you would allow him to be a scribe in your

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presence. So the prophets lie. Some said yes. Then he said, and allow me to be a commander in the army so that I can fight against the disbelievers the same way that I used to fight against the Muslims. And the prophets. I said, Yes, I was a male who he witnessed this, he said that had he not asked the prophets I saw them for these things than the prophets, I said, would not have conferred them upon him. But it was the habit of the prophets lie Selim to respond to people's requests, right. So this was the good hook, the good character of the Prophet sallallahu it was sudden and responding to the people's requests. And, you know, you look at this and Subhanallah there's more to

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this right when the prophets lie, some entered into Mecca, was an apostle, the Allahu taala. And who said to the prophets, lysozyme, yada. So Allah, as you enter into Mecca, make sure that you, you know, although soufiane is a proud man, give him his, you know, give him his recognition if you can. So, you know, they should be grateful for the prophets lie, some does not kill them for all that they've done to the messenger sly Salaam and to the others.

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But what is the prophet SAW some do when he comes into Mecca, and he says that the people are safe, he says, What? Mandela, Dr. Abbey soufiane, whoever enters into the home of Abu sufian, for who I am, and then he is safe, he gave a boost of yarn, a place, right, recognized his leadership, and what he was got what he was doing in conquest of Mecca, this was not to crush the people. Now, this was to actually crush the idols and what they represented, right, this was not the ego of the Prophet, slice Allah, this was the mission and the cause to which he belonged. And this is such a remarkable, you know, incident, right that the Prophet slicin them gave the request of an apostle,

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the law of salah and who to respect apostrophe and to get to mention him by name. And he gave the respect to a soufiane when I was a fan, asked the Prophet size alum, those three questions and I want to reflect on this for a moment.

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The prophets I send him had a way with forgiveness. And he had a way of moving forward and looking to the possibility of these people the potential of these people, after all the horrible things that they had done, he had that heart with all model the lockdown I know he had that heart

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With people early on that were enemies and people that later on embraced Islam, he had that heart with harlot, are they allowed, right? I'm gonna be honest and who benefited as a result of that the community move forward as a result of that, right? These people brought tremendous contributions to Islam as a result of the prophets license forgiveness and his way forward with them his forbearance towards them his lenient towards them, the lenient to economic, economic, who was also one of the enemies of the Prophet, slice alum, who you know, the prophets lie some had initially named him as someone to be targeted right but it could have not repented to Allah subhanaw taala and he came and

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he became a part of the community of the Prophet sly summon once you are a community what once you were part of the community of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you are going to be treated like a part of the community. So what is the prophets lie Some say says don't taunted come up by mentioning his father. Don't mention Abuja, Halton Pamela would you have the fit out of this oma who tortured the prophets lie some the way that he tortured him, who inflicted all sorts of psychological and emotional torture on the profit slice? I don't know most of us I send him says don't hurt his son by mentioning his name. What ends up as a result of that economic dies is Shahid

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right and such a noble way becomes such a noble Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and dies as a martyr. In Islam, Abu Sufyan his wife, murdered Hamza, while the Allahu anhu. his liver cut and chewed, right.

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The prophets lie some accepted the repentance of herbal soufiane and hint herself. That's a hard thing for anyone to do. So it's not like the prophets lie. Selim was forgiving people that did him no harm but did harm to other members of the community. These were people that caused him immense pain, immense pain, but the prophets lie some had a way with forgiveness, and encompassing them and moving forward in a way that he could truly bring about reconciliation within the community. But, but the beautiful perfection of the prophets lie some is what did the Prophet sly send them to Abu sufian to get up on the cabin, call them know, the Prophet slicin put below the low tide and on top

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of the cabinet's call it that so the prophet SAW some did not remove the law or replace him. But he also didn't disgrace Elvis again, remember that these people's main complaint, they wouldn't even sit with the profit slice I'm in the presence of the Muslim Dauphine of the week in the process, the profit slice, I'm still kept them in the highest positions, still continue to honor them, still showed loyalty to them. So this was the beautiful, you know, example of the profit slice on him, which is not an easy example to follow, not as an individual nor as a community, of encompassing and always keeping his eye towards growth and to the benefit of the dean and the benefit of the

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community, and being able to fit things so perfectly. So he would accept them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he would not overlap, or he would not put them above those that Islam was built on their backs, has told us upon which on sarana inla with lava ecom Are you giving victory or the aid of Allah subhanaw taala except by the way that you treat your most vulnerable except by the way that you treat the oppressed. So this is a very powerful, you know, example of that. And somehow josephian goes on to fight in, you know, as a commander amongst the Muslims, and he dies in battle, who would have thought, right, the man who was persecuting them and fighting against them, dies in

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battle, in that regard. And while we, of course, will the Allahu anhu goes on to play an immense role right in the community and things of that sort. So she lived to see, I'm happy about all the lights on on her lift to see her brother rise to power and getting back to them happy but one of the things that we learned from Habiba is that she avoided politics and she avoided privilege. She did not want to be privileged. And that's in the time when the omiya dynasty was, you know, was flourishing before her I see she did not want any type of privilege. She did not want any power, she avoided the baton, she avoided the tribulations, the trials and tribulations of the time. And she

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continued to dedicate her life to worship to Hades to teaching Islam. And of course, rose to be the third and rank amongst the female narrators of Hadith as we mentioned. So she teaches us in that regard as well. And let's talk about her legacy for a bit in that regard. I'm happy to be allowed on her would narrate 65 Hadeeth 10 of which are in behati, eight of which are in Sahih Muslim, and some of the most important concepts of Islam are taken from her Heidi, for one, as we said, Maria, and I'm basa would would narrate from her.

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Her brothers would narrate from her, as did her daughter Habiba. So the one daughter Habiba actually

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married, that would have been Ottawa been Miss Ruth the famous urban Miss Ruth who was the chief negotiator of Quraysh. Or one of the chief negotiators of coloration her they be the wood of an urban minister who marries her daughter Habiba. All of them narrate Heidi from her one of her primary students becomes Zenith bent on Selma right Vince be sedima who we spoke about in great detail or wetness debate also learned from her and narrated from her will be allowed on so again an important look at the CLR and Abyssinia and important look at the prophets license through her eyes. And when I say there are some some important concepts and narrations

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I want to actually go through those inshallah to Allah, but before that,

00:30:46 --> 00:31:27

before that I get to those actually inshallah, let me mention two incidents which I think are very important. One of them is when Earth mominul the Allahu taala and home was under siege. As we said, um, Habiba avoided the fits and she didn't take part in the fitna and one the one the people of fitna place Earth Manuel the Allahu taala and who are under siege, on Habib are the Allahu taala on her. She had come on a mule and she hid water under her garments because remember, they forbade Earth nominal the logs out, I know from being able to even drink water, the one who purchased the wells for the profit slice, I'm the one who expanded the masjid, the one who did all of these acts

00:31:27 --> 00:32:06

of kindness and he was forbidden from benefiting from the very endowments that he set up all the time. So there was an you know, an understanding even amongst the people of fitna that the wives of the Prophet SAW somewhere to be treated differently. And Habiba wanted to use her privilege in that regard to help Earth man will the allow time, so I'm happy about all the Aloha Anna is riding a mule on her way to Earth, Manuel de la, I don't the people of fitna Move aside, but then one young man stands up and says to her, what are you doing in front of her? So one, and this shows you the hardening of the heart of the * out into the making of the whole outage, these people would read

00:32:06 --> 00:32:28

the Koran they would quote verses, but they don't even have the decency to respect the wife of the Prophet slice Allah. So young man stands in front of them Habiba and says, What do you want, and I'm happy but stunned that this young man has the nerve to do that. And then after that, he actually lifts her garments, and he takes the water and he throws it to the ground,

00:32:29 --> 00:33:09

which was another stunning thing. I mean, imagine the punishment of this young man that would lift the garment of the wife of the Prophet, slice them in front of the people, and take the water vessel and break it. Not only that, and this is very nasty. He cut the rope of the mule the reins of the mule that Habiba was was riding so the mule went wild and unhappy, but fell off of the mule in front of everyone, the wife of the prophets lie Selim, the mother of the believers. And these people, these young men, who are the blueprints for all the extremists, you know, or the hostage likes that come after them, is not making a connection, right? I mean, somehow a lot of these people are

00:33:09 --> 00:33:44

holding under siege, or it's Manuel de la on who married two daughters of the prophets lie Selim. And now insulting the mother of the believers, the wife of the profit slice, I'm in such a horrific manner, in front of all the people embarrassing her young men who had the nerve to do that. And that was actually the incident that made her it's modeled the law and who ordered that all the almohads and limonene go to Mecca. So before his assassination orthonormal the law on whose sons all of the wise the prophets lie some to Mecca to have because he didn't want them to be harmed. So this shows you the nobility will have even and you know, so had a lot of very unfortunate incident that took

00:33:44 --> 00:33:45

place with her.

00:33:46 --> 00:34:33

We also see at the time of her death, and this is a beautiful narration. Unlike the one that we just recounted. I saw the Allahu taala and her she narrates the death of Habib, and I'm happy to live for a very long time, shunning politics, shunning this, you know, the civil wars and shunning all of these things. And she called for Isha and she said to each other the other one as she was dying, she said, Listen, Kenya coonan Bina may a corner been a buyer for avasarala holy, we're lucky na Cana in the attic. She said, Listen, there used to occur from us, or between us the types of things that are expected. Right, you know, in our situation. We used to argue sometimes we got into it. These were

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

things that were expected. And she said somebody Allah forgive me and you for all of those things. She's asking for forgiveness. May Allah forgive me a new for all of those things. So I showed her the lowdown on how she responded to Habiba. She said Rafa Allah who lucky that he could learn what Allah Kenan said made a loss of Hannah Montana forgive you for all of those things and release you from any type of accountability for that matter.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

Last parents I release you from anything of that. Of course I'm Habiba is a dying woman. She's seeking forgiveness, because that's what we're supposed to do as Muslims, right, as believers, and she doesn't want to be held accountable in the sight of a loss of habitat, she wants to bury any type of arguments or any type of hatchet. And I usually a lot of time and her responded and said, of course, you're forgiven, and May Allah release you from any type of accountability in that regard. So I'm happy but she smiled, and she said, You've made me happy, may Allah subhanaw taala make you happy? And I saw the law and her says, she then she then called also Latina on Selma, she called

00:35:35 --> 00:36:04

from Selma for colic, la methodic. And they had a similar conversation. So it's kind of a beautiful form of seeking forgiveness at the end of her life between her and and he showed me a long time and then on Selma, or the law, one of the three most prominent female narrators of Hadith and some of the greatest scholars of this Deen and of course, all three of them are our mothers, our hearts and money. And I want to end in Chatelet tada with this legacy of hers, which I think is a very significant one.

00:36:05 --> 00:36:30

One of the most famous ahaadeeth practices in Islam is narrated by Habib little the allot of time I know and that is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man Sala Natasha Lata waka Fie Yeoman. Well, ala booni Allah who be hin beighton Phil Jana, that whoever prays in a day or a night 12 ruckers Allah will build them a house in paradise.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:33

Habib is the narrator of that headache.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:13

So obviously, the practice of praying 12 icons the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin I'm just like with all the wives of the Prophet slice and we get a dimension, but I'm happy because the narrator of that headache, but the way she narrates the Hadith is very beautiful. When she narrated the Hadith got it on more Habiba unhappy versus firmer taarak tahuna Mundo Samir tahuna nausori la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I never left off those 12 right guys, since I heard them from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What Kyla amber and Amber says firmer taarak 200 mundo sumaira 200 men only Habiba amber says and I never left off those 12 cars, since I heard them

00:37:13 --> 00:37:35

from on Habiba. And then am Ragnaros says na tallac 200 mundo samaira 200 min amber Sir, I never left those 12 Records, since I heard them from ambesonne wirkkala normanville musallam metallic to hoonah mundo samaritaine Madame De Niro's, he said I never left off those 12 right guys, from the day that I heard it from

00:37:37 --> 00:38:08

Pamela this hadith in Sahih Muslim is so beautiful because it shows you that this was not just narrating words to these people, every one of the people starting from Habiba to every single person in the chain of narrators is affirming that you know what, I didn't just hear that this fall flat guys get to a place in gender I made sure that I always pray 12 guys in the day or in the night of Sunnah, so that beautiful center that we have of course most commonly carried out with the two guys before budget for before the holder to after the order to after motive and to after a shot

00:38:09 --> 00:38:23

would equal 12 right guys, that is from heavy metal a lot of time I'm huh we also see from heavy metal the low on her that the Prophet slicin says whoever performs for like eyes before the horse and for after the hood, Allah subhana wa tada will

00:38:24 --> 00:38:32

Holla Holla Holla not Allah forbid that person from the fire, another Hadith where the prophets lie Selim said

00:38:33 --> 00:39:12

and this is narrated by Habiba her brother Amba an abbey Sophia narrates from her that there is no believing slave who prays for cries after the whole, that whose face will ever be touched by the fire. And this is, this is a beautiful Hadith that we find also an authentic one is the necessity. So all of you know the narrations in that genre, if you will, of the established practice of the Prophet, slice alum, even if it was not something that the Prophet seisen would always do but to pray for that guys before the Lord and for after is also through them Habiba will the LA Times unhappy with the reward being married as well. We also see some of the narrations of the heads of

00:39:12 --> 00:39:49

the prophets lie Selim as she was blessed to accompany the prophets lie some on his Hajj narrated there, some of the narrations regarding women's issues similar to Solomon, though not in the same quantity. And obviously, as we said, the prohibition of the marriage of sisters and the prohibition of the marriage through doula bent on Selma. These are all things that we get through the lens of Habiba all the time and how But more than that, every single time a person hears, has heard the prayer of the son of the holy and does so, or the son of 12. And does does so acting upon her advice in her practice in her narration, we pray that she has a share of that and so much more in giving us

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

that legacy that that window into the life and Abyssinia of the companions and of course, the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam may Allah be pleased with her

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

May Allah subhanho wa Taala join us with our mothers with the prophet SAW Selim with the companions with righteous with the martyrs and the highest level of genuine desire to dos Allah I mean, inshallah tada I will see you in a month in sha Allah Allah for the first but as I said, we'll have other things along the way desert malachite on a Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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