Omar Suleiman – The Firsts – Abdullah Ibn Masood (RA) – A Mighty Legacy of Qur’an

Omar Suleiman
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the first specimen that would have the last a lot of cinema and honestly that right Eddie he will be here.

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So tonight and Chatelet Santa we continue speaking about one of the Supreme companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who we owe so much of our legacy to the legacy of the poor and the legacy of Hadith that he was able to narrate the legacy of Fuck, that transpired primarily through the mouth hub of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah tala, a man who was there from the very beginning of the advent of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and whose legacy of knowledge lives with us today and touches us in so many different ways that we probably don't appreciate. And that is Abdullah bin Massoud or the Allahu Tada. And I want to preface this by saying that this was

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a really tough lecture for me to do because of the love and mystery there'll be a lot of data I know someone that I've done courses of six, seven hours on specifically when you speak about how his legacy transpires in the digital art in the in the books of flip through the different narrations and his qualities in so many ways. But just like with Buddha washer, Dean, we are, you know, primarily focusing on the initial coming into Islam and the companionship with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And some of the implications that that has for us, but in the night either, so we speak about our beloved Miss Ruth or the Allahu taala, and who he was from the tribe

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of who they are, and who they was not a tribe of Mecca, but they were an outside tribe. They were considered a tribe of Bedouins. And they did not have any type of prominence in Mecca. So this is going to be again, a situation in which you have a people who would be considered lava people who would be considered from the marginalized and from the weak and those that are unprotected in society. His father who passed away before Islam, was Massoud even lost, and he had come to Mecca, to basically care for the people's livestock to care for their sheep to do some of the lower jobs in Mecca. And he had formed an allegiance particularly to Ben ozora. Now, last week, we spoke about Ben

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ozora, because it was the tribe of sides while the Allahu tadano. So he was a high leaf, one who had allegiance to the tribe of sad and it will cost you a lot of time and who to bend.

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And his son would basically follow in his footsteps, our beloved Mr. Trudeau, the Allahu taala, and would follow in his footsteps and occupying, that's that that space in society where if you are someone who has allegiance to another tribe, you don't get involved in the internal politics of Mecca, you don't get involved in anything that involves some of the elite classes of Mecca, you avoid all of that. So I'm loving Mr. Little the allot of time, who was someone that would follow along that same path as his father,

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and would basically take on the role of shepherding sheep and of doing some of those things that that some of the lower classes in Mecca would do. Now, his name was Abdullah ibni only. That was his nickname before Islam, Abdullah, the son of home the abs, which is referring to his mother, after Islam. It's a blog that I'm on. And in the books of Filkin Hadith, you find that if the name Abdullah is mentioned, we know that there were many about you know, there were many of the laws that showed up in Islamic history that all occupy such a great space in our Deen in our tradition, but if you see Abdullah without Eben anything it is referring to the Abdullah referring to Yvan Masood, or

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the Allah hotaka on whom his physical description is important to his legacy in Islam. Why because of the love and Mr. Trudeau the allowance on who was uniquely short, the heath casia he was skinny, extremely skinny, extremely short, extremely short, unusually short. So much so that they say that the the that if the people were jealous, if someone was sitting, then it would equal the love and so there will be a lot on who is standing and if the people were standing you would not be able to see him. Why is this important? We'll see later on with a prominent incident that took place with Abdullah bin Massoud little deal of time I know so he was known for his heights and particularly

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being very short being very thin, not having much facial hair. He was also described as having very dark skin can no human edited by the minute the people of it was as if he was one of the bad ones and of course he lived a bedwin life. And so Pamela there's there's a narration about him, which is after he accepts Islam but his family

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physical appearance, and it is in saphira about the amount of time and who are Rahim Allah who was one of the tiberian from Kufa, one of his students. He said, I went out in the morning without the lab and Massoud for a minute to alpha. And he was chanting the Tobia. He said Abdullah was a black man with two braids. And he looked like the people of the desert, like the breadwinner of the desert. So he was a black man. And he had particularly two braids all the time. And he said, a crowd of the common people began to gather around him. And they said to him, yeah, Bobby, oh bedwin Man, this is not a day to make tell, we have to say the bake kolomela bake but rather, it's a day to make

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tech be able to say hello. And this is something by the way you find with many of those Sahaba that those that lived a long life would often encounter people who had no idea who they were so they would just, you know, speak to them as if they were common folk we saw it with in our model of the allot of time and who in the story of Earth man, we see it in so many different narrations, especially in the days of Hajj where you have a bunch of people that are converging upon Mecca, or you have the Sahaba that traveled into different parts of the world. So they started to censor of the love and mystery of the thinking he was just some bedwin man, and they said Why are you speaking

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this way? Why are you saying the bake Allahumma bake and at this point in the head, you should be saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And he said, Subhana Allah, are the people ignorant or have they forgotten? He said, I swear by the one who sent Mohammed Salah Lowery Islam with the truth. I went out with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I was with him in hajj, and he did not stop chanting the telomere until he cast at jumbo to the Aqaba except them to mix it with a tech beat or a lead with a la quarter La la la la so this is a narration was same as they've been Jose many others and it's an authentic narration. So again, you know, this was a man well the allot of

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time I know that had a very distinct appearance and one that would, you know, put him in some significant incidents that speak about the way that Allah Subhana hoods Allah would not judge someone from the size of their body right and their posture and their their strength, you know, on the profit slice of them says that Allah subhanaw taala does not look at your suit or your accent. Allah does not look at your physical appearance, nor your son nor the size of you nor your strength. He doesn't look at these titles. He doesn't look at your appearances. He doesn't look at your your physical size, but he looks at your hearts, he looks at your character, the Hadith where the Prophet

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slicin um said that on the Day of Judgment, yes. A semi ugly infant is no and Allahu Jenna How about although that a person would come on the Day of Judgment, who is huge in stature, physically huge, mighty and huge and he doesn't weigh in the sight of Allah subhanho it's out of the wing of a mosquito. Here you have the opposite end of the love and Mr. Little the a lot of time I'm someone who was significant in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is significant in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala as we'll see, in some of the narrations about him, he did will be a long time who used to be known for his perfume. So he used to he used to love good sense. And you know, one of the

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things that's narrated about him is that he was one of the most pleasantly scented people and he used to wear the cleanest white soap all the alerts on on. So how does he get into a slump

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I'm loving this little thing a lot of time who was sent to be a shepherd of urban Aviemore eat at the age of 13 years old. So again, we're going to see the story of a teenager embracing Islam. Who is urban, be more eat more eat is the one who we said put the camel guts on the back of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and faulty model the allowance had on who was cleaning the back of the profit slice alone after that incident. He's one of the most evil oppressors of the prophets lie Selim staunch in his opposition to Islam, not just one of the elites of Christ, but one of the cruelest of the elite of Christ, someone who has no dignity and no shame, subjecting the prophets

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license them to all sorts of punishment, as we will see. So our beloved Miss Ruth was his Shepherd in charge of his sheep at the age of 13 years old. And his incident is very beautiful. He he didn't meet the prophets lie Selim through a Rebecca de la unwhole, calling him the way he called some of the other companions to come speak to the Prophet slice of them. He said that one day I was caring for the sheep of our coven, Morita minding my own business on the outskirts of Mecca. And this man comes to me, and he's traveling with someone else. He says to me, can we have some milk from these goats? Because we're travelers, and hella come and shot in heaven. Do you have any shot? Do you have

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any goats that have some milk that we can that we can, you know, drink from? So even Massoud not knowing who these people are? He said, Now, well, I can de la amico. Ha, well, I can you go down and watch him and he said, Look, I

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don't own the sheep I am entrusted with the sheep, so I can't give you from their milk. Because that would not be honest. To my, to my, to my sacred

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to the one who owns them. So the man says to me, it Tina be shot in La La venafi You know what, just go ahead and bring me a, you know one of the goats or one of the sheep that has no milk in it. So he says, I brought them one of those. He said so that man who was of course the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he put his hand on the others of the of the sheep, and he said, Bismillah, the prophet size, and I'm said Bismillah and he said, for either Bihari, I'm telling you Lebanon, he said, then all of a sudden, the water started to flow with milk. So the prophets lie. Some took their milk, he said, the machete but he drank, he gave to his companion who has a double bucket

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Well, the lowdown on how to drink and he gave me from it as well to drink. So here I am, with the Prophet's life summonable bucket, I don't know them at this point, you know, and what's going on with them. I just see that the prophets lie, some said some words, and the others suddenly started to bring milk and the profit slice on his generosity, gave milk to his companion Apple Beckett, and to me as well, even though I did not betray the trust of my master, because, you know, this was a you know, this was an animal that gave no milk. He said something that I that cannot count it and then after the profits, I'm finished taking milk from it, then it went back to not producing milk at

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all. So I said to him, yeah, I'm, oh, uncle. I live in Manhattan, Manhattan, old under the hood. Teach me about these words that you just said. So the profit slice on them must have had a subsidy. He wiped his hand on my chest. He smiled at me. He said Indigo diamond wire. I love that you are a knowledgeable young man. You're a young man who is intelligent, who's bright. Now the prophets I send them obviously wanted to stir a curiosity of intimacy a little the allowance that I know, that would put him on a journey. So even Masood does not know what he just saw. He's a 13 year old separate, minding his own business in the outskirts of Mecca. And, obviously, what does he do? He

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says, as soon as they left, he said, I went but that to us, Allahumma. And I started to ask the people about them, he said, so I went to an Ibis what the Allahu taala and who and then I boss of course was a tradesman. Remember the the story of a thief kindy about the Allahu taala and who who went to that bus and who asked him about what was happening so Ibis knew the scene in Mecca. So he said, I went to an Ibis, and he was selling some perfume. And I asked him, I bustle the a lot of time about him, and he told me who he was. So I went to him and I said, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, shadow and maqasid Allah, I bear witness that there is only one God and that you are

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the Messenger of Allah. So he went to the Prophet slice alum quickly to inquire about him. And of course, he learned that the Prophet slicin was a messenger calling to the message of Toki, to the oneness of God. And because of what he had seen and encountered, he immediately believed in him sallallahu alayhi wasallam and so I've loved him as a little the allowance out on who is widely regarded as the sixth man to enter into a slab and I'm gonna say this over and over again. Sometimes you're gonna have some conflicting narrations about what day what time Exactly. People had accepted Islam, but he is actually nicknamed as soon as Islam at one point he was one sixth of Islam. So he's

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looked at as the sixth man who accepted us nominal the law of Thailand who even though he was also just a teenager, some of the nicknames that he would take on after that, he is the keeper of the, the sandals of the Prophet slice of them, all we're going to see is closeness. So Sahib would not name the keeper of the sandals. What that means is that he would walk so close to the profit slice, and then he picked up the profit slice on sandals, and he put him under his under his armpit, so that he could walk with them, but a lot of time, he was the keeper of the secrets of the Prophet sallallahu it he was alone. Why because the prophets lie, some of them made him so close to him,

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that the Prophet slicin I'm told him isn't Okay, you have permission and terrified, hey, Java, and test mercy, wear the hat and hack. He said that I will, you know, lift up the veil, you can come close to me, you can hear anything that I say, until I tell you that it's private that you cannot hear so the default is that you are my confident you can hear whatever it is that I say. And he will maintain a closeness to the Prophet slice alone throughout the life of the Prophet slice alone, that will see that other companions envied in a positive way, the closeness that he had to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Now what is he the first man to do?

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He's the first man to recite the publicly

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The first man to recite the poem and publicly, particularly in front of the cabinet. Now some hannula I talked about that mighty scene of Bilodeau the allot of time and who's standing on top of the Kaaba and chanting the event for the first time. And you you watch the scenes on TV, you've been to the huddle, you see the event going all throughout, imagine how beautiful it was to hear the first event. And the prominence and the honor that Allah subhana wa tada gave to Beloved, a lot of time, as he stood on top of the cabin shouted out, Allahu Akbar, Allah could imagine being the very first person to recite the Quran out loud in front of the cabinet. Okay, what is the context of

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this, some of the Sahaba, they were speaking amongst themselves, and these are some of the early companions, of course, and they talked about this idea of the Koran being recited publicly, in front of the cabinet. And they started to suggest some names. And the names that they were suggesting, obviously, were some of the powerful people who had the least chance of being killed for reciting the Quran publicly, right? So one name that came up, for example, or if not have been found with a low tide on the people love there is not too much. He was wealthy. They had all sorts of reasons not to hurt him. He was noble, right? So some said, Well, what about Earth nominal, the allowance? No,

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some said, What about habanero. So there's some different names that came up of some of the noble companions, noble in terms of status and class, in that society, who would be protected by their tribes, the last person that would fit that that description is our beloved in this room that will be allowed to Thailand, he has no tribe to take care of him. He is, you know, as we'll see, by the way, the first person when the when the grace came to the Prophet, slice them, and they said, you know, without without just, you know, leave off these people. And we'll sit with you and listen to you. The first name is our beloved and Mr. They didn't want to be seen with him. They didn't want to

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sit in the gathering with him. You know, he's not a person that has protection. He's not a person that has the physical stature to be able to bear the beating that's going to come his way. When he does that. He doesn't have any, you know, trade that would cause someone who has who has a partnership with him to try to protect them. No one would want to protect our beloved Mr. Little the A lot of times from these people in Mecca, he's not going to find sympathizers, right. So he has every reason not to be that person, but I'd love and Massoud says I will and he said a lot as a general protect me, I'm going to be the one to recite the portal and in public, and Allah will

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protect me. Now some of the companions tried to talk him out of it. But he insisted to be the one to go out and to recite the poem. And so think of the scene. You're in Mecca. No one has ever recited the poor and publicly, you have the idols surrounding the cab of the people are going out about their business. And this young man goes out to the front of the cab, and he starts to recite Ottawa Hannah Porter. Hello, Karl is an alumna who will ban ashampoo, comma Ruby whose ban one najmul washoku, yes, Judah, he's reciting seraphina. And that is, of course, sort of the whole point and is beautiful, the whole world and this beautiful sort of man flowing from the mouth of our beloved

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Massoud little, a lot of time. And obviously, he's reciting this from the heart. And it's one of the earliest solos that was revealed and there's a wisdom hickmott to that being the sort of that he will choose to recite in front of the cabinet. And the people are looking at him and they're like, is this poetry? What is he doing? What's he talking about? Here is his poetry. And eventually, you know, as he's reciting sort of man, they say, he's reciting the words of Mohammed lies on him he's reciting those words that the Prophet that Mohammed Salah ism is claiming comes to him from Allah subhanaw taala from above seven heavens. So they all pounce upon our beloved animal, a lot of the

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low tide animal, and they start to crush him. And he was beaten unconscious, and so severely that it says collarbones were collapsed. Right, stepped on beaten, they thought they actually killed him for reciting. And the Sahaba went to him. And they pulled him out of the beating the people literally stomping him and stepping on him. And they took him back and they treated him. And he woke up from his, you know, from from his unconsciousness. And they said to him, the mufaddal to Heather, why did you Why did you do that? We told you that it's going to hurt you. We told you that you'll probably be killed. Why did you do that? And somehow like says McKenna, I don't love Liam and Yomi. However,

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he said there was there is no day that the enemies of Allah were lighter in my sight than they were today. I have no regard for them whatsoever. And he says, will lie that will lead to an RJ Middleton offer and he said I wish he said I want to go back tomorrow. And he said I will read the Quran again. And they will do what they do again.

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At that point I don't care and he said what tuffle Raja Rohit until my soul would come out until death would come and he told I'm loving this little deal on who has to book has stopped It's enough you already caused them to hear what they hate to hear it's okay. Right You don't need to go further and read more in a way that's going to put your life at risk in this environment. It's not the best thing to do so I beloved Miss Ruth occupies the position of being you know, the person who recited the poor and publicly first or the low title and not just in any space but in front of the cabin I always tell people made last panels on allow us a chance to visit his home that when you're there in

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Mecca and Medina tried to think about the scenes of these companions so when you're walking around the cabin doing too often the night Tyler think of Abdullah When was the first time reciting and in front of the cabinet think of below the line who's standing on top of the cabinet making the done remember the profit slice and I'm sitting in the shade of the carbon hubbub coming to the profit slice them and complaining about the torture that they are facing remember the profit slice on himself being tortured in the way that he was so that you could recite the answer freely as you do. When you stand in front of the cabinet try to think about these scenes as you're making pull off

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immerse yourself in the scenes bitten into heat either because they're very powerful scenes. Now, even Mr. Trudeau the low tide

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you know, was given tofield truly chosen to do this action. And there's something about urban Miss roads connection to the Quran Of course, the Sahaba were the generation that received the poor and we talked about amen all the time. And the way she loved the Prophet slice um, she held the Prophet slice them as a baby, she followed him but why did she cry when the prophets lie Selim passed away in that incident when she was sitting with Abu Bakr and Omar because the revelation has ceased to come from the heavens. They love the Prophet slice alum, first and foremost, because he was the Messenger of Allah. And because of the message that Allah endowed him with Allah, his Salatu was

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Salam. So they loved him for the first and foremost and you find this with the allowance, that his love for the poor and was so special. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and somehow and yes, Martin, and London, Tory and kemah unzila whoever wants to hear the poor and fresh, wherever he wants to hear it, the way that it was revealed, let them listen to the pillar of urban renewal of the alarm tower. And if you want to hear the or, and the way it was revealed to the Prophet slicin them, you listen to the drama of Abdullah Masood, or the Allahu anhu. And you know, there are various narrations about this, that the Prophet slice alum said that to take the poor and to learn

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the poor and from for people, and he mentioned love and mystery with all the Allahu taala and who first and then why, and obey and Sodom. May Allah be pleased with them all. But the prophets lie some refer to him as an authority of the Koran and Eben Masuda the alongside and who would refer to the prophets lie some of them even by his being honored with the Quran being revealed to him. So there are times that he would refer to the prophets license as Allah the own zealot Allah He sorted bacala the one upon whom sort of Bukhara was revealed. And there there's a saying from him and have been called hub Bella hora Sula, that whoever loves the Quran will naturally love Allah and His

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Messenger, the one who Allah chose to send the Quran through Masuda la sala lahardee who was selling and he circled the hotel and Whoa, what an amazing narration he says a hustle man Femi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I took from the mouth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 70 students of the Quran fresh from the mouth of the Prophet sighs right meaning I was there, I saw the revelation I received them fresh from the mouth of the Prophet slice. And so the one who wants to hear the poor and let them listen to the poor and fresh from the mouth of the law of that animal, and how much of the poor and how much of it Do we have, because of the students have been missing

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those that heard the admissibility who heard it from the profit slice on and then taught and then taught and then taught until it reaches us the way that it reaches us today.

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And there are so many different durations of handle I'll just mention one more about the poor and in particular, how a lot of chosen to have a special distinction with the poor and and that is the incident where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him said to him to recite the Quran to me, and if it messes with the law tada and he was, was shocked, he said, Accra, Accra Lake, do you want me to read upon you Accra. La qualico owns it and it was revealed to you, you know, the silhouette you want me to read the whole anti unit was revealed to you and the prophets, Allah lahardee who was Selim says that I love it.

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To hear it from other than myself and a smarter home and Lady, I love to hear it from other than myself. And he sat with the Prophet sallallahu it was set up and he started to read sort of the neasa until he got to a cafe that didn't know him and clearly omentum be Shaheed then how will it be when we bring upon every nation a witness and we bring you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a witness upon all of these as a witness upon all of these nations. And he said that when I recited that, the prophets of Allah hardiness of them said to me to stop enough, I looked up and he said, I saw the eyes of the prophets license dripping like leaky faucets. I mean, the water was

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coming down streaming from the eyes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, listening to the camera, over there must be a lot of time when the verse that reminded the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that he was that he is a witness upon all nations on the day of judgment upon a loss of, you know, he is the one who Allah chose to recite the poor and publicly for the first time in front of the cabinet. And he's the one who Allah chooses to sit with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and recite the Quran to him bringing him to tears. And he's the one that the Messenger of Allah license says, that if you want to hear the unfresh, as it was revealed, listen to

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his recitation. And he's the one who says, I took 70 solos fresh from the mouth of the Prophet sallallahu. It was the one upon whom source that was revealed. And we'll just see this that even Mr. Little De La en who truly took the poor, and everywhere that he went, and he inspired generations with the pulldown and with his love of the Quran, while the Allahu taala. And it was for him, and upon the likes of him, that, you know, that that the, the verse was revealed when the mushrikeen did not want to sit with urban mysteries all the time, or sad or Beloved, or some of these other companions that were considered from the water thought from the week that Allah Subhana hoods had

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revealed to the Prophet sallallahu it was said I must submit enough second Amanda DNA of the owner of the home below that he would actually keep yourself patient with those who call upon their Lord, morning and afternoon,

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calling upon him seeking His pleasure. So this is who he was. Now, obviously, before I get to, you know more about his position with the profit slice of them. It's one thing to be mocked by the outside. It's one thing to be stomped upon, and hurt by the enemies of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's another thing when you are hurt from within. And that hurt is not the hurt of questioning his position, his position was never questioned. But there is this incident that takes place that really hurt his feelings, but somehow a lot at the same time. You know, it ended up being a blessing for him because the prophets lie some defended him and mentioned something about his status. That was

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powerful. The profits lesson was with Mr. Little the law of Thailand who was always with him, as we said, and even miss Ruth all the law of town and who was picking from the Iraq tree, something from the tree where the seawall comes from, and the winds blew up his garment, he was blown into the tree in a way he fell back and his legs were exposed. And his legs were extremely small. And because of that, some of the Sahaba left, right, they laughed at his physical appearance. And the prophet SAW some could have let that go. Right. These are companions. This is a companion solahart he was alone, you know, these are the instance of Hello, that really should should should lead you to just love

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and appreciate the profit slice on more than anything else. He doesn't let stuff like that go right. He checks them, even though Sahaba he checks them when it comes to things like this. Right. And this is the culture The Tobia, he doesn't let an insult go. He doesn't let someone's feelings go hurt he will check it and he will make sure that he that he takes care of it at the moment may Eliza just give us that same type of character that the prophets lie some hat. So he sees them laughing at him and rescued them the prophets lie some sees the hurt on the face of luminous reusable the law hotel. And the profits license says Why are you laughing?

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They said yellow suit a lot. We're just laughing at his his legs, right the size of his legs. And the profits of the lahardee wisdom says you're laughing at the legs of him this rude. And they said yeah, and you know, by the way, this is how sometimes things go by they pass because it's normal people that are sitting in this is culture and it's what's the big deal, right? How many times has it been Mr. Little De La and have probably been made fun of in his life, but this is different. This is the companions and this is the profit slice of them in their presence. The prophet SAW them said you're laughing from his two legs. You're laughing at his legs. And they said yes Hola. We were just

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we were laughing at the size of his legs and the profits license

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As lahoma as autofill meezan here in the law, Ninja video, so I swear by Allah, that they are heavier on the scales on the Day of Judgment with a loss of Hannah Hosanna than Jabba than the mountain of

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panela. Now, next time you going to hurt me, advisor generate us that trip long. I mean, and you look at the vastness of ahead imagine above the law and whose legs on the Day of Judgment, the giant of Eben Masood, and the scale with a loss of Hannah Montana in the scales of God, he is his legs are the size of what about the What about the whole of hemorrhoidal the allowance out and who these legs are the size of it. And what did we say earlier that a huge person comes on the Day of Judgment. He doesn't weight the weight of a wing of a mosquito in the sight of a loss palatinus Hello, what a way for the profit slice of them to testify to his greatness. What a lesson and what an example that he

00:30:58 --> 00:31:20

sets for us will allow us and imagine how even Massoud heard hearing that while the Allahu tada and so he was Sahiba Sidley rasulillah. He's Isilon he was the keeper of Secrets of the Prophet size and the keeper of his of his his pillow, the keeper of his sandals, the keeper of his Waldo, when he would travel the keeper of his sea whack,

00:31:21 --> 00:31:59

the one who can have up the nebbia salario centimeter now while you're still in Ibiza, Lala it was time he left us and he was the one that would wake the Prophet slicin up from his sleep. He was the one that would cover the profit slice on them when the profit slice of them needed to relieve himself or do listen. That's the closest that he had so much so that Musashi will be allowed and who embraced Islam from Yemen. He said that when I and my brother came from Yemen, and we accepted Islam, we thought that Eben Massoud and his mother were from elevate were from the members of the household of the Prophet slicin, because of how close he was to the Prophet slice of them. And the

00:31:59 --> 00:32:36

way he would stay with the Prophet slice of them for so long. We considered him from elevates we thought he was a family member of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he would spend almost the whole day with the Prophet slicin. He attached himself to the Prophet size them He attended to his needs, he would accompany him on all of his journeys, he was the one who would shield him, the one who would wake him up the one who carry his things for him. And so this And on top of all of that, he's the confidence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is special, because there are a few people that had that type of relationship, and particularly when it

00:32:36 --> 00:33:18

comes to the secrets of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, those that would, that would, would hear the secrets of the prophets lie, some of the prophets lie some would confide in with some of those things. And who's, you know, most recognized for that? Are they familiar man, or the man who was the secret keeper of the Prophet slice on them? And so, not only is he he narrates, he says, we went to her the familiar man and we said to him, inform us of who the closest of people to the Prophet slice in October nurserymen Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hadean, well then, who is closest to the Prophet slice of them in regards to their guidance and conduct and character, so

00:33:18 --> 00:33:38

we would take from them so we would take from that person that has gone home, when s Merriman who and we would hear from that person, so we can learn from them who is the person that you would say, oh, who is closest to the Prophet slicin them in his guidance and his character so that we can learn from him at his salon was set up, and

00:33:40 --> 00:34:16

they flipped into the amount of the data and who says that the closest of the people to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in guidance in conduct in character was Abdullah Massoud of the allowance and he says had to tell Amina fi Beatty, he Salalah already was that I'm to the point that he would hide from us in his house, the profits I send them would take him into the house when none of us could go in the house with the profit slice of them that for all of us, we would have sort of reached a limit and our closeness to the profit slice Island but have been misled or the low tide and who would go in with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he said that the metaphor

00:34:16 --> 00:34:59

alone and maximal Ivana min refers to those that are guarded by Allah now what he means by that those that were protected from hypocrisy, protected from going astray. So they were considered the most upright of the companions of the prophets lie Selim. They knew that evening that our beloved members of the Allahu taala and who was a crabby him eat a lie his alpha from the most from the closest of them to Allah subhana wa Tada. So he wasn't just this close to the Prophet size Allah. The most upright of the companions knew that our beloved Masood or the allot of time and who had a significant standing that he was closest to Allah subhana wa tada as well that he was so beloved to

00:34:59 --> 00:35:00


00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

So he was beloved to Allah, and beloved to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's why, by the way, you find one of the famous incidents that abubaker Alma and the prophets lie, some were walking, and they were the prophets. lysozyme heard that they're out of it in the middle of the night.

00:35:20 --> 00:36:02

And as Elon Musk was making the profit slice, I'm stopped and he started to listen to the drive and Mr. And I will back in and Omar stopped and they started to listen to Dr. Massoud. He's in conversation with his Lord right now. And the profits licences settled law. Ask and you will be given where you are right now. Ask and you will be given and they will miss you there'll be a lot of time Andrew says a lot minister look at you man and no Yata when are you mentally unfit one more alpha Katana Vika Mohammed in Salalah. Why do some theology non input said Oh Allah, I asked you for email. And now your third one, even though you entered for email and from faith, from faith that

00:36:02 --> 00:36:45

would not expire from blessings that would not that would not be taken away and from the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the highest level of the of paradise. That's how a lot I mean, that is the best route that you can make right? A man that does not spoil blessings that don't spoil, right so a man that that he would never go back on so that the last patch I would keep faith within him that in he asked him for blessings that would not spoil and the greatest blessing of all, the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam theology none hold in the highest level of Paradise and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I mean, so this is a

00:36:45 --> 00:37:26

special ranking that he has with Allah, and a special ranking that he has with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he witnessed every significant incident in Islam with the prophets. I saw them, him and his mother were amongst those that made him twice, to Abyssinia and to to Medina. He witnessed all of the battles with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he's amongst the people of bed that he's amongst the people they are to do with one and he was there on the day that his master weapon anymore he put camel guts on the back of the Prophet slice of them so he actually saw that incident where the Prophet slicin I'm comforted faulty model the low Tatiana because of the

00:37:26 --> 00:37:40

torture of our government Aviemore eight and the laughter of Abuja and those that mock the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam and Subhana Allah, this is again the turn the shift that takes place in bed

00:37:41 --> 00:38:26

on the day of better, Allah subhanho wa Taala would honor the love and miss rule of the law of time, who would be with being the one that would finish off Abuja. Now Jan was struck by two young men, two brothers, and then he fell and the day of better and he was still living the Pharaoh of this own mother for her own of the summer. And of the loudness rules or the low tide on who he climbs on to the chest. I mean, think about the size of what john was a huge man was a humongous man, physically, a human, a mountain of a man physically, okay. And he was of course of the elite in Mecca, those that used to torture and ridicule, the first one to kill, you know, the Muslims, the first one to

00:38:26 --> 00:39:06

put the boycott on the Muslims. You know, really the phenomenon of this oma so Pamela, and we talked about the feelings of the likes of Armada and others on that day, and the law or the law of Thailand on others on that date, of the love of the love of China and physically, is the opposite of Abuja, Han and he's also spiritually the opposite of Abuja. This is a man who is a mountain on the Day of Judgment standing on a man who does not wait the Wink of a mosquito in the sight of Allah Subhana town and he climbs onto the chest of Apple gel. And as he climbs onto the chest of Abuja and Abuja Hill, as arrogant as he is, he looks at him and he says, Look under the title monitor concern when

00:39:06 --> 00:39:48

you get away from that you have climbed a difficult climb. Oh, Shepherd of sheep, who do you think you are? To stand on my chest? And he asks him, he says Lima Illallah, who's winning about Abuja has talking down to the Mr. Trudeau, the low tide I know even though he's standing on top of him with a sword, about to kill him. And I'm loving him as though the law of Toronto says a lot about to the law. When it comes to the law here I do a lot that the victory belongs to Allah and to the Messenger of Allah, oh enemy of Allah, and then he kills Abuja. So Allah subhanho wa Taala honored even Mr. Little the a lot of time and who would being the one who would kill the pharaoh the film of this

00:39:49 --> 00:39:53

and that's when the profit slice and I'm set up not to fit

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

that the Pharaoh of this has died and there's narration and it'd be that would

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

The profit slice I'm actually gave to Mr. Little the lowdown on the sort of

00:40:07 --> 00:40:48

as he was the one that had killed him. I'm loving Mr. noodle, the low tide and who is so close to the profit slice and I'm on the day that he was the one who narrated the very famous Hadith that the Prophet slicin um, as he was, as he was attacked as the blood was coming down from his face as the Prophet slicin um, was about to die. He said a llama thoroughly comi phenomena, Allah won't Oh ALLAH forgive my people, because they certainly do not know any better. So he's the one who narrates that incident. So that shows you the closest that he had to the Prophet slicin in the Battle of Ohio, as well. He is the one who he says that the prophets license taught me to shut hood taking my hand

00:40:48 --> 00:41:26

within his palms. The same way he taught me a surah of the Quran. I love that inheritance panel. I think about that. He took my hand and his palm Salalah hardiest, and he taught me that to shadow the same way he taught me a surah of the Quran. So he learned Salah from the Prophet sites on he learned a lot from the Prophet slice of them, he learned so much from the messenger soul, I said, I'm so intimately so closely in a way that we would all envy. And we would hope that Eliza would grant us that closeness on the day of judgment to our messenger sallallahu wasallam. And there is something interesting Subhanallah that he had avoided marriage for a long time.

00:41:27 --> 00:41:51

And one of the reasons was poverty and one of the reasons was closest to the Prophet slice alone. So he says that we used to fight battles in the company of the Prophet slice them and some of us were not married. So he said, I said to the Prophet slice on them, you know, should we stay that way should should we get castrated should we never get married and the Prophet slice on them forbade us from doing so from staining from from from marriage.

00:41:52 --> 00:42:31

And one of the the incidents of analog that, that I found in this regard and Sinan Anissa he speaks to a connects Earth nominal the law of Earth man. As we said, when we talked about saving the earth, not only a lot of time, imagine the secret sadhaka that we have never been able to document in our books, but our documents in the scrolls have a loss of habitat. And if you remember, it's not only a lot of time and help to ID it'll be a lot harder to get married. If you go back to the lecture about IDs marriage to follow them up, may Allah be pleased with them. It's not only a law on who was one of those that helped it get married, he was someone that used to spend on those who were

00:42:31 --> 00:42:57

poor, and could not afford to get married. So then Mr. Trudeau, the amount of time and how he says that he met Earth man out of them and rusnano the allowance out and he said to me he said seven Miss Ruth, are you interested in a woman that I can that I can marry her to? You know, look, are you are you ready to get married? So I can find you someone and I can you know facilitate the marriage for you so if man wanted to sponsor in my

00:42:58 --> 00:43:42

marriage, and and that is of course the incident as well. The narration the context of young national Shabaab Oh young men minister of law I'm income affiliate reserve, which whoever amongst you can afford to get married, let him do so whoever cannot then let him fast for fasting will be a shield for him. So this is one of the one of the ways that we understand the context of the profit slice I'm saying that was for the likes of Mr. Little the law. Todd, I know had a difficult time. And we see that he did eventually marry a woman by the name of Zainab bint Aviemore Alia, may Allah be pleased with her. And this is one of By the way, the incidents where we see the amount of zany

00:43:42 --> 00:43:48

herbs that existed in the time of the prophets lie Selim, we also get an important ruling.

00:43:49 --> 00:44:30

And that is the permissibility of a wife giving sadaqa to her husband. And so, this is a narration from a little villalta I know that Zane up, the wife of the Massoud came to the profit slice of them to ask him permission to speak to him and below the allotted time and who was guarding the profit slice on that day. So he told the profit slice on that Zainab is here to see you the profit slice I'm said which of the the Zan and which of the herbs there are, so many Zeno's? So which of the Zeno's so he said the Zeno of Eben Mr. Zeno, who is the wife of them. So she entered and she said to the Prophet slice, I'm the eldest of Allah you commanded us today to give sadaqa and she was

00:44:30 --> 00:45:00

speaking about the women that the prophets lie some had told the women to give sadaqa and particularly from their jewelry, so he said, I have some some jewelry, that I want to give a sadaqa so who should I give sadaqa to so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that your husband and your family are a hepco, Ventus, abductor V and E are the most worthy of those who would receive silica from you. So this is something that we also find from the virtual

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

of Mr. law, the law No. And one of the lessons that we take from the law, or the law, it's out. There are so many different narrations, the prophets license that take as examples. After me, my two companions I will Beckett and almost an act upon the guidance of Mr. And hold fast to the big evening, Mr. Rhodes to the advice of women Masood, or the law of Thailand. And he passed away. It'll be a lot of time. So a lot while he was giving people that, that guidance to follow the likes of Abdullah and Massoud, it'll be a lot of time and again, I could go on and on and on and on. But I want to go just to you know, after the death of the Prophet slicin, to this relationship between

00:45:42 --> 00:46:24

Alma and Eben Massoud. Now, or Omar or the law of Thailand who had a special love of Ibn Masood, and this shows you the way that he man transformed people that faith transform people, and the way that it completely shifted the worldviews of people. Remember, there was a time that the Prophet slicin would make dua for either Alma or Abuja have to accept this not because they resembled one another and stature and power and leadership and those types of things. So at one at some point, they were similar. But so how to model the low tide and who would accept this now a Buddha would maintain his arrogant ways until the moment of his death under the feet of Mr. Udo the allowance on who was once

00:46:24 --> 00:47:02

crushed under the feet of eration. Mecca, Amato, the longtime man who his entire worldview was shifted by a lot in his little soldiers a lot while he was on them. And he had a, you know, such a beautiful relationship with Eben Massoud, and he admired him and he used to, you know, he used to call him to his gatherings he used to call him to assura to seek advice from him. He used to point him out when the people would gather around they're all not as the as the one from whom advice should be sought. He used to serve him laugh with him, he used to honor him that the amount of narrations are beautiful he used to say Willie Africa that that he's full of knowledge He's full of

00:47:02 --> 00:47:15

understand. And somehow a lot It was to the point that if you disrespected and Mr. Rude in front of Alma Amato, the law of Thailand who would throw something at you, literally, I mean, there are narrations if someone disrespected

00:47:16 --> 00:48:02

because again, some of the temporary and some of those that came from outside they didn't know who had been Mr. Rude was so our model the law and who would throw something at them. If they disrespected? They've been Mr. Rude and, you know, and constantly mentioned his virtues. And one of the things that a lot of time I know did was he appointed Eben Masood as a governor of Kufa, Iraq. And the way that he speaks about his sense of Amana, that almost as a leader, as a leader felt like he had to do right by the oma so he would appoint in Maseru as a governor and ad hoc as a governor of Kufa and specific even though he loved him so much himself. And he says will lie thought to

00:48:02 --> 00:48:43

convey the login route and NFC he said that I swear by Allah that I have chosen out the lagna Maseru there I've given you and Mr. Rude over myself, he said even though I can't bear to live without him. I love the love of my students so much. And I can't bear to I can't imagine my life without the love and material. That's a lot of time I know speaking, his knowledge, his presence, his guidance, his character. And of course if all my love the profits, Isom the way he did then of course you'll love him and Miss Ruth, or the law of town animal the way that the way that Allah and the messenger slice I love him. So he said, I'm referring you to myself, by giving you Abdullah Massoud, even though I

00:48:43 --> 00:49:10

cannot bear to live without him. It's upon Allah that gift that almost all the law of town and who gave to Kufa is indeed where you start to see the schools of fit and and come from Kufa. Right and that emanates from that decision first and foremost to send our beloved Miss, may Allah be pleased with him to Kufa and there is the story that you know, there was this group of people that had come

00:49:11 --> 00:49:54

through Medina, and it was dark at night it was late at night. So all metal the law and who came out to meet them. And he said, Where are you coming from? They said infigen me from a deep valley, which is organic expression. He said in Where are you people going? So they said, to elevate it, to the Kaaba, the ancient house but again, using the ionic words, and all metal, the old town who said these people have a scholar amongst them. These people, they know that they're speaking with the Quran, they have a scholar amongst them. So he said to them, which part of the Quran is greatest? And they responded with it courtesy Allahu Allah, Allah, Allahu Allah, Europa yom until the end of

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

it. And he said, which part of the Koran is most decisive on justice? So they say

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

In a layup, what will be the ideal accent? What about the verse that we recite and in on the only Juma that Allah commands what is just unfair and the feeding of the relatives and which of the Quran is most comprehensive? And so they responded for many Outland with Carla dealt with in height on the other hand with God or dealt with him shuttle on yellow, whoever does an atom's weight of good and Adam's weight of good will see it and whoever doesn't Adams weight of evil will see it. And which part of the end gives the greatest hope earlier about the alladhina Asafa and Hosea, we're not talking about women Rahmatullah say, Oh, my servants who have transgressed against themselves do not

00:50:39 --> 00:51:21

despair from the mercy of a lot. So at that point, I'm literally alone who was so impressed by their knowledge of the Quran that he responded and he said, is Abdullah and Massoud amongst you the way that you people know that you have a scholar amongst you and the way that you people know the Quran, you don't just have any scholar, are you are you by any chance without the love and Massoud? And they said yes, by Allah, and Amato, the allowance Allah and who was so happy that he went and he held up the love and missed all the loans out I know. And he said that he is what while he's like a pot, Willie aroma, he is just full of knowledge. SubhanAllah. So while he would be small in stature,

00:51:21 --> 00:51:35

he is full of knowledge flowing with knowledge. He had a big smile on his face. And he sat at his feet. And he occupied him for hours catching up with his loved one. Abdullah bin Massoud a lot of your long term.

00:51:36 --> 00:52:13

So how long it's even said that someone asked the question, even Massoud was there, he said, Are you asking me and you have the keeper of the secrets of the Prophet slice? And I'm sorry, he wouldn't have been the one who would even keep the sandals of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this was the love that Omar had for the minister. And by the way, when we get to the story of Rama, no one was happier on the day that Omar became Muslim than Eben Masood, okay. And he says this about himself, he was there when Armada became Muslim, and Subhanallah, he would live through the khilafah of Allah, may Allah be pleased with them all, as well. He would live to the khilafah of Earth man

00:52:13 --> 00:52:52

have been our family a long time. And in the time of his family, a lot of time he passed away before the fitna would break out. And, you know, this was something by the way that that investor would narrated some of the Hadith about some of the dissension and the trials that would arise so Eliza just spared him of that. And He willed in his will see that as obeyed with the allot of time and who would prey upon him. And some of the scholars they said that the reason why he will that Zubair would pray upon him is because his obeyed was his brother and his law. So he had a particular closeness to as obeyed Well, the law of Thailand who of course, is also one of the first that we

00:52:52 --> 00:53:33

will speak about, after the janazah of our beloved Miss Ruth, about the law of town and who will muster the battery. He says that I said to Abu Musab ashari lobby please them, do you think that he has left behind him anyone comparable to him and knowledge? And he said that Alamosa or the low annual said no, because he was with the Prophet slicin when we were absent, and he witnessed things from the Prophet sly, some that no one else witnessed. So this was a special man with the Allahu anhu, the shepherd on the outskirts of Mecca. That would that had no status in society, but how to supreme status in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada and a supreme closeness to the Prophet slice

00:53:33 --> 00:54:09

Allah and who went on to become one of the greatest ruler, not the greatest teachers and scholars of this oma, from whom we are still drinking from his wealth of knowledge today in so many different ways in ways that we do not properly appreciate. May Eliza just be pleased with him and May Allah Subhana Allah gather us with him. For certainly he asked Eliza, for the place of the prophets lie some of them to be with the prophets lie some agenda for the dose and the prophets lie Some said I mean, so we pray that Allah azza wa jal gather us would have been Massoud with the Prophet slice Allah, and with the sleight of hand with the Shahada with the Cydia clean, we pray that Allah

00:54:09 --> 00:54:28

subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings and then Eliza gel allows us to love the world and the way that these people love the poor and to love Allah the way these people love Allah and to love the messenger sallallahu wasallam the way these people love the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lama I mean just like the low Hayden was so damn it come to light here.

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