Omar Suleiman – Servants of the Most Merciful #4

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding one's passion for community work, rather than just doing it for pleasure. They stress the need for individuals to show pride in their appearance and not be caught in the "has been seen" mode. The loss of habitat and frustration caused by the pandemic are also discussed, along with the need for people to find their way back to their birthplace and acceptance. The speakers emphasize the importance of humility and finding a way to be proud of oneself.
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I would ask me, I'm gonna say policy, Mister No, no, he had a lot of alameen. What are you wanting me to do? Once again, he was adamant about God because

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he was Allah. It he was like he was willing to seem to feel. So if you guys could see all that's going on right here, sorry, it's a lot of technology and we'll get to inshallah. So the good news is that we're making progress and 100 an hour, I mean, with the types of equipment that we have here. So inshallah Ty, it'll all, it'll all come together. So I'm going to go ahead and continue on with the descriptions of a battle of man with the descriptions of the servants of the Most Merciful. And there's really a beautiful transition point that Allah subhana wa tada

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makes here, which is, you know, suddenly you go from your outward interaction, to where not only are you out dealing with the people, but you're dealing with really annoying and foolish people, you're dealing with people that are ignorant, people that are harmful people that are inconsiderate, insensitive, and, you know, has the potential to exhaust you. Okay. So, you know, imagine, I know, in our quarantine days, it's hard for us to think of this sometimes. But again, a lot of this is applicable online as well. But you're out and about, and you're dealing with rudeness you're dealing with, you know, also all sorts of all sorts of people. And then you come home. And not only are you

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home, but you are secluded from your family. And you are in a corner in your home. And you're calling upon a loss of habitat. So the transition just think of the imagery so Pamela, what do you got half of what Jackie doing a call to Salama, you're out and about and someone is throwing a remark. It's you someone's being insensitive and rude towards you. Someone's being very annoying. And you're taking it with grace, how do you deal with that? You deal with that by garnering the spiritual strength and the reservoir to be able to deal with people like that and to be able to deal with the environment as it's changing when you're in the corner of your home, in your salon and

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particularly in your suit. So last patch, I says when larina up to 90 of the hymn suggests then what piano and those who spend their nights prostrating themselves before their Lord and standing there are a few things that I want to say here inshallah tada as a transition. Number one the Prophet slicin himself. I love you hottie to nurse well spittle Allah damn hydro minella de Lisle to us what I asked me to allow them, the one who mixes with the people. And who tolerates the hardship that comes with dealing with people, the one who mixes with the people, and tolerates the hardship that comes with dealing with the people is better than the one who seclude themselves from the people.

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What that is speaking to is that a lot of people choose for life of seclusion, a life of, you know, a personal ibadah. And they say, you know, I'm not going to deal with community work, I'm not going to deal with messages stuff, I'm not going to deal with organizational work, I'm not going to volunteer, do anything. I'm just going to do this a God of prayer, and meditation and contemplation, and do these personal forms of a Baba that are so much more spiritually fulfilling than dealing with people, because dealing with people is really annoying. And sometimes dealing with Muslims is particularly hard, right in the sense that, you know, you expect better from your own community. And

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so Allah, we see a lot of people that get involved with the community. And, you know, in the process of getting involved with the community, start to see that some of the very fundamental human flaws are present, even in Islamic work, and it's disappointing every time and no matter how many times I tell you that you're going to be disappointed. It's not going to be able to prepare you for the extent of the disappointment that you will have when you start to see egos at play for what should be noble, selfless work, when you start to see fit enough, and all sorts of things, right. And so it's comfortable to say, you know what, I'm just going to abandon the community. I'm going to

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abandon all sorts of community work, and I'm just going to do what I enjoy doing. Okay, I'm just going to do what I enjoy doing. And that is prayer at home. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam enjoyed his piano more than any one of us could enjoy our pa right the Prophet slice alum enjoyed his prayer. He found a pleasure in his prayer some of love already. He was so happy, happy love. comfort us with it. Oh be done. Praying at night asking I saw the love and half for permission, you know, to spend the entire night in prayer. No, I saw the love and so that was the most amazing thing I saw from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was them so he enjoyed this prayer. More than any

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one of us could possibly enjoy our prayer. But still the prophets lie. Some also saw as Eva as worship, tolerating the rude Bedouin. Okay, tolerating the person that's knocking on his door in the middle of the night. tolerate

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The person that's interrupting him in his office, tolerating the person that says to the Prophet sly somebody else will be just tolerating all of that, you know, everything that comes with the package of doing community work, okay? Because he saw it as a part of his ego, that that's a part of the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah is giving us balanced and these ions. And so those who, who, you know, interact with people, and the capacity of serving the people and the capacity of doing good, and the capacity of their day to day and the capacity of their holiday pursuits, what either photographer, Luna kalu, Salama, and when they're approached by the ignorance when they find

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the foolish being fooled when they find the fools being foolish towards them, they simply say Salaam, I'm not interested, I'm not going to engage in this. when things start to get nasty, you know, they just disengage, not from good work, they don't disengage from important community work they disengaged from, from worthless community, ego and disputes, you know, I'm going to stick to what's being productive. And I'm going to avoid this part. Alright, I'm just going to try to do my best to be productive to not contribute to fit enough to avoid fitna if I'm in a place where I can stop fitness, then I'll do that. But I'm going to I'm going to engage people in a healthy way in a

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productive way. And I'm not going to shut off altogether. Now sometimes that means that some community work is not for you. Some community work is not for you find other community work, but the point is, is stay engaged with the people for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the Pharaoh, and Pharaoh in us, that the best of people, the best of people are those that are most beneficial to the people. So for the sake of getting that blessing, and being like that person that the prophets license that I love you, Holly to Nashville, yes, without a doubt, I'm the one who mixes with the people and tolerates the hardship that comes

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with mixing with the people is twice as good as the one who does not mix with the people, nor tolerate the other, nor tolerate the harm that comes with that. Now, how are you going to deal with all of that? How are you going to deal with all that noise? Are you going to remain dignified? Are you going to be able to tolerate it? How are you going to be able to channel your frustration when levena be tuned to be him? suggestion, piano, those are the people that would draw off to the corner of their homes at night, said to them look him in a place of frustration. And in a place of standing. Those are the people that build up their spiritual immunity, to be able to deal with the

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hardship that comes with dealing with people at night, okay, when they're alone with their Lord, and they remind themselves about what's important. And they, they refresh, they re energize, and then they come back the next day, ready to give a subwoofer with their wealth with themselves and ready to engage society in a productive way. They're gonna also say that, what this speaks to is that these are people that don't spend their nights in, in gossip. They don't spend their nights doing wicked deeds. They don't spend their nights doing some of the actions of the sofa half of the fullest people that they are, you know, that they're ignoring and that they're dealing with in such

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a dignified fashion, in the previous higher meaning, you know, sometimes we project false humility. And that's dangerous. Okay, that's dangerous. Because it can be Yeah, it can be a form of showing off. So let me put it to you this way. When we talked about how lovingly I'm sure, it'll be honan those who walk lightly on the earth, some people walk in a humble way out of the out of showing off the floor off those that would recycled and long into the night making it known that they were up all night reciting the plan, because of some slowness in their walk.

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You know, no failure regime of law talks about succeeded or failed to shorten the scope, not out of honoring the sinner, but to, to actually boast and to show pride. Okay, so literally the opposite of what the prophet slicin was talking about when he when he condemned those that would drag their garments out of arrogance and pride.

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So, how does that happen when dealing with a sofa? If you respond to someone who's foolish and who's arrogant and ignorance in a way that humiliates that person in the sight of others, then that's your intention to be able to come out of it and say, Look at that person, I made him look like an idiot. I made him look like a fool. Look how I dealt with him. And everyone will say, Mashallah, Mashallah. And people will look at the other one and say, What a brainfood you know, what, what, what a What a fool this person is, what an ignorant person this is. That's also Yeah, that's also showing up. Okay. So you're, you're displaying humility has to be genuine, it has to be of you. And it has to be

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something that you're actually seeking amends of a station with a loss of habitat that you're able to show

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head that you're able to show forbearance not just the means of humiliating someone and putting them down and making them look like the fool in the discussion. Okay, so you know this person is being loud and doesn't know how to control themselves. I on the other hand myself I can control myself I'm not gonna respond and people are gonna say Mashallah look at that person Mashallah never responds always know, it's got to be actually have you, okay? Otherwise you'd be as the perfect the prophets I some said the one who portrays something false of themselves, for the sake of the sight of the people can obviously feel basil is like one who wears two garments of false. That's not someone that

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is actually practicing a good quality to attain it, nor showing a good quality to seek the good of a loss. I don't either, but someone who does it because it's, it's a good opportunity for them in this dunya. So it defeats the purpose just like arriba does. So what does that mean? Work on your intention? Okay, work on your intention. So some of the scholars they said, the benefit of the transition to the next ayah is that these people don't go home now. and engage in sinful behavior, and engage in some of those things that that the fools are known for, just because they're no longer seen by the people. So they get you know, there's a testimony to Clos hear testimony to sincerity

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here and overcoming the gap that the the way that they keep themselves upheld and sustained, is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala whether that's in dealing with other people are in dealing with themselves with spiritual refinement at night, when no one is watching. So the true servants of Allah, He Babylon, they generate the, the strength and the energy and the sincerity to sustain themselves for all of those societal interactions. When they are when they are at home at night when no one sees them. And the loss of habitat acknowledges Look, it's not easy, it's not easy to suggest the logic you have to run on the home profile automa they fight their beds, these people fight their

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you know, their bodies are are fighting with their beds. They're trying so hard to forsake their beds to call upon a loss of habitat. It's not It's not easy, but the dignity that you show during the day for the acts of obedience that you do during the day will help you assist you in waking up and praying at night and that's why not hustle bustle Himalaya believers hustle bustle was one of the setup, either Hassan or Sophia, who was asked, why is it that we can't get up and pray at night. And he said, he said that's off so you didn't have your people to be live don't disobeyed him during the day and he will wake you up at night. Beyond as a gift. So lost parents out will give it to

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people that are beloved to him, people that are Aziz people that are noble in His sight people that he that he seeks to honor Allah subhanaw taala would give them that gift. So if you're acting foolish during the day, then the answer is not something that's going to be gifted to you at night, obey Allah subhanaw taala during the day in your interactions at work in your interactions with the people that will be a means of waking you up at night, as well. Now,

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there is there are some several other hyatts about soju in particular, and this is really what I want to focus on tonight, a new layer of substance, a new layer of frustration and the beauty of frustration here and the deep meanings that it has, particularly in this the sequence of ions that we find

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at the end here. A loss of contact tells us just a few hours before this what you love feeding the homeless you do the one on one or whatnot and as to the mat. Mona was out there on the floor last contact says that when it's told to them, to prostrate themselves to answer the most merciful, they say, you know who is not should we prostrate to the one that you tell us to prostrate to to? And all it does is it increases them in. All it does is it increases them in disobedience and increases them in wickedness. So let's get back to us in the nighttime because we seek to be from a Bible

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of eternity Don't be him. Before we get to such though, those who spend their time in their homes with their Lord. I know you know it's quarantine time and all we keep talking about is when's the lockdown going to end. But the believer enjoys seclusion. believer enjoys seclusion. And so here you'll be tuned that you don't see him. They take shelter in their homes with their Lord. It'd be too many of them they enjoy their moments with their Lord. It's a private, it's an opportunity for private time between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and so the believer learns to turn isolation into seclusion. The believer learns to turn that which is a boring into that which is enriching the

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believer. Learn learn to

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To turn that time, away from the creation into time to build that relationship with the Creator, and a lot is accessible to us, when we are in our homes and was accessible to us when we are in the massage and that was accessible to us. When we're at work, it was accessible to us when we're driving laws accessible to us at all times. And so the believer it can be tuned that you don't see him spending the night at home only between them and the last panel to Allah. And the first thing Allah says, suggest them with them. So there's an emphasis here on prostration. So let's talk about that in Charlottetown. Some of the scholars they said that the reason why Alice Pecha starts off

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with suggestin what piano prostration and prayer, in particular, is because these are verses that are extolling this group of people, they are glorifying this person

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in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so as this person is being honored in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala and as this person is experiencing, being amongst those that are glorified in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala then that is a person who gains that glory in the sight of Allah, by lowering themselves in humility to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why? Because the prophets I send him said the one who lowers themselves to Allah, Eliza raises them a loss of contact and elevates them. The Prophet slicin also said that accruable may akuna Abu Dhabi he that the closest a person is Institute to their Lord, the closest that a person is to their Lord is Institute assets to

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the man was talking about this actually put on 3430 tonight very beautifully.

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Before I came on with my Darth Vader voice at the ends, so the closest a person is to their Lord is Institute, you whispered into the earth, and the most high hears you and honors you and elevates you and you will not get closer to a loss of hundreds as in those moments of solitude. In those moments of frustration. Allah Subhana Allah mentions, as he's talking about the difference between nations and sort of medium. Allah describes the people that took that I mean, I have Rousseau jedem papakea that if you recite upon them the verses of or whatnot, the Most Merciful so notice the connection, okay, constantly between Russia and Iran, and this act of such that when you recite upon them, the

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verses of Oceana hot roasted gentlemen level here, they fall in prostration. And in tears, and somehow a lot, you know,

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this is a, this is a really powerful way that Eliza describes this oma, why? Because sujood is Hulu, it's the physical act of humbling yourself to a loss of hands on. For sure. Humility is the internal app for humbling yourself to a loss.

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So there is not here they say that what is the physical part so that's the first part to gaining kosher humility. And who sure is the tears and the refinement that you feel in your heart and on the inside, and that's when a person is really honored and gets so close to a loss of power. And the next version sort of animals fantasise for Halloween bedding,

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whatever shower that then came after them for people who lost the salon and who followed their desires and so on, it'll be a lot of times was said that they lost a war and they lost the for sure they lost the physical humility of sujood. Because they started to delay their prayers. And instead of internally desiring the last panel to add, they were led by their internal they were led by their their less than their worldly desires, and so they lost their culture, as well. So the closest that a person is to Allah is Institute, the closest that you will get to a loss of contact is in your suit. So that's the first thing is closeness to a loss of contact. The greater meaning of that is

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that the more you lower your judgement, the more your sense you are made of body and soul. The more you humble your body, the more your soul a sense. So the closest you get to the Lord of the heavens, is when you put yourself your face to the earth. Also one of the benefits of this dear brothers and sisters, remember we said alidium Soon I'll be hona those who walk on this earth and they realize they are made of this earth. And so your feet are inevitably clung to the earth, you are inevitably physically clung to the earth, but only a few people choose to put their foreheads and their faces on the earth in honoring a loss of habitat. So that's a gift that only some people are are brought

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to. A lot of also says wamena levy festival level was a bit later on for either a lot of us particularly that this is an act of the night. frustration is an act of the night. Yes, we prostrate throughout the day. So do this part of our five

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have a lot to do this part of our center. There is no prayer without the sajida littlest kind of tada says woman, a lady and in the depths of the night, festered level was a bit of a non believer, prostrate yourself in the night and glorify him for a long time. So when you go into such depth in your PM, by the way that somehow a lot or reminder to myself and you as you're trying to finish a certain portion of

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These Nights, don't forget to give yourself long periods of such stuff where it's unscripted graph, you can pray make your art in any language in any way. In your such that in your family. Amina lady festered level was a bit later for ILA. There are other elements and secrets of such that particularly as relates to the qualities of development. And this is something somehow not to be honest with you, I've never properly reflected on or connected to this set of verses until today. We're at a loss of hundreds Allah talks about sujood as having healing powers for the one that is bothered by people. Why? Eliza just says, Well, I've never done an illegal psychedelic of the Maya

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food on a subject to be handed off the cat what could have been a Saturday tamela Allah says to the prophets lie some of your human and we know that it hurts you what they say about you, your bother jasola you know, look, we should not pretend to be superhuman, when people insult us, when people aggravate us. When people say things about us, it bothers us because that's how Allah subhana wa tada engineered us. That's, that's how we are. And the prophets lie. Some of them had a big heart and He loves the people. So it hurt him to be to be hurt and slandered and spoken ill about by the same people that he loved so much that he wanted guidance. So less than we know that it causes you

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constriction in your heart, what they say, the subject behind the speaker, so how do you respond, glorify the praises of your Lord, what can you get aside to be and be amongst those that prostrate. So such that has healing powers, when, when you think about those that are hurt, or those that are hurting you and you think about the annoyances of dealing with the people substa has healing powers to go into long periods of such that has healing powers. prophets, like Selim also taught us to do some juice out of sugar out of gratitude. So somehow law such that is the is the act of prayer, that we are driven to out of pain, and we are driven to a pleasure that we are driven to in hardship, and

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we are driven to in gratitude. It is it one out of towba out of repentance, and out of thankfulness to a loss of habitat for unlocking everybody to a sense, that is the culmination of all of that. And that's why I feel faint, lucky, Melissa, even in the prayer, you know, it's called the messages, it's called the place of solitude. It's like the entire soloff is a preparation for the substance, the entire record, is building up to the substance, because the best of an action is the last of it, the best of the day is the last of it, the best of the prayer, the dust of the record is the last of it. So you're building up to the such though, think about that next time when you're trying to

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maintain your home. Sure, it's not just keeping it up for a few minutes and then getting lost. No, you're building up to that beautiful moment where you fall into suit with a loss of Hannah horchata. And it is particularly as we sell a means of healing, the pain that you feel, because of what people are saying or because of the hardships that come with dealing with the people. It's curious how love, you know, to enjoy long periods of solitude, with a loss of power to add the profit slice. I'm also mentioned that if you want to be closer to him, I need to salatu salam. So how long you want to be closer to him? I think his thought was that on the Day of Judgment, what did he say to your

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cabinet? That's not me. He said, support me in your case and me making a case for you to be closest to me on the Day of Judgment, with the Capitol with the abundance of your substance with the abundance of your frustration. You know, help me make a case for you. Oh, it'll be on by doing plenty of such that by doing plenty of prostration on the Day of Judgment, the greatest honor

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a Chevelle Islam is the Greek intercession of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the prophets lysozyme will make sense to Allah subhana wa tada he will prostrate to a loss of data and a level inspire him I need to start off with some with Kalam with certain words that he does not that he did not know before, nor could he have known have a loss of parents I have not given him those words or why sell them. And that's when a loss of parents I will tell him to raise this up and the loss of which Allah will give him the great honor of intercession and he slotless enough and then it's the worst humiliation is Yama yoke shuffle and

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stuff which I want us to do today. I still feel a lot protect this. Some people on the day of judgment when when when they when they experience the divine presence of a loss of Hannah Montana, and they're called to make surgery they won't be able to their best

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Actually first, because they used to put cows on their own in a suit on siding, or they used to be called to prostration in this world, and nothing was wrong with them, nothing was wrong with their bodies, but their backs become Stern, and they're unable to make sujood. And finally, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He said that the people of faith, as soon enough on the day of judgment will be known by the marks of subdued on their head. Now, I know that some people, you know, try to drive their their foreheads into the, into the grounds or maybe prostrate on really uncomfortable cracked, and somehow there are some people that do have marks on their foreheads, because of the amount of

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co2 that they that they do. So I'm not taking away from that. But that's not what this is talking about. Because there are some people that do plenty of students, and they don't get those marks on their head, you know, but the marks that the profit slice is talking about, are the marks that Allah subhanaw taala, the angel see. And those are the marks that will be prominent on the Day of Judgment. And the prophets lie. Some of them said, some *, even the people that go to the Hellfire, and they spend some time in the hellfire.

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And this is just think about this, and they won't allow us to answer gender without any form of punishment. But he says that I sell them that people will make such that they go to the Hellfire for some time, that the Hellfire would not be able to consume the place of servitude on their heads. So even then, somehow the place of servitude is preserved if it's sincere for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala time. And I want to end with a story here.

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And I love this story. Because it speaks to this

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case, a whole lot either. He said, I entered into messages that Oxon

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net loss of contacts, I liberate most of oxygen, and allow us to pray to dark Crescent as in oxygen.

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So he said, I entered into massive oxygen.

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And as I entered into metal oxide, he said, what he told us to do, I saw this man who just kept on staying in a place of Saturday.

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He was praying all night, and he just kept on prostrating. And he'd go into this frustration for a very, very long time. So I just watched him and I marveled at him. As the opposite of where the MDF, frankly, the prophets, I prayed where the Sahaba have prayed with so many noble people have prayed.

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And, you know, an ethical basis, I'm just looking at this man, I'm saying Allahu Akbar, who is this man spending this night and Institute spending this night in prostration. So he said that I waited for a long time for him. And then I went up to him. And

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I said to him, you know, do you know how many times he prayed? Because you've been praying all night? Like, did you keep count of how many sons does how many frustrations you made? And the man responded to me, and he said, include Tula every falafel.

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Four labia. He said, If I don't know that a lot knows. So I don't know how many records I prayed. He was beyond the eight versus 20. He was all night, you know, just praying, making such that to a loss of habitat. So I asked him, you know, why is it that you spend so much time in such depth and frustration I saw you doing something that I had not seen from anyone before. And that is just increasing the such that throughout the night,

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they said had nothing he hoped he was little last little while he was alone.

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He said, My beloved one, also the loss of Aloha, he was so upset to me, and then he back out, he just broke down crying. So I have no case that I waited for him and he collected himself and he said he had death and he could be my loved one said to me, and he started to cry again. Then he said, a third time, I definitely could be my beloved one certainly was a little lost a little while it was summer, in NECA. Massa to the law, he said, in law of Article law, we have darja will help Lanka visa, hopefully, he said that the Prophet slicin themselves that you do not make a single such that a single prostration to a loss of habitat except that Allah elevates you by a degree. And Allah

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subhanaw taala removes one of your sins from every single time you make such that every single time you prostrate Allah elevate and allow removes one of your sins, which is a hindrance to your elevation. So this person continued to make soju throughout the night, so I have no face. He said to him. You're a companion. Oh, you're so have you you knew the profit slice on them because you said healthy enough is one of the great stuff. He said you knew the profits like somehow. He said yes. He said, none and say, Who are you? You're safe. And he said to him, I'm without the value of your time and somehow lost.

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This man was double double the line spending the night Institute in Missouri Oxon, we know that by the way, without one of the things he was bothered by the materialism that he saw coming into the online and he was so he's spending his night muscle outside, making salute, elevating himself in the sight of a lot of Hannibal metab so whether the Navy to not be him such a dumb piano, those who spend their nights in frustration and in standing in prayer, to beat it sit on top of profits license on the shelf and modern piano with the nobility of the believer is standing up in prayer at night. The only way that you can manifest all of the qualities of man with the people is this you

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are in Hawaii with a man in seclusion with a whatnot at night. And the man has an embassy Rahim Allah. He said he was asked, and I'll end with this in sha Allah to Allah. Why is it that the people of Fiamma lane are excellent and will do the freshest. They don't see their faces are fresh so they don't sleep at night, yet somehow who accidentally draw they they have fresh faces? Why is it that the people of Fiamma lane are so fresh in their faces? And his response he says to the unknown Hello the white man. He said because they secluded themselves at night with a white man with the Most Merciful and the best of a minority and so it wasn't hard to dress them with his lights, a lot of

00:31:29 --> 00:32:17

extra love on the subject we have the optical equipment asides have been so glorify your Lord and be from such thing he from those who are in frustration, may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to spend long nights in an NPM and Institute long nights and frustration with a loss of habitat a long night with a white man. And find that connection to a loss of habitat and the loss of habitat allow that humility to him to to raise our degree and honor in His sight. And to allow us to only be concerned with his sight whether others are round or not a loss of has allowed us to generate in our hearts, the sincerity that would power us through this life. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to

00:32:17 --> 00:32:25

leave this world in a place of settlement in a place of frustration and loss contact give us death Institute give us death in frustration.

00:32:26 --> 00:32:49

However, there are very few there's a select group of people that love losses with death Institute death and frustration as colossal Canada to make us amongst them ask Allah to make you amongst them, say to a loss of Paradise sincerely, when you find yourself in these nights within it, tada, that close moment with your Lord. Say Allah let me die in this thing. Let me die in the place of such

00:32:50 --> 00:33:04

because you will be raised the way that the way that you die. And the greatest honor on the Day of Judgment is when our beloved so long just visit a place of such depth, the greatest humiliation of the Day of Judgment are those who cannot make such stuff. So as colossal

00:33:05 --> 00:33:47

Grammy death when I started with nothing of learning while the state of frustration to the left, that'd be my ending yell at me. And somehow I mean, I just came to my mind, a brother in Baton Rouge, Louisiana several years ago named brother socket for him all the time that he passed away in his two dudes at night. And you know, there are people that Allah has blessed with death. And they're such that the great scholars should have that heavy discussion on Saturday on the day of drama Saturday on Fridays and Pamela. So ask Allah Allah to grant you that make time for your such that tonight in sha Allah Tada, and all of these last two nights, that takes priority over all of

00:33:47 --> 00:33:58

the other products is to spend some time instead of spend some time and frustration, cry your heart out to a loss of hands on a complaint to a loss of habitat about how annoying The world is.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:36

complained to Allah subhanaw taala about how tired you are. But the complaint the shekel to Allah is not complaining to him about him. It is complaining to him seeking his comfort and his constellation. So we asked the last panel to Allah to allow us to be amongst those that cast later to others. And that catch later to partner with many, such as with many prostrations and prayers. And we asked a lot of how to mix with our great escape from this world to make it our greatest comfort, to allow it to be our greatest honor and we asked the last panel to add to allow what is generated in the sajida to carry us through the times that we are not in substance world and we ask

00:34:36 --> 00:34:51

Allah subhanaw taala to raise us like or we are from capitalism, to be from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What I mean is like a lot of fate on once again the child what I will see you all tomorrow night and please keep us in your dos tonight in sha Allah, Allah,

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

myself and my family and the entire team at European Institute. Please keep us on your drives and show time and I pray that Eliza will accept from

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

All of you, European as well. So normal. So none of you

00:35:06 --> 00:35:07

said I want to

Spending the Night In Prostration And Prayer _
Dr. Omar Suleiman dives into the third quality of the servants of the Most Merciful.

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