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Have you planned it – Death

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Ahmed Hamed

Channel: Ahmed Hamed

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Have you planned it – Death

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have you planned it? We plan for life a lot, but have you planned for death, which is inevitable and it would come at any moment. Any time. Every passing one from this world is a reminder to us that we could be next. So have you planned your death? And how do we plan our death? We plan it by asking and praying a loss of Hannah who Watada Oh, Allah helped me to die in sujood in frustration to you. Oh, Allah helped me to die when my last words are La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, or Allah helped me to die with pure heart. Or Allah helped me to die in the condition when you are pleased with me. Oh Allah when I die, people should remember good of me and pray for me. Oh, Allah helped me

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to die when I don't owe anything from people.