Maintaining Character in Chaos and Confusion

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Begin by bearing witness that no one has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for Allah subhana wa Tada. We bear witness that Muhammad SAW the law, it was suddenly his final messenger, we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his busted path until the day of judgment. And we asked a lot to make us amongst them a lot. I mean, the brothers and sisters, I hope you can appreciate how difficult it would be to come up with a cultivar. Today, that is beneficial, that speaks to how people are feeling, but also fulfills the

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purposes of being a reminder. And I was thinking deeply about where we started four years ago. And I was trying to think about, you know, what, what the Holton bugs were about them, and how we were discussing the entrance of a new president and a new way of thinking, and a new demeanor in this country. And I wanted to sort of pick up on that notes, which is for us to reflect on our own character, on our own character, because that's the purpose of a gym are hopeless for us to also think about our own character and how we have changed, or how we may have changed or how we may have knowingly or unknowingly ingested some of the ways that have become normal around us in the ways

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that we speak in the ways that we act, and in our collective character. And somehow a lot, you know, that's something that whether you look through the books of history, or the books of teskey, or the books of spirituality, you find that there's a connection between the way that a person at the top behaves, and how that translates into the collective character of a people, the collective environment and righteousness or lack of righteousness, right? So you find the saying of omnibenevolent disease, Rahim Allah to Allah, that when Ahmed bin Abdulaziz was in charge when he became the halifa, that the wolves would not attack the sheep because he established such a

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character of justice, that even wolves would not attack sheep. And we know that him returns when he saw his salon returns the profit slice, I'm told us that even the animals, right, a child would play with a Python and not have to worry that justice would be established even across the animals. Now, before I go any step further, I am not suggesting Joe Biden is not the disease or Jesus. Let's be very, very clear for a moment. inshallah, tada, I'm talking about the concept that existed, then the reality is that too much of the world, it doesn't matter who the American president is, because of the way they know America is through bombs and violence and drones, no matter whether it's a

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Democrat or Republican. So we will have our own issues to deal with if he indeed becomes president. And it's not either just a law what we have to think deeply and we have to challenge and deal with evolving circumstances as they come. However, one thing is for sure, that the unique foulness and vulgarity of the last four years has led to a collective social decay. The way that people talk to each other, you can barely use social media. And you can see the way that people have become in the way that they talk to each other. And that's not all the fault of one man. But when you have to hide your children away from political debates, because you don't want them to see the foulness and the

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vulgarity, and just the nature of the way things have become the dissents of basic common dignity. That's something now I want to start from a higher level of this though.

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You know, there are things that we learn from the Quran and the Sunnah about the nature of fitna as a whole the nature of confusion and chaos as a whole that are just so telling and they are timeless. And some of those things is that behind every fitna even when there are noble slogans, there are lowly agendas. When fitna arises in society when chaos and confusion arises in society. There are lowly agendas that spark fitna and sometimes under noble banners people get taken on a ride. That is true. From the very start of man, somehow I was. I was I was talking to an uncle in in Jordan a few years ago. And this isn't to put Jordan on the spot. By the way, this is just the nature of

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conversation. And we were talking about the original story of Adam and Eve, his setup and beliefs and he said, Why does the police hate me so much? What did I do to him?

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So somehow, a lot I mean, what made the police say that I'm going to take all of you on a ride your entire descendants, I'm going to ruin all of them and spoil all of them. Why? Because he felt like his degree in gender was taken away. He felt like his position. And again, please don't read modern day politics into my story.

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He's here. All right, I'm talking about character here, all right. But his degree his favor was taken away. And it was like, You know what, I'm going to destroy all of them. He could care less about everybody, everybody, all of the children and the money is set up, I'll leave them all the stray, they can all go to hell. That's the way he's, he's going to approach us, I'm going to leave them all to hell fire with me.

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That is what you'd call narcissism at an added level we call narcissism knifes. Ego gun violence. And some had a lot throughout history, you find wars that have been waged wars, people killing each other in the millions, the 1000s, the hundreds of 1000s the millions over what over egos. And then the egos inspire some sort of politics of their time. And then it just becomes chaos. And people start to get at each other's throats and you have people that get caught up in the confusion and in the chaos and they don't realize what's happening. And it all comes down to what the fitnah of people that do not care about anything but themselves. Because the narcissist is subject to his

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knifes says, You know what, forget about everybody. That's what corporate greed is. That's what dictatorship is. That's how everything has lived. That's how every tyrant has lived. And by the way, I want us to reflect on ourselves, on ourselves, each and every single one of us. When you see signs of hypocrisy, when you see evil becoming prevalent, you should not start to assign other people to that evil your first place to look has to be in your own heart in your own life and in the way that you act and in the way that you go about your own business. And that's what I want to talk about what either hot summer federal, you know, somehow is is thinking about the signs of a hypocrites.

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Where the prophets lie Selim said that when he speaks he lies. When he makes a promise, he breaks his promise with the word

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either to minahan when he's entrusted with something, then he breaks that trust so he divulge his secrets or his you know, is not one who can be trusted. But that last one is very interesting because it's the most abstract what either ha sama, fudge up. When they get into an argument or when they get angry, they go overboard, they blow things up beyond what they need to be blowing up. They go too far, in the midst of an argument. And some had a lot you know, close Luma for us to argue is just as natural as the other three parts of our lives, which are we're going to make promises inshallah we won't break them. We will speak either truth or lying, but we will speak and people

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will take us at our word sometimes. And we pray that Allah azza wa jal allows us to be truthful in our words and our actions, we will be interested no matter who we are, right? So it's natural, we're going to have arguments but the hypocrite goes too far. Further, burns things down breaks things up, does you know go becomes too vulgar becomes too foul does not consider the proportionality of that arguments and some panelo What does that tell us and sort of

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what input if autonomy and and what meaning and architectural ferocity kobina Homa to parties fight, sit them together, try to reconcile you know, the most we are so in need of these people this slot, there's a reason why they are shaded by the throne on the Day of Judgment, they have such a privilege with the loss of Hannah horchata the people that will be on pulpits, because the people that sit two people together and say let's stop this, let's work together. Let's Let's stop hurting people. Let's stop, let's stop the collateral damage. Very few people can do that. No one wants to it's a very unpopular and uncomfortable position to be in on the in the middle of a table with two

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people that want to either virtually or physically choke each other out. But you do that because you want to save them from themselves and you want to save the whole community from from eating you know, too much of pain, right? And the and the collateral damage, emotional, physical, social collateral damage that happens to communities.

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And Pamela What does Eliza just say in birth?

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You know, if one of them is not willing to sit, all of you gather against that person, all of you stopped up. Everyone put that person in their place, put that group in their place because the collective of the community is too important for efforts of society is too important for everyone to go down the route because of one factor or because of one group of food. Again, do not i'm not talking Republicans and Democrats I'm talking you and I

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I'm talking us in our own personal lives and our family lives in our community lives. How many times is the collateral of an argument, the emotional and social and spiritual well being

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Have a bunch of people that don't need to be subjected to that.

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Take ourselves to task.

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The believer in the fact Ilona

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as we know from the alongside and who No One No One feels safe from hypocrisy except for hypocrites. Go back and look at some handle on one of the things that the scholars mentioned. By the way, what are the hos on the federal there's the obvious lesson plan. The believer is not Thawne Lanza ah but the the believer is not abusive is not harmful. The believer does not curse the believer does not become vulgar. The believer does not mock or taunt or become abusive. These are not the characteristics of a believer hire is the Hulk of Islam. modesty is the hook of Islam. It's the character of Islam. It's our collective character. Doesn't matter how everybody else speaks. We

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never become vulgar. We never become abusive. We never become, start to taunt and use mockery, even if it becomes the societal decorum. We don't become that way. So there's the obvious there, the raising of the voices unnecessarily the the way that we would start to bring people's families into it, and we'd start to curse and yell, hello, how many mustered arguments, damage children, that already you're having a hard time holding on to their Deen and they see the silliness of personal egos that start to go at each other and think no, many unbelievers we do not engage in fool. And of course, social media is also federal law.

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It's much easier there because easier to type out abusive language than to actually say it to someone's face, but it has the same impact has the same effect. We don't become those people, right. But there's another thing that's Pamela mentioned, which honestly, I think is the hardest one to apply. And again, a believer, a believer, sees the signs of hypocrisy, and is worried because of the alarm who feared hypocrisy Who am I to not fear hypocrisy? If the if that person of taqwa of piety feared it so much Who am I not to fear it and to take into consideration when the Prophet slicin gives us signs? How truthful are you when you speak? Do you break promises? Do you divulge people's

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secrets? Are you not one who can be trusted? And that last one we the hustle and bustle, you know, their element say they say the majority of this, the majority of this is when you have a hug, you have a right to respond, meaning someone actually has done something to you in that argument. And the best thing to do, the best thing to do is to act the way the Prophet size on would act on these things, right to be the bigger person to take the moral high ground to have the bigger heart to have a say, May Allah forgive you to squash it, that's the best thing to do. The second thing, which is allowable, is to respond in like manner, right to respond in like manner, whether it's in the midst

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of an argument or it's in the midst of a dispute or things of that sort that is allowed. That's either in society that's setting a foundation of justice in society, and in our interpersonal dealings. But the third one, they say that the hypocrite

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uses sticklers, he takes advantage of the opportunity where he now knows he has the right to respond and he goes way overboard in the response.

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So it just becomes way out of proportion. Federal explosion.

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Let's ask ourselves,

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arguments. disputes are part of our lives, family disputes, friends, disputes. I don't know what you call social media disputes. It's all part of who we are and our new way of living political disputes. You know what? We're not going to take feed anyone over their politics, as crazy as their politics may be. All right, all of these disputes, what's that groups, things of that sort? It's a part of our lives to argue and to get into disputes. And obviously, we should try to minimize as much as possible

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with the hassle of federal but am I someone that that always just escalates it way too much, and goes way too far and becomes foul and vulgar. That's not how believers it's not the way our prophets lie sometimes to be an a narcissist is subject to his knifes burns it all down. I don't care who is going to be abused and damaged. By witnessing this. The prophets I seldom taught us what the complete opposite. You know what, I'll let minus take a little bit of a hit. For the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Let my ego get a little bruised. And I'll move on, swallow it. Let me let my nerves take a hit because nothing is a barrier between me and the last panel it's at no one else should

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suffer. No one else should witness this, whatever. Because we all need to work on our new force ourselves. And so yes, we have collective moral decay and collective character decay that we need to work on. We ask a lot of

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With data to allow them to start in our own cells in our own homes and our own chambers and our own communities and our own societies, and yes, establish a foundation of justice and accountability and these things that have to be present in society, but never become subjected to narcissism and evil lowliness in the name of upholding noble truths, Allah does not need that type of behavior from us and Allah certainly does not accept that type of behavior from us no matter what it is, may Allah protect us from the evil of ourselves, and the evil of all that is around us, the evil externally and the evil internally. May Allah purify us and purify through us, guide us and guide through us

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be sources of good wherever we may be, and let our hearts be the first to absorb that good May Allah guide us and guide through us rectify us and rectify through us alone. I mean, the other stuff while you're looking at certain Muslim investor fill in a hole for Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he'll clean while early he was like me he urged marine a lot of money No, wait a minute what a Muslim in one Muslim at a minimum Ahmad in a casa Mian caribou Mooji. Buddha a lot. A lot more thorough than I would have worked for another two of them Elena and Susana, were in Lancaster, Illinois or Hamner, then akuna Minal Casa

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de la manera, who in Killeen, went to help with alpha for under a lot more thoroughly wild Idina Robert hamama came out of bonus a lot of work that I have learned as well as you know, the reaction of karate Aryan whether or not in with subpoena imama law most of the quantum will start off in a fee Misha they could all do mavado we have a lot of f1 and Muslim Latina fimasartan optimum Avada a lot more costly, one among Covina equally McCann, the satanic in economic Nevada mean La Ilaha Atlantis apparently in economic Nevada mean La ilaha illa Anta sadaqa in condemning Nevada mean about the law and the law a little bit I do understand what he

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shall carry we'll

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come to the Coronavirus Kuru Kuru. Kuru Juan and Emma is it. What are they called La Akbar? Allahu Yama tomatoes in our own walk in the slot.