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The speaker discusses the importance of lineage in Prophet Muhammad's actions and the potential for conflict. They emphasize the need for people to be aware of his teachings and the importance of sustained perseverance in Islam. The speaker also touches on the confusion surrounding the Prophet's teachings and the impact of his visit to a family member's difficult time on their behavior. sustained perseverance is a fundamental aspect of Islam, and people should not take it for granted.

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I always my ideal was meant to be plus, was meant to have a great nation come out from his progeny as the biblical prophecies and the Kate was sent to Mecca for for a significant purpose. Like basically when Allah Subhana Allah tells Ibrahim to take on a smile and leave them in this wilderness. Hello. All of this is is indicative of something something huge that is going to happen. his allies is telling Ibrahim take harder and her little boy leave them in that particular area one right that particular area and leave them alone your own wife and your own son. So I can man the from this coming from Allah to Rahim, which we don't argue about with the Christians and Jews, they

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know that this happen. So what to be commanded to take his wife out to the wilderness and leave it with his first born son in that area

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isn't indicative of something bigger than is going to happen. And as we said, His Prophet Muhammad so this is the big thing that did happen. Picking up the dollar

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sign him hidden killer maraca

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keep on going like this. Go back

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all the way until you get to

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Yes. Oh, I remember when we talked about.

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But I wanted you also to keep in mind, I want you also to keep in mind that the details of this lineage don't have to be exact. This is not the Bible revealed. It's not divinely revealed.

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So So basically, the one Sure thing is that this is a tribe, a group of people that were in agreement that they are the descendants of as my, all of the tribes around them acknowledge have recognized that attribution or that lineage, right humanists. Mayan is not the pure Oh, okay, so Jerome is the pure superhumans mine are not pure errors are not errors to begin with. Okay.

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Yeah. The idea here is that there are three different types of errors. There is the

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audible, Audible, scalable,

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Audible, either the ancient extinct Arabs come either come

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those are ancient extinct Arabs that either battle but

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extinct have a lot of in it back. Are the pure Arabs the original Arabs, Arab and mystery but are the Arab besides their hair besides Arabs? The Prophet is Arab besides not air

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the Prophet is Arab. He's the first of all there but it is he's not

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because you know, in Islam, it's not really by blood. It's not you know, and it's not such a big deal. It's

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not a big deal. You don't go to the Prophet was was Arab Besides, no, but if you don't go through the mother side, the prophet has no Arab blood.

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Like real Arab blood, because if you don't go through the mother's side, and if you're talking only about his lineage going back to him, he Hebron him had nothing to do there's a point he was on air.

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Ibrahim was Babylonia.

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So the he did not speak Arabic.

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And he was not an error. So the Prophet is an Arab besides they're not have genuine like I don't want to say because he's certainly most

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but but he's not

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pure breeder. He's not the ethnically or racially error.

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So he was about humor was so it is basically like

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whichever country

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if you say that someone from India went and lived in Egypt

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a few generations down the road, he will not be with the Egyptian right? People his kids will be called Egyptian

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but originally they are not gypsies, they have been Egyptian eyes.

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So that's the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is not from the Arabs who lived in Arabia forever but he became the size because his family moved there and intermingled with the Arabs have jawed home in his descendants married from your home. So through maternal blood

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they became more and more emphasized spoke the language certainly his mind spoke Arabic.

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So are you for sure. I guess my question is not stripped off.

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But like, you know, this

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gentleman was not in Mecca Mecca was a wilderness after

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Jerome found that the birds are moving in the direction of Mecca. So they figured there must be water that the birds are moving to and follow the birds contently found a garage over there with a smile and that will and they were they have this like good air qualities

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like the honor you know, so the it's not like the snatch the one from her. The sets are her that can we live by you?

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And he welcomed you know who would not welcome the idea of some people in security and stuff but

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the people that are around like

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he's like he's he's great

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they're not Are they all descendants? Yes. Okay.

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All descendants of this my okay.

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So hello the Middle East Abuja Hola. Hola. have everybody has the sentences my including Abuja.

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Because ancestry is not the idea and is now and we're talking about the lineage of the Prophet now because Islam puts an emphasis on ancestry and blood relations. It doesn't give you any.

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It is very inconsequential in the sight of God, then the Prophet say this. Yeah, but another Mohammed Ahmed.

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Mohamed, do righteous works, I will not protect you from alive I'm not, I have no power to a video from the punishment of Allah. So even for feminists, but the importance of the lineage when it comes to the science

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is all of those biblical prophecies about smile, and the great nation that would come out from a smile and raga and the story of Hagia and the will that Allah, you know, Gosforth for her? And all of that, who is deserving of who is the fulfillment of all of those prophecies? All of this in the making now? Who's this? Who's coming from the descendants of a smile? That will be the fulfillment of all of those prophecies in this prophet Muhammad? sallallahu.

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there is a gyptian. Yes.

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So the honesty of the prophets of Allah. So, I mentioned this example, because there are tons of examples when you talk about the honesty of the Prophet, he was called honest, trustworthy, halloumi. And even before abasa what I

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wanted to basically

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have someone mediate in one day we're building the cabin, they disagreed over which tribe, we'll put our clan with what the hunters have in its place. And the Prophet showed up, they cheered over the

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The father of law sent them the trustworthy and honest one, to judge between them, they recognize them, even when they were fighting with him to rejecting his message. What did the prophet SAW send them leave it for when he left him in his bed, to return all of the trusts to the people that I trust that the prophets are selling within or with their own money, their own, you know, precious items, they were leaving this stuff with the Prophet, even while rejecting His Messenger is his message, because they know that he isn't me.

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So when, when the sonic lips j become the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the companions and this happened in on the day that Ibrahim died,

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Brahim, the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used, he died at the age of two and he was very dear to the Prophet the Prophet felt extremely saddened by his departure and the sun Eclipse.

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And then the Sahaba started to say that the sun have Eclipse because of the death of Ibrahim,

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out of sympathy for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the sun and the moon Eclipse because of the death or life of someone, when you see the eclipse praying and hope and love

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in the samsara timer and even after left laughs if I need a multi Arkadin what I added

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so, Samsung Come on are two signs of a lot of eclipses because of the death of, you know, an imposter Prophet would have actually capitalized on that occasion. It is a perfect occasion. And

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you know that so this is a perfect boost of credibility if the sun is eclipsing on the day the sadness and death of his son, and all of the Sahaba are on board that he has to look up this. But he's reminding them that these are signs. The problem the universal laws of a law, we don't take clips because someone like

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Thomas Carlyle

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was a Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, and historian and he says, it's a great shame for anyone to listen to the accusation. You know, Thomas Carolina is a big figure.

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One of the big philosophers, so the great it was a great shame of anyone that listen to the accusation that this man is a liar. Mohammed was a fabricator and a deceiver. We saw that he remained steadfast upon his principles with firm determination, kind and generous, compassionate, pious, virtuous was remembered, hardworking and sincere. Besides all these qualities, he was lenient with others choleric, kind, cheerful, praiseworthy, perhaps, he would joke, joke and tease his companions. He was just truthful, smart, pure and magnanimous, and present mind that his face was radiant, as if he had lights within him to illuminate the darkest of nights. He was a great man by

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nature, who was not educated in a school nor nurtured by a teacher, as he was not in need of any of them. So this is the testimony of

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a non Muslim, you know, philosopher who comes from a different culture, different era, different backgrounds, different religion, different anything, but to read the history of the prophet SAW salah and not come up with those conclusions, your reading must have been biased.

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So that

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because when we talk about the person of the prophet SAW them, I want you to imagine one thing we want you to imagine the personality of the worst of all liars, who would be the worst of all liars.

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If someone lies against his God against his coworker that's worse than lying against a strange person. And if someone lies against his father or his mother, that's worse against lying in service to people. But if someone lies against the love of creator, you know, God has the worst of all liars and imposter profits will be the worst of our lives, in the history of humanity. Have we looked at the personality of imposter profits and have we been able to sort of scan through the personalities and come up with certain characteristics we have, we have done this, you know, we know lots of imposter profits.

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In the history of humanity, had any one of them have had first was good quality is great quality. No, no. So when, when

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these qualities, claims to be a prophet, would you think that you'd be lying against God, you know, having lived for for the years known as the truthful and trustworthy by his people.

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So that that is certainly one of the signs of the veracity of his prophecy.

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So more more on the person of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this is the guy that wrote the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. He was not particularly friendly to Islam, but this is what he had to say about the Prophet himself. The good sense of Muhammad despise the pump. And here we're particularly having a focus on the austerity and acid facism, of the Prophet of the Prophet Sal Salah, someone who is an apostle Prophet, wouldn't he want to capitalize on this position and status and live a lavish, good life and enjoy? You know, he was in control of all of Arabia before he died, even when he was not. He had 1000s of followers throughout his stay in Medina that revered him and

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would love to do anything in the world. For him, wouldn't he been able? Wouldn't he have been able to live up more?

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So where is the picture that's not showing very well, but the picture in the background is the picture of the house of the Prophet, the room of the Prophet, salons, and Snuffy shown

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Oh, yeah, anyway, so the role of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam might only have one little rock when he died, and a little potters care, nothing else, and this rug was made out of straw man's, you know, and,

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and was very, very small that when he would, you know, I sent him was there and then when he wanted to prostrate, he would need to tap is just like to pull her leg back so that he could press he you know, this is, this is the the place where the profits left and the the asceticism and austerity of the Prophet is not controversial.

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Despite the pomp of royalty, the apostle of God submitted to the media and officers of the family Give me the fire swept the floor myth, the US can mended with his own hands, his shoes and garments, this thing to the payments and America the permit, so he was not acting like a hermit, he disdained the parents of the hermit, he did not really

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portray himself as a hermit. But while this leading the feminists and mark of the earth he observed without effort of vanity, the abstemious type of an error.

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So the Prophet was not inviting people into microchip and he was not acting like one seeking recognition from the people but he effortlessly naturally it flows from him naturally he is Zod was not, you know,

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basically fake or acted. It was very natural.

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Washington Irving is American, by the way, Washington american

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people who grew up here.

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So he is American American author and biographer historian who's diplomat as well.

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So this is what he had to say about the prophet SAW southern iraq a whole book on the prophet SAW Selim he was, and this was in 1783, before

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he was born in 1999.

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He was sober abstemious in his life and a rigorous observer fast involves the no magnificence

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of apparel and the ostentation of a penny mine. Neither was in simplicity in dress affected.

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The result of free disregard the only distinction

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from so trivial a source has military three arms and waking, no pride nor Vainglory as they would have done have they been

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factor for selfish purposes. In the time of his greatest power, he maintained the same simplicity of manners and appearance has in the days of his adversity, so far from affecting regal state, he was the squeezed in on entering the room, any unusual testimonials of respect were shown to him, like when he forbade the Sahaba from standing up for for the, for him.

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This was worse, Smith,

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by the 19 08 70 head of states, as well as the church and the end of the state as well as the church. He was Caesar I put in one, but he was hooked without the poops, pretensions and season without the legions of Caesar, without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a police force, without a fixed revenue. If ever a man ruled the buyer, right, the vine, it wasn't Hamlet, for he had

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four feet, for he have all the powers without their supports. He cared not for the dressings of power, the simplicity of his private life, was in keeping with his with his public life. So like I said, that was therapy and asset. This is one of the prophecies on levels. Here's an indication that his ministry, his work, his mission, his fights, his battles, are not for self interest, have they been for self interest, he would have just lived the good life, the law, what people call the good life, he lives the best of life, but he would have loved what people consider to be the good life.

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His grave series then focused on the person of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because these particular qualities we were not going to talk about all the virtues and good manners of the prophets, we will talk about particular qualities that would stand the signs that this man was not working, that this man had complete certainty in his mission. And it was not a mission for self interest. Because it was it hadn't been for self interest. Like I said, he would have capitalized on it. Have you not had the complete certainty himself? Because some people some of the,

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like goats.

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German names are very difficult for me. Well see her. whatever his name is in German. Whatever you say his name is Mr.

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Yeah. Yeah. Story, pretty infamous.

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Because I figured I learned this the hard way. And sometimes, yeah, sometimes when you're trying to figure out the names, how they're pronounced in German or in French at the massacre the name because in Arabic, we

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it's not just an Arabic, you know, when, when Americans

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say Arab, Arabic names, the MasterCard, the Muslim, any.

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But I'm talking about the breaker here because if someone has no certainty in his own mission, he would be somewhat reluctant or hesitant. He would not really sacrifice his own safety for that, for his preaching for his,

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for the message, right. And I'm saying this particular German, Orientals because he, he felt that Muhammad cannot be a liar. He said that he didn't want to say that he was a prophet that he felt he can't be a liar. So he felt that he was having sort of visions, sort of like internal stuff, like going through his mind, making him believe himself that he was a prophet.

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But if someone is sort of having those visions in turn of psychological stuff, making you believe that you are a prophet fuels that they are reluctant and hesitant, and you will not really sacrifice yourself for that.

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For those visions, the bravery of a province of someone was, you know, Maxim's Allah subhanaw taala said

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a happy girl laughter is another lonely similkameen in Sweden, this was revealed to a lovely ASIMO came in and asked the Prophet order that he would have nobody guards no one to protect it, no one to you know, watch out for him because the losses are what protects you from the people that said, there used to There used to be a bodyguard volunteering to protect the prophet SAW Selim and he dismissed them.

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He dismissed them because when this was revealed, you know, so if he really if he if if he's making this up with he dismissed the bodyguards.

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And then multitudes of reports from the Sahaba one claim that he was never one of the people that fleet

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from any battle field works word, one of the people that retreated or he was always in the front. He was the Prophet it would have made perfect sense that he stayed in the back so that he would do because if the Prophet has killed everything's gone, but to be at the front of every battle, every expedition that they went on to be in the center front

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where where the Sahaba used to say where are they and on the lower on Who are they is is on a you know, how brave Ali was, when are they gonna ever Hermia what is gonna decide, less or seller, when when when war became fierce, we used to hide behind the back of the profit sauce and

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the likes of Ali and the brave. So the bravest the Sahaba, they would take the back of the Prophet as a shield, because he was right there in the middle in the center and the front.

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Even sometimes, when they, you know, when they were always afraid of the Romans coming to attack them. And so one day the hurt boys in Medina, and the Sahaba came out, like like loud noise was made, and the outskirts of Medina and the Sahaba came out and said, check it out. And the only found that the Prophet is on his way back to assure them that there's no problem is nothing. So he went out by himself to check out the noise. And he went out first and so quickly that he was on his way back when the Sahaba were still making it out.

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Then the perseverance also, perseverance. You know, bravery is different from perseverance. Perseverance is when you're consistent. You have a great deal of endurance. bravery is when you show like curves in one set situation, what a particular conjunction with perseverance, endurance is when you're steadfast and consistent all the time, taken all the pressure with standard gold, the pressure and the pressure was enormous. The pressure against the Prophet saws was really enormous, but he endured through it all the way. So the embargo there have been I will call it the shadow of avatar that we're repeating of I will find it which is a little area between mountains where they

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were luck in the profit and the his family members and his followers, the this embargo get carried on for three years, it was extremely tough with extremely debilitating to the point where labrum assault tells us that when you pee, then you heard

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something under the like some set that he went one time p that he heard something,

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making like sort of a

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sort of crunchy sound or whatever.

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And then he took it and he found that to be a piece of skin from a camel's high. And he took it and he cleaned it. And he sort of burnt it can he ate it? Because at the end of the night, we'll have some nutrition. This is how bad it has gotten.

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for them.

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He was all of this all of this pressure. Yes.

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Yeah. Yeah.

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Absolutely. One of the consequences of the embargo on the shelf is that

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Khadija never recovered from this, he has become debilitated by

00:30:06--> 00:30:08

to the point where the 10th year,

00:30:09--> 00:30:15

she could not, you know, she died, she just could not recover.

00:30:18--> 00:30:32

And I'm just you know, so the perseverance of the Prophet, all of you will know more than I'm just mentioning goes through examples. Just like as examples, the chef, his visit to a visit to the five.

00:30:41--> 00:30:44

So when he visited the PI's, and he was rejected by the people,

00:30:47--> 00:30:56

he and the stone and they threw rocket rocks at him and the order their kids to go out and run behind the profits alongside them throwing rocks at

00:30:58--> 00:31:22

the sort of humiliating treatment he suffered, and all of this, and he would, he would refuse that the punishment, he would review, he would refuse not only on fire, but also in Mecca, he would refuse, they will be punished, hoping that someone will get would come out of their descendants,

00:31:23--> 00:31:58

or their progeny, people that would worship Allah subhanaw taala, and have come here that he man would come out of the presence of those people. So not only that he endured the suffering and endured the mistreatment by the kuffar. But he was also very tolerant and compassionate towards them, wishing for their conversion wishing for their well being, or at least, he hoped that their project is something that would come out of their progeny, if not from them.

00:32:03--> 00:32:22

The optimism it all of this shows you his certainty and the message that he was certain of that he was certain of the truthfulness of the message that he is preaching, optimism of the Prophet of Allah was remarkable at all times, he did not ever lose hope. And,

00:32:23--> 00:32:26

you know, not only learn to either learn,

00:32:27--> 00:32:42

the prophet was mentioned to have had, you know, early on in the message, you know, when, when he's talking about, when the period the pause of the revelation happened, the prophet was in much turmoil,

00:32:43--> 00:33:09

which shows you that all of all of the history of the Prophet is has been transmitted to us with great transparency. And it shows you that the Prophet never hid things from us, he actually told us that he wasn't returned morning, when the past took place, and we don't breathe came first. And then there was a pause, the scholars disagree over the period of the pause, but like the it was not,

00:33:10--> 00:33:13

you know, has some people

00:33:14--> 00:33:38

sort of suggested several years, like three years or several months or anything, it was a much shorter period, but the profit was in turmoil to the point of even having some suicidal ideation. And he told us this, but keep in mind that when these when, like he, he would be walking,

00:33:39--> 00:33:59

you know, near the cliff of the mountain, and then he would have those impulses of throwing himself off the cliff. But But he never did this. And he never acted upon this. So there is a difference between a thought leader and an actual thought. Kaltura is an impulse that

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basically, this describes that the great turmoil and sadness that he was suffering from.

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Now, he received, sort of, now when you breed came to him, told him that he was a prophet.

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And then to be quick coming to him. And this was basically to make him long for sort of, you know, to make him more

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like, in a sort of,

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key, eager longing toward the message so that you would take it with strength. So I lost with him a little bit of it, and then it passed, so that he becomes Keener, more eager and more longing for the

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coming of GP like

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Never take it for granted. This is this is a huge thing. The center read down to you isn't huge thing, don't take it for granted. And the Prophet experienced that lapse or that pause of the revelation to be even keener. But he told us of the great turmoil, but afterwards, when debris became consistent in his visits to the Prophet sallallahu staff to stop