How To Diagnose Your Heart

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Begin by praising Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his lesson path until the day of judgment, and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah. I mean, your brothers and sisters, if I was to tell you right now, perform a check on your heart. And do you feel like your heart is alive? Do you feel like you have chest pain?

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Do you feel like you're having a heart attack? You know, subhanAllah we live in the era of Google where suddenly if you start to feel something inside that's a little bit wrong. You go online and you search what is the root cause? Why am I feeling this way? What's happening?

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And when you think about this, from a spiritual perspective, one of the beautiful features of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is very specific, in telling us how to diagnose and Rodell, Kulu, the diseases of the heart, and then how to cure those very specific diseases. But there's a general check that indicates where you stand and then you go into the specifics of the amount of the various diseases and we all struggle and just like our physical hearts, we have to cater to it every single day to make sure that we keep it healthy, or else we can lose it. And I wanted to start with a narration that is attributed to the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by Agusta Eden for three only a long time, but more authentically narrated to for they found the Allahu Taala and

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he says, a global herba The hearts are four types. Allah Adroid see him is through Siraj us here. We're calling on us love. Margo, tonight, Daffy, he were called one man course. What Calvin Musa. He describes on the alongside and four types of hearts. The first one is a heart that is Adroid it is full Yatta jumble up the law he is completely focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is a heart that shines like a radiating lamp Kaldwin agilon It's full of something beautiful, and it radiates light. You know when you see something that's so beautiful, you can't contain it behind anything. Subhanallah the heart is so beautiful, and the heart shines with that lights. And then he said

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sallallahu alayhi wa salam, a heart that is sealed, a heart that is sealed and it has a knot tied around it seal and then he said collarbone Mancos a heart that is upside down. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa salam and a heart that is that is wrapped that is covered with something. Then he went on to say well, the Allahu Taala and that as for Alcon Adroid the heart that is like a polished radiating lamp parlor for COBOL movement. He said that is the heart of the believer see Raju fie neural and what is causing it to radiate is the light of faith. And then he goes on to say what a multiball Avila for Calvin Calvin. As for the heart that is sealed, that is the heart of the

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disbeliever Well, I'm Mel Cabul Mancos as for the heart that is turned upside down for coal out of a man cup. That's the heart of the hypocrites. It knew and then it dumped it. Belief came to it and then it dumped it out like a container is turned upside down. And it dumps out all of the contents that could have cured that heart. Well unmarketable. Mazepa for collarbone V mon Moneyfacts and this is the most interesting one. He said As for this heart that is wrapped up. It's not sealed, but it's wrapped up. It's a heart that has both Iman and Neha. It's fed by two sources, belief and hypocrisy for methadone Imani if he can methylene Buchla you're going to hell now. Okay, you as for the faith

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that is inside of it, the source of faith. It's like you have a stream of pure water that is going inside of it. So you have one stream that's giving it life. You know, when you have blockages in the hearts,

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depending on how many blockages you have, that's going to determine the health of its pulse. Here you have the healthy stream, that stream of pure water that is going inside of it. While methadone Neha qTV he cannot fill in

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For her, as for the source of hypocrisy that is inside of it, it's like an ulcer. And he goes on to say I'm going to help pay through a demo that is fed by pus and blood. And he said, For a young man, detainee, Oliver Allen okra Hala vitality. So whichever of the two streams is stronger at the moment, that is going to be the feature of the heart. So you have a heart that has some blockage, but it still has eemaan inside of it. And this is the majority of people, the majority of people feed their hearts with contradicting sources. And so the heart never really stabilizes. So where is my heart health? spiritually? I'm gonna start off with what it is not. Because we live in a day and

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age where faith is about emotion only How do I feel? How much do I weep? The intensity of the emotion is what determines the intensity of faith and that is not an Islamic concept. And in fact, if somebody Allahu Allah and her she saw some people from the next generation, and she thought them collapsing and their salah, collapsing in their prayer, and she said, The Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they didn't use to collapse in their prayer, but they had more Eman in their hearts. So if you judge by the intensity of emotion you take these people who read and then they shake and collapse are better than the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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but the hearts of the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are the Allahu Taala we're far more connected to Allah subhanho wa taala. So it's not the intensity of the emotion. Allah subhanaw taala says, In a moment, I mean Warner Lavina either Zuki La La Lagina Kulu.

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Very the believers are those who when Allah is mentioned, wedgie that Palomo their hearts tremble, something deep inside, that moves the heart Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was like a kettle, a boiling pot of water when he would read the Quran. You can hear the bokeh, the crying from deep in his heart, some Allah who didn't he was salam. It wasn't the loud wailing that we might think of when we think of someone who's really crying. But it was something deep in the heart of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in normal won't mean owner Ladino either no kyirong law or do you like to call Oh, well, either Twilio turning to the turn email.

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Why I know I'm begging you to moon, Allah subhanaw taala says the believers are those who when Allah is mentioned, something happens to their hearts, their hearts tremble on the inside.

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And then when they hear the being recited, their faith is immediately increased, their Imam is immediately increased. That's the pure water that comes into the hearts. And they depend fully on their Lord. So how do I judge where my heart is? I need to feel two things in order to have a healthy beating hearts. And realize the Healthy Heart is not the one that gives you paralyzing pain, that you always feel pain, you always feel something so harsh inside of you that you can't function. It's a heart that beats that you're aware of. And that allows you to keep moving towards your journey towards that which is good for you. And so the believers hearts feels two things. The pulse

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of the believers heart is two things. Number one, the pain of regret, the pain of regret when it sins. Number two, the pleasure of worship when it worships Allah subhanaw taala. I'm going to start with the two basic fundamentals of a heart that is healthy. When you want to check your heart health, the pain I feel of regret when I commit a sin and the pleasure I taste when I worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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and what influences what influences those two things? Allah azza wa jal says Furnham

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as of Allahu kuruva.

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When they turned away, Allah turned their hearts away.

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Allah doesn't strike your heart with something that is sudden that ruins you.

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But a person who consistently turns in a direction will find that their heart follows it naturally.

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As Allah Allahu perubahan the worst situation are those who turn away and they commit spiritual suicide. They destroy their heart spiritually. And the opposite of that is what Lavina Jaha do in Phoenix.

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A learner began soon and those who strive in our path we guide them, we opened pathways, clear the blockage of the heart. Now here's the thing.

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It has to come back to cyclical pull up. What they really might call set foot follow the sincerity of your pursuit. The Mammon was any Lahemaa Allah to Allah. He described Abubakar acidic. Well, the Allahu Taala and the very beautiful descriptive description. He says Masada Sahaja be Cathy's Liana was salah, Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu did not necessarily surpass the Companions, because he prayed more than them and he fasted more than them.

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When I can be saved in l be Celyn. Walk off, he couldn't be here. But there was something in his heart that unlocked called When Angela, something that just unlocked in the heart of a record will the allow that the pulse of the heart of Rebecca, was that when he heard the profits, I'm saying anything.

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His heart directed towards it, like no other human being on the face of the planet.

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From the generation of the Sahaba until the last person that breathes on this earth, no person's hearts, had that orientation of Sith, that orientation of truthfulness that went here is Allah or the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say up Milcom for us, like the heart of Abu Bakr Siddiq with the Allahu taala. And and so did he surpass many, with the quantity of his prayer Absolutely. The Gate of Salah will be calling Beckett on the day of judgment. And the gate of Siyam of fasting will be calling Obeikan on the day of judgment and the gate of Salah call will be calling about Beckett on the Day of Judgment come here, come here, and the gate of jihad will be calling Beckett

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on the day of judgment. And Babel raeanne will be calling AbuBakr on the Day of Judgment. All the gates will be calling Abubakar on the day of judgment but that's because his heart was towards every one of those gates constantly.

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And that's something about them. I'm gonna be I'm gonna Aziz Rahim Allah to Allah His Morumbi Salah hell case and Rahim Allah to Allah emammal Hara when He saw the Father, Osama bin Abdul Aziz as even more one. He told them listen, I want to tell you something about your son.

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follow Allah He na e to a hidden Allahu Akbar Mofi Falvey. Oh, he's totally human having Allah.

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So I want to tell you about your son. I've never met anyone

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who Allah occupied a greater part of his hearts than your son on his hearts radiating, looking for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you don't even have to remind him it's there always present. It's not law here. It's not distracted. It's focused on Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Now here's the thing.

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What it comes down to at the end of the day, is where Allah subhanaw taala says, non Geron Allah will eventually we will call veiny fee JioFi Allah did not put two hearts in a single chamber. Allah did not give you two hearts he only gave you one.

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And if your hearts one of the benefits of this idea, if your heart seeks love the if it seeks sweetness from Marcia from sin, if it seeks sweetness from sin, Allah will not let that heart find sweetness in the body. It's not going to find sweetness and worship. Because the heart is seeking its sweetness, its joy, from binge watching Netflix, from the gaze, looking around from listening to all sorts of things from constantly nourishment other than that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala your heart has another master and has another source. You're causing blockage in your own heart and Allah only gave you one heart to feed. And we you know, the Manasa wears two phases good

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wedge hain, we're going to combine a one person who has two phases as two hearts are so he thinks he has two hearts. Right? I can feed this heart today. Then I'll go to the masjid and read Quran and then everything will be okay. I'll listen to the football and my heart will naturally awake. No, you only have one heart. You only have one heart. And where you seek the pleasure of that heart is where you're going to get it from.

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And it takes time. It takes time to taste Halawa to Iman to taste the sweetness of faith. And though that sweetness and love, that sweetness of a BARDA of worship takes time to get there. Doesn't come that quick.

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But at the bare minimum, you start with what? Good deeds make me happy. bad deeds make me sad.

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Sounds very simple right? Call that even slotless Hola. Hola. Yo mama Toby Allahu Taala well Mama says that

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a man asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam mal Eman. What is faith? For carnality Salatu was Salam ala Subotica Hassan Atoka wasa Atticus and he had to care for Anton Walkman.

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If your good deeds make you happy, and your bad deeds make you sad, you're a Moltmann you're a believer.

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Galliano should Allah yml if and what is sin? Listen to the answer of the prophets lie Selim. We have halal and haram we have boundaries.

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But he says either Hakka Fein FC cache for that something doesn't feel right inside of you leave it

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there now you're able to leave without which causes you doubt for that. Which doesn't cause you doubt you have a fifth law you have something inside of you a natural orientation. A healthy heart. This doesn't feel right. Doesn't sound right. It's not resonating with me. So the province licensed for dental leave it at that moment. So you start with this, another Manitoba regret his repentance, I don't like sinning

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and I will perform and follow the obligations. He does Salonika. Hasakah was gonna say.

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You start with good deeds give you a bare minimum of happiness. bad deeds make you uncomfortable, at the very least. And the single most effective way to diagnose your heart at that point is to look at your relationship with the Quran. Call it as normal the Allahu Tada no taharah Corona

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Canavalia here as

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if the hearts were pure, they never become full of the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala they never become full of the words of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah now wants you to think about the physical heart.

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How do you know that your heart is not healthy when he started jogging? What happens? You run out of breath.

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And here spiritually, you run out of breath. When you read the Quran, you read a couple of pages and you get tired and bored and you want to put it away. If the heart is pure, the mass of the ITM column, it doesn't become full. It has more breadth. And what do you do when you physically want to increase your heart rate and be able to run longer first you run half a mile until your heart becomes adjusted, then you can run a mile then you can run two miles then you can run three miles the same thing is true with the Quran. That's why Ramadan is unnatural for the one who just picks up the Quran and tries to read it in Ramadan it doesn't feel right you run out of breath quickly.

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Because you're not jogging on a daily basis with your hearts and keeping your heart towards Allah subhanho wa Taala what color salatu salam in Allah the lease if he didn't really shadeland you know for Uncle beetle Hello. That the one who doesn't have anything of the Quran in their hearts is like a destroyed house. Love them in their own will become in and actually will castle. Oh Allah We seek refuge in You from an abscess, just in capacity, and castle and laziness that starts with the Quran and your

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and your relationship with arriba and the known and mystery or himolla It's just like if you're sick and you can't enjoy the taste of food. The same thing is true with Reviva. If you're sick, doesn't taste good. You don't taste the sweetness of your EBA and so you have to remove the sickness and then increase the spiritual exercise. The good news is what

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the good news is what polyblend Josie Rahim Allah to Allah Edo adapter fi calm Malika Voldemort and burger nasiha farlam and Matthew kobika neuron.

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Beautiful thing.

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Someone asked me, Is my heart dead or is it sick?

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I'm gonna Josie said if you feel a darkness in your heart after you commit a sin, then that's a sign that you have a light in your heart.

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Because Lola hope mountain ticket Vollmer had it not been for that light in your heart, you wouldn't have felt the darkness of sin. So you still have a pulse and hamdulillah

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but you have to work on it quickly and treat your sin with regrets and recourse.

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With regrets and recourse. Turn your heart back to Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah says f has yet to adopt bonell

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And Allah Kaluga and UK follow how do they not find sweetness in reflection on the Quran or do they have locks on their hearts? You got to unlock the heart for

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says So treat your sin with regret and recourse. Treat your worship. You're a bond of the nourishment of the heart after you unlock it.

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With repentance on a consistent basis, and a regimen, a habit, if I were to ask you what's your daily spiritual job? What's your hearts dog every single day? What's your hearts exercise every single day? You tell me if God was Saba the morning remembrance you tell me I read this much Quran a day. You tell me. I pray my sunnah when I can with my Fulani, if you tell me how much a bother you perform on a day, and that's, that's to take a good pulse. But what do you pair that off with your brothers and sisters, you can't feed your heart, junk food, spiritual junk food, and the spiritual junk food on our phones and on our computers is a lot. You can't feed your heart spiritual junk

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food, and then expect good exercise to do away with it.

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What's the source that you're putting in? What's the exercise that you're putting out? And subhanAllah you find every book of tests kiya being alone the cancer and when God between ridding yourself of destructing flaws, and

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taking advantage of the means of salvation between the evenness of the algorithm thus, disciplining the self, and then exercising the self

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and the prophets lies that I'm taught Allahumma in the Oulu becoming Paladin Yaksha woman Deanna in your SNAP, warm enough Scylla touchback woman or even young can afford Allahu alayhi wa sallam he used to supply some seek refuge in Allah from a heart that doesn't have humility, from a dua that doesn't ascend the skies, from a neffs a self that is never full that constantly is craving and from knowledge and no benefit. We asked the last one it's out secure our hearts to connect our hearts to the Quran, to connect our hearts to divine revelation, and to bring out of them that which resembles the practice and the way of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his

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companions Allah him I mean, we have stuff a lot he will accompany so I mean, first of all in order for him.

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah one early he will be here woman one Allah. Allah homophone. Meaning only you know, when Muslim ina will Muslim out here even when I'm not in a kisser Nirankari when Modibo

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Allah Allah for Allah and our Helena wire for Anna Willa

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Robina Valentina and personnel while I'm tougher Leno Tarhana an accordion and the middle far city along the mecca for one Kareem to Hibbeler for for Ana. Hola Hola. Hola. Me Well Idina on the handle American model bonus Ivana Robina habla lemon as long as you know as the real Tina Kurata ion or Jana Sakina Imana Robin Allah to zip Fluvanna David in our habit and I'm in Laguna Terashima I'm gonna get into what hub

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Robin I fill in what meaning I will not allow more sort of just one and let's call that Athena haemostatic in the room I've already have one analytic Vitamina provided me Northridge and I was wondering unbeknownst to me about the one hola here a little bit of an accent when you tell the reporter about when hiring cache wouldn't look very well done yeah, it will come in and look into that go on hospital Allah has broken watch crew while in Atlanta is it luckily one of the Kula he Akbar Allah Who yet I'm gonna toss in our own welcome