Omar Suleiman – How Palestine Exposes Hypocrisy

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the betrayal of Islam and the importance of not being associated with the Prophet's name, as well as the negative impact of double-standing and seeking to undermine Muslims. They emphasize the importance of not being associated with the Prophet's name and finding consistency with their values. The segment also touches on the struggles of those who have lost their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need for acceptance of Islam. The segment ends with a discussion of the lack of diversity in Islam and the importance of finding a way to make Islam acceptance.
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ours will begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his blessed path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah, I mean,

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their brothers and sisters betrayal

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is one of the most difficult things that we will deal with in our lives. And there are numerous forms of betrayal that we will face May Allah protect us from ever being of the betraying and reward us when we are of the betrayed Allah. I mean, it was difficult for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca, when people that had said to him that he was the most precious of human beings to them, turn their backs on him on South Africa, when he called to Allah subhanaw taala. For the first time, it was difficult when those who he used to break bread with were now trying to forbid bread from reaching the home of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the boycotts. It was

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difficult when heads of tribes came from other places, and made a mockery of the Prophet sallallahu. And he was turned on by saying, Send us your best men to teach us Islam, and then murdered them when they got there. It was difficult to upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to deal with in the most beautiful Society of Medina. I don't know if you one hypocrites, that over time made their hypocrisy well known.

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There's a very particular element of this that relates to the moments at hand. I think that as many of us watch what is unfolding right now, in Philistine and in Gaza. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah give victory to our brothers and sisters and Philistine liberate them, support them in their time of difficulty, and all of our brothers and sisters who are oppressed around the world. And may Allah subhana wa, tada deal with their oppressors. Allama. I mean, there's something that I think all of us sense around that emotion.

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And it's of different layers. There is the betrayal that we feel of the Muslim world to Palestine. Why is it that power does not assemble to uplift our brothers and sisters? Why is it that there isn't more mobilization, beyond grandiose statements that are given in pointless forums? Where is the actual means of support to our brothers and sisters? You know, at some points, you have to not only use diplomacy in a way that benefits your own nation, your own country, but at some point, you have to use the resources that you have to support your brothers and sisters. At what point do companies pull their American ambassador? Because we have a president here who has given a blank

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check to genocide? At what point? Do they cut gas lines and oil lines? At what point? Do they mobilize for our brothers and sisters that are oppressed and speak of them as their own instead of mobilizing to shut gates and to ensure just like those who hate them openly, that they never end up in their land, at what points. And then there's the betrayal that's felt at a local level. Some of you have friends and maybe even family members

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that you see online all of a sudden, and they are posting things that absolutely devastate you, you can't believe that this person that you've had lunch with, that you spend a lot of time with seemed like someone who was such a nice person who cared so much about you're feeling welcomed as a Muslim in this country,

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posting so openly about their disdain for the Palestinian people. And their disregard for the children of Palestine. There's betrayal from your workplace. Everyone, that champions free speech has suddenly become a McCarthy adjust all of the terms that were used to say that students should have the freedom to study, learn and rights and organize and all of the protections that are supposed to exist for employees and workers and staff. When it comes to holding moral positions. All of that goes out the window and there's a sense of betrayal. Where did that come from? I didn't see that coming. There's even a sense of betrayal perhaps that many of us have been feeling a little

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sick to our stomach.

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That those who hold political office in our country use our money to kill our brothers and sisters.

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And it seems like no matter how loud the streets become, the more Deaf the halls of Congress become writing bigger checks.

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For the genocide and for the massacre, and there's betrayal, a feeling of betrayal. Now I wanted to speak to this in a Madani context for a moment,

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particularly when it comes to the verses of Nephi. Because one of the things that I tell people that we should take lesson from as we see things unfolding around this is that we don't have the signs of the same people that we despise. And so if other people have double standards, we try to be consistent.

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If other people like ethics, we try to hold on to our ethics, where other people become cruel. We insist on what our prophets I some has given us a consistent system of justice and mercy, where other people fail, we try to live up to the standard that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us.

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And so, as you see this all playing out, you want to ask yourself, Do I have signs

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of the same hypocrisy that I see around me? If the people around me are incapable of being inconsistent, am I inconsistent.

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And I want us to actually look at the early ions of Medina, that spoke about the way that hypocrisy developed in that society. Because hypocrisy and Medina was a bit different, if an ambassador the Allahu Taala and Huma says that people would pretend to be Muslim in Medina, so that they could benefit from all of the benefits that comes with being a Muslim, while at the same time seeking to undermine

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everything single opportunity that was presented to them. That also meant by the way, and this is really, you know, human, if you think about it, subhanAllah that there were people within our bustle the Allah on whom I said that married from the righteous Muslims. Imagine waking up to three years later and finding out that your spouse is a moron ethic.

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How difficult is that to be a pious person who embraced the Prophet slicin with all your heart and soul and then you find out that this person that you've been with, actually never intended to join the ranks of the prophets like Selim, but was writing the benefits including of being with you. And now they're showing their true colors. This happened in the time of the Prophet slice, um, it was devastating, and it was a test of faith for people as well. Subhan Allah, how devastating now how do we start to see the signs of the Manasa pain unfold? There are two times that they're element mentioned

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that the McAfee points show themselves that the masks fall and there's been a lot of uses of that terminology. The masks have fallen of the so called defenders of free speech, the so called defenders of human rights, the so called defenders of Islam, the masks are fallen.

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There are two times that the masks fall and I want us to deeply interrogate ourselves and ask ourselves if we show signs of this in our own hearts fee work to shut down? Well, he worked in fitna

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in two times, in a time of deep hardship, and in a time of fitna and a time of chaos tribulation.

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Now, what's the difference between those two things? What you notice about how Allah speaks to the mafia coin or to the growing signs of the funk

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in the early community, as they start to become more self revealing over time is you Alina Amanu, Lima, taco Luna Mara Turfan on camera Maka, Tana And Ally and Taco lomana to fine tune. You had a lot of people that gave grand statements but did absolutely nothing. You have the stories of the likes of innocent romantic or the allot of time and was Uncle anosognosia who missed the brother and said if Allah gives me another chance Allah is going to see what I'm going to do. Meanwhile, mock me Nina regional sada kumara de la honey, I mean, who mencoba another woman, woman, young toddler woman, but the roots of de la you are people that made promises to Allah subhanaw taala. And they

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fulfilled their promises when the time came. They didn't flee when the hardship actually came around. They didn't make grandstanding statements, they made sincere supplications to Allah subhanaw taala that Ya Allah, if you put me in a position, if you test me, you will see

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that I'm sincere to you. And you had others that made all sorts of excuses. And when the time of hardship came, they suddenly made excuses and they started to disappear. The more difficult circumstances got, the more you know, I think my back is hurting right now. You know, I think I've got to go tend to my garden. Wealth is a little bit hard. I've got some trade that is going on here and there. So yeah, this little law, I don't have anything to give you right now. Sharla one day, the more that the excuses start to pile up and they start to shrink,

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that he worked to shut down in the time of hardship they disappear. And in the process of disappearing. They poison the ranks in the law, your HIPAA law they know your party known a FISA beat he softened unknown Banyana Marceau's.

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A lot of talks about those striving as one unit. And the most observable traits of a hypocrite is that a hypocrite not only puts not only fails to put forth a meaningful effort of their own, but they spoil the meaningful efforts of others.

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So I don't want to be the one that's left down. It's sort of like how Shavon wants to take people to hellfire with him. I don't want to be the only one. And so they not only make excuses to always disappear in hard times, but they find ways to poison the ranks cast doubt, cost cast division cast dissension, and so they disappear.

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But at the time of fitna, when it comes time where there is a slander of our mother it shall the Allahu anha or something really juicy is going on in the community that causes great chaos Masha Allah, they rush to it, suddenly, their mouths don't stop running. Suddenly, they are super involved suddenly they're at every single Salah suddenly they are always present. front of the line, always have an opinion always have something to do always have something to say. And so when it comes to times of hardship, they're nowhere to be found. When it comes to times of fitna. They are the ones that are generating the fitna and making sure that the fire of it stays alive. They belittle the

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efforts of others when others try to do for the sake of Allah subhanho Tirana not putting forth any effort of their own, and then they show up to criticize and to blast every single effort for the sake of Allah as being insufficient, as being insincere as a mask of their own.

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You know, in American discourse, they call it gaslighting right we're being gas lit by the President of the United States on a consistent basis. Masha Allah and initiative against Islamophobia.

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You know, being launched

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gaslighting from the highest office in the United States.

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The mafia Cohen at the time of the Prophet sign Salam would put forth grand statements consider this consider that deflections distraction also that they could escape being present in the hard times of the OMA.

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Why am I bringing this forth here for us? Allah azza wa jal knows

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how deep the pain of our brothers and sisters in Philistine is but Allah subhanaw taala also has placed in them

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a miracle

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that when we watch them undergo the worst forms of cruelty and their humanity completely diminished in our ranks.

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Somehow, they still keep going.

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Somehow, they persevere.

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Food drink, support, liable Rohan Min hatherleigh home, one I'm father for whom they are not harmed by those who betrayed them, nor by those who oppose them.

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Because they are self fulfilled in a mission of SIPC with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada they have a relationship with Allah subhana, WA Tirana that is different.

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And where I want you to actually look at yourself in a moment where we feel paralyzed, where we feel sometimes a sense of despair, what can we do? We're all sick of seeing children dead on our screens. Juma might be the longest period that you take from seeing Palestinian babies pulled from the rubble, we're all tired of it. What can I do? It took Allah mustard to atone. Fear Allah as much as you can do the best that you can reconcile that might Allah and be truthful with Allah subhanaw taala that yeah, Rob, I'm doing my best.

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Are Omaha's in hard times, I'm doing my best. I'm trying my best. I'm going to endure the inconveniences that come with being on the right side of this. Because I don't want to be hypocrites.

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I don't want to be someone who disappears in the time of hardship. I have a role to play. I have something to say. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I'll end with this when he said my mom in common care, whoever amongst you sees an evil, let them change it with their hand and if they can't do so, they'll be the Sunni heathen with their tongue. And if they can't do so, from the hobby he then at least hate it in your heart. That is the lowest of iman, you know what for many Muslims that live around the world right now, that is the only Imam they can have right now on this issue. It's true for many Muslims in Muslim countries, where the protests for Philistine used to be

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large where the voice for Palestine used to roar. Now the only thing they can do is hold it here but it burns them and no one can interfere

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With your dua to Allah subhanaw taala at night when you make 200

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No one can cut your connection to Allah at night, just like no one can cut their connection in Gaza to Allah subhanaw taala no one can cut that. But that's all that they've got is they can hate it in their hearts, their brothers and sisters, maybe we can do a little bit more.

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Maybe we can speak up. Maybe we can continue to hate it in our hearts, this one kind of this evil and to be present with our Ummah and it's difficult time and to not disappear

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but it's easy for us to sit back and to forward What's that means about this hypocrite and that hypocrite and do you see what they've done? And you say what that what that person has done to say this person is this and this person is that and this effort is worthless in this effort is worthless.

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It's far more difficult to be in a constant state of self scrutiny and to say yeah alone.

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Do not sit on stepping

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guide me to the straight path on an individual level. I don't want to be on one African my relationship as it relates to you, me Mexico Runa mela tough I don't I don't want people to think I'm a better Muslim than I actually am in my um, in my private life. I want to actually be sod that with you truthful in that relationship to you.

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And then when it comes to this ummah,

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the Ummah has a fever right now, the OMA is in pain right now. Be present their brothers and sisters. Do not divide the ranks. Do not cause dissension do not cause fitna do not poison and do your part. And ask Allah subhanaw taala to expand your part and to show you your next step along the way. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide our hearts guide our tongues guiding our actions, to ways that are pleasing to Him that are sincere that are in accordance with the sunnah of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that bring Sakina tranquility to the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanaw taala allow this catastrophe to be a means by which

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the catastrophe of distance from him at the collective and individual level is removed from us altogether. May Allah subhanaw taala Give victory to our brothers and sisters. May Allah subhanaw taala help our brothers and sisters who have been oppressed in all parts of the world, those that are mentioned and those that are forgotten? May Allah subhana huts and make their feet firm and protect them from above them and protect them from their rights and protect them from their left and from in front of them and behind them and may Allah subhanaw taala pour patients upon them what I've been through running him Sabra with a bit apadana home one sort of an adult calm and caffeine

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Allahumma amino Kuroko The other was stuff alive you look when he settled with some infested.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim Allah Ernie he also he Ultramarine Obinna to Kabul winner in a cancer Samuel Lima to Ballina in Mecca Anta to Weber Rahim

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Allah Allah Allama to Belle Mina in Atlanta semirara Annie Motoko Halina amo Dona Ana canta to wobble Rahim llama for didn't want me Nina when not when Muslim you know when Muslim mounts even normal and what in like a semi Arun curry when would you be there? What? Allah Muhammad Allah and our Hamner? Why for Anna What are two has Dibner Robina Valentina and for scenario inlanta Furlanetto Hana Lana Conan liminal ha serene olam in a CAFO when Kareem went to Hibben alpha five for Anna olam in a careful one can equal to Hibbeler alpha five four and Allama three what Adina Abraham Houma Kamara bonus Ivana Robina habla naman as long as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan

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what Johanna mattina Imam along sort of one on masala fina FEMA Shadrick a lot of you I'm about to be alone sort of one and Mr. Dafina haemostatic A lot of the one of Adi behind Allah McWhinney one enough he Philistine Allah who couldn't get one if you Philistine Allah Houma couldn't go home own and want to see hola hola I think it'd be I do we can I do we him yeah as easily Anja Bell hola hola hola que la La Nina Milan I mean originally one and then being him certainly mean about Allah and Allah he will and the winner Sanwa Ito that Cordoba Yun Han and fascia I wouldn't want to carry well nobody ever come la la come to the Coronavirus Corolla come watch groove on in there man. Is it

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Lacan? What are the Corolla Corolla young Matheson Arun, what famous song


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