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The speakers discuss the importance of celebrating the birth of the Prophetrows and the holy season for achieving success in Islam. They emphasize the importance of finding forgiveness and acceptance in celebration plans for the upcoming ninth of July. They also stress the need for acceptance and forgiveness in the face of pride and striving.

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First and foremost once again I want to congratulate everyone on the summit love him the developer I mean, we see the blessing of having been able to come together while in Chicago, that is either gonna come and a few are grateful, then I will increase you so we say Hamdulillah we think Allah subhana wa Tada after a long period of uncertainty, of allowing us or for allowing us to be able to gather together and from that a lot of longing and to pray our total waiting together and to worship together and to celebrate together and him did he not and hamdulillah and hamdulillah May Allah accept our alum Allah, may Allah accept our recitation of the Quran, may Allah accept our PA, may

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Allah subhanaw taala write us down amongst those who fully observed later to call the alum and Amin? So the brothers and sisters I want to tackle something actually conceptually in sha Allah to Allah, one of those distinguishing marks of Islam. And it's how we view celebration. How many reads Do we have a year?

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We have two reads, right? What about Assura?

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There's one Ashura to

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But does it or ain't the Prophet sighs I'm told us we have to eat. Okay. So we have a good foothold on either of her, right? We have the lead that comes after the period of fasting of Ramadan, and their eat that comes after the sacrifice or with the sacrifice that is also in parallel with the hedge, okay? We also have these days, right? So we fast Ashura, for example, because no lobby moves some income. We are closer to Musa alayhis, Salam than everyone else. And so we thank Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for the victory that He gave Musa alayhis salam by fasting, but it's not a celebration, like Ashura was not a day for the Prophet slice. I'm in his community of celebration.

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They fasted as a form of arriba as a form of worship a Yama and do they want to thank Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we fasted they have alpha, but obviously that is also in accordance with the eagle, Athena, right is the day that comes with the delta. So it's also a day of worship, and it comes annually. The prophets lie Selim. Did, he used to celebrate his birth? You guys are like, Oh, no, he's starting a mode of debate. We already have Moon sighting, he's gonna go into a mode of debate. No. How did the prophets lie? Some use to commemorate his birth, though? For sure. Let's get away from the debate. Let's get away from the difference of opinion, all of the let's leave that for

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later on. All right. What did the Prophet saw some certainly used to do to thank Allah subhana which Allah He said, it's one of the reasons why he would fast on Monday so he would commemorate his birth or thank Allah for his birth by fasting. So we thank Allah for things that have happened to us and trying to establish the concept here you guys are like So wait a minute, what does this mean?

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Conceptually speaking, we thank Allah by what He has given to us by what he has done for us by riba by fasting. So Allah saved Musa alayhis salam, there was fasting, the Prophet SAW Salem, thank Allah subhanaw taala for his birth for bringing him into existence. So he fasted Salah Harney was salam. But celebration is very unique in Islam. The idea of our Eid is very unique in Islam.

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And one of the wisdoms that the scholars say about our Eades in Islam, our two reads in Islam is that they both come after worship. They both come after sacrifice. And they say that one of the wisdoms of that is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching you the very nature of your relationship with him. This saw me for Hutton for the one who fasts is two times of joy, the joy when they break their fast and the joy when they meet Allah subhana wa Tada. When you sacrifice for Allah subhanho wa Taala then you have the joy of reaping the acceptance of Allah subhanaw taala the reward in that sense in this life and you have the greater joy of seeing the reward of it in the next life. Both of

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our EADS are not marking an incident that happened to someone else. They're not working some sort of season that we commemorate or some sort of incident that happened to someone else. They are marking our own actions, they accompany our own deeds, now they parallel how other people would observe them for Allah subhanaw taala being the Gambia of Allah subhanaw taala. So either Allah is inherently connected to the sacrifice of Ibrahim Ali Salam, but it's our sacrifice that has to be put forward. We don't just get to get together and have baklawa and have you know, cake and stuff like that because

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We remember this is the day that Ibrahim alayhis salam got to sacrifice we don't have our eaten up ha like lamb hunt we don't put sheep in the masjid and everyone tried to find the sheep under a corner at least I don't think we do that here but we don't have a sheep hunt right there's there is no chef Yasser doesn't come out with a special vest on aid and

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that's made of sheep skin so that he could you know we could all find him and touch him from now. No, we have our own sacrifice. I gave away the surprise. Honestly after the vest that your two days ago * I don't know what to expect anymore. leather biker vest allaahu I don't know what's gonna come out on it either.

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But the point is, is that it's our sacrifice. Our sacrifice is not with a celebration. It's our fast it's inherently connected to the profit slice. I'm receiving revelation, Hinault lay that will cover it's inherently connected to the prophets license fasting, but it's our fasting. It's our TM it's our observance. What is the wisdom of that dear brothers and sisters? When Allah subhanaw taala tells you about the celebrations in Jannah.

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Allah reminds you, does that be my quantum tap Milan? Enjoy? These are the fruits of your hard labor. What do we recite on 800? A flat Herman to Zakka. Well that got us model behavior Salah he has succeeded who has been toiling and purifying himself to zecca you are purifying yourself and Tuska you have found success. You have found success. What do we read into it the last year the SAT or you had all the

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that on the Day of Judgment the believers are pleased with their say they're pleased with their efforts. They're pleased with everything they put forth for Allah subhanaw taala they're seeing the reward of it. So this is establishing the very basis of our relationship with Allah that we work, and then we celebrate. Now, are we celebrating the departure of Ramadan? And are we sure Allah accepted our Ramadan? This is a really, really important point in Charlottetown here's where I want us to inshallah Tada hopefully take something that's very instructive. I hope the concept is there. And it's understood in sha Allah to Allah, that our needs are very unique from a spiritual

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perspective. When you study religious doctrine, that our EADS mark our own efforts, they come after our own efforts. And then depending on the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada celebrating the mercy of Allah's parents, I hope the conceptual part of this is done. What about the practical stuff? We've got a few hours left before the end of Ramadan.

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We might look back and say, I don't know.

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I didn't really cry.

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I really don't know if I made any serious progress the same sins I was committing before Ramadan. I think I'm going to be committing them again. I don't really know if I've seen any serious increase in Mount riba that's going to outlast Ramadan. This kind of feels like all the other Ramadan. I don't know if ALLAH has forgiven me or not. I don't know. I mean, every one of the last two nights there were a few moments where I got distracted. I'm not sure I slept too long.

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I was dozing off in PM.

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You know, we're gonna go back and review those moments, right.

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But here's a very important point in Charlotte on two things I want you to take number one.

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Your last hours of Ramadan should be ours of is to

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seek forgiveness from Allah and ask Allah acceptance. I know people are going to be each shopping I know people are going to be you know, making preparations for eat. It's not true. I know that all of that is in play. But seriously, tomorrow and also tomorrow. Spend some time in contemplation even if it's 30 minutes before Mfu All right, like if you can't do also to McRib in Vicodin arriba 30 minutes before mucked up. Just take 30 minutes before McRib. And make your make do out with your families. Make your ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness ask Allah Subhana Allah for acceptance there are times to ask Allah for forgiveness and acceptance and you don't know. It might be that

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that sincere ask in the last moment of Ramadan causes everything to be accepted and Ramadan. I'm not making that up by the way, because the dua of the fasting person is accepted until they break their fast and so the last moments of Ramadan could be the most precious moments of Ramadan. So ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept ask Allah to forgive you. Now, the second part of this and this is really important

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Bucha Allah Juan to multimorbidity job

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call upon Allah while you are certain in the response Allah says it Rooney a steady Blackcomb, call me I will answer you. Call me I will answer you. The prophets like Selim said call Allah with a certainty in his response. Dear Brothers and Sisters, when we ask Allah to accept our Ramadan we're not saying yeah, Allah, you know if you wish, yeah, Allah You know, I don't know. No, we're saying yeah Allah accept

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Ramadan and then we're walking away with an hamdulillah for the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he accepted our Ramadan

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sounds a little audacious while the prophets like Sam said call upon Allah and to moving on with certainty. And so the celebration that comes afterwards is not celebrating the departure of Ramadan and celebrating the Mercy of Allah. That Ya Allah, you allowed us to worship you. You enabled us to worship you all this time. We made a lot of dua this Ramadan yeah Allah we make this drought for acceptance and we are certain in your forgiveness and your mercy and your acceptance. Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us to our profit sighs some to keep on saying Allah Homina CAFO when to hit with alpha 510 Allah you are the one who forgives you love to forgive so forgive us have certainty and

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you're gonna have certainty in your DUA not in a way that makes you say, Okay, well I can put everything before this past Ramadan on the shelf. Let me go accumulate the next year's worth of sins and take it with me to the next Ramadan. You don't know if you'll have another Ramadan

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but to say with a sense of certainty and 100 Allah, Ya Allah, we trust in your mercy. Yeah, Allah we trust in your forgiveness. Yeah, Allah when we think of our deficiencies, we remember your perfection. Yeah, Allah when we think of our shortcomings, we remember your glory. Yeah, Allah when we think of our sins, we remember your mercy. And that keeps us motivated. And that keeps us going. And so our celebrations come after acts of worship. And our celebrations come with your ads for acceptance, and the Durant's for acceptance that accompany deeds of striving are the most certain neurons that we take to ALLAH SubhanA Hutan.

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And so we call upon Allah subhanaw taala with certainty, and we call upon Allah subhanaw taala knowing that he is shy to reject, and we say, Yeah, Allah accept our Ramadan, and then we celebrate our eighth not in heedlessness, not with disobedience of ALLAH SubhanA wa Anton, we celebrate our eighth with recitation with celebration. Counting on the greater celebration with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada because we believe our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he suddenly sought me for data for the fasting person or two moments of joy. Yeah, Allah as you have given us that joy in this life, assure us of that joy in the hereafter. Yeah Allah as you have allowed us to break our fast

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day after day after day in this Ramadan yeah Allah allow us to break our fast with you by meeting you while you are pleased with us having accepted our Ramadan yeah Allah as we have called upon you assuring that you love to show mercy to us and forgive us yeah Allah let us not be amongst those that are disappointed or deprived on the Day of Judgment. Yeah Allah let us be amongst those who receive Your mercy and its fullest on the Day of Judgment Yeah, Allah let us be amongst those who receive your forgiveness in the fullest on the day of judgment. And yeah, Allah do not let us turn back on our heels after this Ramadan goes away. Yeah, Allah we ask you from now for the acceptance

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of this Ramadan and we asked you to accept our intention to worship you throughout the year. And we asked you Yeah, Hola. Hola. Hola Lebanon Ramadan Oh Allah send us the next Ramadan. Oh Allah send us the next Hajj. And oh Allah Allah has always be in a state of Sati in a state of striving towards you until we meet you and you are pleased with us. Allahumma Amin will solidar more Solimar Nabina Muhammad Ron Ernie he will be admiring

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