Mufti Menk – What will you leave behind?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having freedom of worship and achieving success in life. They emphasize that even if one is struggling, it is important to pursue one's dreams and achieve their goals. The speaker also mentions that even if one is successful, it is important to leave behind a legacy.
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My brothers, my sisters in our lives, many of us we know that living this life is a struggle. And if I were to ask you how things, first thing you would say, in this country, sugar, right or wrong, no matter what you going through, people would say sugar. Some would say Alhamdulillah. Even if you're struggling, that's a good answer for a moment. But in your mind, let's be honest, you're talking about your job, your business, you're talking about your income, you're talking about your livelihood, you're talking about safety, security, how many of us actually only respond based on the deal? How many of us, based on the fact that we have freedom of worship Subhan Allah, we have the

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ability to worship Allah and to behave and fulfill life as a Muslim, for that we should say, couldn't be better when Allah in 100 Min, make use of what you have, you know, if you're a businessman, in a certain field, and there is a big deal that's going to happen, even though you're a wealthy businessman, you would want to make sure you've got the deal because you don't want to lose out on that business. Say you're a multi millionaire in the timber business. And there is a massive deal and a contract coming for a huge place that needs to be put up and so on, you would put in your tender, you would make sure you go in you want to make sure and Subhanallah if you got it,

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you would be so so excited and happy. And you would say to yourself, Marshall, I've achieved well, law he my brothers, my sisters, we, as much as we are taught that halaal income is very important. Sometimes we tend to forget what is even more important, if you didn't have the wealth you have and if you didn't have the positions or the jobs or the homes or the families, but you achieve the pleasure of Allah, Allah He you have succeeded. And if you have all of that, like I said, with none of the pleasure of Allah, your faith, we have all of that no pleasure of Allah, you fail. So let's understand when they were on their deathbeds, they will only be concerned about the dean. What

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legacy have I left behind? Not in terms of wealth. People say this man left behind a lot I promise you To this day, I still have to see any family that four generations of their children have enjoyed the wealth of that great great grandfather. I have not seen one in my life Subhanallah maybe I don't know you might want to correct me but usually second third generation, the way things go pear shaped families break up they stop talking to each other all because of money wealth. That's why I just leave behind a little bit less. Leave them with the dean the character the contract.

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