Omar Suleiman – #2 The Burial – For Those Left Behind

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The process of burying the Prophet Sessoms, a fast process designed to avoid leaving the body out for days, is discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and fast action, particularly for individuals who lost loved ones. Finding a temporary and permanent place to feel present and grant others' forgiveness is also emphasized. The process is designed to avoid leaving the body out for days and is used to avoid leaving the body out for a day or two after the burial.
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When the Prophet sly Salaam passed away and I shall be allowed to tell on her she screamed faulty model the Ilana heard the sound of Isha and she knew that the Prophet slicin and passed away and she said these beautiful words. Yeah, but love the Hema dinner. Oh my dear father, how close he is now to his Lord. Yeah, but Elijah, but Ilana? Oh my dear father to gibreel we announced your passing. Yeah, but ah, Jenna to theodosia Matt. Wow. Oh, my dear father, Jonathan for the dose is now your abode.

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It is one thing to know that a person's about to die, and then to actually see their soul escape their body. It's another thing to wash them. And somehow the love for anyone that's ever washed the body. Washing someone that you knew is so much different than watching someone that you did it, when you are someone that you knew. You can see the deception of this life, because you have in front of you a lifeless body. And you used to see that person walking around, you might have been close to that person, a family member, someone that you loved, and now you're seeing them lay lifeless, and you really come to cherish those last moments where you're looking at that person. And you know, you

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might kiss them on the forehead, I will back it'll be a lot of time and we kissed the Prophet slice alum one last time after he passed away. And the Prophet slice them did the same whether it's not even their own or the outside, I know that he kissed his forehead one more time, looking at him all the time. And then one of the hardest things in the world is to then put dirt on the face of that person somehow. And I love the way that this all unfolds. First, you see the life escape the body, then you wash the body, you comb the hair, you perfume, it you kiss the head one more time you enjoy those last moments, and then you put dirt on their face as a means of honoring them. And this is not

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an easy thing to do. And in fact, faulty model a lot of time on her she asked us a bit about the Allahu anhu after the burial of the prophets lie Selim about how it was because imagine putting dirt on the face of the prophets license. Imagine burying the prophets lie Selim. And imagine doing it as NSL de la Tyler and who, when you have enjoyed the Prophet Sessoms company so intimately for so long, so she asked, and so the allow, she goes to him and she says, I'll pop it and full circle and tactical Allah rasulillah his life element tour up. I mean, how were you able to bring yourselves did your hearts allow you did yourselves allow you to put dirt on the face of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam and honestly, Allahu anhu speechless. We had to completely ignore our hearts, it felt horrible, it's not an easy thing to do. And that is the case not just with the Messenger of Allah slice Allah. But that's the case with anyone that is beloved to us. And certainly the way the companions loved the Prophet, slice Olam is greater than the way that any of us love any of our beloved ones. Now, the Sunnah is to take the body after the janazah and to rush it to the cemetery. And it's a very rapid process, or at least it's supposed to be a rapid process, there isn't leaving the body out for days, there isn't, you know, a bunch of different ceremonies, it is to go to the

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janazah to go to the burial as quickly as possible. In fact, some of the Sahaba they mentioned that when the Lakota and who passed away that when we follow the genocide Mara, the Prophet slicin walks so fast that they were walking so fast that their shoes were coming off, right because of how quickly they were following the janazah. And that is the son of the Prophet slice of them. The righteous soul awaits. The grave says cut the morning, but the morning Hurry up and take me Hurry up and take me and the wicked soul says yeah, wait. Yeah, Leila aina. To have want to be. The wicked soul says the opposite. Where are you taking it to? So in the assumption that Tyler were taking a

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believing righteous soul to the grave, as you are carrying that body as you are taking it to the grave rushett do not take long, do it as quickly as possible. The sooner is done to start to bury that person and you say Bismillah wireless una de rasulillah Bismillah and upon the way of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you can also say Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Allah, submit to Allah forgive him or her and Oh Allah keep him or her firm. So these are the drugs that you are making as you are putting the body into the grave. The Sunnah of the prophet sly salon is to start with the feet first, to face the right side towards the table. And so sometimes this would

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require taking some dirt. And even if you're burying in a casket to put it in a way that you can face the body, on the right side towards the pivotal. And then the prophet SAW Selim, he said istockphoto, the alikhan At that moment, seek forgiveness for your brother

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Thelma saluda who beat to beat and an ask for that person to have firmness phenol Anna, just because that person is now to be asked, they're going to face the three most important questions of their lives. And so that time, when you first put a person into the grave, and they feel the squeeze of the grave is really the time that you're asking a loss of how to forgive them, that you're asking a loss penalty to grant them steadfastness. They need that more than anything else, they need that more than you talking about how great of a person you were, they need that more than you, you know, talking about everything is going to be okay. They need you to make draft for them to seek

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forgiveness for them and to ask lots of grant them steadfastness and firmness for the questions that they are about to be asked. And this is where you see that group do as for example, and it is permissible for people to make group draws, even though the Sunnah of the Prophet slice alone was that people make out individually but it's okay for people to make a group draft as well, but certainly not in place of the individual to ask that the people really asked a lesson seriously, especially the loved ones that have lost pens, I grant that person forgiveness and that Allah subhanaw taala grant that person firmness. That's not a time to eulogize. We don't have long

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eulogies at the grave. We don't exaggerate in our praise of the person because that could actually be to the opposite intended effect for that person. The Prophet sighs I mentioned that when people exaggerate in their praise that the angels would poke the personal say a hacker couldn't were you what they say that you are so a person should not exaggerate in praise. However, a person should mention the good things without exaggeration why because atom shahadat life a lot of you are the witnesses of a lost pounds on this earth. So to mention some of the good qualities and good characteristics as a lesson for those that are present and as a witness for the person. Without

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exaggerating without eulogizing without formalizing it is fine. It's also not a time to wail and to, to scream, crying is sooner. It's not just okay, crying is sin, it is natural, and it is sin for us to cry, but to wail and to scream and to shout out, you know, terms of destruction for ourselves, that also hurts the death. Okay? So not to eulogize, not to exaggerate and praise, not to exaggerate in our crying to a point that it becomes whaling or morning. And then you see the beautiful son of the Prophet slice them to take three handfuls of dirt, and to scatter those three handfuls on the person. And so that's something where every every person really gets a chance to do what will one

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day be done to them, you preyed on that person with four tech views, you now go and you grab the dirt, and you scatter the three handfuls on the person, the way that you will one day have the earth upon you. At that point, there's a question that's often asked, How long do we stay in some house, I was talking about the discrepancy, where you know, some people when they pass away, if they're well known, or if they have large families, and a lot of people come to the janazah, you also see that sometimes the geneticists are quick for someone that was unknown, versus someone that was well known. How long are we actually supposed to stay? At the gravesite. There's a beautiful narration

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from ometer. And also the amount of time that he told his family that when you bury me, stay next to my grave for the time that it would take to sacrifice an animal and then distribute its flesh, which is, you know, a moderate amount of time, right? It's not like you could say that takes 20 minutes or 45 minutes or 30 minutes. It's just a moderate amount of time. Take some time to stay next to me, so that I can feel your presence had a step number because I can feel your presence. What are lemma Mother arogya rousselot Robbie, and I can know what to respond to my lords messengers. So he's saying, take some time. Don't leave me too quickly when you bury me. Stay there, continue to seek

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forgiveness for me. Continue to ask a lot to grant me steadfastness. So that I am ready when the messengers of my Lord come to me to ask me those three questions.

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