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Nouman Ali Khan
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So let's go back to the story.

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The next section of the story we just went through angels asking your question Yeah. And he told the * with the proper mannerism and that was the point that I really wanted to hit home. The next I have the story Allah says, Allah Adam Allah smart Allah Allah.

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Allah taught Adam, the names, all of them. A Smar Kula This is called a Tolkien Arabic. But it's actually see even something more than that. It's a combination of Toki than Masha hula and who this grammatical terms. Here's what they mean. In English, Allah taught the mother who said on all manner of names, leaving nothing at all out. And the word names this is a translation of the word a smile. A smile in Arabic is translated into what names in English, except a smile in Arabic From Wesson actually also means qualities. But it doesn't just mean names. It also means what qualities that's why we say that the names of Allah or L A smile on her SNA Whoa.

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Was that a whistle?

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Or a scream? I can't. That was a scream. That was intense. Okay.

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So the names of Allah are actually the qualities of Allah aren't they? They're attributes of Allah. And they're still there. They're not called osafo. Allah, they're called a smart Allah, the names of Allah, Adam alayhis. Salam was taught the names of all kinds of things, all the names that might exist and all the qualities that might exist. Now you know, what this is referring to? This is actually referring to Adam either he said, I'm being taught language, there's a few points that you guys need to internalize Inshallah, Karla about this. All language boils down to nouns. Linguists argued that the first act of language is nouns, because a child interacts with an object, hopefully

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not this object, but a child interacts with an object and tries to identify it. And the act of identification is the act of giving something a noun, a name, right.

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And that's true, not just of one language that is true of what all languages, the first creature that was taught this massive vocabulary is Adam alayhis, salam, all of us are Children of Adam alayhis, salam, and all of us come from different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different languages, every one of those languages, is actually a child of what was given to Adam Alayhis Salam and Adam alayhis. Salam himself is actually being given these words by Allah, You know what that means, then every single language that exists on the face of the earth is part of Allah's revelation.

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There is not a language that exists on the earth that human beings speak. That is not from him himself. Because all languages go back to parents, which go back to further parents, which go back to further parents and eventually, where do you end up? The mother Hassan. If you realize that, then the conclusion that follows is every language is supposed to be honored.

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Because it's taught by Hola.

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You shouldn't make fun of any other person's language. You shouldn't make fun of their dialect, even though they're seriously funny. Sometimes, it becomes really hard not to make fun of certain dialects on occasion, you know, but you have to hold it back. Even if it sounds strange to you. And you cannot put people down for the language that they speak. You cannot make fun of people for the language that they speak because all of them go back to Allah azza wa jal. That's the first implication. Here's the second really remarkable implication. I go try to see in the audience how many people studying the sciences, any science, computer science, biology, chemistry, okay. How many

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people studying history? Like three? How did how did your parents let that happen?

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We supposed to be studying history by the way, but not not if you're DC alert, what are you gonna do with that?

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You know,

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so anyway, every time you master a science or you do further studies in a science, it is made up of terminologies and

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physics has its own terminology, chemistry has its own terminology, history has its own terminology. Find the world of finance has its own terminology. They all have their own words, their own nouns. In other words, what was given to Adam Alayhis Salam is the basis of all human intellectual development. All of it handed to this man, so you can pass it down. As a matter of fact, there were people four or 500 years ago in the field of chemistry, they jotted some things down they gave certain

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labels to things that develop some concepts of chemistry. And the next generation of people came and took it a step further than the next came and took it a step further, but you cannot take the next step unless the people before gave certain terminologies to define things. That's how every science in the world progresses. You know what I'm trying to get at? I'm trying to get at the fact that the development of human knowledge in every field, in every field is actually part of the plan of Allah that began with Adam Alayhis Salam. So when a young student comes up to me and says, We'll starve I'm studying in the university, but I don't want to study dunya I want to study Deen

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I don't know my parents want me to study, just get university, you know, learn from these Kuffar the sciences but I this is all for dunya I want ahera

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Then I say to him, you should actually go to acting school you're pretty good. But also

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but also that when you are studying physics, or chemistry or biology or medicine or whatever else, you're actually continuing to study what was given to who? How do Marlene Salem? How are you calling this? This has nothing to do with Allah. And the study of lien has everything to do with Allah, you came up with that division yourself. That is not the division of the book of Allah.

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The book of Allah actually wants human beings to dive in and learn about the earth to learn about the origins of creation, to explore what's the Amara comfy her in modern Arabic the word is that Amara actually means to colonize. But in old Arabic, it means Allah put you on the earth, and He wanted you to develop and enhance and grow and mature the earth. How do you enhance the world if you don't enhance the sciences, if you don't enhance human knowledge, that is how human beings enhance the world. Agriculture happened because human beings figured out how to irrigate water. And air agriculture is the first act of human civilization.

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From there when roads are developed, cities are developed architectures developed, none of these things happen if you don't learn the sciences. Why were the Muslims incredible architects these massages where did they come from if you don't know architecture, if you don't know science? So we've now developed a secular lung knowledge versus religious knowledge, this division, what I'm trying to get at is in the story of Adam alayhis, salaam, Allah actually gave him what you call secular knowledge first.

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He actually didn't even mention anything about Revelation yet. He didn't mention anything about worship yet. He says he taught other Malays salaam, the names of every sort of thing, every single thing Subhan Allah, the point the OMA has reached in our intellectual stagnation, that we have divided the knowledge of religion, the knowledge of revelation from the knowledge of creation. And yet Adam Alayhis Salam was given the honour of studying the knowledge of creation, the knowledge of things, all kinds of things, all manner of things. And by the way, subhanAllah Well, I lemma, smart, colon, hunky, or the Malay salaam was taught the names of all kinds of creation, no Kula all the

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names. Allah didn't even want to restrict into creation. Maybe Adam I know he Salam was even taught abstract ideas, concepts, even that he was given the potential to think not only in physical terms, but in abstract terms. It's remarkable what Adam Alayhis Salam was given. And as a result, what you've been given some of you are extremely creative. Some of you are really good with the arts. Some of you are very poetic. Some of you have a real like real knack for history. Some of you others are, they're amazing at language and linguistics. Others are really good at foreign languages. Others are really good in the in the sciences, others are good at medicine. You know, whatever

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you're good at that is actually a fraction you've inherited from other maladies Silla. This is a part of revelation passed down to you. It's awesome. Don't deny it. Don't think it's against the deen. When you're good at something, it's a gift from Allah. It's been passed down to you. That's the first bit that I want us to share with you. The second thing the second meaning of this is so awesome. And they'll help tie the entire story together. I hope listen to this narration carefully. I'm not going to give you the snag or the chain of narration for the text that I'm going to share with you because that will take too long but I will post them up on BNN TV I'll put put all this

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stuff up so that you guys see where these texts came from inshallah Carla but they're also a llama Hala kala hooter Allah Adam Alayhis Salam Well, masa Hara who for Sakata Milady he couldn't do this. necesitan who are Harlequin humming giulietti In a Yeoman Tiama for Jaya Isla Vina is a equally in San Amin whom will be some renewal from Allah whom Allah Adam. For kala you rob manhole

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A call ah ha Allah II, the RIA took what a beautiful Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that when Allah created Adam Alayhis Salam, he took from his back and from his loins He took out his entire future lineage of every single member of every population on the earth was actually already pre created. And all of us were presented before Adam alayhis salaam I was there you were there, your kids were there your grandparents were there. Every one of us was there. And the mother who Salaam is in shock era man who wrote my master, who are these people? He said, these are your kids. These are your kids. Now look at this if Allah taught them the names of what, which

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names, all the names, guess what? Adam knows my name. And he said, I'm Adam, yours knows your name.

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Adam knows the name of your kids. He knows the name of your parents and their parents. And who taught him those names? Allah did Allah taught Adam Alayhis Salam every single child of Adams name

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what did I say? What does the word Islam mean? Does it only mean name? Does it also mean quality? Oh my god, as an ally Salam knows that people that have a short temper their quality, Allah knows that Fatima is actually really smart and very artistic. He also knows that Kareem is really mathematical but also gets a little hasty sometimes. He knows your names and he knows your what your qualities like a good father should

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like a good father should

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it was given something amazing that must have taken a while.

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That must have taken

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like getting to know one person takes a while like I don't think I still know my wife.

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I do this to her all the time. Who are you?

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She goes The question is who are you? Anyway, she's watching this I'm so dead tonight. Anyway.

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Now listen,

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Allah describes is so beautiful in hola halacha Dominica Burton Cabo Dahab in Jamia Allah. Allah just created Adam Alayhis Salam with a handful of dirt that was taken from all of the earth. So you know, there are some dark patches of soil like patches of soil, you know, crusty soil, all kinds of soil, a fistful of soil that had a sample from every kind of soil on the earth. And then he says for Java noir Adam either coddling of the jar, I mean Humala, more well. Well, Aswad well being at Alec and that's why from the Children of Adam came black and white and read and freckled and clear skins, all of them came, and then he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Salou well has no well hubby

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throughout the year and what came from his from his children are easygoing people chill relaxed people like the Malaysians

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you know there's just relaxed you just go there you feel relaxed? You know? What hasn't been depressed people like Pakistanis.

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Let's just go near them. You're like, ah, you know, Wellhausen will have Ethan Phil's the people I know. Comment. Don't comment.

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What a year good and pure people like the Bangladeshis. I love them. I do somebody's gonna hear that. Yes, it is true. You are all nerdy anyway.

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But anyway,

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all kinds of people were brought from the dirt from the dirt. You know, it's so beautiful. Because when Allah describes human beings are created from dirt, it looks like nothing, it looks like something dirty. But life on this earth of every color, every color of flower, every kind of fruit. Every kind of tree comes out of what the dirt the dirt is capable of amazing things. If you give it some water. You know what that means? Human beings may not look like much you may not think you're worth much, but man what you can produce with the addition of what some what? Some water that doesn't mean go take a shower. Let me tell you what it means. Some of the addition of some water

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means the inspiration of Revelation. The Quran compares water to the Quran. Human beings that are made of dirt, their water is the Quran and when they are inspired by the Quran, the amazing beautiful fruits that they'll produce. The source of shade and comfort and beauty that they will become the nourishment for the earth that they will become is beyond imagination. It's beyond imagination. That's where we were created from dirt because of our incredible potential. And Allah azza wa jal gave Adam alayhis, salaam, all of this, all of this all of the kids and all of their potentials, and what kind of dirt they're going to be made of and what kind of personalities they're

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going to have. This is so beautiful, because then you appreciate especially those of you that are students of the Arabic language will

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Hola, Kula ha Samira BA, whom, whom the word Ha is used for non human things, but whom is used for humans immediately in English, it just says all He taught him the names all of them. Then he presented them before the angels. So the word them in English is the same. But in Arabic one of the words one time the word them is used, it's ha. And the other time the word them is used, it's home. It's why is it home it's only used for human beings, because he was given the names of human beings, and then the same human beings were presented before the angels

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