Muhammad Hoblos – The Condition Of The Muslim Ummah

Muhammad Hoblos
AI: Summary © The global picture of global evil is impacting the world due to actions and actions taken by individuals, such as killing people and poor people. The responsibility of individuals to change their behavior and address past experiences is emphasized. fixing one's homes and giving them opportunities to make their lives successful is emphasized, along with forgiveness and apologizing for mistakes made by others. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of a symbol to symbolize forgiveness and the importance of avoiding sinful behavior.
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Seven sofala are children of Adam, indeed we witness with our eyes, and with our minds and with our hearts and with our souls, the changes the world is experiencing the regression, the world manifests for us the lack of progress, we witness, riches, being turned into poverty, we witness stability, being turned into chaos. We witness happiness being replaced by depression, we witness recessions, we witness, job loss, we witness sadness, we witness instability. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. But what has happened to the world? Why is the world that so a happiness replace depression, that so stability in economy, replace recession, we've seen people lose their riches without even

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spending their wealth. The money sits in the bank and currencies crash, it devalues. They've lost financial standing. They've lost material well being without them, even spending that work. What has happened to the world? Where is that world that we read about? At the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam after the world was turned from darkness into light, ways the world there was evidence of Allah, no children of Adam, indeed, the world has changed.

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What is the hope of a lot going to come? When is the picture of a lot coming? A lot did not create us

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to buy nice houses

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and build beautiful homes and drive fancy cars and

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my wife and my little kids.

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But is this a purpose?

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Looking at the actions that are coming out of us

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to action just look at your actions.

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My brother Let me tell you the cold hard truth.

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A conditional lumens because of

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a long time ago Jaffer, probably Allah when he stood in front of adjust king who was a Christian King, a non Muslim King, and this king asked him to validate his stance and the stance of the Muslims and the stance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in light of the propaganda that the Quraysh came to negotiate with. And Jaffer stood with his with Ana, with stability. And he spoke a word

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that indeed is recorded in Golden ink. He addressed Natasha and he said that we were a people that worshipped items. We were a people that never respected the bonds of kinship. We never looked after the rights of our neighbors. We oppressed people with our wealth and financial dealings. We were oppressive in our speech, we were oppressive in our actions, we lacked good manners, and then came Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came to us. And he taught us to only worship one. Allah, He taught us to respect the rights of our neighbor, to respect the rights of wealth in business transactions, to look after the weak and support the oppressed. He taught us good character in

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speech and in action, and this is who we are. This is a presentation of the reality of Islam that was given to the joshy. Basically, Jaffer, even to be a polyp was saying that we were a wretched people because we were a sinful people. And now we have become a people who are saved because of good deeds. And because we have lesson oh seven of Allah, it is our sense. It is our sins that places us in the predicament that we find the Omen in today. We are interdependent beings, the oma is one body. Don't ever feel that your lack of piety is something that only you will feel, yes, you will feel it in the greatest way and especially in the Hereafter, but in terms of an Alma then no

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one understand that your sins in your

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Home, your sins in your businesses, your sins in your rooms, your sins with each other is causing a deeper weakening of the Ummah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is happening in Syria is because of our sins, what is happening in Palestine is because of our sins, what is happening in Libya and Burma and any place on earth that the oma is feeling this oppression is because of our sins. And until we get up and understand that we ourselves are responsible, until we accept that until we announced that no change will come Oh servants of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in his book, who the one who follows my guidance, he will never go astray, and he will never be sad, he

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will never see his brother in Australia, nor will he see his brother in sad, he will never see a sad Muslim child, he will never see a sad Muslim brother, he will never see a sad Muslim sister. But if you go against the poor and innocent, if you enter the realm of sins, if you make sense, the order of your day, then for you, then for your people, then for your circumstance and situation, because collectively for people engaged in sin, then this is a collective situation that they're bringing upon themselves, then for that person, and everyone who follows that person will be a depressed life, a narrow life, a sad life, a difficult life, a life of recession, a life of oppression, a life

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of poor leaders.

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This is what will happen. As for the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is a universal law. Allah is telling us that Allah can do anything for us, but he is telling us that he won't, unless we change ourselves, Allah will not change your situation, so that he can't, he has decreed that he won't, unless you change your situation yourself, and it doesn't end there for Allah says, and we will raise this person blind on the day of pm. And this person will turn to Allah and say you're on why am I blind? Why have you raised me blind? This is the thing of piano I lived a life on earth and I could see why am I blind today Allah, oh my god, what has happened? Is this a mistake? And Allah

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will engage his slave in discussion and say,

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the Quran came to you, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to you, the share came to you, the teacher came to you, the hotbar came to you. The YouTube video came to you the conference lecture came to you, but you chose to just hear and not listen, you chose to forget in the same way you chose to forget you are forgotten today.

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What will be our situation or semblance of Allah? What will be our situation? There is no deal to be shared on the day of PM, what will be our situation? This is the situation of the record.

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Every single one of us, your home your good Muslim, you pray when you can you do your solid, you seek a beautiful education and then you start earning good money, then you buy a house. And then when you can you go to Hajj and you send your little kids off to school and my wife was this beautiful, she's bad, and all of a sudden.

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And when I cannot give some charity to Syria or Palestine, while I'm doing my part,

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this will not change.

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And this will not change you.

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condition of the oma will not change. And every single one of us comes to understand that the responsibility of the man is on my shoulders. Me Not my father, not my chef.

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Not the leaders of the Arab world, but me. It's my responsibility.

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What's happening around the world is a direct effect because of my actions.

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Because of my actions, and

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I'm telling you, you will not know he will not sit down his home until every single one of us changes his worries and makes up his profit. The most important thing in his life

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is dunya.

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Until we

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give 10% for being lucky to go down here, and you watch and see what will happen in the woman.

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My brothers when we look at the Sahaba these men who we love, boy, it's a crime. I'm telling you it's a crime that the world doesn't know about them.

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It's injustice. It's omits oppression.

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The Muslims don't know their forefathers

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and you wonder why they don't know

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Give them because they gave everything but something they gave everything.

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nothing was ever come in the way.

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Today everything comes first everything. Robert NBC Brother, what do you

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understand I have a wife, I have kids, I got a business we'll

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buy a lot. I want to be with you. But I'm busy brother, I'm consumed.

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We're waiting for change.

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We're waiting for change. This is why we are where we are.

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On the other hand, Allah tells us that the one who does good deeds from the males and the females, and they believe in Allah, they are the beings then we will revive the situation and their life. We will give them a beautiful peaceful life, a life of richness, no poverty, a life of happiness and no depression, a life of justice and no oppression. And that is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us of a time when a person will have one fruit and it will feed him and keep him full for days when when he sadly he seldom comes and that jail is killed and piety fools that will piety fools the earth, Allah allows his mercy to reach the people.

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It is our sins are servants of Allah. And it's only our piety that will turn this situation around.

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Each of us individually have a role to play, we have to fix ourselves. If we fix our home and give that away to our neighbor's home and then we have two homes fixed inshallah this will spread until the neighborhood is fixed and when the neighborhood is fixed, perhaps the vicinity will become fixed. And when the vicinity becomes fixed, perhaps the area will become fixed. And when the area becomes fixed, perhaps the city will be fixed and then the other citizens of the country is fixed and like this until the continents are fixed, this is the duty upon us.

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Oh 707 of Allah no children of Adam, how do we stop the regression? We stopped the regression are servants of Allah and oh Children of Adam by toe behind is that Oh, you who believe turn to Allah and seek repentance for your sin is a sincere repentance. This is the first step are servants of Allah, that we rid ourselves of the sadness of shavon that children brings upon us the job of hairpin. He wants to make the people of Eman, sad. He wants to make us believe that we have no hope. He wants to make us believe that we too old we can't get gentlemen anymore. We're going to die any time we 35 we 45 we may be 65 or 85. There is no hope left. Time is dead. We cannot balance the

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scales. We've spent too many decades in sending and spoiling the home of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't have hope, rid yourself of those thoughts. Get rid of those thoughts. This is the first step of servants of Allah. And he is a law firm, and he is a food and he is a web and he is a rough man. And he is a Rahim and he is a liberal, and he is an afro and he is and he is and he is to kind of who attended.

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And for the one who has sinned for decades and never tend to Allah and suddenly feels like he or she is going to die. And they feel like I have no choice. What is one or two weeks of my life going to mean in front of decades of sin. Allah tells you don't worry as well, for he has chosen for himself another name known as a local food, which means Allah is telling us my occupation is to forgive you. If you want to be forgiven. There's only one door that you can walk through. And that is through the door of Allah for so even if you have decades of sin, just walked through the door. It is my job to forgive you. It's your job to walk through. It's my job to forgive. So

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this is what Allah subhanho wa la says. And Allah even with his mercy, he is a man, we Entirely Merciful, a mercy that encompasses the animals, the non Muslims and the Muslims. And then Allah says I am of the Especially Merciful, meaning I have a special mercy for those who declare me as one and accept the prophecy of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then understand or servant of Allah, that from the names of Allah is Allah. Allow foo refers to the eraser refers to the effacer

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which means Allah is telling us that you know what, when I forgive you, I forgive you in a way that the ground on which you did that sin is made to forget and the angels who wrote that sin are made to forget and the ink that has recorded your mistake is made to forget and when you meet along the view of pm it's as if you know what it is in the first place. This is

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the perfection of the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala of Buddha is that he will Jelena Allah.

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Allah had a summit la de la mirada Mulan with me akula

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are servants of Allah. It is Allah who said himself in a hadith could see, Oh son of Adam, that you sent in the day and you said in the night you make these mistakes. But it's only Allah Who forgives you turn to Allah and Allah will forgive you. It is Allah who says, You have been Adam, Oh son of Adam. If you send and send and send that your sins, prove the surfaces of the environments that you lived in, that your sins reached the levels of the crowds, that is how sinful you were. When you sincerely regretted what you did. you sincerely hate your past. And you sincerely intend to align his gender and you turn to Allah and you seek forgiveness from your heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says, seek forgiveness from me and consider yourself forgiving La ilaha illa Allah don't get up and doubt that if I die, maybe Allah has forgiven me Maybe he hasn't forgiven me know, Allah says, I am telling you seek sincerely and consider. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Let none of you die except that you die having good hope in Allah that is forgiven you that is accepted your deeds. This is how a Muslim dies. Right? A Muslim is one who teaches other people to live in his dying and he teaches other people how to die in his living when he lives he's attached to Allah when he makes a mistake. He turns to Allah and when he dies, he dies having good hope, in Rahman, Rahim

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subhanho wa Taala what law he will be led he was Allah He Jenna was not created except for you or servants of Allah except for you. It is a God given gift to the person of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, it is for us to assume the podium of excellence that Allah has given us by doing the do's and staying away from the don'ts and stop wasting time because Enough is enough.

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Enough is enough. Allah says has a time not come, oh seven, has the time not come, oh child of Adam has the time not come for your hearts, to feel the hustle of Allah to deal with the love for Allah to have hope in Allah to want to be obedient to Allah has the time not come for you to change yourself because of the score and that Allah has revealed to you. And then Allah says Don't be like the people of the book before you. They had success. But they chose the dunya they chose the temporary life instead of the Akira they became victims of time. They thought they wouldn't die. And because of that they made this the agenda so they became sinful many of them are their hearts became

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hardened, and the sins began to pour. A Hard Rock is better than a hard heart. He says know and understand that it is a love of life to dead land.

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