The Partnership of Evil

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So the jinns are coming to the humans and saying, Hey, that Prophet, say this, and you're like, yeah. And then he says, then the, the enemy of the Prophet says it. And then when he does it, another Gen says, Wow, that worked. We're inspired to give some more was was so there, the CAFR behavior is inspiring the shape and shape on the jinn. Shaitan to do more whispers You understand, to make things even harder for the prophets, you understand? So they are kind of in a partnership, but here's the important thing. Do the disbelievers know that they are being inspired by devils? Oh Allah.

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Allah has told us in silico, right, that he has a way of kind of mapping out the struggles of profits, not just our profit, all profits in the past are the humans salat wa salam, WA Catholica Jannali Kulina B and I do one shell penal NC well Jimmy, this is how we put in place for every prophet enemies, Devils from humans and gins. So now Allah is saying, every time a prophet came, a prophet had what enemies and he had two kinds of enemies what two kinds of enemies human beings and Jin's you. Hey, Babel, Mila they inspire each other. Which ones is wins? Which one is actually inspiring? Which one?

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So the jinns are coming to the humans and saying, hey, the Prophet, say this? And you're like, yeah, and then he says, then the, the enemy of the Prophet says it. And then when he does it, another Gen says, Wow, that worked. We're inspired to give some more was was so there, the gaffer behavior is inspiring the shapelier Shavon, the jinn Shaitan to do more whispers You understand, to make things even harder for the prophets, you understand? So they are kind of in a partnership. But here's the important thing, do the disbelievers know that they are being inspired by devils know, the shayateen of the jinn, the Devils of the jinn are invisible. They don't need their partners, the human

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partners, they have to be enemies of the prophets, they don't even know that they are partners, you understand. So they're an invisible support for the forces of evil against profits right? Now what Allah is going to do in this surah he's not talking to all Jin. And he's definitely not talking to all human beings. Surahs have particular audiences. Students have I'll say that again. Surahs have one particular audio and you have to pay attention to the language of a surah to say, Who is this for, for example,

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total cafiero When you say no nose every surah is for everybody. No, that's not how education works. Because if every surah is for everybody, Kalia you will calf your own is not for you.

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That Abu MATA is not for you. It's for who it's for the calf Iran, then if this is the case that every surah is for everybody, then Surah Toba is for you, you know, then, the thing is, when someone's teaching, then they have to see who are they teaching and what is the time to teach what so not every solar should be looked at the same way. First, we have to understand who the audience is. And the audience in the Surah are human beings and jinn that are hell bent on calling this message a lie. And the word for calling the truth a lie is the Glebe. The verb would be to you can Cebu. And if two people are doing it, you say to get the Bernie Febi a lie Robbie Kuma to get the

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bunny that phrase is giving away who is the audience of the surah not all gyms. In surah Turgeon we learn among the gender or Muslims too. There are good ones among them too. In this surah we're going to learn that Allah is going to address the invisible enemies of the Quran that were inspiring to them to be enemies of Rasulullah sallallahu Lisanna there's further evidence to this I want you to understand why this is important.

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You're gonna find in this surah just a description of Judgment Day, then Hellfire than heaven. I'll say that again judgment, a hellfire and heaven. Now judgment day is only for disbelievers are both believers and disbelievers.

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Very good. It's for both. But what you're going to find in the Surah is judgment day is only described as a horrible event where criminals will be terrified, who is not being mentioned. When Allah mentions Judgment Day. Believers are not being mentioned. And then when judgment day is mentioned the horrors of judgment day when they're being shot at and criminals are being told, run as far as you can, you're not going to be able to escape and criminals will be recognized by their face the marks on their faces. This is the

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kinda thing we're going to read in the sauna. That's judgment. That's not hellfire. That's just judgment A is that the state of believers on judgment day? No. So the description of judgment in Surah two Rahman is not everything that's happening on judgment A, the description of slaughter a man's judgment A is only what the criminals will have to face on Judgment Day, and which criminals in particular the criminals among the human beings that were being backed up by the jinn and that's why when we get to the description of Judgment Day, Allah says, Yeah, mashallah Ginny? Well, NC in STATA, one time for Lumina Clarisa to a large gathering of Jensen humans, if you want to escape Go

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ahead. You know, so why did he combine Jinsan humans like that because in another place in the Quran, Allah told us some gyms and humans work in a partnership. So you know what, go ahead partner up and go into escape. So there's a sarcastic commentary on their partnership that's going to take place on Judgment Day, right? And by on the flip side, by the way, and now they're combined together and they're being burned in hellfire together. Now when you get to Jana, what should you see you should see humans engines and Jana. Because if the surah is about all humans and origins, then when the gender conversation goes on, then we should see humans and gents together and Janna to you know,

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what, what do you find Willie men, ha, ha, Nakamura B. And for whoever feared standing in front of the rub, they get to gardens, we go back to the singular, no longer pair, no longer plural. We go back to human beings. There's a there's a switch that's happened. There's a really interesting switch that's happened. So these are indications why the jinn are being talked to here. Allah did not reveal the Quran to the jinn, if they happen to hear it. They were marveled by it. They were moved by it. Some of them came to believe in it. Others realized oh my god, we got to human beings are about to get guidance, we better upgrade our misguidance strategy. Right so they this they heard

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the Quran coming and they realized they've got to up their game to undo the guidance that Allah has sent right so they had different reactions to it. But that does not mean the guidance of the Quran came directly to them. Some of them heard it and they were impressed by it, you know, like consulted off but that doesn't mean they're its direct recipients or their intent, the intent the direct intended audience. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran

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accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section