Tafseer vs Tadabbur – Which One Do I Do?

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None of us alone will do tafsir and sometimes they will also do that. But in the end, every human being is being asked us hallelujah Tada Varun and Quran Allah

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first and foremost, like, you get this all the time, but you really have, by efficient have a lot changed my life for the better is I cannot hit

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really hard hitting.

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I'm the guy that asked about that I've seen before I'm gonna ask ya a question again, please. You said you were a student of to see the beneficiary of tafsir is what you do, or what you talk about, which is that considered to see you do you do?

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Part of what I should share is to see you okay, the way I want you to draw the line between the two.

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The goal of the FCN is to do to the book. Okay. Yes, I've seen is simply, I'm making sure that the base understanding of the idea that I have isn't incorrect.

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It's not.

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I want to make sure it's talking about mountains and not rivers. You understand? I want to make sure this word means what I think it means. Okay. So I'm getting the meaning right, I'm getting the context, right. Yes. Now that I have that information, I want you to do this comparison.

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First, the thing is, I want to know, I think about the news, let's say the elections in Turkey or something. First, I want to know that the news I received, is it accurate?

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That's the first thing.

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And am I getting the right details? Those right details are basically that the seed of the situation?

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My analysis and thoughts and what are the implications of this? What's happening on the ground? What might be the domino effect on the of this on the economy, on politics on international relations and all that's all the realm of what? The Dubois the Quran, okay, fair, Allen said this to Musa. He's an extra Musa. Now I know what he said, I want to make sure I'm understanding what he said correctly. That's the fear. Yep. What do I learn from that? What is the implications of this? How many applications of this can there be? That's all the world of what?

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Okay, second off here. Nobody will do the demo first. Soon we'll do tafsir and sometimes they will also do the work. But in the end, every human being is being asked if Hello, I'm Varun and Quran Allah Illumina.

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Meaning if you really have a heart that's not locked, you would want to do the book and it's a demand of the Quran to do

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that. Yes.

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