Saad Tasleem – They just don’t listen!

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how they encourage people to change their lives by showing them what they need to do and how they can change them. They emphasize that change is not in their control and that they should continue to pray for them in a positive and beneficial way.
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Do you know someone who seems to be their own worst enemy, someone who if they just did certain things, or just did things a certain way they could change their lives for the better and what they need to do may seem very obvious to you, and it may even seem easy but no matter what you tell them or how much you do, they just don't seem to listen. Being in a situation like that is a reminder for us that we can't actually change someone as Allah reminded the prophets of Allah who Allah who settled them in like alerta, demon bagged when I came to La Jolla, demon Yeshua, indeed you don't guide those whom you love. Rather, it is Allah who guides whomever He wills. So no matter how much

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we may want it, or how obvious the solution to someone's problems are making them listen to us is not in our control. What is in our control is that we don't lose hope. And so we continue to encourage them in a positive and beneficial way and we also continue to pray for them. Make dua for them.

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