Nouman Ali Khan – Striking Examples From The Quran #11 Biting Wind

Nouman Ali Khan
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Okay, so the molecule graph library

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our order below him in a shaytani R Rajim in Lavina Cafaro all and talk Nyan whom am well whom well I don't mean Allah He che um what would

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what would cause her own at home fee her Holly dune method uma fugu Nephi have the hill hayati dunya Kamath led in fee has to one s law but how was that poem in wonder Moo and Fusa home like it? Well now what am I who moolah who went and King and Full Sail home meal the moon

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rubbish actually salary were suddenly somebody looked at me Lissoni of colleague Phil hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah what are they early? He was happy here Jemaine, I'm about everyone once again. So Mr. Lee kumara to Lightoller Ricardo.

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A couple of observations about the period relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran and SOTL Bukhara before the two large tours of the Quran that are back to back next to each other, the first half of Surah Al Baqarah, deals with the Israelites and addressed to the Israelites and there's a there's an interesting correlation made between them and the mafia horn of Medina. So there's that kind of conflation made between them. And it's also interesting that in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the first half is actually concerned with the life of Jesus and a conversation with Christian missionaries with them. So there's a on the one hand, you know, in the Fatiha we saw him on Libya,

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they him with a baleen, right? And in one of the Hadith reported in Tafseer of that Almodovar, they him as an indication towards the behavior of the Israelites and Allah leans towards the Christian people. And now you have the first half of Bukhara, dealing with the Moldova lay him and the first half of Allah and Ron dealing with a Bollin. There's also another interesting difference between them and that Allah is describing, but who is slightly less people who know, they know something to be true, and they are deliberately hiding what they know. And even after the light came to them, they are still choosing a corrupt path. So multiple times in Surah, Al Baqarah, when he criticized

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them, he mentioned this phenomenon on how they were aware and they still went the wrong way delivered knowingly, they did, they did so knowingly. And when it comes to the Christian doctrine, Allah seems to describe how only a few of them know but the majority of them need to be told what the true story was in the how the whole process will help. This was this was actually what happened. Right? So they're being they've got confused ideas and they're being corrected. What's interesting about that, in the context of our discussions, is in South Dakota, the first example you saw was of the light being, you know, the fire being kindled. And then people you know, they were waiting to

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light this fire, they were, you know, they were eager to light this fire. And then blindness came, which is being cut, it's kind of a it goes alongside the crime of the Israelites. On the flip side here, you saw in the beginning, you get to a method, but the method is about a silencer and being like Adam Alayhis Salam, which is about clearing confusion. It's clarifying a confusion that's that's the emphasis here. And this is actually the the approach Allah takes with blue Israel as opposed to than the surah. The Jews versus the Christians, the way the Quran, converses with them is actually very different. And you can notice that difference even in the way the two parables in the

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opening are in the two halves of the Sutras, the second half of Sultan Baqarah. Also in the second half of Satalia, and RON are very interesting, because total Bukhara the second half is the early instructions on Sharia. And it's also preparing the Muslims for butter. So the first battle in Islam, before the battle, they were given preparatory ayat, and part of that preparation were the ayat that were revealed in Surah Al Baqarah. So it's you can see you can call it for simplicity sake, pre battle commentary. It's pre battle commentary. What happens in the second half of Alia Imran is on what has already happened, and Allah is not going to comment, not pre battle, but post

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battle. So there's post battle commentary in Ohio. There's also an interesting contrast, because there's a victory in butter, and there's massive loss.

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Even though there's recovery later on, there's still massive loss, as we all know, and then it's almost equal in weight. 70 of the great leaders of Quraysh were killed in butter, and pretty much 70 of them.

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Most important Sahaba many of the most important Sahaba were shahada in awkward, right? So it's actually, you know, indium Sasken, Quran Faqad, musclecar Makaha flu, right. So if an injury has touched you, an injury has touched those people also, right, what we'll call a Yamanaka, we do have a nurse. And these are the days we flipped between the people. So some sometimes the kuffaar will get the victory, some days, you will get the victory, and there's a purpose for their victory. And there's a purpose for your victory. Right. So that's, that's a side note. But I wanted to bring that to your attention. Because what Allah does in his sutras in the Quran, is sometimes he will

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actually, it's like, looking at tools is almost like looking at two sides of a coin. It's you're, you're completing the picture by looking at them together. And one of the ways that these two complement each other is we talked a lot about the examples in the parables on spending in the path of Allah. In sootel, Bacara, we saw the believer when they spend is like a seed that explodes and 700 and multiplied by 700. into infinity, we saw that, that then we saw the spending of the mafia, the one who spends either for the wrong reason, or the nurse or they spend, and they impose that and talk about it later and expect favors later on. So they had something was wrong in their mindset.

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And that's basically the ascending spending of the munafo. So the spending of the movement is described, and the spending of the munafo has also been described. But if you look at the opening of social Bukhara, there were three groups, there was the movement, there was the cafe, and there was the mafia. So there's one group left whose spending is not yet talked about. So if the spending of the believer has been talked about, and the spending of the hypocrite has been talked about, who's spending has not yet been talked about the coffee, so you find in Saudi Arabia and Iran, but this is 116 and 117 in the Latina Cafaro then Tony and him and why Luhan Well, I don't mean Allah he she

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would like us have in our home via Caledon, no doubt about it, those who've just believed their monies, they're all their kinds of assets and their children will not be able to benefit them against Allah in any way. What would take us half an hour and those are the people of fire homefree Holly dune in which they will remain forever, must handle my own fear code. If he had the hill hayati dunya, the example of whatever they spend in this worldly life. The example of whatever who who's the day, the word day is a pronoun, it goes back to the earliest noun, the noun is in the previous aisle, those who disbelieved Alladhina Cafaro so the example of disbelievers who spend in

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this life you see now that's the third case right the believer, the moon Africa now, the coffee had been put here. Allah says Kamath LED and the spending in this life is something like wind, Camellia and like a wind.

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He has several in which there is now surf can have multiple meanings we'll dive into that but for now we'll say in it there is a freezing freezing biting cold so there's a wind that has a freezing biting cold in it. I saw that helps Coleman voila Moo and foster home. It struck the crop of a people that had done wrong to themselves so these people have a farm they have a crop and a freezing wind came and it struck that that area for Africa to and it destroyed the entire crop. Well My Allah Allah Muhammad Allah and Allah had not done them wrong. Well I can enforce the homeopathy Moon however, they're doing wrong to themselves. Okay. Now there's some really interesting subtleties

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inside of this idea but we're going to take them one bit by bit. First question is Who is this talking about? The immediate there's two answers have them over soon. I believe both of those answers deserve attention. Interpreting and understanding this if I told you this is about a herd, right. So what happens is the kuffar lost in butter now they're angry, and some of their you know the women back in the day when you when you lost a battle and you the soldiers who survived came back with the dead bodies of their comrades, the women who've lost their husbands fathers brothers, whoever they start nagging and crying and saying what kind of men what kind of men are you you're

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not going to take revenge? What can you know and they're they're just constantly shaming the men who come back from battle this was part of the culture and they will now there's this collective rage in in Makkah, we have to have revenge we've got to take revenge, right? We underestimated these you know, these exiles because they basically kicked them out from Mecca to begin with, right and we'll hold your own so they knew that they're powerless people what are they going to fight what are they going and then they lost in the last against an army that was a third of their size? So this was they underestimated the enemy, right? You guys don't watch movies so I don't know how to explain

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this to you. But sometimes there's a big there's somebody who underestimates their opponent and then they find out the hard way right now happens in Garfield movies that other people watch not people in Manchester. I'm not an old him especially hold them Sharif. Okay, so.

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So they found out the hard way that they

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took a beating. And now they're like, Oh, we're not going to we're not going to be blindsided ever again, we're going to be ready the next time we want revenge. So now they're putting in more money rebuilding, they're gonna build a much stronger army, they're gonna come back by the way, they came with 1000. And butter, they come in with about three to 4000 in ordered. So now they've not only have they lost people, but they've now put in three, four times the expense to build this next military and come back again for more, right, so they've done quite a bit of spending on this. And they will continue to do spending even into the future because now they're taking this campaign,

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this threat of Islam that has now come to bite them, they have taken this threat seriously, they will annihilate this problem once and for all they have that they have blood in their eyes. They had arrogance in their eyes in Buddle, but they have blood in their eyes. And oh, hood, you understand? So it's a different mindset. So now when they come, there's, there's another problem too, by the way. So whatever happens in our hood, you guys already know. So I won't review the Battle of that's a story by itself. But one thing you should know is Muslims at the end of it, when all the sudden done, Muslims did suffer some very heavy losses, right? So we're injured basically were injured.

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Right. But we're not we haven't been killed entirely. So the Quraysh do leave. But they know that we are not in the strongest position now. So actually, one of the final post episodes of our hood was the Quraysh left and then some of them thought, man, we should have finished the job. This was a good time to finish the job, we maybe we should turn back. And while they're picking up, they're dead. And they're crawling back home, and they're not expecting it we should come back and just wipe them out. And according to some stellar reports, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam found out that that's what they're thinking. They're thinking about coming back. So the prophets lie Selim told the

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injured, demoralized, in a sense defeated Muslim army get up, we're going after them this time.

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Before they come after us thinking we're down, we're gonna go after them. And this is commented on towards the end of an Iran and the Muslims got ready even though they are, you know, they loveliness the jab will Allah Rasool mean by the Masaba Homolka. They responded to Allah and the messenger, even after injury had touched touched them in and jump jar or your hand Arabic is an injury, but or is an injury that goes all the way into the bone. Right? It's called a car. So Allah is saying they were deeply wounded. And they still got up and said, the messenger says, Go, so we're going from Allah Azza wa sallam, right? When the Quraysh found out, oh, oh, they're coming. Okay, you know what

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next time, so they, they ran off. So the Muslims showed up where they were supposedly camped out. But you know, Abu Sufyan and the rest had left by then. And the battle didn't happen. But this was an interesting test of faith also. Regardless, the Quraysh now see an opportunity, the Muslims have been hurt. They've been financially devastated because war is expensive. And it's especially expensive for the side that loses. You should note that when people own the sword, that was not a small thing to own, when people owned a shield, or a body armor, that was like two, three generations of life savings, that you got one of those things so that, you know, when you read,

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like, oh, they only had 20 swords, or this many horses. That's because it's really expensive, really, really expensive stuff. And when you lose in battle, the enemy comes, and he takes the swords, and the shields and the armor from the dead soldiers. Because that's their spoils of war, we call them and fall right, we get the infant, they get in the infant. So they they left with that stuff. So they know the Muslims are right now economically, materially, you know, in terms of weaponry, they're weak. They're weak. So the, the Quraysh, or even though they've left, they're like, I don't know, if we want to give them enough time to regroup and strengthen themselves. Maybe

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we need to come up with a plan to

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finish this for good even though we couldn't finish it immediately. We shouldn't wait too long before we end this problem, right? And that is the precursor to what happens not too long after, which some of you might know is the Battle of the Trench. Allah is up. And this time the Croatia like, Okay, we came with four times or three times as many. We couldn't finish the job. And actually, they almost lost and they know that they're like, it's going to take a lot more than us to do it. So they went to other tribes. And they said, Hey, join us. The problem is if you're going to convince somebody else to join in a war with you, you have to give them a really good reason. All

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these other tribes, they're not enemies of Islam, they don't care. They don't really care. They have no they have no skin in the game. But when the Quraysh go to them and say, Hey, listen,

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we this time we're not going into a battle. We're gonna go into their city. We're gonna kill everyone. And this is they're, they're not they're weak right now. They're recovering right now. So if we get them right now and we go into the city and do this math

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genocide go after the civilian population, that's going to be a lot of property, and a lot of easy money. And a lot of slaves. This is easy, easy money for you. And especially if you are with us, you know who we are, we're the big dogs in the neighborhood where there's the Quraysh. They're the big, big ones. So when they use their credibility, to sell to make this pitch to make the United Nations of, or the United Tribes to come against the Islamic threat of Medina, the others are interested because it's easy money. And you should I mean, you probably already know, the Arab tribes, a huge majority of them were, like, you know, they were into robbing and pillaging and, you know, getting

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you know, this this world war one book here, it sort of has part of the culture right, they robbing pillage. So this was a pretty good opportunity. And it's coming from a really credible investor, Croatia themselves putting skin in the game. So they convinced a bunch of tribes to get together. And now the army that's coming after the Muslims, is multiple times bigger than even 100.

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This is in the 10s of 10,000. Plus, now we're dealing with massive numbers now, right, and they're not looking into a battlefield, they're looking to come into the city and invade the city altogether. That's what they're trying to do, right. And that happens not too much after. Regardless, this idea is actually before all of that, what I'm trying to tell you is now they had more incentive to spend even more and to invest even more, and they convinced other tribes to also invest. Because coming out into a military campaign is an investment. All of what I just shared with you is to explain one thing, what Allah says the example of what they spend in this worldly life is

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a comment on the enemies of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who were spending whatever amounts of money or money horses, you know, weaponry, you know, food, supplies, logistics, whatever they were spending, to end Islam, to deal with the problem of Islam, they were investing to annihilate to eliminate Islam from the region. That's what the commentaries about. So that means, if we understand that, then until Judgment Day, there are going to be campaigns, well financed, well funded campaigns. Some of them will be media campaigns, some of them will be educational campaigns. Some of them will be social engineering campaigns. Some of them will be military campaigns, some of

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them will be economic policy campaigns. But all of those campaigns will be designed to eliminate Islam in some way from society. How do we get Muslim youth more and more of them to become atheist before they get out of college? I was in Pakistan not too long ago, and I was talking to some young kids in Karachi, at a dinner, and they had gone to a private school in Karachi, right, their parents could afford the tuition so they put them in like these high level schools. And a higher level school means you got white people teaching you that's what that means. You got you got to had American teachers, British teachers, etc. That's what they had. And every one of their American

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teachers was ex military, and half their education was like showing that the prophets Isilon was a liar

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in Karachi, and a kid held on to his faith even going through that school. He goes, you know, the, my entire up until my ninth 10th grade education, all I heard in my school, all from my teacher, is all these accusations against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And why Islam doesn't make any sense and why it's a lie. And like you wouldn't even get you'd have to consume hundreds and hundreds of hours of anti Islam propaganda on YouTube to get the kind of indoctrination that was being provided by parents paying full tuitions, to give give them good English. Right, and that's what they're getting. And he survived. The kid survived that indoctrination. You know, he didn't fall

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into it. He held on to his faith, but he goes most most of my peers don't. I met kids in Muslim countries that I won't name including Buxton, other countries, I went to were girls, little, you know, 1314 year old girls. And I said, What's the hardest thing about you know, your age? What's the toughest thing about, you know, well, swearing, praying? What do you mean praying in a Muslim country? Yeah. When you if the only girls who pray in the school are the ones that can get made fun of.

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in a Muslim country, we're not talking about here. We're not talking about Australia or America or Canada. We're talking about the Muslim world. There

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is a huge problem for a young girl to put on a hijab. All her friends will make fun of her. Even the teacher make fun of her in a Muslim country. That didn't happen on its own. This you know, being ashamed of who you are. being ashamed of your religion, considering your religion backwards, wanting to be like the colonizers and Ketu who came and robbed you, not even a century ago, and your entire greatest desire in the world is to be one day the great

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As coconut you can be, right that's where did that come from that it didn't come on your on its own. There are billions spent into creating that kind of psychological social engineering and indoctrination. Right that it doesn't happen on its own. You know, it's not automatic. It's not on autopilot. There's a campaign they call it in America, we, our military calls it the hearts and minds campaign.

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What that means is blow people's brains out and shoot them in the chest as they call hearts and minds. Right? You know, but that's, you know, bring, bring our media bring our bring our, you know, our policies, you know, is especially infiltrated university campuses go after that, to me, the real battlefield for Islam is actually the college campus.

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That's the real battlefield for Islam and not even college campuses in the non Muslim can, the college campus in Muslim countries. And most that's the real battlefield who's caring about those youth. We're thinking we should bring them to the masjid perhaps they're not even thinking about Islam at this time. They're on a different planet, because investment is being made into them. Because when they graduate from college, they're going to be the ones that are going to be running the companies, they're going to be the ones that are going to be working in government, they're going to be moving and shaking in society. If we can get if we can rip Islam out of them, then Islam

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will be gone from society within 20 years. Good plan. It works, you know, and here we're thinking the real cause of Islam is everywhere else. But college is fitna and college is the battlefield, it's the ideological battlefield. Right? And they're pouring money into it. So now come back to the cya. methylome. If you could, if you hadn't hired Dunia, there is another interpretation of this but that Mufasa don't offer and that interpretation is this is talking about all disbelievers because disbelievers even if disbelievers do something good,

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that doesn't count for anything, but I I want to qualify that for you. So to understand that properly, you see people like, you know, Abuja,

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right? He insults the Prophet SAW Selim, he's at war with Islam, he's defiant against Allah. It's possible, he takes care of some orphans, too, as possible, as possible. He's also very generous with some people in his family. Very possible, right?

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You'll have people that are criminals, right? They're part of like drug gangs and all of it, but they take care of, you know, their neighborhood. And they take care of the old lady's groceries from the from the Miranda block, or whatever, they're doing something good. And one of the reasons they do something good is something inside them tells them man, I do some pretty messed up stuff. But because that messed up stuff is probably going to lead me to *. I better do something to put into credit. Let's say hey, I was messed up. But look, that old lady though. I got her some cereal the other day.

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Right. So that should count for something. And it eases their conscience. And not all dead. Oh, you think I'm bad? Let me show you how bad grandma.

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You know. So yes, I've killed many people. I've done this. I've done that. But you know, I take care of that too. I do some good too. And in their mind, morality is like a transaction. Right. So okay, I do sins that weigh this much. I'll do some good things that will counterbalance and it's all good. Yes, you know, we expelled Mohammed and his followers, they're not going to say Salallahu Salam, we will say sallallahu alayhi salam, well, we expelled those people, we hit them up, but look at how many people we take care of also,

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look at how much we provide also, look at how generous we are also. Right. We take care of all the hijabs that used to be proud of taking care of the Hoja g7 and the days of shirk. We're proud of that too. And so the commentary would then mean that if you are fundamentally on the side of evil, and then you happen to do some good to

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you happen to do some good to than that good. And is not that different from the money being spent against the cause of Islam, that God isn't actually any good at all. It's similar to another place in the Quran, where Allah says, We're Kadena Ilana, I'm Illumina Hamelin * who hubba Aman thorough Well, we're going to approach whatever they did have any even good deed and turn it into dust that gets scattered. That's all it's going to be. Now let's look at the analogy that Allah is giving. He says that the example of what they're going to spend or what they continue to spend in this worldly life fee had the hill hieratic dunya. This we haven't had to dunya has two implications

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to first of all, they're they're spending right now anyway, so there's no reason reason to mention that. Right? Because Allah says whatever they spend, obviously, nobody's thinking they're spending in the market or immediately thinking they're spending and dunya. So what's the point of saying we have a higher dunya in this worldly life and this closest light, it suggests that they are immersed in worldly life. It suggests that the only reason they spend is they cannot think anything beyond this worldly life. Every expense they're doing every investment they're doing. They're hoping for a return on investment here. The

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As the expenses here, the return should be here. This is directly in contrast with what we saw in the spending of the believer.

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Right? Allah said, what about if you're communicating, you offer a command to not have the moon, it will be given back whatever good you spend, it will be given back to you, you will not be wrong. But that's not necessarily in this linear. That's the Ark era. For these people. Everything is here, they're entirely immersed in the now.

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Matthew, my own corner, he had the hill hieratic, dunya, Camellia it's the example of a wind and I'm going to set the stage for you for what's happening in this in this parable. You see, when you're going to farm, you have to choose the land carefully. Because you cannot just farm you can't just grow any kind of crop in any kind of place. There are certain kinds of plants that grow well in certain kinds of climates. And you have to if you're buying land to get into farming, then you have to know what kind of crop you're going to grow. And will that crop survive in this region. Or if you showed up to a place like you know, if you go to for example, in I'm more familiar with the US, so

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I'll give you an example. If you go to Michigan, in the Midwest of the United States, if you go to Michigan in the summer, or you go to Michigan in the in the spring, it's actually really pleasant summer. It's a really nice spring, right? And you're like this is a great place to be. I think I'm going to set up over here. If you go to Michigan in the winter, you're you're you will feel the freeze. If the breeze comes and hits you, you will feel it inside your bone.

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It's like the wind goes through your body. It's that insanely cold. I mean, I've seen cold I used to live in New York, not Michigan cold. That's a does different levels situation or Massachusetts in the United States. So one time I was driving Massachusetts, and my heating messed up in the car. And I used to have I used to wear contact lenses and they started freezing.

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The contacts are they turning solid. And I was like maybe I should take them off before they go bad. I opened up my contact lens solution case, it was ice inside. Like

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not coming back here.

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But if you go to the same place in the summer, it's beautiful. Oh my goodness. It's night and day, a completely different place. It's it's life in the summer, it's death in the winter. The same way where I live in Texas winter is pretty nice. Don't go there in the summer. Since

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you know it's not the place to be. Now imagine some people who decide, oh, this is a great place to grow our crop. This looks like a really good place. And they never wondered about what's going to happen in the winter.

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What kind of winds come here in the winter. So they they decided to invest into the farming exercise, but they invested in the wrong place.

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This is an Arabic called what the crochet in the Redeemer Hollywood hub hubba Fairlady Mahalia, they put the seed in the wrong place. This is not the climate for that kind of crop. The definition of a crocheted field at Mohali in Arabic is loan when you put something where it doesn't belong, it's called loan keep that in mind because we're going to see the word and come up in the cya. Right? So that's one way you can understand this imagery. You know, they had this crop that they were trying to grow and all of a sudden, a freezing biting cold wind chill came through, you know, and the seer in Arabic it can be used related to sorcerer which is intense wind, sir was also used as an as an

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adjective rihani body don't say so bad it is actually cold or bottled.

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But if it's biting cold, then you add an additional adjective which is served so sell itself doesn't mean cold. It's bad or buddy that means cold. But it got us so much that just if you say biting winds, you didn't have to say biting freezing winds. So the word sir kind of started carrying the implication of freezing cold, even though linguistically doesn't mean freezing cold. It got associated with the freezing cold. So now as it starts coming, Allah says Assa but healthier calm and it's interesting Asaba who are building right? We saw over and over in a Saba Asaba SRV now, now he says a solid health settlement, the same language it's almost as if he's connecting it with the

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with the use of these words, he's connecting it to the parables that came in SOTL Bacara all those I article and total Baqarah so now he says it struck the crop of a people. This niche this this, this wind struck the crop of people. It's in it there is this freezing biting nature and when it came in, struck the crop now the crop is an interesting word because it's it's Kalama Sharmila. It's not just the harvest. It's actually when you say you know, this is their crop. It refers to the land, the seed, the plant, the whole operation.

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And the wind is so cold it

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didn't just damage the plants, by the way, when has to be, or the breeze or the temperature has to be an extreme kind of cold to damage plants. But if it's even past that level of extreme, it can even long term damage the soil. So you can't even grow anything even after the freeze is over. You can't even grow anything afterwards. And that's what it seems to be implying that this wind came and now this place is no good for crop. Nothing can grow here anymore. A solid health settlement. It destroyed the crop of people. That wind came and destroyed the crop of people. Now what did I tell you the Quraysh were interested in spending a lot for revenge for odd. But after a hood, they got

00:30:44 --> 00:30:48

really interested that there's an opportunity to get everybody together

00:30:49 --> 00:31:28

and destroy Islam come into the remember that whole story. Watch this. Allah says Martha Luma Yun Fei Khun, he didn't say Martha Luma and Falco. He didn't say the example of those who spent, he said the example of those who spend and will continue to spend, he's talking about the future. This ayah is after offered. It's after so Allah is not talking about what they already spent to win or hood. Allah is talking about what they're spending now. And what they will continue to spend their campaign isn't over. So Allah is already letting Muslims know, by the way, they're putting more money in and they're going to come after you again, very subtle.

00:31:29 --> 00:32:06

Then Allah said, My unicorn, the previous IRA, you saw the Antonia and I'm wired to whom Allah Allah, their money and their children, which I'll talk about in a second. But in this i elicits the example of whatever they spent, whatever they spent, as if Allah went from a very specific description, their money, their children, but now he said whatever they spend, which is interesting, because they're gonna go to multiple tribes and who knows what each tribe is bringing? There's the toaster and the meaning. There's also a tactic from Allah. It says, if Allah is saying doesn't matter what they spend, whatever they spend is just whatever is nothing. So he's, it's like throwing

00:32:06 --> 00:32:47

sand at a castle, hoping it'll fall like what do you what are you going to do against the loss plan? So they bring all these armies together these tribes together, and they're coming after Medina? How did Allah describe their loss in Medina? Allah says, For out of Santa I lay him so beautiful, or Salah him Rehan what you knew the lambda Allah. He said, We sent against them a wind, and armies you couldn't see you remember the trench that sort of fighters he had dug. They made their camps outside, they can't get through, right. So they're setting up by the way, when the military is set up outside, in a camp, they don't have endless food supply. They don't have endless water supply.

00:32:47 --> 00:33:23

They've got to keep getting deliveries for the food and the water because it's going to keep running out. They don't have kitchens and things like that. They have to make fires and cook right there outside. That's the life of a camp. Now a wind comes, a fast wind comes and some of the horses get so disturbed, they run off, they get untied and they run off. The camels get disturbed. Some of the pots that were cooking, flip over the some of the tents start going on fire, and the fire is spreading and the animals are going crazy. And this is happening because Allah sent what against those armies. Allah says Allah sent against them wins. And then he says armies you couldn't see.

00:33:23 --> 00:33:54

It's pretty interesting that in the sale less as the example of those who will continue to spend in worldly life is the example of a wind that will strike the crop of people that have done wrong to themselves. So, so powerful. Well, I'm one force some they had done wrong to themselves. This is another remarkable phrase in the eye, they have done wrong to themselves. They thought they did so much damage to the Muslims and 100 and Allah has commentary on what wrong they did. Allah could have said, you know, Allah will mean they wrong the believers

00:33:55 --> 00:34:22

could have could have said it like that. Right Vamonos the wrong people or value the wrong they did wrong but he said Bala mu and foster home actually they were doing wrong to themselves, they were damaging themselves, they were digging their own hole. What an amazing way to describe the overpowering enemy that is coming at you. And Allah is already describing that these people miskeen This is beating himself up,

00:34:23 --> 00:34:59

you know, law enforcement for Allah to and it destroyed all of it. What's also remarkable about this idea and you know, when cellos soon we'll talk about zap to the examples are coming in the future in sha Allah and this month, hopefully we'll get to that. That point in our in our journey. There are lots of examples in the Quran. I want to go in most half order as much as possible. Inshallah. I'm not intending to cover all of the examples. I don't think that's possible in the month of Ramadan. But whatever is leftover, push it to next Ramadan chill. So that's the that's the intention. But anyway, so for Allah to Allah, Allah, Muhammad Allah. Allah says Allah destroyed that crop and Allah

00:34:59 --> 00:35:00

is not the one

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

who wronged them? Allah didn't wronged them at all. Why is this happening to us? No, that was you. Well, I can and it's interesting other places in the Quran you'll find whether I can care no and for some you have anymore, but they used to run themselves here Allah didn't say that he actually pushed us into the future do what I can enforce a homie of the moon, however they wrong and will continue to wrong themselves is a commentary about what's coming.

00:35:24 --> 00:36:07

So mostly, it's so cool that in what happened in butter after we won, after we won in butter, Allah told us in so little and file, prepare yourselves. I do like him. He didn't tell us after we lost, he told us this after we won, I do look on Mazel Tov to him in court and remember the battle the same way we just lost and he says, Be ready, they're coming. I'll deal with that. But you should know they are investing. They haven't stopped because you're not dead yet. But what's going to be dead is all of their investment for alligretto. I'm reminded with this, what I'm reminded of is what Allah did would fit on, you know, fit Ireland's biggest problem became Musa alayhis salam. It became

00:36:07 --> 00:36:23

such a huge problem. And he became a PR problem for him. Because what happened in the castle with the snake and all of that with the Python. What happened was the word spread in Egypt, that the Pharaoh who calls himself God got scared of a snake.

00:36:24 --> 00:37:05

And he got terrified and he had to back off. So he's looking pretty bad. So he had to create an entire campaign of the magicians who will defeat Musa he didn't say frown is going to defeat Musa he was spreading the campaign that the magicians are going to defeat Musa But that wasn't enough. He had to he didn't just need to destroy Musa alayhis salam he's just killing one man. That's not a big problem for him. He needs to destroy the image. And the only way to destroy the image is to create the largest convention. Gather everybody will Kilala Naseeha, London, London whatever. When are you coming or what? Get forcing people to show up. gathering these magicians paying them lump sums of

00:37:05 --> 00:37:49

money. Setting up a day with great festivities yomo Xena, you would imagine the greatest convention ever held in the history of Egypt, Yama, Xena all so they can undo the damage already being done by Musa they Salam in this grand show, the whole nation can watch and one time and what happens the people that he paid top money to, to stand by him who started there, they started their show with be assertive around this. That's how they started their demonstration by the glory of the Pharaoh. That's how they started. And by the end of that demonstration, they're doing such that to Allah. And they're telling the entire crowd, we believe in the the master of Musa and Harun right, you know

00:37:49 --> 00:37:55

what founded around paid for the biggest Dawa convention in Egypt in the entire history of Egypt.

00:37:57 --> 00:38:11

And that's what he did for Allah go to Walmart Walla Walla, when I can inform you of the moon. By the way, I'm giving this away Zab they collected all these tribes, right?

00:38:12 --> 00:38:44

Their motivation was destroying Islam, but the other tribes didn't care. What did they care about? What did I tell you? What did they care about? They cared about money. They just wanted to make money. And they only went for it because anytime you go into a fighting venture, it's a risk. It's a high risk venture. The only reason they went for it is because courage have credibility. When they are camped outside for weeks, and they can't make any money, and then the winds come and destroy all of their investment and they go back empty handed. What just happened? Quraysh lost its credibility.

00:38:45 --> 00:38:50

Quraysh lost, they cannot get convinced those people to stand by them again.

00:38:51 --> 00:39:18

They lost the first problem of the crash. The you know, the downfall of Quraysh actually starts with Azzam that's the first downfall. And then what's happening in this era from then on is the next Domino, next Domino, next Domino. But all of those dominoes are actually a net result of this biggest campaign. What they spent the most on is the one that destroyed them the worst.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:27

That's what destroyed them. to It destroyed it. It destroyed the entire investment. They weren't able to Allah didn't wrong them.

00:39:28 --> 00:39:44

What rather they were doing they're continuing to do wrong to themselves. May Allah azza wa jal help us appreciate the power of Allah's plan. I don't say rhetorically like you know, pounding the table and saying, and the aquifer can spend whatever they want. They will never be able to defeat Islam and then you're like

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

I don't give me one of those features. That's that's not what I'm not interested in hyperbole. You know, what I'm interested in. Allah gave victory to Muslims when they were on their mission. And when the Muslims are on their mission

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

then whatever the kuffaar spend, doesn't do anything. It's not a free ride, the kuffaar can do whatever they want, you will win anyway. Don't worry, because you're so special. No, we're not that special. Unless we act special. The believers have to to emulate the behavior of the believers, then the victory from Allah is guaranteed. So what sometimes we do is we take these guarantees of the kuffar losing, right? And we feel good about ourselves like a placebo. And we assume there's nothing to do on our part, like we're already doing our part, Mashallah. It's just now versus waiting on Allah to just bring the freezing wind. Let's freeze these assets. Right? So, and that's the, that's

00:40:47 --> 00:41:24

the empty kind of emotional rhetoric that I want us to get out of we are we want to become honest with the word of Allah, when it's pointing at Taco fodder in a critical way. We take that and when it's pointing at us in a critical way, we take that also, right. And so this this is this is why I don't want you to just feel like Ah, yes, this is us coming. No, well, may Allah azza wa jal make us worthy of those winds that come against the enemy. Right. And it's also interesting that Allah says we're untold alone in this surah lotta you know, well, that actually, well, I'm done with that alone in Guantanamo, meaning,

00:41:25 --> 00:41:33

don't worry, don't be sad and don't feel weak, you will be on the very supreme position, if, in fact, you truly are believers,

00:41:34 --> 00:42:13

if in fact so now, if we're not in the supreme position, then maybe we need to check where we stand in terms of our iman and what that demand requires of us. Right? That's because the byproduct of that is until Madonna, that's the byproduct May Allah azza wa jal give us a correct understanding of this book, and make us committed to its guidance and its teachings and may Allah azza wa jal destroy the plans of those who attempt to hurt or to take away the deen of Allah from this earth because we know their plans will always fail. And may Allah make us of those who bring the victory of this Deen to this earth because if we don't do it, Allah doesn't need us. We need him into Allah Stockdale

00:42:13 --> 00:42:46

Coleman later come from malaria Kulu and Tala calm if you turn your backs Allah will just replace you with another nation that's not you. And they won't be like you, meaning they won't be losers like you'll they'll actually do the job. Right, so we're dispensable. We've been honored with Islam, but that doesn't mean we're indispensable. You know, we're not some special race. The only thing that makes us special is the Eman in our hearts. May Allah azza wa jal preserve that image strengthen that image and allow us to cultivate generations upon generations that live and die by daddy man BarakAllahu li Walakum Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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