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Allah made me not good at some things. I have a limit. I'm not good at accounting.

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I'm not good at remembering conversations.

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My mother is my wife is very good at remembering conversations. Do you remember what you said yesterday?

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If I'm being honest, I don't even remember what I said one minute ago, if I'm being completely honest.

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Do you remember that game in 1992? The World Cup fight? Yeah. Yeah, that was awesome.

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But do you remember what you said yesterday? Nope. I got nothing.

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There are some people that can remember some things. I remember other things. I'm good at creativity, not good at management.

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This is the thing. There are some people very good at organizing, but not very good at patience.

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Right happens? Usually organized people very impatient people thing.

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Because they see any chaos around them.

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So here's the thing. Yes, I have freewill. I have choice. But I have intellectual limits. I have capability limits. I have physical limits, there's a limit to my height, there's a limit to my strength. There's a limit to my physical ability, there's a limit to my economic mobility. Right, there's a, there's a, there's an there's a physical bodily limit. And that limit is at your biller. You know, there's a saying, in Old English, you can't grow out of your skin. You know what that means you You're made a certain way. And you need to know what you're capable of. And you also need to know your limits. Right? If you're just if you're not designed to swim, your Allah created you

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like a rock. And so you just boop, you know, I had a friend who he could drown in one foot.

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It's a miracle from Allah that he could do that. We went to this place, he went on the slide, as a kid slide, it was one slide, you could stand up on it, your knees won't even be wet. And he's like, wow, like,

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Allah didn't make you for that. Right? So there's the limit placed within our genetic makeup. There's siblings, some siblings, super genius, super creative, super academic, and the other one super athlete. But don't ask him to study.

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Hola me too different Jamila for, you know, you understand. So there is this body that Allah gave us. And this mind is genetics that Allah gave us that are all different for all of us. The path that Allah chose that he says he guided you to a path, the path he made was unique to you. And the path he made for me was unique to me, based on my dibela Physically and outside of my job, Allah, my environment.

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This is what psychology tells us. Human personality is made up of two things. It's made up of your genetics and just made up of your environment. That's what modern psychology basically tells you. Right? And Quran is also talking about how within that environment like the Hadith says, everybody was born on fitrah parents make them Jews, Christians, and that's environment, isn't it? Right? So your environment and your genetics within that Allah gave you a path.

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Now a farmer who lives with his kids out in the on top of a mountain somewhere, and he has to choose the right path. His right path is a different one. And manager of a multimillion dollar organization, he is the VP or something like that. His job biller and his path is a different one, the choices he has to make or she has to make are different ones, you understand. And so each one of them was given the right directive to come back to Allah to do the right thing and it was put inside of them. This is the Jamila from the from the body point of view. But then there's the grueling test and the rule, the rule itself, meaning there's my physical limits, but then there's my spiritual

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core inside that spiritual core also exists inside me. It also has a voice, it also has a say, and it cannot be found in the study of psychology. It cannot be found in philosophy. It you can't find it in those studies, but I know it exists. Because you just know it does. That's the that's the cell. That's the thing inside you. That feels something when you pray. That's the thing inside someone I met. Incidentally, I met a woman yesterday. Before coming here, I had a craving for a donut. Don't ask me. So I went to the the small and I'm getting in line is a popular donut place. I won't tell you which one. And so I'm standing in line. And this lady behind me was with her two kids

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and she said are you and I was like

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And she started crying, crying her face off. I don't know the face because he's wearing a mask but what I could see crying, and she had these two little kids, and she goes, I'm actually Buddhist and I've been looking for Allah and I've been praying to Allah and I just found your videos and I just it's helped me go through so many difficult times and every time I pray to Allah, I just know something in my heart is taking me back to it and I'm listening to her lie

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in Medina, who's Sabine

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Allah put something inside you this ruler inside you it's, it knows where it came from. And it knows it was guided, it was put with a guidance to go back. So it's always finding a way back in a day now, Sabine. So this is actually the test of the rule itself.

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