The Islamic Climate Change Declaration

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa t but a little more talking while at one in LA Hello Dolly me. Why should one La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika wa shadow Muhammad Abdul who was a solo solo la la la la la he was happy woman da da da what he was standing beside Natty Illa Yama Dean for Southern Sleeman kathira Am I bad

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for SQL will not see bitok Allah azza wa jal for some evil talk. We are cool Huck sapana I will be learning English shaytani regime. Yeah, are you had Latina armano taco la? Well tanto enough sanmarga de Malaga de moi taco la in LA LA hubiera de matar Madden. Wala taco nucala dienen. So LA, for unser home and for some Willa ecoman facetune.

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Oh, praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. And surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity or ill feeling except for the oppressor.

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And I'd be a witness that allows one and has no partners, that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, and to all those who called his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows. I, again, remind myself and you to have Taqwa the consciousness of Allah,

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that we surround ourselves with the remembrance of Allah, and that we never forget the creator in anything that we do. No matter what phase of our life, youth, middle age, old age, no matter what activity, we should never forget the Creator of the heavens and the earth, because if he forgot us, we could not exist for one moment.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed to us in His glorious book are you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah and that every soul, look to what it puts forward for tomorrow and fear Allah. Surely Allah is well aware of all that you do.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed this mighty text in a way that could be understandable to the Arabs and the non Arabs.

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To those who would learn the classical language of 10 zeal of the revelation of the revelation, then the words of Allah subhanaw taala would be open to them.

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And this has inspired people throughout the ages and spired Muslims in the most difficult circumstances that we faced.

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Today, we are living in

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an age of crisis.

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The world itself is in major change. And anytime we listen to the news, anytime we get communications from other parts of the world, and even here, we recognize that a major struggle is on a major change is happening in the universe.

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July 2015,

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has been classified as the hottest month

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on written record.

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There has never been a time since human beings have been calculating weather

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that the Earth itself has gone into a phase of heat, such as the one that we are in.

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And this is causing disastrous events. This is causing major changes. People are covering up covering it up in politics, covering it up in fantasy worlds, but major changes are coming about

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in North America.

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The epicenter of this change is in California.

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And in California, the drought has reached epic proportions. The drought is so terrible now that in the sand jokin Valley because of the loss of the moisture.

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The valley is literally

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sinking two inches per month.

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It is literally sinking right in front of their eyes.

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The water that they used to be so proud of having the strongest agriculture in the whole of North America is now disappearing in front of their eyes.

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And so people have conscience. People with their eyes open to the world

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are making statements and Alhamdulillah. In the Muslim world,

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there are those who are taking a stand.

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Just last Tuesday, a gathering of Muslim leaders and scientists in Istanbul, Turkey,

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came together and issued an Islamic climate change declaration

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bringing to the world an understanding of what Islam fields

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and reminding the Muslims of our duty in this very critical time.

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It is a lengthy declaration. But it is so important that I wanted to bring you the highlights of this declaration. And to pray that Allah subhanaw taala would bless all those who were there who signed this declaration, and all those who would put it into their consciousness, teach their children and become part of the solution and not the problem of the earth.

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They related to the book of Allah azza wa jal.

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And this was a great teaching moment for non Muslims, millions of whom who have read the declaration. It was a teaching moment. And it's a teaching moment for us as well. And a reminder, some of which we already knew. But some things we were not aware of.

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They began by showing the fact that Muslims constantly relate to the Creator, as Al hamdu lillahi, Rabbil aalameen, that Allah subhanaw taala is the Lord of all of the worlds. That means that if we are Muslim, if we submit to Allah azza wa jal, then we are not just submitting in our relationship to other Muslims, not just submitting in our relationship to ritual times in the Islam calendar, but every aspect of the creation is under Allah subhanaw taala.

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So if we submit to Allah azza wa jal, we would recognize the creator in everything.

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They also refer it

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in chapter 59, verse 24, showing that Allah subhanaw taala is the creator, the maker, the giver of form, and they quoted who Allah Alevi, who along Holic as baddie al-musawi in the oft repeated versus insert alhaja.

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That who alcoholic has bad Elmo sowers He is Allah who is the creator, he is the maker, and he is the giver of form.

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So the last part, Allah is not only the Creator, meaning he creates from nothing, we cannot be creators.

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No matter how proficient we are in science, we are manipulating created things. A creator does allow middle Adam, he creates from nothing couldn't fire Kuhn.

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So they reminded people, that our relationship with Allah is that not only did he create, but he fashioned things. And he put things everything in the form that was put in.

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So everything we see in the universe, from the sun, in the moon, to the stars, to the oceans, to the plants, to the human beings to our very form is created by Allah. And in chapter 32, verse seven, a lot told us Hello, the Santa Fe in halaqa

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that Allah subhanaw taala perfected everything that he created.

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Everything he created, its imperfection. And so it fits naturally into a divine system. A divine system, which when it is in flow with other parts of the system, then puts the creation in a divine order.

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And this flow is what you could call a hawk.

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It is the truth. It is the justice. It is what is right for creation.

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They showed the world in chapter 44 verse 38, Walmart Alekna somehow watse well out of our ma baina Houma la de bien maharatna Houma, 11 ha,

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that Allah revealed in the court and, and we did not create the heavens and the earth, and that which is between them playing around

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la EP, we did not play it in jest. It's not a joke.

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Then Allah said, we have not created them, except in truth in Huck and Huck also is your rights for cook. It is the rights of one on another. So each section of the divine plan

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has a relationship to the other section, like a beautiful engine, that each part of the engine relates to the other part, if you take something out, then the engine starts to make noise.

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If there is division, confusion in the ranks of the engine, then it breaks down. And so this equilibrium,

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this equilibrium, this relationship of the pots to each other is what is called elemis, an

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elemis. And it is an equilibrium in a relationship. And it's crucial to think about this Misa because it's not only an animal world, it's not only in the mechanical world, but it also impacts

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on fertile land,

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on fresh air, on clean water,

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on life itself, so the reason is flowing properly, then the air is fresh, the water is clean. The animals are productive. life continues on. But if the me Zan is then harmed, or taken out, and that is though, that's oppressor, that's what a real presser is. Then we fall against the command of Allah subhanaw taala inserta Rahman, Allah tells us was sama, Rafa. meezan Allah tato filmyzila.

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Allah revealed he raised the heavens and established the balance so that you would not transgress the balance. And it's interesting because the word Tato is where the word tahu comes from.

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And the top who are the ultimate oppressor, we generally think of the Pharaoh,

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one of the leaders of Egypt, but anytime the be Zan is thrown out of shape, out of balance, then this is a type of the person becomes a target

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and oppressor,

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they affirmed

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the natural fitrah the natural nature of things and a lot told us and they affirmed it in chapter 30, verse 30, laptop dealer, the Hulk Allah zelicah Dino Chi kya Well, I can actor NASS, la Yaga.

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There is no changing allows creation. That is the true natural way, but most people know not.

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And so the fitrah, the Hulk, the law, the relationship, the meezan that is what Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with in this earth. And that is the reason why we say Alhamdulillah like when we breathe air, we eat food, we say Alhamdulillah but sometimes we're not thinking it's only when that breath is taken away,

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or that food is taken away, or that health is taken away. When it comes back, then we say Alhamdulillah and we say it with meaning, because it was lost. What has come about is that human beings and this was affirmed by the scholars in Istanbul in this international declaration that human beings have become a corruption

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that human beings have become one of the main obstacles for life on Earth. Benny Adams,

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and because of going against the

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global climate change, contamination, pollution, water systems ruined seas being polluted soil erosion, modern diseases. This is what a law was saying. Insert to room verse 4041. When Allah told us the huddle facades are filled

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Well, Baja, Pima kasturba, INS ludovica, home bodalla, the amilo, the other homie Algeria, corruption has appeared on the land and the sea, because of what humanity's hands has done. And we will make them taste something of what they have earned, in order that they would return to the past. So this is this system is on it was revealed by Allah, and our brothers and sisters have made it public. So the world and reminded Muslims again, of the very serious nature, that when a last opponent Allah says in Surah Baqarah, verse 30, in nature, you don't feel out of the Khalifa. Verily, I have made a representative on Earth. It's not a political title.

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It's not a halifa that you take land and say, I'm your king. I'm your halifa. The Khalifa is a responsibility to represent Allah subhanaw taala on the earth, and human beings in general. And Muslims in particular, have this responsibility of being the Khalifa responsibility to act

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and responsibility to follow the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah because anybody who takes his leadership who follows him this is where the word Khalifa comes in, not just in a political sense, but it also goes to a personal individual sense.

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Because the prophet SAW Selim was the leader of protecting the earth, and it is reported

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that the prophet SAW Selim declared and protected the rights of all living beings. He outlawed the customs of burying infant girls alive. He prohibited the killing of living beings for sport.

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Sport like hunting down the lion has become so important to people Cecil the lion, who is more important than human beings being gunned down in our own streets, but still, Cecil has rights.

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And the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah protected Cecil

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during his time,

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he also guided his companions to conserve water, even when making widow.

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He forbade them from cutting down trees in the desert. And he ordered a man who had taken young birds out of the nest. He ordered this person put it back,

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he found another companion,

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who found an anthill as they moved along, and he set it on fire. The prophet SAW Selim said put the fire out.

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So he was concerned

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with all of creation,

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he also established prohibited areas, we use the word hotter, the harm of Mecca, the harm of Medina, we use this word hotter, but he also protected in the hadham. He was protecting natural life, that native plants could not be cut down,

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while animals should not be hunted and distributed, and then he took it a step step further and created him he created conservation areas. So the concept that we have now in Ontario, that we have a conservation area are protected natural sites. This was first established by the prophet Mohammed Salim, who established protected areas in order to conserve animals. He led by example, living a simple life, free of excess, did not waste, even recycling. And that he sold his own clothes and gave away his clothing. And he was so delighted. He was so delighted

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by the creation of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so the convention, the Islamic declaration that I remind myself and you and we remind the people around us, number one called on the United Nations in their meeting, which will be happening in Paris in December of this year. To come to a final conclusion, stop playing politics, but come to a final conclusion.

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Number two, the rich nations of the world, especially the oil producing nations, should take the lead in phase

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Out greenhouse gas emissions, as soon as possible.

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Take the lead, instead of building the largest building or the largest Christmas tree,

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take the lead the wealth given to us is temporary.

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So they put out the word and we have to at least do this. Because the prophet SAW Selim said, if you see evil, change it with your hands. If you can't do that, then say something, at least say something.

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He also reminded the rich nations about unethical profits, that's striving to make money.

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Striving to have more profits is the destruction of the land. Till it reached the point now with it has been now publicly shown that there are 85 people on earth who have more wealth than 3 billion people,

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85 people, they have more wealth at their disposal than 3 billion human beings, what gives them the right to have this wealth, what gives them the right to take it away from the other people.

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They also remind that invest invest in the green economy.

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They call them the all the people of the nations, not just the rich people on the top, start to phase out any negative activities that we are involved in. We should also this is a very important point.

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Pay special attention to the indigenous peoples of all of the world. Pay attention to the indigenous people. Also the rights of women who have been suffering in this century. Also children who have dying in large numbers throughout the planet. They also called on all organizations, all groups to cooperate to collaborate. And if you're involved in business, think about this, change the current business model

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to start to change the current business model. If you are in a strong position, divest from fossil fuels, and support those who are struggling against divestment,

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invest investment in fossil fuels. And lastly, they called on the Muslims

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to remember Allah subhanaw taala. to fear Allah azza wa jal at this point in time, because we are under a major test. What will we do even on a personal level, so they called on heads of states, political leaders, the business community, the delegates to the International Conference on the environment, religious leaders and scholars, most congregations, so they're calling on you and I Islamic endowments Oh, cough educators, educational institutions, community leaders, civil society activists, non governmental organizations, Communication and Media people. They reminded them last time she fell out of the Mara ha in the college African art wall and Tableau LG Bella Tula. Do not

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walk arrogantly on the earth. You will never split the earth apart, nor will you ever rival a mountain in stature, stop being arrogant, and they reminded the believers.

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The world is sweet and green. And Verily Allah has made you Stewart's he has made you a Khalifa masters in it. And he is watching you watching to see what you do with this. Allah subhanaw taala is watching us on an individual level, watching our families, watching our communities watching our nations. May Allah subhanaw taala help the Muslims to come forward this time and take the lead in this. This is what Islam is really about. Male also about Allah help us to take the lead in saving the earth. And may Allah subhanaw taala bring together people of all religions, all nationalities to collaborate with each other, in righteousness in taqwa to come together to save this planet, before

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it is too late. And the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala comes down upon us, Will he ever be left? I leave you with these thoughts. And I asked the Lord to have mercy on me and you aku colleagues howdah was stopped for lolly welcome. What is it? What's the meaning and coleambally establish federal in the whole of a photo right?

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Alhamdulillah Allahu Ahad and Fatah to summit Allah the lamb Yella while I'm EULA while I'm yaku for one I had also Lee what was Sunday mother cottoned on via your son in the Vietnam Mohammed while the alley he was happy edge money

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your cool hacks Aparna mock piranha Amira in De La Hoya Malaika who you saw Luna Allah Nabi yeah you have that Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam mu test Lima la Allahumma salli wa salam ala rasulillah Mohammed while he was happy, he wanted Allahu Allah wa Rashi Deen Abu Bakr Omar is manually wannabe Rama, Rama he mean Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo, the other woman acuna Lena Natalia dolla dolla Robin adapt to the new bonobo today China will have learner Mila Dong kurama Nakata Maha Roberto foxfield learner the new banana will cafe under se attina whatever for an amount of La Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma isn't a slam on Muslim in Hello my

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fellow Muslim meanwhile Muslim at well meaning I mean at a young man whom well and what erotica Amara he mean Evangelion Hama como la in the La Jolla COVID. a sandwich I thought about well Yamaha fascia mukava Daddy, yeah is qarun como el es illogical? yahama como la