Mufti Menk – Ignore the Negativity

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A speaker describes how some Muslims have come to change quickly and slowly, but eventually become one thing. They encourage others to keep their pace and not go backwards, as they may struggle. They stress the importance of not overwhelm others and not let anyone overwhelm them.
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There are so many born Muslims who are not really practicing every aspect of Islam slowly but surely they will come one thing at a time, sometimes a little bit more, sometimes something happens in your life that makes you change a lot of things overnight. Alhamdulillah. So if we can acknowledge that there are born Muslims in that scenario, what about those who who have reverted to Islam and they are slowly but surely coming in and everyone says, But sister that's haram. But you know, you try to post something. I remember a sister recently, and I have a habit sometimes when I come across something I comment. Sometimes when I come across something, I comment I do online. Sometimes you

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have to, and people say, Why were you watching the system?

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And I'm like, I wasn't, it was actually just passing on my FYP. And I heard something very interesting. And I felt that I could respectfully acknowledge and encourage, so I did. So what's the big deal?

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Why were you following that? I was following the system.

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That's the question, right? If it was wrong, for me, it's even wrong for you. But it's social media. It's a real world out there. I'm not saying we're living in an ideal world, in an ideal world, things would have been very different. But we live in the real world. A lot of times, a word of encouragement from a person we look up to, would reassure us to a degree that we've never been reassured before. Is that not true? So I commented.

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And this sister was the Revert

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going down reading some of the comments there. People are saying, I think you're lying about your Shahada. You're not doing this your your lipstick is this and you're What are you commenting about? What are you watching? What are you thinking? The person declared their shahada, you want them to become a nun? Is that what it is? The guy is declared his Shahada. You want him to be the Imam of Masjid Al haram overnight. He can struggle for a while they don't know how to read Quran, they may not be able to practice certain things because of their circumstances or they might just be weak. I'm going to do things but give me sometimes I'm here to tell you you know what's right and wrong

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slowly but surely inshallah you move at your pace, keep it a good pace, don't go backwards. We're all moving at our paces. Don't let anyone overwhelm you because they're going to tell you you need to do this you need to do that as as you're running to do this. Someone's gonna say you need to do that and that's and guess what happens when you end up doing it? You're gonna get another wise crack telling you that well, that's not good enough. You know, you're gonna need to do this and that that's not right. Come on. Forget about the negative comments of the people. You will be strong steadfast thank Allah for your faith. And insha Allah slowly but surely you can go ahead by the will

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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