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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of names in introductions and the use of "has" in titles to introduce oneself. They stress the importance of having a proper name for a proper introduction and the need for a strong mindset. The confusion surrounding the origin of the name Islam is discussed, along with the importance of praise only being given to Allah and the use of " navig" in the title of the book of Islam. A brief overview of the title is given, along with a free trial for the two week free trial.
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Now a couple of quick things I'm almost done with 100 Allah inshallah.

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Now the two things are maybe one or one or two. I don't know. Yeah, I'll make it one.

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Let me recite Fatiha incorrectly and you tell me what's missing. Alhamdulillah Rahman Al amin

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hamdulillah. He probably you know that Rob is one of the names of Elias.

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So why even mentioned the word Allah, you can just mention and he has lots of names. He has lots of names. In fact, he has a number of them are of mine or Rahim Malik. Why we mentioned Allah. You could say Alhamdulillah heiltsuk Hamed belongs to the Creator. You could say Alhamdulillah Ramadan belongs to the Most Merciful. The most loving and caring you can say Al Hamdulillah Hakim hum belongs to the most wise Isn't it? Isn't those are all correct. Why use the word Allah? The thing is, every one of those is a description of one of the attributes of Allah, isn't it? So when you say that hummed belongs to the Creator, the only thing you appreciate it is what?

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That he's a creator. But you said you appreciate it nothing about his wisdom or his knowledge, or his mercy, or his guidance. If you said Alhamdulillah you know if he said hamdulillah Hakeem ham belongs to Al Hakim, the Wise, the only thing you're acknowledging is what is wisdom, but you didn't acknowledge Anything else? You didn't acknowledge Anything else? How do you praise Allah?

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In one word, by acknowledging every one of his attributes, the ones you know, and the ones you don't know the ones you can think about and the ones you can't even think about you cover all of them all in one word, the only option left for you is what

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hamdu Lillah it's the only option left it's incredible without it something would be missing something from the handover load be missing. Now ally is the the proper name of Allah. It is the title of Allah the proper name of Allah and names are very important in an introduction aren't they? If you meet someone for the first time, you know you would say saya no mana de Haan

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data USA better salary Pakistan, right you would say something like that.

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But when you when you did do talk to someone you introduce that to introduce yourself to them with your name. Somebody comes up to you Somalia call my name is Malika salam, I'm an engineer.

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You're a strange person. If you do that, when you introduce yourself, you don't introduce yourself with your description. you introduce yourself with your name 30. Hi, is Allah introducing himself?

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So the name is critical. names are important, especially when it comes to an introduction. Now look at it from another interesting perspective. This actually happened it's a pretty funny part to hilarious to me a part of the story of Musa alayhis salam. You know, Musa alayhis salam had the staff and it turned into what a snake and he was opposing in competition Who?

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against the snake what was there on the other side? The sorcerer is the magicians Yeah. Okay. So when he throws the staff it swallows all their ropes and rods. And these magicians immediately you know what their first reaction was? Anybody know? They fell into such De Luca Sahara to sardine. They were dropped into such them.

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And when they got up there in public, there's 1000s of people watching for hours confused What's going on? And they get up and they say, I'm gonna be Rob Bell al amin, we believe in the rub of all the worlds and all the nations and all the peoples we believe in. They didn't say I'm an Nabila. They said I'm gonna be Rob Bellamy is the oven Nebula here a bit I mean, they didn't mention Allah. They have a bit me. Now the problem is found is listening.

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When found is listening, if you know anything about Fidel and he calls himself rub

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on Allah bucola Allah. He caught on I am your supreme Rob. So when the magicians get up and say we believe in the rub,

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he says Yeah, I know.

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so they have to clarify. So they turn to him and say no idiot or be musawah Harun

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I we mean the ROB of Musa and heroin. So for a moment they actually pulled his leg and he was like, Yes, you do.

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You know,

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that's the that's the the, you know, the the toying that they've done with him so boldly at the in that session, you know in that conversation. I'll tell you a silly thing that happened with me some time ago. I'm sure you have your interesting perceptions of the United States. I live in Texas. Every time I tell someone I live in Texas, they go pew pew, like,

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but anyway,

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I was in Louisiana, which is actually fishing and fishing. Okay, that's doesn't Louisiana, it was a while ago. And I used to have, I was dressed in very traditional clothes, I was wearing a job. I had a turban. And I'm getting gas in a gas station in Louisiana in the middle of nowhere. And a pickup truck pulls up. There's a dog in the back, guy comes out. And he's listening to country music really loud, and he's getting gas, or looking at each other. That's a very strange situation right now.

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And he looks at me up and down, up and down. And he goes, you from Islam boy?

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And I said, No, New York.

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But then I don't know what came over me. I said, praise the Lord, brother.

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And he goes, That's right.

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And he just went.

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Because when I say praise the Lord, what's he thinking?

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He's thinking, Jesus, I mean, Allah. But I don't want to get shot.

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When you don't say the name, there could be confusion.

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So when you if you just say Amen, you know, hamdu lillahi, Rabbil alameen, somebody in the world can have the wrong concept of God.

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To them, Rob could be someone else. If 30 higher supposed to clarify who this Rob is, then it should begin with the proper name. And that's why it's critical to have what al hamdu Lillah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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So now, finally,

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the other benefit of Al hunt is as opposed to Hamdan lillahi wa apathy. Oh, there it is, by the way, not necessarily translated as the in this case, it's not the praise belongs to Allah. In a sense, it is all praise, or the ultimate praise belongs to Allah and the ultimate things belongs to Allah. And that's also very powerful. Because at the end of the day, we do praise and think other than Allah.

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We do. As a matter of fact, the name of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Mohammed from the same origin hump.

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His name is from the same origin and it's a symbol of rule, which means someone who has a lot of hunt done to him.

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Someone who you do a lot of hunt of is called Mohammed. Actually, Mohammed means that we do a lot of of him.

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Now the thing is, the ultimate hummed only belongs to Allah, but somehow can belong to others. Somehow, some praise and things can belong to others. By the way, will there be cases when you thank and praise someone?

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Technically, you will have done what then you've done. And somebody comes on has suffered a lot of email, he has handled the law.

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Like, yeah.

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But you know, like, for example, if somebody helps me, somebody picks me up from the airport, you know, and I praise how quickly they got there, and I'm thanking them for the ride. Right? When I do that, I didn't do 100 of them. But you know what, at the end of the day, I know that that is a blessing from who. So ultimately, it is still going back to Allah, it doesn't you don't say I only believe in a lot. That's why I'm really mean to people to protect my tauheed.

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I don't want to do any shift, you know, that's why I don't appreciate people only appreciate your silly. Allah has clarified that problem already, by using the L in Alhamdulillah. So this was a bit just a cursory overview of what Alhamdulilah was about now, my final comments about it and your first break in Sharla. First break, I'll give you, I'll give you five minutes. Five minutes means five minutes, by the way.

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Yeah, I know, in the Muslim world, and even here, whenever you ask someone, how long will you be here? How long before you get here? Five minutes. How far away is the restaurant?

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How far was the other restaurant? Let me think, oh, five minutes.

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I don't know how everything happens in five minutes.

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But when I say five minutes, I'm counting. I'm counting and Chandler. So here's the last thing. I'll end where I started. When we say Alhamdulillah what mindset does it produce inside a person? It produces a mindset that is positive

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book begins with an attitude that is positive. So when people accuse the Quran of being a book that makes others depressed, that is an angry God that wants to punish and makes everything haraam and makes things difficult, etc, etc, etc. They bring this entire view to the book of Allah that is so unfair to the book of Allah because it actually began It started with the right lens and through that lens, you see the entire religion.

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You know your first steps, the first impression is everything. The first impression of the Quran begins with hum Alhamdulillah. We our impression of Allah is that he is going to constantly do things and he himself. Whether we acknowledge anything he does or not, he himself is going to be worthy of praise, and he's going to be worthy of thanks. And it's not even dependent on us. Whether we do it or not, it's still gonna be there. We hope you benefited from this video from the Surah Al Fatiha course, the explanation of the entire sutra can be found inside banner tv bayona tv is our video on demand platform with over 2000 hours of content about Quran, Arabic, Islamic history and

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the Quran is miraculous before diving into the Quran surah by surah.

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The third step of the Quran journey on bayonet TV is called the Quran a thematic overview. This step is meant to give you an understanding of the main subject pillars of the Quran. Through this you will be able to recognize exactly which main subject pillar every ayah of the Quran falls under.

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In this final episode br. Nouman explains to us about The Use Of Allah’s Proper Name.

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