Nouman Ali Khan – Defiance in the Face of Despotism

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for a real leader and a solution to the criticism, which is the solution of killing as many people as possible and a strong solution to the problem of the military and Israeli army. The speaker also touches on the importance of the media's control and the need for a solution to the military's problems. The segment ends with a promotion for a book and YouTube video.
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We need an aggressive solution here. We need a real leader here. You need to press the red button you need to kill as much as possible. This is the only solution. This is a scary question that Mousavi said I'm left with. So how does he respond to this criticism? He says something so scary. They became heroes of the summer because the first thing they declared is we don't fear death. I'm the one trying to save our country. And you traders are going to side with the enemy.

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And then this they said openly, well, Martin people may not.

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And what is this anger that you have towards us? Why do you want this kind of revenge against us? In Abu Dhabi, it Robina Majah Atlanta. The only crime we've apparently committed is we believe in the revelations that we have come to us the truth that has come to us we accept the truth, the revealed truth, this is the real reason you hate us. This is the real reason you want us destroyed on a Friday. Now Sabra and whatever Pheno Mussolini,

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our master for Sabra over us and give us death as Muslims look at this law, that our fellow Muslims and take us away as Muslims, they are already prepared to die.

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They've accepted it. Now the only concern is that if I'm going to die now the only question is, how am I going to die? The question has changed. Now their behavior is not dictated by I don't want to die. Now their behavior is dictated by I want to die doing the right thing. I want to die believing the right thing. I want to die in a state of ISNA how I want to duck the question about death has completely changed for them.

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The problem now is even fit our own is starting to question Is this the right policy because there's a lot of public backlash. And people are questioning what I'm doing. I'm about to because this is in $1 off other places in the Quran. I mentioned this in a previous club where he was ready to commit genocide, kill everybody. But he hadn't taken that step yet. He's thinking about what should be the media, what should be the strategy here, because we need to do something militarily. But before we do something militarily successfully, we need to make sure we control the media too. And if the media gets out of control, we need to make sure how to rein it back in. You know, who who's the

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troublemaker in the media, we need to let them know or figure out a way to solve that problem. He's still deliberating. But some people within his administration, there's two opposite groups. One, we within his administration accepted Islam, like I just showed you, they were part of his government. There's another group inside his government. And they're like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we need an aggressive solution. Here, we need a real leader here, you need to press the red button, you need to kill as much as possible. This is the only solution. So within the government, those who accepted Islam, and within the government, those who say blood, we just want blood. That's all this is the

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only solution. And they're both. Now these are the two extremes and maybe science failed ones in the middle. But here's what Allah tells us what God does matter. omen omifin. Own the generals, the military commanders, because military commanders the only solution they like as a military solution, right?

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So the what did they start telling fit on there, his advisors, they say, Hello, MUSAWAH como. Also you're going to just leave them, you're going to leave them alive, Musa and his people, the two solutions are the so they can keep crawling, keep creating more problems in the country. These people are a problem. You can't leave them alone. If you don't find a solution for this. Now, this problem will keep coming back. You're just gonna let them keep doing that. They're the ones causing facade. So what's the logic of the military commanders, their military commanders are saying, Look, these people are too much trouble. The only solution is they all need to die.

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That's the only way you can solve this problem. Are you serious about solving the problem or not? Are we going to solve this problem once every once in a while? Once and for all? Or know? What are your thoughts? Well Alia taka, Carla. So Nakatsu abna home with Esther here these are home were enough Oklahoma, Iran.

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And they said they're not. They're leaving you and they're leaving your religion. It's interesting. They didn't talk about the religion first. They talked about him first. They're going to question you. They might undermine your power. The government officials were telling their leader if at all, and listen, if you don't kill them, it's going to make you look weak. Your presidency might be in trouble. You might get in trouble in the next elections don't look weak. This is not a good look for you. We need a strong leader. Not to mention they also want to leave your religion meaning they don't follow your way.

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So you know what, you need to have a solution and he says we will slaughter their children let their women live. I've given the previous club about this. And then we will we are dominant over them. Now, with the reason the real reason I wanted to share this club with you is what was the response of Musa alayhis salam to this overwhelming campaign. I want you to understand something that I won was the

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One of the most dominant military powers on the planet. And the Israelites were helpless people. They didn't have a standing army. They were completely they were living in an open air prison. They were in camped. They couldn't escape. They were basically just civilians. And the Philippine army could go in and do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and nobody can question them. This was the situation. So in this situation, Musa alayhis salam is supposed to give a hotspot to his fellow believers that are stuck inside that prison. What is he going to tell them? How is he going to address them? What's the solution for them? He says to them, are they Sudan? Is

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there a novella he was smooth seek Allah's help continue to have supper. We're in NL L in Al Abadi many youth who haven't yet sharp, the the land, the earth belongs to Allah. He gives this land and inheritance to whoever he wants. I mean, everybody from among his slaves was Cuba to the king and the final end, the last laugh. The end victory can only be for people who have Taqwa. That's it. That's all he gives them. But you know there are some people in the audience that have strong Hema they hear this and they say this is enough for us, like the magician's in Nyla. Biederman, Connie Boone, our fellow Muslim it was enough for them. Other people said Come on, we're the ones getting

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killed here. You're gonna give us football buddy, man.

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Give us a real solution. This is not a real solution. This is just Oh, you're making us feel better? How do we get rid of this problem? So the next idea is about to people. For them when he said to them, the earth belongs to Allah. Allah has a plan where you need to not lose your iman, this is the most important asset. The most important the most valuable treasure that the believer has is not the land is not their life. It's actually their Iman and the musicians understood this because they said the one thing we cannot afford to lose is our EMA and when we're dying, they understood this. But there are others who said the following listen to this iron. I'll conclude with this IO

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call who lead I'm in complete Tiana Tatiana woman bargain budget.

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They said before you came to talk to Musa his followers, some of his followers, they said before you came we were being tortured. After you came were being tortured. What Connor yo.

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How are you a solution?

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Because in their mind, if you're following Islam, if you're following the right religion, it should solve all your problems.

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Life should be good. Money should become easy. Health should become easy. Safety should become easy. You should become the superpower because you believe in Allah. Once you believe in Allah, you should have everything in dunya the best of it.

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And work you're supposed to be the Prophet you came when you came live should Bonilla should have become Jana. How come you came and before you came, we were getting beat up by frown. And after you came, we're still getting beat up by Pharaoh. What could or what's what's your point? What's your purpose even? We will see the difference. Whether you're there, you're not there. Now Musa alayhis salam could answer that question.

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Because that's what they said to him when he gave him this hook. But this is how they responded. Imagine a prophet of Allah giving us a BA and some people in the Juma itself or whatever he gives us. To them, they start talking back in the middle of the hotbar.

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So how does he respond to this criticism? He says something so scary. And I wanted to end with this and I hope this is the thought that leaves me and you thinking for a while. What did Musa alayhis salam say to them, listen to this. He said us are on Bukom and you will Lika had overcome. It's quite possible that Allah will destroy your enemy.

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It's very possible that Allah will destroy your enemy. The pharaohs and their dynasties lasted several centuries. And Allah ended the Faroe Islands reign in one minute in the water.

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For Allah, for Allah Lima, you read, he can do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, how quickly he wants. This is not a big, this may be a big problem for me. This may be a big problem for someone else. This is not a big problem for Allah. Well Danika Allah, Allah He is here. First thing he says is it may be that Allah will destroy your enemy first. Then he says we're stuck NIFA come fill out me.

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And once he destroys your enemy, he will give you power over the land.

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So your enemies gone, who's going to take over you will take over. He'll make you powerful. So far. This sounds like I should give it a career. Wow, the enemy will die. I will when I will have power over the land. That's not where he ended. Then he said for young Baraka, if Adama know,

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then Allah will observe. How do you behave?

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Allah will observe

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So, how do you behave? So right now your enemy is Iran, and he acts in this way, and maybe Allah will destroy him. And maybe after destroying him, he will give you the kind of power once he gave to fit our own. And then he will see are you any different from Fanon? Are you turning it to fit on yourself?

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Let's see how you do.

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studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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