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I wish Happy Saturday was silly Emily rattle off at me lasagna alcalde hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam honestly, honestly not only he was happy as right as promised I will read some read my own reading of the Quran and anything that really strikes me I'll take note of and inshallah get to share it with you and you know Milan schedules are difficult to adjust to. So I've had a little bit of difficulty adjusting to the schedule, but I think I've got the hang of what I need to be doing. So probably around this time, every day, I'll I just did an order session with my mom. And I'll probably soon after that, I'll just do an English session to the daily reflections that I

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intended to share with you, that just makes things easier for me for the rest of the two inshallah. And hopefully all of you will benefit from it, it's okay, if you're not catching it live, you can, you know, catch it later on. And I pray that Allah just gives us the benefit that is intended from this series. So this idea is actually one of my favorite items. And it is something I've talked about many, many times. Allah Who will you live in your future home? No, no matita no, Allah is the protective friend of those who believed he brings them out of darknesses into light. Whether the NACA follow Alia, omoto and those who disbelieved their protective friends are the thought hold. The

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hood means the forces of rebellion from Tolkien, you have Regina home in annuity Laguna, who bring them they bring them from light into darknesses when he calls hub, now, Holly doing those are the companions of the people fire in which they will remain. So this AI uses an imagery that is found across the from the imagery of light and dark. So you'll have the parable of somebody walking in the dark and then the lightning strikes and their eyes, eyes become you know, the flash in their eyes, or you'll have somebody who wanted to seek a light and then as soon as the light was lit, they you know, they went blind or their their light was taken away. So you have different you know, of course

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the parable of light and sort of a new so there's lots and lots of places in the Quran, where this this this this dialogue takes place between light and darkness. And this contrast is drawn between light and darkness. And this is a way of the Quran speaking in figurative language, Allah is talking about guidance and misguidance but he's using the words light and darkness. So there is something Allah is inviting us to reflect on the the nature of light itself. And of course, Allah Himself describes himself Allah who notice in my life, even though Allah is the light of the skies in the earth, Allah describes revelation itself as light. I mean, it'd be like he was Sunni, he were newly

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lesbians are now believe in Allah, and His Messenger and the light that we've sent out.

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Even the switch you have multiple times in the Quran, for angels are like, the guidance is like the book of Allah is light, right? So

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because of this description, or this use of the word light, we have to take pause and really think about light, as in not in the spiritual sense, but in the real life sense. And the everyday experience, since what is light? What is the purpose of it? And then how can we draw a connection between that purpose and what we appreciate is happening inside of our hearts if we have light inside of our hearts. So obviously, light is the source of life. Without it, plant life can't exist. So it is a it is an essential source of nourishment, and nourishment that is constantly you know, without vitamin D, for example, for even human beings, we can actually be deficient and we actually

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need sunlight for even our own personal health. There are places in the world that don't have a lot of sunlight. And there are studies on how the lack of sunlight is actually maybe directly corresponding to the increase in depression and the increase in negative emotional experiences. And how light is actually emotion is connected to lightening of moods also, light is certainly also a source of energy. And light is definitely a source of beauty. The same place can look horrifying at night, and that same place could look stunningly beautiful in the sunlight. There are places that the same exact place can actually be terrifying.

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And it looks absolutely beautiful in the day. So some of you, for example, we live, we look out your window or your backyard or something in the garden, there's a there's a forest, right and it just looks gorgeous, the green of it looks absolutely stunning during the day. And if you were to go out at night in the same garden, you'd be horrified or you'd be it's terrifying to be in the woods in the middle of the night. Right. So light takes something that otherwise didn't have any beauty in it and gives it profound beauty or the beauty that was hidden in it can only really truly come out when you have light. On a practical note, light is the only way in which we can see where we're going.

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Right without without light, we don't have a sense of direction. So light is serving lots and lots and lots of purposes. And by the way, lighting.

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You know, you know without light if we are, you know, in the blind, then how much of the world just comes to a pause, how much it would just completely ceases to exist. So when Allah says, Allah compares faith, our belief or the revelation, or the truth that He created us with that we already had, before we even came on this earth, He compares all of that to light, he's telling us something, what we have inside us, gives us a sense of direction, the faith that we have makes life beautiful, you're able to see things in with a beauty that you couldn't see them before. And it is a source of energy and nourishment, just like light is for the rest of creation. So it is a very powerful,

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beautiful thing that Allah has given us when he uses this word light, to describe, you know, what we where we are without light. Obviously, we don't know what's around us. We don't know the reality of it. Imagine yourself in a completely pitch black, dark room. There's all kinds of stuff on the floor, deadly things. If your kids are there, then they left Legos on the floor. Right? So many of you have been stabbed in the foot by Legos, you don't know the reality of what's in front of you. And until you do until there's light you don't know where you actually stand just like in life without the light of Allah. I don't know where I stand. I you know, I feel like okay, I could just

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you could just be like a robot and pass every single day. But really, where do you stand in life? Where do you Where are you headed? Are you even headed and you are you stuck in place. You can have a sense of direction without that light. So what does Allah say in the saya? He says, the thing that struck me isn't this like parable, this was just the intro but in a couple of minutes. What I want to share with you is the part that really struck me about the cya.

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And that was that Allah is the protective friend of those who believe that the, you know, an element of money and one of the sciences of Arabic rhetoric. We study when nouns and verbs are interchanged. And nouns are something that are permanent and verbs are something that are of a temporary, temporary nature. When Allah describes himself in this idea, he used a noun. And that actually is some define a noun that denotes kind of an adjective, permanent kind of quality, because nouns and adjectives are different in English, but there wasn't the same thing in Arabic. So it's an SM cipher, Willie. And that is someone who is always protecting and looking out for the best interest

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of someone else, to the point where they are taking care of someone else in a protective way. That's a Winnie Allah is always looking out for my best interest and always there to protect who and levena amanu those who have come to the faith.

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This is amazing to me, because you know, it's it's a generic term to those who believed. But the amanu is in the fairy maldi which implies inside of it, there are people who accepted the faith. Right? They accepted the faith or they realize that they should be more conscious of a believer 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 15 years, whenever they had an awakening, or they came, they accepted Islam, they came to the faith. Allah says he is now permanently on their side, now that they've come to the faith.

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But just because they came to the faith, doesn't mean they were able to live up to that faith. That means they messed up along the way. Maybe they slipped and fell. Maybe they were much better when they started and then they got rusty. Maybe they kept spiraling down a very dark road. And now they start feeling like, Man when I was good, Allah was with me. And now I'm not I messed up. Allah is no longer with me. Look at the IR. Allah uses the permanent word for himself, even though you only accepted the fake in the past, and we don't know where you stand now. And then what does he say? You read you home minako lumati to know the Madonna the immediate switch from avenue to Yoko. Those who

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believe he brings them out the present tense.

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He brings them and the body in Arabic includes the present and it includes the future. The present tense in Arabic incorporates the future. He brings them out of darknesses into light and he will continue to do so. The wording is so powerful

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Because someone who has already come to faith, why in the world would they be in darknesses? Because darkness has come in many shades, maybe you're not in the darkness of disbelief anymore. But maybe you fell into the darkness of temptation. Maybe you fell into the darkness of greed, or despair, or hopelessness or laziness, or maybe a combination of all of them. Maybe one, one darkness led to another and led to another and before you knew it, you were just buried deep inside many, many darknesses. And what is the lesson in this idea? Just because you buried you fell and you buried yourselves in darknesses. I buried myself in darknesses. Allah didn't stop being my Willy. He's

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still no matter how far down I end, the more than when you start falling. Guess what happens to people around you, people around you like how could you fall? How could you do this? I thought you were a believer. You know, and so they will write you off, you are now permanently written off because you fallen.

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But Allah is continuing to be your Willie, even in your lowest moment. And even now he's extending his rope, pulling you out of those darknesses towards the light. His rope never got cut off. People got cut off. You cut yourself off, you gave hope in yourself. I gave hope in myself. People give hope give them hope in us. People wrote us off. But Allah never did. Allah says you'll read your home enough for lumati

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he pulls people out of darknesses into light,

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whether the Naga photo will Yeah.

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And those who just believe they're protective friends are the thought of the rebellious, the extremely rebellious, they do the opposite with the opposite is as a separate contemplation I actually want to focus on that first remarkable reality about Allah and the end of faulty believer. He's not just a lot and a great believer, Allah and a faulty believer, Allah and a broken believer, Allah and a sad and hopeless believer, Allah and a believer who fell deep into sin, deep into sin. And now things Allah has given him up giving up on him. And Allah is sent saying to you, that he is your money. Allah whether you live in your home in Abu Mattila, no, to me, that's it's so so

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powerful, that Allah xojo said this and by the way, the next I are going to be bringing the dead back to life. So so epic, that the next day either about really bringing the dead back to life. And actually the the IRA before in 255 256 was Allahu Allahu, Allahu Allah, the the Eternally living and hey, why is that relevant? Because we feel like spiritually we're dead.

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And Allah and you'll when when a plant is in the darkness, it's dead. And when it's in the light, it comes, it's nourished, it's back to life. And Allah is pulling you back into light, which is bringing you back to life even though you thought you were dead. Even though you thought you were dead, Han Allah, Allah azza wa jal continued to pull us out of all of our darknesses the deep dark ones and the lighter shaded ones, pull out pull us out of all of them towards his light, and to remove all the darknesses that we have inside of us that are taking us away from him. Logical over the winter come football and hockey whenever anyone can build it with the team.