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Let me show you on your Raji.

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awasu be my

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Zilla emu Luppi well minimoon

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Kowloon MNF Villa you Amala he will go to B he will slowly

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LAN fairy obeying a hajimeru soli

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Makalu Sammy

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who fron I got a ban our illegal mostly law you can leave lug nuts and he Laos I

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guess a bit swallow he had make sir but a ban Allah to

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nesina Nap burn out me Lila ina swing gamma Hi Marita who are levena Myung Adelina.

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Well, Ben I want to have Mina Papa patella Nabee

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walk flen now fill in our hands

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at time hola

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su na ll o Milka PD. Solder solder Allahu La v we

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allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah early he was happy he made a bad for all the villa him initially shaytani R rajim.

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In Alladhina amanu Alladhina hijo Raja hadoo feasable Willa Willa ecology una rahmatullahi wa ala who are full on Rahim

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Allah Shakti Sabri we are silly Emery workflow the rock the Tamil assignee of kaha Cali la masa Bitna, Angelo TV La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah which I lamina Latina Amina Mohammed aside, he heard what I was probably happy with also be somebody I mean, yeah, but I mean, mashallah, we have a really wonderful gathering on campus here today, we've come from many different parts of the country, some even coming from outside of the country, that are gathered together for one singular purpose, and that is to better try and better understand Allah's book. And many of you came and you're also doing your HIV review, while the other classes are going on. So this is entirely a

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gathering of the Quran and the family of those that are just trying to serve Allah's book and understand it better. And that's a profound blessing in and of itself, because we can see each other and some numbers here of people that are sitting here, the men and the women, what we don't see are the promised angels that are surrounding us and making dua for us, and are mentioning us to Allah, and you know, in the highest way. So we get to have that honor, just because we got together and wanted to study Allah's book. So what I wanted to do in this brief reminder for all of you, first of all, I wanted to appreciate what you're doing. And I wanted to appreciate and acknowledge that this

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gift of having not only the opportunity to study Allah's book, or to learn something about Allah's book, or to memorize Allah's book, but also to have the will to do it, to also have you know, the, the drive to do it, the motivation to do it. And for Allah to open that door for you, and to make it possible for you, for your families to allow you to do it, for you to have the you know, the capability of it, because not everybody can do that. Right? There are people that are much bigger in number, tonight, and every other night and every other day that are doing things that Allah doesn't like.

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And you you get to do something that Allah loves. And at the end of the day, we're not we're just going to be just us and Allah time is going to come. Even the people around you won't exist for you, the only people the only one that will exist for you as you having a conversation directly with Allah, the angels are asking you on his behalf, what female quantum What were you up to? What kind of stuff were you involved in? What were you what were your days and nights like? Like, that's, that's all that's going to matter in the end for you and for me. So, what I wanted to remind myself of, and it's kind of cool, this has happened to me many, many times. And it happened today too. I

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was just as I was told maybe I should say a word or two to you guys, I thought of an idea.

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And it just came in my head. And then I was gonna you know flip the pages of the massage and find the IRA and I flipped the page and I was the I was thinking about this right there. So I consider that enough of a sign that that's the I should be talking to you about and this is I number 218 of SoTL Bacara Allah says in the Latina aminu, we're Latina hydro

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Hello, feasibly Dilla, Willa ek of Zuna rahmatullahi wa ala hoga for Rahim and no doubt about it, those of those people that have come to believe, and then he's going to describe further those who come to believe, and what have they done after they believed? What have they done? Well let you know how Jehovah Jehovah, and those who migrated. And those who struggled, those who migrated and struggled. So now belief was our first step. Okay, now you're believers. But then Allah wants two more things. He wants you to migrate, and he wants you to struggle. And what do you get? If you do these three belief is already there. What you get when you do these two other things. He says Lula

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ICA Yasunaga Matala, those people should be hopeful in Allah's mercy, those people should be hopeful that Allah will give them his love and care. Now the thing is, Allah is our man, he's loving and caring to everybody. In fact, he's even showing his love and care to the atheist right now because the atheist is breathing or sleeping comfortably in a bed, or enjoying food and not getting any digestive issues. Right? Allah is maintaining their, their internal organs to that's out of love and care from Allah to even for those who reject Him. So what is this I have been talking about, it's talking about a kind of love and a kind of care OCMA that comes from Allah, that's special Just for

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a certain bunch of people who do two things in addition to just believing so the is also teaching us just because you're Muslim, you don't qualify for this. You got to be you got to be a believer and you have to qualify with two other things. You have to meet two other conditions. And then you can be hopeful have a special kind of LACMA from Allah wa aka Juna amatola.

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Now what is that special Rama of Allah Allah? What is what does it mean to migrate and to struggle? That's what I want to talk to you about for myself and for all of you. You see, no human being is perfect. Neither you nor I, nobody. Everybody has flaws. Some of your flaws only you know about some of your flaws other people know about them to some of your flaws are hurting you, but no one else, some of your flaws are hurting you and also hurting other people. But every one of us in one way or the other, is imperfect.

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And part of our imperfection imperfection, which I find wants you to do is say, Well, you know, every nobody's perfect, it's okay.

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You can't be perfect. So it's okay, if you mess up a little here and there. So what Shawn wants you to do is believe about yourself that it's totally okay to do messed up things because hey, nobody's perfect.

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But a believer recognizes while nobody's perfect, that if I, if I can recognize in myself, this is my problem. This is where I'm weak. This is what I'm no good at. This is where I mess up. And I don't know, different people mess up in different ways. Some people can control their tongue. Some people can control their eyes. Somebody else can control their hands. Somebody else has, you know, whatever issue somebody has, somebody gets too greedy, somebody's stealing problem. Some people have more serious problems, they can have an addiction, you can have an alcohol addiction, a drug addiction, they can have any other kind of addiction. What is Allah saying? When you recognize that

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your problem, your flaw that maybe nobody else knows about but you do.

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When you decide that you're going to migrate? You know what migration means when you move away from something? Right? When you're going to move away from what Allah doesn't like, you're going to take a step to move away from it. And by the way, if you moved away if you started walking away from a fire, right, if you took one step away from the fire, just one, would you still feel its heat? Yeah, two steps. Okay, a little less heat, but you still feel the heat, don't you? 345. The as you're walking away from a fire, it's not like every step you took to fire disappeared. You can still feel its presence. You can still feel it. If you're walking away from a place that's playing loud music

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and you're walking away. Is it that you took one step out, step out of the door, and you no longer hear it? No, as you walk away, it's fading away, isn't it? It's fading away until you get far enough that you can't hear its presence anymore. So the imagery of migrating means I'm doing something messed up. And it's not even that I can change overnight. Like, I'm just never gonna happen again. Or I don't even get tempted by it, or I don't even feel his presence in myself anymore. No, you're taking steps. You're taking steps, you're making a hedgerow and it says no to Allah, you're migrating towards Allah, and every step you're taking away from him, though, you know, whatever it

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is that you're walking away from. It's like, I want you to know that it's like it's it has a kind of hold on you. It has a kind of control over you. That's why you're not able to get away from it. But when you tell yourself, you know what, I'm going to migrate from this flaw of mine, or this evil that I do.

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Do I'm going to migrate away from it. And I'm going to take a step. And when I take that even single step that one time, that one day you were able to beat your flaw, right? Sit down will come to you and say, Yeah, you got you. I mean, you beat today. But tomorrow's another day, I'll get you tomorrow. Or maybe you were able to beat your floor for a whole week.

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And you slip right back in, right? Because we're human, we can slip right back in. But you know what, even if you fall back a million times, because of this is because I want I'm hopeful of Allah's mercy. And Allah's loving care, I'm going to get up, and I'm going to take a step away again. And I'm going to take another step. And I'm going to take another step. And every time I take a step away, I better be clear, this time is for good.

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This time is for good. Even, and you don't tell yourself, I know I'm gonna mess up later, I just know it. I know myself. No, you don't know yourself. You don't know that when you take a step towards ALLAH, ALLAH is taking multiple steps towards you.

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You don't realize that it's not just you, using your energy to get away from something wrong. It's also Allah sending a divine, divine invisible help to pull you away from it too. But you won't pull you away from it until you take a step. Right. So that's something you and I have to figure it out for ourselves. Nobody else can help us with that. We have to make that hedgerow ourselves. We have to walk away from that stuff ourselves, because nobody else knows what our flaws are.

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And you know, what happens? Sometimes somebody points out your flaw, and you get mad at them. Who are you to tell me?

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Right? Who are you to tell me, and maybe they're nobody to tell you. But if they're right, after you're done being mad at them, you should be a little mad at yourself and say, Maybe I should be making a migration.

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And the steps that I'm telling you to that you and I have to take, you don't have to prove you're taking those steps to anybody else. You don't have to prove that, you know, I'm making progress. By the way, I made a lot of progress. I'm not like I used to be, you don't need to tell anybody.

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You don't need to prove yourself to anybody. There's only one entity you need to prove yourself to. And that's Allah, Allah knows if you're taking real steps. And a lot of times, people you know what they do, and I hope you don't become like that. You take no real steps, but you talk a lot about how much you're trying, you know, I'm really trying really hard, you know, people who talk a lot about how hard they're trying usually aren't trying very hard.

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Because people who are actually trying, they're just they just shut up and try. They just do it. So this step one is a Medina Hodge Inilah hinami, will Athena harjot. Then he says, What Jaha do. And so he put two things together under one is the most soon, those of you that remember grammar, skeletal muscle is a Latina, and hijo. And Johanna, we're together under one as if they are one continuous act as if there are two sides of the same coin. So pulling away and walking away from something bad, at the same time struggling. And the word struggle or moja.

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It actually means fighting against or trying hard against an opposing force. So what that means is, every time you take a step away, you're actually it's almost like there's a wind pushing towards against you pushing you back, and you got to push against it. It's not as simple as just walking away. Imagine walking uphill, it's hard, right? Gravity's working against you. So it's the the hedgeye itself can be a struggle, it can actually be a really hard, tough test, and you have to push through it. This is the idea that the Quran presents about us. We're not in this life, to live within our comfort zone. If you really want to accomplish something worth anything, you have to make

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yourself uncomfortable. You have to push harder. And you guys know already the best athletes in the world, the best business people in the world, the best of anything in the world. You know, what's, what's different about them in most people, they train harder. They work harder. They push through, they migrate away from you know, like an athlete who wants to get to a certain level. They have favorite foods too. They want to eat chocolate cake, too. They want to pick out too but you know what? They stay away from that food, they migrate away from it. And they struggle with their training, grip breaking themselves physically. Why? Because they have a goal in front of them. It's

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worth it. So they migrate from something and they struggle hard. They have grit. They're okay with being uncomfortable. They're okay with discomfort. They they're okay with being exhausted. In fact, they learn to love it.

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They learn to love being exhausted. They learn to love being uncomfortable, pushing themselves harder and harder and harder. This is the difference between these believers that Allah is talking about, and everybody else these people love to be tired. They love to push and push and push version push. They don't they don't back down. They don't you know, it's it's very easy. And we in Bulama class we read this poem, right? That's what happens

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You know what? Alibaba tialata Alibaba dia Foucauld. You know, or, you know, be relaxed, relax, you just sit and drink and eat? Why do you have to work so hard to improve yourself or get away from your flaws? It's chill, man, just take it easy. You don't have to make any changes. It's not like the world is coming to an end, everybody else does it, why can't I just relax a little. And this entire idea of let me just relax. Let me just breed let me just chill out, let me just not push myself harder. You're gonna find most people in the world are like that. And maybe most people around you are like that. And they want you to become like that too. And guess what, those are the

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kinds of people that never accomplish anything. And in this aisle, you're accomplishing something greater than anything you could in this life, you're becoming actually optimistic, hopeful that you'll get a special Wrath of Allah that other people can't even come close to, in the Latina Amanu will let you know how Georgia Doofy sebelah hula, aka Yasunari Matala, those are the people that should be hopeful in the rock novela. So those of you kids that are memorizing the Quran, some days it gets hard, think about quitting. Like, don't do this man. Or you just want to cruise like, you know, they don't know that I'm not reviewing right now. So I could just

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come closer

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to him.

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Right? You can cruise for money, nobody's gonna find out. There's too many kids to check. He's not gonna you know what you're not here for anybody else. You're here for anybody else. And I tell my you know, some some of you, you kids that are younger kids that are like studying the Arabic program with me. And your parents, you know, motivated you or maybe forced you to study, I'm, I'm very clear about this. If you don't want to do it, don't be my student.

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Only be my student, if you love to be.

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That's the only kind of student I want. I don't want somebody whose parents told him to calm or who are just getting bored, and they want, you know what, and getting bored, I get bored too. By the way, I get bored quite a bit.

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I'm easily bored. I can easily lose my train of thought all of that happens. But you know what, I know what to do about it, take a break, play some video games should suppose something, fresh your mind and get back to it.

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You know, you the reason you guys are having Alhamdulillah your mentors, your teachers are taking really good care of you guys. They're taking you out for you know, fun activities. And you know, mind relaxes. Why? Because you actually you're different from all other people. You need to relax. So you recharge so you can do the work, your purpose wasn't to come on this earth to chill and hang out. The chilling in the Hangout is just a recharge, like your phone needs it. You just recharge with that and you come back with more energy and you hit you hit the books, or you do the work. Right? That's that's you have to have that mindset. You have to have the mindset of Hedra and

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objective geometry. So realize you got to struggle, struggle, struggle, struggle, struggle, push yourself, push yourself, push yourself, and forget comparing yourself to anybody else. Like some kid next to you memorize way faster than you did. So what

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you're you're not going to be asked, Hey, how come you didn't beat him in a race?

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You're going to be asked, Did you push yourself hard enough? So stop living in comparison. And if you're doing better than everybody else, so you feel like you can take the foot off the accelerator, you can chill a little bit because you're beating everybody else. So it's not like I'm still number one in class, I don't have to work as hard. No, then you're a loser because you didn't push yourself.

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Because you said you set the bar too low if Allah gave you more ability than you should push your ability to the maximum not compare yourself to people who have lesser ability than you and say, now I can relax. That's not you, you got to be you got to break the record. You got to keep pushing. You can't be satisfied with yourself you can't you can't be complacent.

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So this this mentality even in serving Allah's Deen exists, and anything you do for within the scope of Islam, whether it's memorizing the Quran, studying its language, studying Tafseer, learning anything traveling somewhere that will work, whatever it is, whatever it is, you and I have to hold ourselves to a really, really high standard, push and push and push, you can't be satisfied. I'll tell you something about myself.

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I'm teaching you guys certain things, right. But as I'm teaching it to you my first motivation in teaching you those things is that because I want to remember them myself.

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And I want to learn them well enough. And what's the proof that I've learned it well enough that I can teach it?

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Right? If I'm, if I understood it so well, that I can explain it to somebody else. That means I really understood it. Right? So part of my motivation for teaching is actually because it really helps me in learning.

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And it exposes oh my god, I'm not able to teach this that means I must not have understood it very well. Right so it pushes me to under

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To stand better. And so I have to if I, if I'm going to be a real teacher, than actually, I'm going to be a much bigger student than I am a teacher. I'm a much more hardcore student, I am a teacher. And the same is true of all of you. If you want to give something to the world, if you want to contribute in some way, you've got to push yourself much harder than what you're giving out.

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You've got to learn way more than you're teaching. You got to try way harder than you're giving, giving somebody else. This is the mentality you have to really instill in yourself, and you will be spectacular human beings. And I won't just be memorizing Quran or studying Arabic, in every field in life, everything in life you touch is going to be you're going to be like, above the cut, maybe above and beyond. And there's there's no reason you should doubt that you're not capable of that. No reason at all. None at all. So he says in the Lilina I'm going to wonder if you know how you were Jaha Doofy sebelah? Willa ek Yasunari Allah. Allah Hoover photo, Rahim, look at the ending. I'll

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conclude with this to Allah Who are for Rahim, while Allah is exceedingly covering of mistakes, always loving and caring, knowing that Allah is loving and caring, Allah is giving you a special on top of that. And notice the wisdom and desire. When does somebody need forgiveness? Somebody tell me why would somebody need forgiveness?

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They messed up. There is something bad right?

00:21:25--> 00:21:30

Now unless you know people, people will remember your mistake.

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And you will remember your mistake. And you might beat yourself up about your mistake. And say, I mean, I'm so messed up. Look at what I did.

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I mean, what good am I looking at little look at what and even if you're trying to do something good. There'll be people around you that might say you're gonna do something good. Did you forget what you did?

00:21:51--> 00:21:52

You seen your face?

00:21:53--> 00:22:03

You are not worth doing anything good. Seriously, you come on get real. You know what people are trying to tell you? You can make a joke, man. You already messed up.

00:22:04--> 00:22:36

You're done for you can't do anything good. You can't struggle what's what struggle is? What are you gonna do with that struggle? Mess up again? Is that what you're going to do? So what do people like to do around you? Sometimes they like to keep you from doing Hijra. They like to keep you from doing any kind of jihad to improve yourself and why? Why? Because they don't even know that that was what I came to them from shaitan to speak for. Shaitan on Chevron's behalf, they became Shavon spokesperson and they didn't even I'll take your question in a second young man. Actually I want to take it now you're so cute yes

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you get sent a few that somebody

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What do you mean who do you want to doubt

00:22:53--> 00:22:59

now you get sued for that. That was the interesting question. Now I forgot what I was saying. Where am I? What's going on? What year is this?

00:23:01--> 00:23:01

I was wrapping oh

00:23:09--> 00:23:11

that was solid

00:23:18--> 00:23:20

I was wrapping up you're right. Okay. So

00:23:21--> 00:23:31

what I was saying is Allah says He's forgiving Malala for and Rahim you know Allah has mentioned again he was mentioned already Allah said like I do not but Allah He

00:23:33--> 00:24:12

lying. And we will. We will imagine he would say well, who was a photo Rahim? Today in Bulava class I mentioned to you that there's the concept of vicar and the concept of health. Right? So this is unusual, vicar. Right? As if you didn't have to say the word Allah again. But Allah said it anyway. So why would he say it again? This is this is to highlight and by the way, the Allah that you believe in, he covers mistake now that anybody else, he gives you a second chance and says start clean. There's not he's not gonna hold your mistake against you. You get to migrate, you get to take a step. And if nobody takes, if you just took us take a single step, nobody can see that progress.

00:24:12--> 00:24:42

You're like, that doesn't look like 100 miles to me. That's a single step. That's a couple of feet. Nobody has to be impressed by your step. And nobody even has to think that you've taken a single step, the only one who has it, who sees that, who is the one who covered your past, because you migrated from it. And that's Allah, Allah Who afford and Allah is not going to be cruel to you along this process. His love and care is gonna shine on you constantly by Allah for him. So this is actually a really profoundly spiritual thing that you are capable of amazing things even be after being messed up.

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

There's not perfect people that are capable of amazing things. You're capable of amazing things. I'm capable of amazing things. If we just internalize in the Latina Avenue or Latina hydro, which I do feasibility. Obviously, this idea is about people that messed up

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

because if they didn't mess up, they didn't have anything to do hedgerow from.

00:25:04--> 00:25:20

Right there's the physical hedgehog from Akata Medina, but then the prophesy show on this describe this is a hydra from everything Allah doesn't dislike to something Allah likes. That's what the sigil is. That means every every one of us at some point in something is somewhere that Allah doesn't like us to be.

00:25:21--> 00:26:02

And so it starts from those people and he made it makes us it makes us the kind of people that are hopeful in that novela last comment and I promise I'm done and that is the statement Oola ICA your Juna Rahmatullah also has an additional vicar as opposed to like again, because I live in the Levina amo hydro geography Sevilla Yes, do not not Allah. But what's the additional waiting there we na eco junella mattala Hula eco una mas Allah. So Allah mentioned those people over again, and then mentioned that they should be hopeful in the end like Mavala, as if to say one of its implications, that there are people who hope for Rama from others.

00:26:04--> 00:26:42

They hope that other people will appreciate them. One day people will see me for who I really am. One day, I'll get the recognition. One day, they'll know what I'm worth. They, they, they, they, they, you're hoping for recognition from someone else. These people however, those are the kinds of people that are hopeful in the law of Allah, like they don't have people in front of them. They're not trying to prove anything to anybody else. They just it's like they tuned everybody out. It's just them and the best they're gonna do and Allah is in front of them. There's different kinds of people. And I pray Allah makes you that different kind of person. I pray that Allah uses you to not

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only for yourself to have the most incredible Hijra and the most incredible Jihad V sebelah. But through your example others get inspired to do the same thing. BarakAllahu li welcome Phil Qurani Hakeem, when a family er can be it with him. I'm really enjoying having you guys here. I'm hoping you're enjoying our campus to Inshallah, and I know we have our final session tomorrow, which I think you'll be awake for no morning.

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What time is it? Nice. That's a second epic one you just dropped

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four days of the same time and now we're like what time is it? Well played.

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We're not leaving yet. There's one more session tomorrow.

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Yeah, no shocking.

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You want to go home already? Okay.

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You want to go I like this one. What's your name? I'm Willa. Thank you

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it is rainy and cold you're talking about Minnesota and you're like

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hold on hold on. So what I wanted to say is I really hope you enjoyed are hanging out on campus and I'm hoping the next time you guys come are you you guys come again? Want to come again? Okay, when you guys come again, I'm hoping that the upstairs is all done so we can enjoy the entire facility inshallah so make sure that we're able to complete that and we'll have a much much cooler hangout next time to inshallah Tada. No human this place.

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That let's hang out a little bit and shall enjoy the evening Baraka Loni welcome. Samadhi kumara to labor